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Chapter I: Running From Average

Blasphemy; it was to be seen wrong in God's eyes-- or, in anyone's eyes. Human was to have a normal body, consisting of one head, two eyes, two arms, two legs, and so on. Not that he didn't have all those things, but he had one flaw that ruined those expectations. He was given superhuman abilities; something everyone else did not have.

That would have been seen as wrong-- it was not human. Unfair. At least that's what he believed, given his logic.

"Sora." He heard his foster sister call out to him. He stood upright on her bright yellow bed, stretching his arms while emitting a long-awaited yawn. "Mind getting me a glass of water?" Namine asked, feeling parched. Sora took an empty class from her nightstand, focusing his energy in the small space as he clutched the edges tightly.

In a split second, the glass was filled with water. He handed it to his sister, staring at the palm of his hand. "You know," Namine sighed, taking the glass from him, "A normal brother would go downstairs with the glass, go to the water dispenser in the kitchen, fill it up, and walk back upstairs with the disatisfaction of helping his own sister." Namine took a gulp, "But of course," She sighed as the chilly sensation ran through her throat, "You'd rather just summon water from your hands."

Sora gave her a smug grin and shrugged, "It's what I do." Namine crossed her arms with a frown, sitting cross-legged on her computer chair, "But what you're not doing is telling the world about your excellence." Sora plopped back down on the bed, lying on his back, "Namine, for the last time; I don't plan on telling anyone else but you. They'll think that I'm some sort of... freak."

"A freak with power." Namine played with the rim of her glass, "Having power over four elements doesn't mean you're... weird." Sora raised a brow, "Do I even need to tell you what's wrong with that sentence?" Namine sighed, "Clearly not; I understand where you're coming from-- but really, do you know how popular you'd be around here?"

"Popularity is something far away from us; we're normal students, with a reasonable amount of trustworthy friends." Sora crossed his arms over his chest. Namine smirked, "Have you been doing better in English class?" Sora let out a sigh, "Yeah... I'm considering switching to an academic class."

Namine clasped her hands together, "That's great! What about your other subjects?" Sora groaned, "Ew."

"I'm guessing you're not doing very well." Namine sweat dropped. "No shit." Sora sat upright, "You've seen my math grades. Tchnewwww--- boom!" Namine stifled a laugh, "True, but you do have the potential to improve; just like you did with English." A door was shot open, revealing three students around their age, "Good morning!" A hyperactive girl yelled. She was silenced by a taller male, whose hair was an upright broom.

"Morning," Namine greeted casually. Sora gave them a wave as they returned the gesture. Selphie, on the other hand, did not. As Sora stood up, she ran up to him and gave him a forceful hug, sending him and herself down on Namine's bed, with Selphie on top. Namine giggled, knowing that Selphie had the slightest crush on her brother. Sora's eyes widened, gently pushing his friend off of him. He struggled, being lent a hand by Tidus who finally pried her off of him.

"M-Morning." Sora greeted as he readjusted his shirt with wide eyes. "S-Sorry." Selphie blushed, twiddling her thumbs. Wakka rolled his eyes, "Whatever. Anyway, have you two gotten your results for Twilight Academy yet?" Namine shook her head, "We haven't tried the entry quiz yet." Sora waved his hands in front of his face, "Whoa, whoa, whoa. Twilight Academy?"

"It's a boarding school in Twilight Town." Tidus announced, "Some council guy just visited my house yesterday, saying that I passed with a high grade. I'm in; and so is Wakka and Selphie. We're just waiting for you and Namine." Sora's eyes widened, "A boarding school?! What's wrong with Destiny High?!"

"You have to admit that their education isn't too awesome." Wakka crossed his muscular arms, "The 10th grade academic science teacher had exploded their classroom using two unknown compounds; the teacher. They clearly didn't know what they were doing."

Sora groaned, "True, but how am I supposed to get into some elite boarding school with my grades?" Selphie sighed as she took the seat next to him on the bed, "I'm sure you can do it." Namine typed an address into her computer search bar, revealing a page that read "Twilight Academy" across the top. She clicked on a link that led her to something that looked like a quiz, filled with pictures and multiple choice questions.

Namine scoffed, "Is this all they got? Too easy." She began to click various answers, scrolling down the page with a confident smirk on her face. "Tsk. Tsk." Tidus waved a hand in her face, "Don't get cocky now; the questions get harder." Sora buried his face in his hands, being comforted by Selphie who placed a hand on his back.

"I won't pass." He let out a disappointing sigh, "All of you will be on your way to Twilight Academy, and I'll be left here... all alone..." Wakka slapped him across the face lightly; though it was enough for Sora to wince in pain. "Ow!" Wakka clenched his fists, "Sora, damnit; you're gonna make it! We're all gonna make it! You, me, Namine, Tidus and Selphie! We're a group of friends-- nothing is going to seperate us; not even any distance!"

"Chick flicks. How many?" Tidus asked. "Three." Wakka answered truthfully. "LIES." Selphie declared, leaving Wakka in a pressuring position. A trickle of sweat ran down the side of his face as he broke down on his knees, "Okay, seven! But I can't help it! They're so addicting!"

Namine let out a laugh. Her friends really were entertaining, even if there was a low amount of them. But she was thankful, nonetheless. Destiny Islands didn't have a very high population, therefore it was rare to find friends that you had much in common with. That's why Sora was worried: if Tidus, Selphie, Wakka and Namine made it into the school, he would be left behind with no one. Well, he had Seifer to endlessly tease him with Rai and Fuu-- YUM.

Namine submitted her entry quiz, typing in her email address on the bottom, "Done." She clasped her hands together, "I hope I get in." Sora scoffed, "Please, that's coming from the girl who gets in the honour roll each semester." Namine was the type to study and work hard, with Sora as the complete opposite. Not that he didn't work hard; things were just hard for him to comprehend sometimes. Although, he was very athletic-- unlike Namine.

Now, Tidus, Wakka, and Selphie were another story. Besides getting average (or above) grades, they had their own excelling points. Example: Wakka was a blitzball player, Tidus was a fencer, and Selphie was into cosmotology. A murmur was heard through Namine's door, the message being clear once Wakka swung the door open.

Namine's mother (Or, in Sora's case, foster mother), Aerith, was calling out for them downstairs. "Breakfast!" She had yelled, "There are pancakes!" After hearing the word 'pancake', Tidus mind went blank as he raced Wakka down the stairs. It was a war for the pancakes-- it had been declared once Selphie joined them. Namine giggled as she leaned against her doorframe, giving her brother an odd look.

"No pancakes for you, Sora? I bet mom put in those chocolate chips: I know how much you love those."

Sora shook his head, "Not in the mood." Namine's eyes showed a glint of worry, "Are you all right?" Sora ran a hand through his messy hair, "Yeah... I'll catch up with you guys later. I'll just hang here for awhile." Namine gave him a sympathetic look, "All right." She sighed and made her way down the staircase, bumping into her father, Cloud. "Morning." They both greeted.

He continued his way up the stairs, and stopped in front of the door in Namine's room. "Sora." He called in a monotone voice, "No pancakes? Aerith put in those chocolate chips that you love so much." Sora shook his head, "I'm not hungry."

"If you don't eat," Cloud placed an elbow on the edge and leaned against the door, "You're going to give yourself an ulcer." Sora raised a brow. "A stomach ache." Cloud sighed, "You need to brush up on your vocabulary, young man." Sora groaned, "I know."

"Are you registering for that boarding school your friends are attending?"

Sora meekly nodded, "I'm going to try." Cloud gave him a swift nod before proceeding down the hall, "Good luck." Sora sighed, taking a seat in Namine's computer chair. Once he settled in, he took a look at the Twilight Academy website. He scrolled down the homepage, and clicked a link on the side that led him to the entry quiz for eleventh graders. He scrolled down the page filled with questions that he couldn't even understand, leaving him wide eyed and shocked.

"Namine said this was easy?" Sora sweat dropped, feeling clueless as ever. He read the first question with a confused look, "Ah, science... what's a valence electron again?" He slammed his head on the keyboard, feeling neglected. The strength of will power left him; he couldn't remember a thing. Ever since school had let out nine weeks ago, he had let go of everything he ahd learned to enjoy a workless summer.

The plan was to get accepted into Twilight Academy by the end of the summer, so they could easily move schools. That wasn't going to happen, given Sora's lack of knowledge. He groaned, and clicked a random answer. Soon, he found himself endlessly clicking various answers, not even bothering to read the question. A few guesses wouldn't hurt, right?

Truth was, Sora didn't know how wrong he was.

That same night, Sora lay on the top bunk of his bed, letting the cool breeze of the wind overtake him from the window. He could hear the palm trees rustling, and the wind whistling. He honestly never got the concept of having a bunk bed for one person, but he let it slide for when his dog, Pluto, occupied the bottom bunk.

Sora waved a finger around, carrying a single flame on it. The light followed the movement of his index finger, amazing even him; the one that had seen this a million times. As he watched the flame follow his finger, he couldn't help but sigh to himself. He couldn't wait for his Twilight Academy results-- they would be available in a maximum of three days. School started in a week, so he prayed.

He knew for sure that Namine would get accepted... but him? The flaw of human? It couldn't have been possible. He shook his head; impossible.


The next morning, Aerith awoke to the sound of a door being pounded on simotaneously. It didn't seem to have come to an end, so she rose from her slumber and stretched her arms, heading down the staircase. She rubbed her eyes, glancing at a wall clock that read 6:30am.

She raised a brow-- who would be knocking on their door at six thirty int he morning? Surely it wasn't Namine and Sora's friends. They usually raided the house at around ten o'clock, which was the normal routine. Any time earlier than that would have broken their invisible vows of friendship.

Aerith unlocked the door and swung it open, coming face to face with two men, dressed casually in dark, fitting suits. They walked inside, and began searching the household. "Subject is not on the current premesis." One of them announced, removing their sunglasses. Aerith placed a hand on her hip, "Excuse me...?"

"Mrs. Strife, I pressume?" A man with seemingly pink hair asked. Aerith slowly nodded, "Yes, that is correct. Why are you...?" A grumble was heard from the staircase as Cloud walked in, scratching the back of his head, "What's the CIA doing here?"

"Sir, we are not from the CIA." The other man with black braided hair adjusted his tie, and cleared his throat, "We are from the Twilight Academy Board Office." Cloud gave them a confused look, "Are you here for Namine? We weren't expecting a visit until tomorrow." The pink haired man shook his head, "We are not only here for your daughter, but for your son as well."

Stomping and groaning came from the second floor, revealing a very irritated Sora and Namine. They stomped down the staircase, showing obvious signs of anger. "Sora Strife." The black haired man greeted, outstretching his hand. Sora crossed his arms, "Um. Dude in a suit?" He greeted, feeling awkward as he shook his hand.

"Sora Strife, I must say, you are one intelligent young man."

Namine had nearly choked, "My brother?" The pink haired man nodded, "We're from the Twilight Town Office-- we are here to give you your test results." Namine gasped as she was handed her scantron card, given a mark out of 64. She had managed to get 93%, which was quite impressive given the academic level questions.

She cheered as she punched a fist in the air, being silenced by the awkward air that surrounded her brother. He stared at his scantron card in awe, rendered speechless. Namine walked over to him, and gaped at his paper. Aerith and Cloud came rushing to his side, nearly fainting. They were flabbergasted; the current situation was impossible-- only a miracle could have caused it.

"Th-There must be some mistake." Sora choked out, gripping the edges of the scantron card tightly. The braided man cleared his throat, "We, at Twilight Academy, thought the same. No one has scored as high as you before throughout the history of our school, so we re-checked your test results five times on our scanner; there is no mistake, Sora Strife."

"And to congradulate both your high grades, we are offering you a scholarship to Twilight Academy. All your fees have been taken care of." The pink haired man handed a slip to Aerith, who was held back from fainting by her husband. Cloud thanked them, but still couldn't believe his eyes. Sora hadn't just got the highest grade in the school, but he had also gotten perfect.

100%. 64 out of 64.

That afternoon, Namine paced around Sora's room, with Sora plopped onto his bed. Namine stomped her foot, "Seriously? You? PERFECT?" Sora shrugged, "I don't get it either." Namine checked if anyone was around before whispering, "Do you have a new intelligence ability or something?"

"N-No!" Sora defended, "You know I can only control elements, and the latest power I've got is earth." Namine sighed, "But this still can't be. How did you manage to even pass? What did you do in the entry quiz?" Sora gulped, "I-uh... guessed."

Namine froze, "What?"

"I guessed!" Sora whispered, punching the pillows below him. Pluto came running in the room, getting up on Sora's bunk. They were followed by Selphie and Tidus, still wearing their rollerblades and skateboards. "SORA!" They all yelled, falling on his hardwood floor in a dogpile. "Is it true?!" Tidus yelled, squirming out of the bottom.

Namine placed her hands on her hips and nodded, "You can't believe it either, huh?" They all nodded, "But this is great!" Wakka yelled, "We're all going to Twilight Academy!" Sora groaned, knowing he wouldn't be able to keep up with the work. Namine placed a hand on his back, and whispered, "Don't worry, Sora. I'm going to help you with your grades."

He groaned again, now rolling over to face the top bunk of his bed. "I'm real happy for you, Sora. But tell me, how'd you turn into a nerd? I mean... how'd you even get the last question about the principal's hairy toe right? I swear that questions was impossible!" Tidus plopped onto Sora's reclining chair, followed by Selphie who sat on the arm rest. Sora couldn't help but groan even more.

He had officially labelled himself from freak, to fluke.

How was it?

I know it isn't all too different; besides the writing style and the friends. I figured it was too cruel not to have friends at school-- believe me, I've learned! Kairi hasn't appeared yet, but I'm sure most of you know that. It will still have the same storyline with minor adjustments, and I promise you, I'll put more thought into this!

Anyway, how is school going for everyone? I, for one, am living the high school life as your average high school student :). I've gotten in this council I wanted to be in (it works on designing posters, video editing and writing), I'm in the junior band, and have I ever told you about the wildest night of my life?

About a week ago, the ninth graders (including myself. I'm a niner xD) had this retreat for activities at the school. The activities were pretty fun (but then we played duck duck goose. That was weird lol), and the pasta dinner was pretty awesome, but the best part was the concert after that. We had this awesome band come to our school, and their first song was "How Far We've Come" by Matchbox 20, which I absolutely loved. Soon I was singing along with some of my friends; then in the next moment, I'm dancing on tables, screaming at the top of my lungs, then dancing on the stage with a whole bunch of my new friends, and partying like there was no tomorrow.

Yup. That lasted for about two hours. Then the next morning, all my friends teased each other about our little mishaps xD. But MAN. That was the wildest night of my life! I was so tired the next morning though xD. And so many wild things have happened, and it's only been a month! I mean, we're trying to get two of my friends together, and one of my friends has to pretend to be my other friend's dad! Don't ask why, because I'm pretty confused too.

Then yesterday, I got home at 6:30pm. School lets out at 2:30. Why was I there for an extra four hours? Let's just say that it involved vending machines, rain, a library, four students that are too distracted to do work, a library card, and three paparazzi stalkers. You see, I needed to work on my lab report with my partner, and was joined by another friend. Our other lab group partner had volleyball practice, and didn't know we were meeting at the library so he walked all the way to my friends house in the rain by accident.

He then called me, so I told him we were at the library. He walked all the way back to the school, and sat with us: soaking wet. Then, we all got hungry so we went to get a snack by the vending machines in the hall. We forgot our wallets, so we went back. Just then, these three elementary school girls walked by, and dropped their library card. My guy friend picked it up, and handed it to the girl who dropped it. One of them yelled, "DAMN HE IS HOT."

So of course, I started laughing with my girlfriends. My guy friend felt all high and mighty once they left, but little did he know that they came back five minutes later and tried taking pictures of him. That lasted awhile, until they finally left the library. So, after we got our wallets, we went back to the vending machines, and outside the doors, were the three girls that tried taking pictures of my guy friend. They snapped more pictures, so he ran back to the school to hide, which was connected to the city library.

One of the girls chased him, and took more pictures. It was freakin crazy! I would explain more, but this chapter would be way to long xD. That was one pretty long author's note lol. Thank you for giving me the oppurtunity to re-do this story! Thanks for your support, and please review! Sorry for any grammar errors!