"Ling Tong…I don't think this is really worth it…" Mian Rei whispered behind his ear, secretly keeping her gaze at the tall figure from afar.

They both were conspicuously standing as close as they can get to him to make sure that he's still unknowingly in their presence.

"Ah, c'mon Rei, someone like him?" He rolled his eyes as he looked back at her thereafter, pointing at him with his thumb. Particularly, almost looking like he was giving her a thumbs up which obviously wasn't the point in this situation. She looked at his gesture and quickly moved it away out of panic.

"No! Don't do that!" Her eyes filled with dread and fear, tightly holding his hands just to make sure he doesn't bring it up again and end up causing commotion.


"He'll see you!"

"So?" He replied, trying to hide the disgust in his tone. "Seriously, someone like Mian Rei shouldn't be acting like this…"

Silence drew between the both of them.

"W-well, I-I just don't want him to see me too." She whispered after knowing her distracting outrage. Tong noticed that she was still shaking after the outburst. Thankfully, no one was bothered enough to notice.

"That's all?" He squinted his eyes at her.

She laughed softly. She enjoyed Tong's indirect humor.

"That's all." She replied.

Rei looked up again, fixing her gaze on the mysterious person who was spending his time, speaking to one of the vendors in town. Tong rolled his eyes without her seeing, walking towards the boy, his hands behind his head as though what he was doing wasn't a big deal.

Rei's stare didn't dare to miss what she was seeing and quietly ran towards him, desperately wanting him to stop.

"Oh jeez, Tong! Embarrass me in front of him and I'll hurt you!"

He knew what was coming and inwardly smirked. Just as soon as she managed to get hold of him, he shouted towards his direction,

"Hey! Lu Xu—!"

Her eyes widened, her mouth open for a silent scream. She held in her every being from tearing him apart.

Out of anger,

Out of embarrassment,

…and probably also out of satisfaction in more ways than one.