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"Argh, Imai. I need to say it. I really do." Ruka admitted. He had called Hotaru to come talk to him on the rooftop, alone. He needed to say it...but couldn't find the right words. Even though it's only three letters.

I love you.

Pretty easy, right? But not as easy as they say, really.

"What did you call me up here for, Nogi?" Hotaru raised her eyebrow. Kind of curious, infact. Ruka never blushes around her, only when she's blackmailing him with his photos, right? Odd.

"I..." He stops. "Look, about yesterday, when I accidentally kissed you-"

"Is it about that?" Hotaru furrowed her brows, and immediately turned away, she was suddenly headed to the exit when-

"Imai, wait!" He grabbed her arm, obviously wanting her to stop from tyring to ignore the topic. "Can't you just wait a moment, please? Let me talk. Just for three minutes. Give me three minutes, okay?"

"Okay. Three minutes, Nogi." Hotaru accepted.

"When I-" He suddenly blushed redder, "-suddenly umm..fell on you, and we.. k-k-kissed..." Hotaru was looking away. She knew it. Maybe she was being humiliated by Ruka? "Imai, I never rejected you!"

Hotaru's eyes widened in shock. "Eh? But, Nogi, I thought you said-"

"The past is the past, Imai! I....i've never had a chance to even tell you who's been making my heart race recently.."

Hotaru blushed. But of course, tried her best not to show it. "Are you referring to me, Nogi?"

"Hai." Ruka played with her hair gently, and started chuckling. "Actually, it's a funny story."


"When I first met you, -err- when I saw you, I was afraid to meet you, " Ruka stroked her pale cheeck gently, and chuckled again.

"when I met you, I was....afraid to kiss you," He touched her bottom lip with his finger,

"when I kissed you...I was , afraid to love you. " And he gently gave a peck on her soft lips,

"Now that I love you," Ruka cupped her cheeks and stared deeply, into those violet captivating eyes of hers,

"-I...am afraid to lose you." Ruka blushed in embarrasment,

Silence. "Err--aren't you going to say something, Hotaru?"

Hotaru curved a smile. "Thank you, Ruka. I guess, it's the same for me as well."

"Hai. " He grasped her into his arms and the shared a lovely hug together.

Outside, Mikan and the gang were happily filming this scene. I guess they found a reason to blackmail Hotaru this time.


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