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It was a week before the full moon. James potter was in a constant state of nervous excitement, as was Sirius black. Peter Pettigrew, on the other hand, was terrified. All in the month up to this point, he was fine, but now the time had actually come, he was tense, scared, and had developed a nervous twitch. Remus lupin, however, was just as he had always been, morose, amused and nervous. When he had told his three dearest friends about his 'furry little problem' he had fully expected them to break friends with him, and never speak to him again. But they didn't. James had laughed, slapped Sirius on the back and exclaimed in a gleeful voice, 'told you!'

Sirius had been quiet, but supportive, and now they were back being the best friends they always were. Peter however reacted in just the way that Remus had expected him to. When he had sat them down and told them all, Peter had let out a little terrified squeak and hid in their dormitory. Once he had obviously thought more about it, guessed Remus, he had tottered back down the stone steps to the common room and told him that he was fine with it, 'It was just a bit of a shock' he had said.

Now it was nearing the full moon, Remus prepared to leave again, packing his bags and whatnot. Just as he was about to climb through the portrait door, he was confronted with two serious looking boys, blocking his way, with their arms crossed across their chests. 'And where' asked Sirius in a dark voice, 'do you think your going?' Remus looked at them both and shrugged. To him, it seemed obvious. 'I'm going away, aren't I? To...transform' he said shiftily. It was all rather new, explaining his condition to others. James sighed and patted Remus on the shoulder. 'You don't have to anymore loony lupin!' he said with a grin. Remus looked at them both, not sure what he meant. 'Er...yes I do. I can hardly do it here in the castle, can I?'

It was a rhetorical question, laced with sarcasm. The two boys looked at him, then shook their heads slowly, James deflated slightly. 'There goes our idea, doesn't it Sirius?' he said to the other boy. Sirius smirked, and then shifted into poker face mode. 'It sure does prongs. Ah no, what are we going to do?' Remus raised an eyebrow. James giggled. 'Don't worry Remus, we have thought of everything! We have got front row passes to...the shrieking shack!' he said, arms raised as if expecting a hug. Remus didn't hug him. He was quite confused.

'The shrieking shack? That's in Hogsmede. I'm not going into Hogsmede. We'll all get caught.' James gasped, and looked at him as if he had said something gravely wrong.

'My dear moony, what about the invisibility cloak? We can all fit under that! And I have found a shortcut!'

Remus again looked at him as though he were stupid. 'Oh yeah? Were?' he said.

James cleared his throat and said with a smile. 'The whomping willow of course!'