Episode #1:

Sketchy Beginnings

Chad Dylan Cooper Does Not Spy

On the set of Mackenzie Falls, the hit tween drama that Chad Dylan Cooper was the star of, there was a hatred for the show which filmed at the same studio as them. Many shows filmed at the studio, but there was only one that Chad, the leader at Mackenzie Falls, led his cast against: So Random! Unlike the serious tone of Mackenzie Falls, So Random! was simply a comedy show. Everyone knew real actors could do more than make people laugh. Real actors could make their fans feel sad, or happy, or nervous, or whatever emotion the script desired.

Since the actors at Mackenzie Falls could pull off all the emotions, including laughter if needed, they were of course better actors than those on So Random! This was why Chad didn't bother himself with anything concerning the stupid comedy show.

It was Portlyn, a fellow actress on Mackenzie Falls, who slammed a magazine down in front of Chad one day during lunch. The blonde actor glared at his cast member.

"No one slams a magazine down when Chad Dylan Cooper is eating his lunch," he stated firmly. "Unless, of course, they're showing him an article about himself."

"You remember that comedy show So Random!, don't you? The show that's right under us in ratings?" Without waiting for an answer, Portlyn moved her hand, revealing the cover of the magazine. "They're getting a new actress."

"Why should I care about that?" Chad asked, not bothering to look down.

"Have you seen who the new actress is? Not only is she semi-cute, but she already has her own comedy thing online, which is how So Random! found her. Chad, she may be able to bring their show above Mackenzie Falls."

One thing Chad Dylan Cooper could not stand for was Mackenzie Falls getting beaten by some stupid comedy. Pushing his lunch aside, he finally turned his attention to the cover of the magazine.

One person's head took up the whole cover and in huge yellow letters it read, 'Allison "Sonny" Munroe Comes From Wisconsin To Star On The Hit Tween Comedy So Random!' The face of the actress, as much as Chad hated to admit it, was, as Portlyn said, semi-cute. She had a smile that seemed to brighten the picture, brown eyes, and matching brown hair.

Yes, Allison Munroe was cute, and she had to be funny in order to make it onto So Random! If she had her own comedy thing online, then she already had fans, fans that would probably start tuning in every week to follow her adventures on So Random! Her fans could bring the comedy show to the #1 spot in tween shows if Mackenzie Falls wasn't careful.

Unluckily for Sonny, Chad was a very careful sort of guy. He wasn't going to take any chances of letting his show get beat out. Pounding his fist over the new girls' face, Chad climbed to his feet.

"Portlyn, get ready to meet this so called Sonny Munroe," he ordered, turning to his co-star. "We're going to be there when she shows up at the So Random! set."

Portlyn, as pretty as she was, didn't always use her head. She studied Chad's face for several seconds before asking, "We're really going to meet her?"

"No, we're not going to really meet her; she has no right to know who we are," he declared, picking up the magazine and rolling it up so the brown eyes couldn't stare at him. "We'll be there when she shows up, but we'll be in the background."

"Oh." Portlyn was quiet as she thought. "So we're going to spy on the new girl."

"Chad Dylan Cooper doesn't spy on people!" He shook his head disapprovingly. "Spying is a sick and dirty thing to do, Portlyn. No, we are just going to watch the new girl and find out what about her is so great."

Finally getting the plan, Portlyn nodded her head. She held her hand out for the magazine, but instead of giving it back, Chad pretended not to see her hand. He walked past her and out of the cafeteria, heading straight for his dressing room.

Once he was safely in his room and the door was both shut and locked, Chad took a moment to study the cover of the magazine again. Saying Sonny was semi-cute was like saying he was only a good actor instead of a great one. She was very pretty, and unless she was either really fat or turned out to have one of those really annoying voices, he had a bad feeling she was going to bring in a lot of fans.

'I've got my eye on you, Munroe,' he promised himself, hiding the magazine in a drawer on his make-up desk. It would've been easy to just throw away the pages, but for some reason, he couldn't bring himself to carry it to the wastebasket. As he pushed the drawer shut, he thought, 'Maybe in more ways than you know.'


A few days later, when Sonny Munroe was said to be arriving, Chad and Portlyn snuck over to the So Random! set. It wasn't too hard to get there; most of the actors were hiding out, not sure if they wanted to meet their new cast member or not. Chad was the one who spotted them in the hallway first, and he hid behind a wall, pulling Portlyn to a stop beside him. Once they were sure the actors were in their room with the door shut, they took off running.

Chad and Portlyn found a spot to hide behind one of the cameras. There was no one operating the camera since it wasn't a filming day, and the director of So Random!, a man named Marshall, had his back facing the Mackenzie Falls stars. Granted, it wasn't the best hiding place in the world, but it was good enough.

"There she is!" Portlyn whispered happily several moments after they reached their hiding spot. She punched Chad's shoulder lightly and coiled when he glared. "L-look over there. She's here."

"I have eyes, Portlyn," Chad hissed back. "Now shut up before they hear us!"

Two ladies were walking up to Marshall. One of them was the girl from the cover of the magazine, Miss Allison Munroe. The other, assumed Chad, was her mother.

As conversation started between the three people, Chad tuned out rather quickly. He didn't mean to tune out; he'd wanted to hear this conversation. He'd wanted to find out everything he could about Sonny Monroe so he could figure out exactly how much of a threat his show was in. Something kept him from being able to listen.

The picture on the cover of the magazine had been nothing compared to the girl standing a few feet away. She was much more beautiful in person, and as she smiled, Chad couldn't help but smile back. Her eyes seemed to shine as she laughed, that oh so adorable little laugh, and he noticed the way her hair seemed to bounce off her shoulder without her having to flip it. It was so long, so natural; her hair seemed almost as shiny as his was.

"Chad?" Portlyn whispered, bringing the blonde out of his thoughts. "Are you alright?"

No, Chad wasn't alright. He couldn't be feeling this way about someone on So Random! No matter how much he liked the brown haired girl, no matter how beautiful she was, he couldn't let himself fall under her spell. She was his enemy whether he wanted her to be or not. It was just the way things were, the way they had been and always would be.

Besides, he was Chad Dylan Cooper. Chad Dylan Cooper could have any girl he wanted. Chad Dylan Cooper didn't fall in love at first sight. Did he even believe in it to begin with?

Regardless of what he believed, Chad stepped out from behind the camera and, quietly so no one would hear him, started to head toward the hallway. When Portlyn realized he was leaving, she followed him quickly, not saying a word after he put his finger to his lips, signaling her to be quiet. Until they were safely in the hallway, Chad kept his finger where it was.

"That's it?" Portlyn demanded the second he no longer told her not to talk. "We're done spying on the new girl already? But we didn't even figure anything out yet!"

"She's going to be here for awhile, Portlyn," Chad replied, not bothering to turn around and face her. "We'll have plenty of time to find out about Sonny. Now, leave Chad Dylan Cooper alone so he can think about how to make sure nothing happens to Mackenzie Falls."

With a sad look on her face, Portlyn walked around Chad and went down the hallway by herself, going back to the Mackenzie Falls set. Chad waited until she had turned down another hall before he walked backward. He had to see Sonny one last time before he left.

When he poked his head around the wall's corner, Chad could see Marshall slipping an arm over both of the ladies' shoulders and pushing them off in the opposite direction. He was too late. Sonny had his back to him; he wasn't going to get another chance to see her face.

Sighing loudly, Chad was just starting to turn around when a movement caught his eye. The brown hair was swinging again, only this time, it wasn't moving on its own. Sonny's head was turned and looking in his direction.

For a split second, the brown eyes met the blue.

Chad Dylan Cooper followed Portlyn's path as he continued down the hallway, whistling as he went. He hadn't been spying on Allison Monroe, so he didn't feel guilty about her seeing him. There was nothing wrong with trying to meet someone he hoped one day would be his friend.