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'...' = Thinking

"..." = Speaking

...Chapter 1: The Truth…...

Kagome sighed sadly as she watched InuYasha run after Kikyo. It was night-time, so he had thought that no one would see, since they were all asleep. But of course, Kagome had only pretended to sleep.

Kagome gently removed herself from the sleeping-bag, so as not to wake the sleeping Shippo. Kagome had decided that soon, she would perform a blood bond with him to make him her real son; but not yet.

She placed a gentle kiss on Shippo's forehead before tip-toeing over to her bag. Pulling out a piece of paper and a pen, Kagome wrote a note to the others and set it next to her sleeping bag.

She decided that going home for a few days would make her feel better about InuYasha.

So she grabbed her bag, put on her shoes and walked out into the moonlight.

Kagome saw Kikyo's soul collectors near the God Tree, and she ignored it and headed straight for the well.

'Let's see him try to stop me this time!" she thought angrily, as she reached the well.

'Here it goes!' she thought, as she jumped into the well.

...On the other Side...

Kagome landed lightly on the bottom of the Bone Eater's Well in her time. She climbed the ladder and headed into the house.

"Mom! Souta! Grandpa! I'm home!" she called.

Buyo rubbed against Kagome's legs, purring.

"Hello, Buyo! Long time no see!" she smiled, as she petted him.

Kagome's mother, Nikita, walked into the living room just as Kagome set her bag


"Kagome! It's so good to see you home safe and sound. How is InuYasha?" Nikita asked.

Kagome's smile turned into a frown at the mention of InuYasha.

"Oh my! Kagome, what happened?" Nikita asked worriedly, as she rushed forward and enveloped Kagome in a hug.

Kagome hugged her mother back fiercely as she began to cry.

"H-He...did it...-sniffle-...again…Mom!" Kagome whispered, crying.

"Oh, Kagome! Shh...It will be alright...shh..." Nikita whispered, rocking Kagome back and forth. By that time, they were sitting on the couch hugging.

Kagome trusted her mother with everything. Even the problem she has when InuYasha runs to Kikyo, and how InuYasha obviously loves her more than Kagome.

Kagome sat back from her mother, wiping her tears from her eyes.

"Thanks Mom, I really needed that" Kagome said, smiling.

"Now that's my girl. Oh, Kagome! I just remembered! What are you going to do for your 18th Birthday?" she asked, smiling.

Kagome's jaw dropped.

"Oh my God! I can't believe that I forgot my own birthday! What's the date today Mom?" Kagome asked frantically.

Nikita laughed.

"Don't worry dear! Your birthday is in three days. Relax. You'll be able to plan what you want to do."

Kagome sighed in relief. Only a couple of months ago, in May, Kagome had finally graduated high school. She and her family decided not to go to college yet until all of the Shikon Jewel are found. It was October 4. Kagome's birthday was on October 7.

"Kagome, we all need to tell you something after dinner okay? You may not like it, so I want you to be prepared" Nikita stated, obvious care in her voice.

Kagome nodded. Anything was better than dealing with InuYasha.

...With Inuyasha...

InuYasha walked back to the village, happily content. His visit with Kikyo had gone well. He wouldn't go into detail, but it was a really good time.

Dawn was just breaking over the horizon as InuYasha stepped into Kaede's hut. He had intended to go to sleep for a little bit, but when he looked over towards Kagome's sleeping-bag and only found Shippo, he began to freak.

Jumping over to the sleeping-bag and Shippo, InuYasha nearly slipped on a piece of paper that had been lying on the floor next to her sleeping-bag.

"What's this doing here?" InuYasha said as he picked up the paper.

It was a note from Kagome.

It read:

"Everyone, I'm sorry that I had to leave you on such short notice, but there was something that I had to take care of at home, and I will be gone no later than a week. please be patient, and InuYasha...DON'T HURT SHIPPO OR COME AFTER ME UNLESS YOU WANT FACE THE CONSEQUENCES!"



InuYasha was so angry; but he knew he wouldn't be able to drag Kagome back, not with the prayer beads around his neck.

So InuYasha crept back to his resting place and went to sleep.

….Back With Kagome...

Kagome sat down on the cushion next to the dinner table. She could hardly contain her happiness. They were having oden!

"Thanks Mom! I love oden!" Kagome squealed happily.

Everyone smiled.

"You're welcome Kagome. We thought that you would love it" Nikita said.

Kagome smiled back, picking up her chopsticks.

"Alright then, let's eat!" she said.

And they all ate.


Kagome was sitting in the one recliner in the living-room; and her mother, Souta, and Grandpa were all sitting across from her on the couch.

She had a feeling that it would be a very serious conversation. She could cut the tension in the air with a knife.

"So..." started Kagome, "What did you want to tell me?"

Nikita looked at Grandpa (Kotono) and together, both of their eyes met the nervous yet curious gaze of Kagome.

Kotono gave Nikita the right away, and she began.

Clearing her throat, Nikita focused on Kagome.

"Kagome, we decided to tell you this just before your 18th birthday a long time ago; when the spell that we had cast wore off."

Kagome blinked.

"Wait, what spell?" she asked cautiously.

Nikita took a deep breath and seemed to be mentally preparing herself before she answered.

"The spell that makes you look human."

Kagome's jaw dropped.

"What? A spell that makes me look human? Then what am I Mom?" she asked frantically.

Nikita smiled, and an air of pride surrounded her.

"Don't worry Kagome, you'll be fine. First of all, you and all of us are inu youkai."

At first, it didn't register with her mind. Her? An Inu Youkai? That's like Sesshomaru falling in love. When it finally DID sink in, Kagome began to open her mouth to speak, but she was cut off.

"Please Kagome, just listen. See? Even Souta understands. We only just told him yesterday. he didn't believe us at first, until we removed his spell." And here she smiled. "He looked so handsome. I hadn't seen him in his rue form since he was a baby."

"Well, Kagome," Nikita continued, snapping out of her daze, "We wanted to tell you that you are the Princess of the Northern Lands. We came from the Well when you were just a baby. It was your father's wish. He wanted to protect his family from other demons that might hurt us. It's because there was a war going on then with an evil band of demons. He told us to come back shortly after your 18th birthday, when all was safe. After all this time, he was only able to visit once" here she paused, smiling, "And that was when Souta was conceived."

Kagome was in shock, but understood her parents' reasoning for not telling her. She smiled, for now she could do more to help the group and possibly surpass InuYasha. She chuckled at that thought.

"Thanks for telling me guys. There's just one question I have" she asked innocently.

"Sure, Kagome. What is it?" Nikita asked.

"Does Grandpa look really old in his demon form?" Kagome asked.

Everyone sweat dropped.

"Well...er...no Kagome dear. He still looks like his younger self, just more mature, and with longer hair" Nikita answered awkwardly.

Kotono huffed.

"Damn right too. I can't wait to get back into my real form. Acting and looking like a deranged old human has really taken its toll" Kotono said haughtily.

Everyone laughed at that.

"Well Kagome, you and Souta can go to bed now and we'll do some shopping tomorrow for our return. And I'll explain more about our past afterwards. How does that sound to you?" Nikita asked.

"That sounds...great" Kagome said quietly, yawning. She was tired after all.

"Alright you two, head up to bed. We have a lot to do tomorrow" Nikita said tenderly.

Kagome and Souta both nodded and headed upstairs, yawning.

Kagome entered her room and dressed into her light blue silk night gown. It was her favorite. Yawning again, Kagome climbed into her bed and pulled her soft covers over her. It was all so much for her to take in in one day, but she was fine with it.

'At least I know who I really am' she thought happily, as she drifted off to the wonderful world of sleep.

...End of Chapter 1: The Truth...

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