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The characters are fictional. A number of characters are based on real individuals; this is where I and others (for the original idea behind certain characters was not conceived of by me) have created versions of either themselves, their friends, family or possibly enemies. I can only assume permission has been gained from those who are the basis of real people, or else that significant details have been changed. Nonetheless I must point out that as I do not know the majority of people who submitted characters, it has not been possible for me to verify directly that such permission has been given.

I consequently request that anyone who may believe themselves to be the basis of a character and who would like to speak to me about the matter please send me a message on here and I will do the best I can to resolve the situation. This could mean altering or removing certain details of the character, changing the name, etc. If I do not receive any such requests, from this point forth I consider that there are no objections until a request is made.

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And always remember - the Legacy of the Anti-Clique will be sealed with the kiss of a blade.

Full Students/Weapons List:


1. Richard Diallo - Razor-edged boomerang
2. Kevin Hetfield - Bottle of acid
3. Manuel Noles - Collapsible bike
4. Adam Lewis - GPS Tracker (akin to Hiroki's from the film)
5. George Ryan Jr. - Sickle
6. Andrew Cruddas - Cheese wire
7. Jake Wilson - Aluminium baseball bat
8. Scott Irving - Collapsible Rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher (4 rockets, which detonate on contact with danger zones)
9. Josue Flores - Walther PPK pistol
10. Peter Lucianus - Sniper rifle
11. Darren Cooper - Axe
12. Layne Diallo - Kalashnikov
13. David "Dave" Clark - 12-Bore shotgun
14. Oliver "Olly" King - Colt .45 revolver
15. Stefano Valutti - Binoculars
16. Roy Smiths - Dagger
17. Charlie O'Keefe - Tazer
18. Ian Doherty - Uzi 9mm
19. David "Rem" Remnant - 15 inch black rubber dildo
20. Kenji "Ken" Kamin - Box of 6 hand grenades (detonated on contact with danger zone)
21. Alexander "Alex" Vesselin - Box of assorted Fireworks and Matches
22. Mark Johnson - Crowbar
23. Sir Not Appearing In This FanFic - Rocket Propelled ICBM Launcher (12 ammo, does not detonate in danger zones)


1. Rozelinda "Roz" Mayfair - Box of 12 darts (sport)
2. Elyse Backman - Spiked ball and chain
3. Hannah Bishop - Tranquiliser gun and darts
4. Charlotte Turner - 2 remote control car bombs, detonate on impact with danger zones
5. Laurinda Davies - Fighting staff
6. Sadie Willis - Chainsaw
7. Jenna Widdowson - Katana
8. Jemi Bridger - Pneumatic spike
9. Valerie Woolfe - Road flare
10. Sandra Jackson - Brick
11. Natasha "Tash" Checketts - Poison (type TBC)
12. Amber Canton - Nailgun
13. Jade Brown - Bullet proof vest
14. Thera May - Bowling ball
15. Kim Magdalene - Rope
16. Rahne Southers - Crossbow
17. Leah Faith - Radio - tuned to collar frequencies so can listen in on other students.
18. Natalie "Silent" Shimizu - 5 Shuriken throwing stars 19. Shanae Preston - Whip
20. Anna Wilson - Nunchuks
21. Emily Green - Message "Ha ha you lucked out - no weapon!"
22. Holly Morgan - List of all other weapons
23. Alyssa "Aly" Davids - Flamethrower
24. Zoey Volta - Jar of killer bees