"DRACO LUCIUS MALFOY!" Lucius Malfoy thundered, his voice echoed through the halls of Malfoy Manor.

"Yes Father?" the little shaking boy answered quavering slightly, his thumb stuck in his mouth, refusing to take it out.

"Is this yours?" Lucius demanded, holding up a small fluffy lion toy that Draco had had since he had turned four. He had had the toy for a year now and he loved it dearly, it was the only thing that helped him get a good night sleep. The scared little boy nodded quickly, removing his tiny thumb from his tiny mouth, reaching up to take the stuffed animal. His tiny fingers clutched at air as Lucius lifted the toy higher out of Draco's reach. Tears welled up in Draco's eyes, threatening to spill. "Don't you dare start crying on me boy!" Lucius Malfoy roared in his sons face. "I told you to dump this thing-" he held up the animal. "- Ages ago!" He yelled, throwing the toy in the now shaking 5 year olds face.

Draco stumbled backwards, tripping over his feet and landing flat on his back. "Please don't hurt Leo sir!" He wailed, wrapping his arms around his father's leg. Lucius easily shook him off and the 5 year old went tumbling down the many stairs of the Manor. Lucius advanced after him slowly. "Leo?" He spat, "Who is this Leo!" he demanded at the boy, who sat writing at the bottom of the stairs. Draco lifted his head and pointed with a shaky finger to his beloved stuffed lion in his father's death grip. "You even gave it a name?!" His father roared. "We cannot have you getting attached to things Draco" Lucius said in an alarmingly cool tone. "You're a Malfoy, Draco; Malfoy's don't get attached to things, that is a sign of weakness!" He spat, shoving Draco with the ball of his foot. "Please Sir!" The little boy begged his father. "I can't sleep at night without him!" he wailed. Lucius sneered at him.

"Well then, you're just going to have to try, aren't you?" he smirked as he tore off Leo's head in one swift motion. "NOOOOOO!" Draco cried, his vision blurred by tears. His father showed no sympathy for him. "Severus!" he barked. A tall greasy haired man approached from another room relatively close to where Draco and Lucius had been fighting. "Yes Lucius?" he asked in his silky tone. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Draco crawling up the stairs. "Make sure Draco stays in his room tonight, I do not want him sneaking off anywhere." Lucius ordered. Severus nodded and went off to find Draco.

Severus was Draco's teacher and Godfather. He had only vaguely heard what was going on in the next room between Draco and Lucius, most arguments ended up with Draco crying on the floor; a lot of the time bleeding rather badly; and Lucius sneering at him in disgust. Severus noticed Leo's head a few metres away from his body. Poor Draco, Severus knew how much he had valued Leo and how desperately he had tried to keep him a secret from his father.

Severus found Draco huddled up in the corner of his bedroom, hugging his knees to his chest, hiccupping uncontrollably. Severus stood in front of the unhappy boy, hands on hips waiting to be noticed. When a shadow came from no-where, Draco looked up. When he saw the greasy haired man, he shrank back. Severus reached out, grabbing the boy's arms and hauling him to his feet. Draco whimpered in pain, that made Severus' mood soften.

"Where are you hurt?" he asked the boy as gently as he could. Draco shook his head frantically.

"Father would be mad if he found out you were helping me" he sniffed. Severus looked at Draco with sympathy.

"Try and get some sleep, I know it will be hard without Leo, but I will go downstairs and see if I can fix him up" Severus offered, laying Draco down gently on the tiny bed which could hardly fit a growing five year old. Draco's face lit up, but then went back to the sad expression.

"Father put some magic on him so that no-one can try to fix him" he whispered, his voice quavering. Draco sniffed a couple of times before the silent tears went streaming down his face. Severus felt guilty for making Draco cry and so he stroked the boy's hair a couple of times comfortingly, until the crying subsided into sniffs and sobs.

"Is there anything else you need?" He asked Draco again. This time, Draco nodded and opened his arms, silently asking to be picked up. Severus' heart melted, all this boy ever wanted was a little tender loving care, something that Lucius could not give him. Severus lifted the boy into his arms and smiled when he felt Draco relax a little. Soon enough Draco was asleep in his arms.