AN: Many thanks to One Direction for turning most of the female population of my country into an embarrassing mess of hormones and high pitched squealing. I appreciate it guys, no really. But even MORE thanks (and non-sarcastic this time!) go to Railway Station for helping me with the name of Mamo's class haha. YOU IS SO SMART. WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT YOU?

Now for the drabble. ONWARDS! (this is an unrelated one from the string of previous drabbles)

Theme: Dirty Nails
Drabble: #44
Words: 351

"So how was school?" Motoki grinned as Mamoru sidled into his usual seat at the counter. "Who did you play with? Did you make any new friends? Did you take your hat?"

"Shut up," Mamoru growled.

"Okay, okay, all jokes aside now," Motoki said as he grabbed the coffee pot. "How was your day?"

"It was actually alright," Mamoru nodded thoughtfully. "In Biomedical Microbiology, we learnt how to tell about a person's health just by looking at their hands."

"Their hands?" Motoki asked. "How do you mean?"

"Well, for instance. If someone has anemia, their nails will be really pale. And yet if the nails are completely white with darker rims, this is indicative of something wrong with the liver, such as hepatitis-"

"Motoki, can I get a milkshake to go?" Usagi interrupted when she suddenly appeared at Mamoru's elbow. "I have to get back to the park."

"Sure, Usa. Hey, it's on the house if you show us your hands."

"My hands?" Usagi's brows creased in confusion before being wiped away by a pleased smile. "Okay! I'm never one to turn down a free drink." And she stuck out her two hands, palm down.

Motoki leaned over the counter to inspect them more closely as Mamoru tilted his head. "What's that in your nails?" he asked.

"Dirt," Usagi replied in the same manner as if it had been the most obvious thing in the world. "What did you think it was? Chocolate?"

Mamoru and Motoki shared a side glance.

"We're planting trees to help the c-car-carbon emissions go down by increasing vegetation that eat carbon dioxide and burp out oxygen! Isn't that cool?" When neither responded, rocking on her heels and eyeing the pair, the blonde asked hopefully, "Well, did I pass the test? Is my shake free?"

Motoki turned his attention to Mamoru. "Well, Mamoru? What do Usagi's hands say about her health?"

"She's a very selfless person," Mamoru said smoothly as he took a sip of his fresh coffee. "And all that altruism is probably going to require a serious manicure."