'Any minute now guys' sighed Remus, looking out of the large, glassless window in the living room. The moon was just peeping out from a fuzz of large cloud in the distance. Remus had made himself as comfortable as possible, sitting on the small settee on one side of the room, whilst instructing the other's to stay as far in the opposite side of the room as possible. As the moon began to shift into its position, Remus took a deep breath. 'Now for the painful bit' he said, more to himself than to anyone else. He looked at his friends, and they looked back, eyes full of support. As the light of Luna burst in through the room, Remus closed his eyes.

The transformation was immediate. His eyes shot open as burning pain ravaged his body. First his eyes turned from their normal blue (and greeny bits as James had told him whilst poring deep into his eyes for a divination lesson) to yellow with a big, deep black pupil. Next his face began to change shape. He cheeks became more sunken and his chin widened and grew downwards. Remus was beginning to make whimpering noises, like a dog, and he suddenly stood up, making Peter the rat squeak and run behind Sirius the dog. His body began to get longer and musclier, and his bare feet grew, the heels getting much longer than they should. His toenails became long and sharp, and his clothes ripped off him as his torso began to change shape. There wasn't a lot of hair, thought James the stag as he watched. His arms grew and Sirius noted his fingers; they were each the same shape. Next, his face morphed into a more recognisable shape of a werewolf. His teeth grew and he began to growl and make curious barking noises. In one final ear deafening howl from Remus, it was over.

Sirius watched his friend with an air of curiosity, but also fear. He made sharp yapping sounds to make sure than Remus knew that they were still here. Remus turned towards them, eyes full of confusion and hatred. He doesn't recognise us, thought James with a jolt of panic. Sirius padded towards Remus, but James made a funny little whinnying sound to warn him off. Sirius looked at James and lowered his head, showing that he understood. He then continued on his way to Remus, who was beginning to make low, warning sounds from the base of his throat. Sirius knew what that meant all right. Come near me and I will hurt you. Sirius stopped and lowered his head again, this time to show the werewolf and his friend that he meant no harm. Remus didn't seem to understand, and took this movement as a sign that the black dog in front of him was going to attack. He launched himself at the dog, and Sirius had now choice. The two fought, jaws hitting each other as they battled for each other's lives. Sirius barked and growled as loud as he could, to scare the werewolf, but Remus just made louder, and admittedly, more scarier noises. Sirius scratched deep into Remus's face and chest, and he finally let go of him. Sirius's head was bleeding, and Remus was cut on his chest, face and neck.

Remus must have decided that enough was enough, and bounded off into the next room. This time, Sirius didn't follow. He padded to where James stood, and began to lick himself clean, whilst James the stag gently cleaned his bleeding his with his tongue

They stayed in their separate rooms until the sun came up the next morning. James, Sirius and peter looked at each other when they had transformed back into boys, and Sirius shrugged, massaging his head with his hand. He walked over to the settee that Remus had sat on, and pulled out a bag from under it. 'Remus's clothes' he said simply to his friends questioning stares. Of course, thought peter, he would be naked, as he had 'shed' his clothes last night. James and Sirius slowly walked to the room that Remus was presumably in, with peter not far behind them. Sirius opened the door a bit. 'Remus? I've got your clothes here, I'll throw them in shall i?' he asked the room at large, as he could not see his friend.

'Thank you Sirius' came a croaky reply from behind the door. Sirius, overcome by the need to see if his friend was all right, ignored basic privacy and walked into the room, and closed the door. He gasped when he saw Remus. He had a huge cut down his forehead which ended on his jaw. He was bleeding and shaking as he pulled on his trousers that James had handed him. 'Remus, I- I'm so...' Sirius began, but Remus cut him off, 'sorry? No Sirius, I should be the one saying sorry, I hurt you bad, and for that I can never forgive myself.' Remus began to cry, spluttering and whimpering, and Sirius embraced him in a gentle hug, letting Remus cry on his shoulder. Peter wiped his nose and sniffed. James had tears in his eyes as he saw the pain that both his dear friends had to go through. After a while Sirius and Remus parted. 'All right?' asked Sirius softly asked Remus. Remus nodded and sniffed, wiping his nose on Sirius's shoulder. Sirius barked a huge laugh, and gently led Remus out of the room.

'so, your not coming with me next time then I'm guessing' noted Remus as they walked to the opening of the whomping willow. 'Are you kidding?' exclaimed James. 'That was better than doing homework any night! And it helps you!' Remus wasn't sure.

Remus looked at Sirius, as it had been Sirius he had physically hurt. Sirius looked at him, and then did something Remus certainly wasn't expecting. He beamed at him. A big, toothy beam. 'I'm coming with you no matter what reeemsy! Don't worry about us we'll be fine, it'll be you were looking after, not the other way around!'

Remus looked at all his friends, and their wide, adamant smiled.

'You guys are the best friends a guy could ever wish for.' He told them, and they laughed. They climbed from the tree into the grounds.

And then got ready for their day.

Potions- hooray!