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Summary: A woman stands alone in a graveyard. Who is she? Why is she there? And most importantly, what is she holding?

A woman is standing in a snowy graveyard. It is as silent as, well the grave. She is holding a two year old girl in her arms. The child could easily be her own, or she could be the girl's aunt. She is staring at the grave in front of her and crying softly. The child reaches up and catches one of the woman's tears in her hand and looks at it, considering. The woman moves aside and the words on the headstone can now be made out.

Booth and Bones,

Partners in crime and in love

Beloved by all those they left behind

They will be missed

'I'm so sorry," the woman whispers. It is uncertain whether she is talking to the child, the grave or to herself. She looks down at the girl in her arms. Swallows and continues;

'I'm sorry, Sagan Christine Booth, sorry that you shall never know how much your parents loved you, because we couldn't figure it out in time.'

As if on cue, snow begins to fall.

And world-renowned forensic anthropologist (and best-selling author), Dr. Temperance Brennan woke with a gasp.