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…Let The Mating Games Begin!...

…4 Months Later—In Spring…

Kagome laughed as she ran through the forest outside the castle using her demon speed. Souta and Shippo ran alongside her. Shippo's speed had increased with the bonding ritual that Kagome did to make him her son, especially with all his training. His hair had also taken on some characteristics of hers as well. Now he had black and light blue streaks through his bright orange hair and tail. He also now had two emerald stripes on each cheek, wrist, hip, and ankle. He also now had the mark of the Northern Lands on his brow, but it was the same emerald green as his stripes. His hair was now down to his shoulders and now kept in a low ponytail with a green ribbon. His tail had also grown longer and less bushy, due to the fact that he now had some inu in him, as well as him maturing physically. His kitsune ears had also grown in and replaced his pointed ears, causing two locks of his hair to stay loose where his ears had been.

Souta had grown a little taller as well. He still kept his hair cut to a nice even cut just to his shoulders. He was still growing after all.

"Hahaha! You can't catch me!" Souta shouted, as he raced ahead of her.

Kagome giggled.

"Oh yes I can!" Kagome retorted, "I'll show you how it's really done!"

Kagome raced past Shippo as she ran ahead to catch up to Souta and tackled him to the ground in the middle of a flower field. Souta laughed as Kagome tickled him mercilessly.

"Do you surrender?" Kagome asked, as she continued to tickle him.

Souta writhed helplessly below Kagome. He nodded vigorously.

"I-gasp-I…-laugh-…I give up! –laugh- Mercy! Mercy!" Souta gasped out, giggling.

Kagome laughed as Shippo approached from behind her. She stood up as Souta recovered from the tickle attack, wiping his eyes of tears. She looked around in amazement.

"Wow!" she breathed, "This field is so beautiful!"

The field was filled with all kinds of wildflowers imaginable, of all colors. It was like standing in a rainbow.

Souta stood up and looked around, admiring his surroundings.

"You're right. We never noticed it before because it was just a field full of snow the last time we were here," Souta agreed.

Shippo cocked his head to the side, and sniffed the air.

"Hey," he started, sniffing the air again, "Do you hear that? And smell that?"

Kagome and Souta cocked their heads to the side, listening. Then they sniffed the air. Kagome's ears twitched in anticipation.

"It sounds like…crying! It sounds like a child crying!," Kagome exclaimed, as she dashed off to the opposite side of the field, where she heard the sound coming from, Souta and Shippo right behind her.

Once they neared the edge of the field, Kagome could hear the crying more clearly. And once she did reach it, she saw the cause. It was a baby. More specifically, it was an inu baby. Kagome kneeled down next to it and unwrapped it from the purple blanket that was wrapped around it, and discovered that it was a girl. She had light lavender hair that went down to her tiny shoulders, an inu tail like hers(but much smaller)the same color as her hair, dark violet eyes, two purple streaks on each cheek, wrist, hip, and ankle. She also had two pointed dog ears on her head. She looked so helpless, with her beautiful violet orbs filled with tears. Kagome wrapped her back up and picked her up, holding her gently in her arms.

"Aw…it's alright now…don't cry…," Kagome cooed, as she gently bounced the baby. She slowly stopped crying and began to coo back at her. Kagome smiled as she held her. She looked to be a couple of months old, in human years.

"What do we do now," Souta asked, as he peered over Kagome's shoulder to get a better look at her.

"I know!" said Shippo, "Can you make her my sister? Please Momma! Please?"

Souta groaned.

"Are you saying that I'm going to be an uncle again? I'm too young for that!" he whined, as he crossed his arms, pouting.

Shippo scowled at Souta.

"Are you saying that you don't like me, Uncle Souta?" Shippo asked angrily.

Souta's eyes softened and he sighed.

"No, that's not what I meant. I just didn't want InuYasha teasing me about it," he replied, smiling at Shippo to show he didn't mean it.

Shippo smiled back.

"You're forgiven, Uncle Souta," he giggled.

Kagome shook her head at her son and brother's antics. Souta was still getting used to the idea of being an uncle after all.

"Well Shippo, we'll see when we get home. I need to tell Grandpa and Grandma about this first. Maybe they know what family she belongs to," she replied, turning to leave. Shippo looked downcast, but followed obediently behind his mother as Souta joined them. Kagome used her energy to form a ball of light around all four of them, just like Sesshomaru's, and transported them all back to the courtyard of the castle. Kagome then proceeded to stride into the main entranceway and walked all the way to her father's study, Shippo and Souta trailing behind her. Once she reached her father's study, she allowed Shippo and Souta through before she shut the door behind them.

"Father, I need your help. I found this inu pup out in a field in our Lands. Do you know who her family may be?" Kagome asked, as she showed the pup to him.

InuShiroi shook his head as he examined the pup before him.

"No, I can't say that I've ever seen her before. You said you found her in a field, in our Lands?" he inquired.

All three nodded their heads.

InuShiroi sighed.

"Well Kagome, what do you want to do with her?" he asked seriously.

Kagome stepped forward, a determined look on her face.

"I would like to adopt her, with your permission," she added respectfully.

InuShiroi nodded approvingly.

"You may, but if you want to, you have to do it today. With her being so young, it is imperative that you form the bond as soon as possible, for her to be completely protected. Especially since you just completed your training yesterday. Go and prepare her for the ceremony. I will inform your mother, and grandfather. I will see you in the ceremony room. You are dismissed," he stated. Kagome nodded, bowed, and turned to leave, Souta and Shippo mimicking her actions. Once Souta had shut the door behind them, InuShiroi chuckled to himself. If this kept up, he just might not remember all of his grandpups' names.

…With Kagome—2 Hours Later…

Kagome held the pup as she stood in the center of the marble ceremony room. It was a circular room, with two inus in their true forms, a black one and a white one, surrounded by clouds, were painted on the floor, seeming to circle around the Mark of the Northern Lands. She stood on the center of the Mark, Shippo to her right. Nikita, Kotono, and Souta stood at the head of the black inu, to Kagome's left. InuShiroi stood in front of Kagome, holding three silver goblets. A large silver bowl sat on the floor between them, decorated with the Mark and Inus dancing about the clouds. A cushion was on the floor behind everyone for a seat. InuShiroi's deep baritone echoed off the marble walls as he spoke.

"Who comes asking acceptance?" he intoned, as he began the ceremony.

"I do," Kagome spoke confidently.

"Who do you ask acceptance for?" he intoned.

"I ask acceptance for the female inu pup that has come into my care," she replied.

"Why do you ask acceptance?" he intoned.

"I ask acceptance, so that I may properly care for this young pup, who is too young to fend for herself," Kagome replied.

"Then come. Let the pack vote. All who vote for the pup to join the pack, speak now, or forever hold your peace," he intoned.

"Here here!" Souta, Nikita, Kotono, and Shippo shouted, their voices bouncing off the walls. InuShiroi nodded.

"I agree as well. Since there were no objections from any pack members, please take a seat, and we shall begin the ceremony," he said, as he sat down on his cushion. Everyone followed suit and sat.

"Please offer the blood of the pup, then the sibling, then the mother," InuShiroi said. Kagome nodded, then pulled out the pup's hand, and made a small cut on the palm with her claw. The pup whimpered, then quieted as Kagome cooed at her. Kagome held the pup's hand over the bowl, letting several drops of blood pour into the bowl before pulling the hand back and licking the wound, sealing the wound closed with her saliva. Shippo then slashed his own palm, adding his blood to the mix. He then sealed his wound. And lastly, Kagome slashed her palm and added her blood. Once that was done, she sealed her wound and waited as InuShiroi added some special herbs to the mix. He then took a silver spoon and mixed the whole concoction together, all the while chanting an incantation in inu. Once he was done, the whole bowl glowed a bright white before settling to a soft glow. He then lined up the three goblets and picked up the bowl, holding it straight above his head.

"It is made! Let the chosen and her kin drink of the blood of the Pack," he intoned, and then he proceeded to pour the concoction into the three goblets. Once that was done, he handed one to Shippo and two to Kagome. Kagome set the pup in her lap, as she held a goblet in each hand. Shippo quickly drank his and set the cup down in front of him. Kagome drank hers, set her goblet down, and then used one hand to prop the pup up as she used the other to hold the goblet to her lips. The pup drank almost greedily, as if she knew what was happening. When the goblet was empty, Kagome set the goblet on the ground in front of her. As soon as she did, all three of them glowed first violet, then green, and then finally cerulean. When the glow dissipated, they checked out their new looks. Kagome, along with the green and orange streaks through her hair and tail from Shippo, now gained light lavender streaks through her hair. Shippo, who had black, green, and light blue streaks through his hair and tail from their bonding ceremony, now also had light lavender streaks through his hair and tail. The pup on the other hand, now had black, light blue, orange, and green streaks through her hair and tail. She also had the Mark of the Northern Lands upon her brow, in purple. Coincidentally, they also now share abilities.

"It is done! Now, Kagome Higurashi, please announce the name of your new pup to the rest of the pack!" InuShiroi announced warmly. Kagome stood, along with Shippo, and both turned to the rest of their family. Kagome held the pup above her head and announced it proudly.

"Her name is Kumo Higurashi, Daughter of Princess Kagome Higurashi, Sister of Prince Shippo Higurashi, and Grandpup of Lord InuShiroi and Lady Nikita Higurashi," she announced. Everyone smiled at that. They had heard that the pup was a cloud inu, but they didn't really expect her to name the pup after the clouds. InuShiroi clapped his hands once.

"The ceremony now concludes. Let the mother and her pups retire for the night. Good day," he said, leaving the room. The Inu Tachi was scheduled to leave the next day, so everyone left and went to bed early.

…The Next Day…

They were heading southwest, due to some rumors of a couple of Jewel Shards in that direction. Kagome lead the group with Shadow on her shoulder, followed closely by Shippo, then Souta carrying Kumo, InuYasha, Sango with Kirara and Miroku, and bringing up the rear was Kagome's yokai horse, who was carrying their tents and supplies, named Kouen (for the mane and tail made of fire. Think "extra large Rapidash from Pokémon"). Nothing much seemed to happen as they traveled along the road. Kagome sighed in boredom.

'I hope something interesting happens soon,' she thought, sighing.

…With Sesshomaru…

Sesshomaru stopped in the middle of a clearing in the dead center of his domain. This would make a perfect site for the traditional Mating Games. The Mating Games were only played if a demon or demoness were not 1) Betrothed, 2) Needed A Powerful Mate, or 3) They Were Betrothed But Their Mate-To-Be Either Died Or Disappeared. For Sesshomaru, his was number 3.

Satisfied with the layout of the land, Sesshomaru sat down in the center of the clearing and summoned his youki. He laced through it a special hormone that would only attract powerful female demonesses. Once he did that, he spread his youki outward to form a massive barrier about 50 square miles in diameter. This barrier was invisible to all and only allowed the most powerful demonesses through. They would then have a week to defeat all other females within the barrier to win the right to court and most likely mate Sesshomaru.

Sesshomaru smirked. He could already detect several demonesses who had made it past the barrier. Now all he had to do was wait for his mate-to-be to feel the compulsion to enter the barrier and come for him.

"Let the games begin!" Sesshomaru declared, smirking.

...With Kagome & the Group...

They had been walking less than a day when an overwhelming feeling overcame Kagome. She had no idea what this feeling was; all she knew was that she had to get to somewhere, and fast.

Using her lightening speed, Kagome dashed up into the air, formed her energy cloud, and was off like a bullet headed for the bull's-eye, leaving a stunned group in her wake.

…End of Chapter 6: Let The Mating Games Begin!...

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Preview of Chapter 7: The Mating Games-Round 1…

Kagome looked around the clearing that she had landed in, her senses on high alert. She had no idea why she had come; she just knew that she had to fight. Who, what, or why she didn't know. Just that shehadto. Suddenly, she heard a twig snap from behind her, and dodged just in time to avoid a set of lethal claws that slashed the ground she had just been standing on. When she looked up to see her attacker, she was surprised at the site she found. It was a beautiful female demoness, what type, she wasn't sure. She had dark green hair, light green eyes and pointed ears. She wore a beautiful pink silk kimono with white sakura blossoms blown all over the kimono, with a white obi. She obviously was noble, so why attack her?

"Why do you attack me; the Princess of the Northern Lands?" Kagome asked coolly, studying the demoness in front of her. The demoness narrowed her eyes and snarled at her, baring her fangs.

"You will not have him! I shall be his mate!" she snarled, her eyes bleeding red with her beast. Kagome looked at her confused.

"What do you-," Kagome was cut off as the demoness lunged at her.

And so, the fight began.

...End of Preview of Chapter 7: The Mating Games-Round 1….

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