. Final Chapter .

. Simplex quod Tersus .

[ Simple & Clean ]

Today is when the universe ends and begins. I want to be with you. Through everything. Even if everything won't exist tomorrow.

You are my everything. Will you exist tomorrow?


"Ten munny, please," Said the girl at the concession stand. Sora nodded and handed her the money, taking his girlfriend by the hand and boarding the ferris wheel. The school could surprisingly afford a ferris wheel, building it by the football field. The sky was already dark, but was lit by some fireworks. The ride began to move, bringing the couple to the peak. Kairi sat across from Sora with one leg over the other, looking at him with sad eyes. "I love you," He sighed, taking her hand, "I want you to remember that. Always."

Kairi bit her lip, "This is our last moment together, isn't it?" Sora pulled her to him, "Don't think like that. We're going to meet each other again. And even if we don't, we're always with each other. In our hearts." Through her tears and sadness, Kairi stifled a laugh, "That was really cheesy." Sora seized her by the shoulders and pulled her away, "But its true."

"Today is when the universe and begins. I want to be with you. Through everything. Even if everything won't exist tomorrow."

"Kairi, you are my everything. Will you exist tomorrow? I'd like to think so," Sora kissed her forehead, "I don't want to lose hope on that." Kairi nodded and leaned forward, kissing him slowly. Sora placed a hand on her waist, and one buried in her hair. The lingering kiss lasted for awhile, until both pulled away for air. Goodness, they were going to miss that. "At least we almost made it to one year of dating," Kairi hugged her knees, "I don't think I can stop crying."

Hard to believe our love will be non-existant.

"It's going to be okay," Sora whispered. Kairi was about to say something, until they heard a bunch of screaming and crying from below. When they looked out the glass window, a whole crowd of students were running for their lives; Sora stood up and saw what they were running from.


He had already set a popcorn stand on fire, and binded some students with his metallic branches. While the students ran, the only thoughts Kairi could read where how someone could set something on fire so fast, and where the braches had come from. It was already too late- everyone knew about the abilities, there was far too many for Namine to make forget, so their plan was the only one they could go with. Sora pecked her cheek before opening the door and running towards the scene.

"Sora!" The brunette turned to the side and caught the swords Roxas had tossed him. "I didn't know which one you wanted," Roxas shrugged, "So I brought both." Sora tossed one to Roxas, "Then you take one." The blonde nodded, shielding Namine behind him. Majority of the school had already evacuated the area, including some of the staff. Xemnas emerged from the shadows, his hands set on fire.

Kairi placed a forcefield before them, shielding them from any attacks. "Have you made your decision?" Xemnas asked, "Or are we gonna have to do this the hard way?"

"I think my sword can answer that question," Sora aimed it straight at him, sending a flash of lightning towards the man. Xemnas summoned a forcefield too, shielding himself. While he did this, Kairi found this as an oppurtunity to run behind him, using her super speed to put a roundhouse kick on his stomach. He moved back quickly and took her from behind. He tossed her into the air where Sora caught her as he flew.

"I was hoping we didn't have to fight and just the plan over with," Roxas sighed and spun the sword on his finger, "But to save the universe, we'll have to try." The four dispersed into surrounding Xemnas, obviously being unshielded now. That was a big mistake. Xemnas aimed for Sora and Kairi first, since they could easily take him down with their stronger powers.

When Sora and Kairi got to the ground, the branches came straight at them. It was far too fast, far too soon. They both weren't ready. So Roxas and Namine did something bold. They ran in front of them, and took the blow. The sharp branches pierced through their stomachs, causing them to cry out in pain. Sora raised a hand in disbelief, watching his brother and 'sister' fall to the floor. They were motionless, eyes wide in shock.

Kairi tried shaking Roxas, then Namine.

"You killed them," Sora stood up in anger, "You said you weren't going to kill any of us!" Xemnas crossed his arms, "Those two were of no use to me. You and your little girlfriend are the ones with the larger dose- I need only you and her. They were just an annoying nuisance." Sora clenched his fists, his eyes changing to neon yellow again. Xemnas snapped his fingers, and a dear friend came from behind him, "Axel, I'll have you take care of Kairi."

"A-Axel..." Roxas croaked, clutching his stomach in pain, "Why?"

"Sp-Spell..." Namine whispered, rolling onto her back. Kairi gave Axel a closer look, and noticed that his eyes were hazed with black. His hand set on fire, aimed at Kairi. He must've been injected with the vile when he distracted Xemnas that day... Kairi placed one leg back, and readied her stance, "But why... are you alive?"

"I did some research after our little encounter at my lab," Xemnas started, "I was able to figure out the connection between your abilities and your blood. I made the vile a little better- at least Axel here has a little more time to live before the vile kills him." Sora gritted his teeth, his voice sounding like there was another one within his again; just like before, "Does anyone's life... matter to you?"

"Axel," Roxas whispered, now gasping for breath, "L-Look, its me, Roxas. Your best friend...? I-I'm hurt... if you hurt Kairi, I'll be even more hurt. And Kairi's your friend too..."

Kairi shushed Roxas with teary eyes, "You're in pain, Roxie. Let me take care of this." Namine grabbed her boyfriend's hand from behind, holding it as tight as she could. "We're okay, Kairi," Namine tried to smile, but failed, "This won't exist in a couple of minutes. Do what you have to." She nodded and held their hands one last time before turning to face Axel.

She sighed, "I don't want to hurt you."

"Me neither," Axel whimpered. Kairi raised a brow, "What?" Axel gritted his teeth as his hand was brought up, "I'm being controlled, Kairi. Run. He can only control me for so long. Just me. Now run." Trying to use one of my friends against me? Kairi took the sword from Roxas and waited for Axel to charge. He didn't.

"Are you trying to fight it?" Kairi asked sadly. Axel nodded, his neck twitching. Sora was twitching as well, almost at full transformation. Kairi would have tried to stop him, but Axel could hit her any second. Xemnas was too busy building himself a forcefield to notice Sora's transformation. He yelled, and let darkness overtake him. He charged towards Xemnas and easily broke the barrier.

Kairi took this time to sneak behind Axel with her speed and knock him out. He easily fell unconcious. Now Kairi tried dealing with Xemnas. She screamed and morphed the volume to the highest it could get, making Xemnas vulnerable. He let his guard down to cover his ears, so Sora took this oppurtunity to strike him continously. Xemnas had no protection with the two teens against him.

Where Kairi had gotten this adrenaline, she didn't know. But everything was moving in slow motion; Sora summoned a fistful of lightning and threw his sword like a boomerang, shocking his enemy first. The light posts, which were the only sources of light began blinking. Xemnas was coughing out blood by this time, but Sora kept striking him both with his sword and elements. But Kairi knew Xemnas wouldn't die- he was immortal. That was his real ability, other than stealing.

Sora was just weakening him, and he did a fantastic job. He finally threw poor Xemnas onto the merry go round nearby, crashing him into the horses. Sora was gasping for breath, transforming back to normal. Kairi ran to him, supporting his balance. "It's time," Sora coughed, heading towards the merry go round. He took Kairi's hand, "Get ready." As they approached the merry go round, it began to play childish music.

Not scary, but it sounded familiar. Like a music box that played- "Simple and Clean," Kairi mildly gasped, "This was the song that was playing when... you confessed to me."

"I remember," Sora said, sounding melancholy. The scenery proved the visions true- it was exactly like how Sora and Roxas saw it. The school in ruins and Xemnas unconcious in front of them. Though, they didn't expect the death of Roxas and Namine. But that was going to be over soon. All the pain would come to an end. "There's only one way to fix this, then." Sora turned around, and placed his hands on Kairi's shoulders, "Let's go, Kairi. It's time to fix everything."

"Don't do it," Kairi sobbed, crunching her fingers into his shirt, "I can't risk forgetting about you. We're meant to be together, Sora." His eyes glistened softly as he held her in his arms, "Fate will bring us back together; don't worry about it. We have to do this, Kairi. They know too much- this is for the greater good of the universe." She held onto him tighter, "But I don't want to forget you..." Sora placed a hand on his chest, "Our hearts are connected. We're going to meet again someday. I'm going to find you."

"How are you so sure?" Sora sighed, "Because its us." She hung her head down, "How did it come to this? Our lives will be so different." Sora looked around him with fiery eyes, taking in the horrid scenery, "If we don't do what we have to do, the worlds will end up in ruins. Do you know what could happen if everyone had abilities? Now let's do this before he wakes up." Kairi looked at him one last time before whispering, "One more kiss... one last time?" A tear fell from Sora's eye, "I love you, Kairi. Don't you ever forget that." She nodded as he pulled her in for the most heartbreaking kiss, sudden light surrounding them.

They were sent to a place that Sora had seen before. "Betwixt and between," he whispered. Around them were memories of everything- their past, what was happening now, and the future. Kairi was a beautifully grown woman dressed in a very formal white dress. A vail was placed over her head as she walked down the aisle with a boquet of flowers in hand. At the end was Sora, admiring her while twiddling his thumbs in anxiety.

"We were going to get married," Kairi nearly cried out of joy, touching the memory with her hands. Her hand merely went through, the memory disappearing. "If nothing had changed, we would have..." Sora said sadly, "But in that future, bad things happen. Look." Another future event flew by them, showing Twilight Town. It was practically destroyed and was covered with debris and people fighting each other with newly found abilities.

"Then I guess we really are doing the right thing." Kairi looked up at him and was held in his arms. She took in the scent of his cologne, and everything else about him. "Time to say goodbye," Sora whispered, on the virge of tears. He had the charm she gave him last year, clutching it tightly. He hugged her tighter before every memory in the gap of reality, darkness and light surrounded them, flying in circles. Everything they went through and every memory with their friends flashed by them, disappearing as time rewinded.

Today is when the universe ends and begins. I want to be with you. Through everything. Even if everything won't exist tomorrow.

You are my everything. Will you exist tomorrow?


"I chose the right children for these abilities. You care for what's best for the world; thank you."


Namine shivered, "This isn't possible. That means... Sora and Roxas... Kairi and I..."

"I don't think that's possible," Roxas choked, "Kairi's my cousin, my twin brother died, Sora's an-"





"Join me," Xemnas said darkly, "And we can conquer the worlds together!"


"He's here."


"Our worst nightmare."


"I may have power but I'm only human, Kairi. I can only do so much."


"I'm really glad you're mine. Everyday I consider myself lucky to even be in the same universe as you. You're really special to me, I hope you know that. I know it may not seem like it when we get into fights and everything, but that doesn't matter. I'm going to run back and get you, no matter what. You are my one, and only love."


"Do you think things will always be like this?"


Kairi rested her head on Sora's shoulder, "Its good we're being safe, but we have to let go sometimes, Roxie. Everything's perfect right now. Nothing to worry about." Sora agreed, "Yeah, look at us. In love, by the sunset that never gets old, having the best friends in the world."

"The Organization is done," Namine continued, "And the best thing is, even after all the training and the incident this afternoon, no one else knows about our abilities. Kairi's right; there isn't anything to worry about. Except exams coming up, of course." Sora huffed like a child, "Augh, you had to remind me! Thanks!" His sister giggled, "You're welcome my dear brother." Roxas joined the giggling and felt the suns rays hit his face, "Nothing to worry about."


"Marluxia, this Organization just puts up an image that doesn't show who we really are. Parties, events, whatever. There's no love in it; you can never tell who wants you for popularity or just yourself. This is pathetic, its nothing but a superficial group."


"There's such thing as a door, you know." Kairi stifled a laugh as his arm snaked around her waist. Sora smirked, "Yeah, and there's such thing as being cliche. The window is way more romantic and badass. Only losers use the door."

And as if it were planned, Roxas just walked through the door. The couple giggled; the blonde was confused. "Why is the Strife couple laughing at me?" He asked his own girlfriend. Namine ran up to him and hugged him, "Oh, don't worry about it. What brings you here, Roxas dear?"

"Well," He got down on one knee, and began fumbling with something in his pockets. Sora slapped his eyes and laughed. Tidus and Wakka watched from the window, as well as a few people that were in the lounge. Namine was giggling; she knew Roxas well enough to know that he wasn't going to propose. This was just a slam against Sora and Kairi. "Namine, my one, my only," Roxas tried not to laugh when he pulled out a paper from his pocket, "Will you go with me to the Musician's Ball next week?"

Namine accepted the slip and began to read it. She pretended to get all teary and nodded, jumping into his arms.


"Superheroes destined to bring the world to ruins. Ironic."


"Kairi, please excuse my dating skills. I haven't really done it before, to be honest, so I don't know how to act very boyfriendy. But I really do want to try; I want to show you how much I love you."

"You're doing a great job so far."


"So I guess, we've been following the path to destruction."


"What did you see?"

"Sora and Kairi. They're going to get separated; Kairi's going to end up forgetting him and... Sora said the worlds could end up in ruins."


"Girl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-I, I been feelin', wake up in the late night been dreaming about your lovin' girl! Girl you know I-I-I, Girl you know I-I-I, don't need candles and cake, just need your body to make... Birthday sex, birthday sex ohhhohohohhhhh! G spot G spot G spot lemme hit that-"


"Kairi Hikari...Where do I begin? Well... I can't get you out of my head. It breaks my heart to see you sad and in pain, but now that you're sad because of me, I can't forgive myself. You always made me feel like I was at the top of the world, and everything about you is so beautifully unexplainable. After everything we've been through, I think its finally time for me to admit that... I love you. I know you can do so much better than me, but no man is ever going to love you more than I do. This feeling is never gonna go away; I know its been there all along but I've been to stupid and clueless to notice it, but I know now, Kairi. I love you. I love you so, so much. I'll mean it more when I say it to you against any other girl I know. I can't compare you to anything, or anyone, because you're far too superior. And even if you had powers or not, its not going to change the way I feel. You're the only one who understands me. Only you, Kairi. Only you are the one for me. No one has ever made me feel this way. Please forgive me for everything..."


Whats it like to be in love?

What's it like to be with the one you love?


"Sora, are you okay? Fever, anything? Did you fall?"

"I think I fell for someone,"


I'm longing to be with you.


"Namine! I didn't even hear you come in!"

"That's because you were too busy daydreaming about my brother."

"I was not!"


"I guess our life is an endless vortex of pain."

"Mine isn't. Not when you're around."


"Well isn't this funny," Namine grinned as Roxas placed an arm around her waist, "Sora and Kairi are a little like Romeo and Juliet..." Roxas let out a laugh, "You're right; forbidden to be together due to the Organization, nearly fated to die... star cross'd lovers I believe they are, brought together by destiny."


You know, Kairi... I've learned two things when I was here. One, our friendship... is a promise. I don't want to see you hurt anymore, and I swore to never let anything hurt you. Its an oath, and I'm not going to break it.

And two; I think Namine was right. Maybe, just maybe... I've fallen for you.


"Seems like we've got another ability here."


"This isn't real... this isn't real, just an illusion... augh, my goodness Namine, what happened to you...?"

"Sora," Roxas' voice was scratchy on the bluetooth, "Are you all right? You look shocked." Sora shivered, "M-My family... dead..." Roxas gasped, "Sora, it's not real!" The brunette nodded, "Yeah, I know... keep talking, Roxas. Makes it seem more fake." The blonde nodded and crossed his arms, "Just find your opponent and you'll move on to the next level."

"Oh my, mom... dad..." Sora's voice shaked, sounding higher than usual, "Namine, oh my goodness Roxas, you're here too..."

"I'm alive, Sora." Roxas reassured, "But out of curiosity... do I happen to look hot?" Sora rolled his eyes, "Totally tuined the moment; and besides, you're dead. You aint looking very hot right now." Roxas suddenly grew curious, "W-Wait, if your family is there, and I'm there... then doesn't that mean-"

"K-Kairi's here..."


"Who knows what the world could be going through right now. Someone could be getting proposed to right now, one could have their heart broken. One's dreams may have come true, and others are just sitting at home, watching sappy love movies. Someone could be confessing their undying love, and others are daydreaming. Everyone just... feels something different."

"And... how do you feel?"

"I... I feel..."


"So tell me darling do you wish we'd fall in love?"

"All the time."


"H-Holy shit, Kairi... I, uh, you... you look, er, uh... really good."

"R-Really? Thanks... you look, uh... great, as usual."


I'm going to make you smile today, Kairi.


"Its synthesized from mythril shards, orchilacum, all that jazz. Molded together to form a strong metal, yet light as a feather. Resists elements of all kinds."


"Welcome to Shinra Island."


"Alas, the things we do for love."


"Nothing is ever going to touch you again. I'm always going to be there for you, Kairi. You can count on that."


"No, Sora. We're going to defy fate. As you said, we defied humanity. I may be powerless at the moment, but I'm strong enough to know that we can overcome this... I'm just glad you don't have to leave me in the process."

"You're right. Let's change destiny."


"My vision told me what you were going to say, Xion... And I'm sorry I can't return your feelings right now. I know I've been a jerk. There's just too much on my mind... I like you, I really like you, but I'm in love with Namine."


"It's going to be okay, Kairi." He felt her tears against his face. "How can you say that? We're going to die, Sora! And we don't even know how! It's not easy to live with the fear of close death! We could die right now! We never know!"

"Don't think like that," He whispered softly, drowsily, "We're going to defy fate. After all, we can defy alot of things. We defied humanity, didn't we? Well, we are human, but we have strange abilities." Kairi sobbed, "This could be the end, Sora..."

"And if it is the end, I'm glad I can spend it with you... even just for a little while." He kissed her chin from below, and sighed. The sun from outside hit their faces, the colours of the sunset entering the room. "I'm glad I met you, Kairi." This isn't a dream, Kairi thought as Sora rested on her shoulder. "Sora," She whispered. "Mmm?" He asked.

"B-Before this is all over..." It's now or never, "I need to tell you something..." "Just..." He whispered before drifting off to sleep. Kairi smiled softly and looked down, Well, I guess fate doesn't want me telling you now. But I'm glad I can spend this moment with you, before you tell me that you don't feel the same way.


"I saw you and Sora. Dying."


"Sora guessed on the entry test."


"Is there anything you can't do?"

"Yes. I can't stay away from you."


"Roxas, I believe this is called stalking."

"Puh-lease, this ain't stalking at all, dear. We're just conveniantly watching two people, watching their every move... at the exact same spot, at the exact same time."


I... I think I love you, Sora.




"They didn't believe me... but I know it was true! I saw it with my very eyes... I felt its pain! It was a nightmare!"

"What are we going to do? There's no denying what he saw! He could get us discovered!"

"If only there was a way to make him forget."



"Cuz you know, a dream is a wish your heart makes."


"These are amazing... thank you."

"For what?"

"Inspiring me again."


"Axel, what are you doing? You can't turn on the Organization!"

"No one would miss me,"

"That's not true... I would."




"It hurts, Sora. But what hurts more is that I thought I lost you to the darkness."


"I'll make it go away..."


"Namine, I know you don't want to talk to me. I bet you don't even want me here right now, but I was just worried about you."


"No!" Kairi yelled in fear, "This isn't you, Sora! You're scaring me! S-Stop! He doesn't deserve this!"

"He hurt you," He growled, "He deserves hell."

"Don't do this," Kairi sobbed, but cringed when she heard another bone crack, "Sora, please..."


"Sora's having sex thoughts."

"Shut up. And I'm not, thank you. I'm much too high for that."

"Please, Sora. No seventeen year old in their right mind won't have sex thoughts from time to time. It's like... an instinct, a reflex. I see you checking out Ka-"

"Tidus, if you want to keep your manhood, you will shut the hell up. And I wasn't checking her out. I was... uh... admiring the view."

"The view of her ass."

"That's it. You're getting your balls ripped off."


"What good are powers when you can't make people happy with them?"


"Welcome to the club, Sora Strife."


"Why... why do you say that? Why are you doing this? Holding me so... tightly."

"Because, Sora. This could be our last moment together."


"This," Kairi said almost breathlessly, "Is... unreal!" The wind rushed through her hair, and Kairi felt nothing but majestic at the moment. Her eyes sparkled, reflecting the city lights. "This kind of stuff just doesn't exist!"

"Kairi," Sora then said in a serious voice, "We are not about to have a Twilight moment."

She giggled and clung onto him tighter, causing him to blush. Now was the time Kairi realized how appealing Sora was; the flawless light, yet tan skin, the seemingly well built body, the perfectly chizzled face, the intoxicating cologne that made her mind go on a fritz, and those eyes... those beautiful, gorgeous, bright sapphire eyes. "Amazing," She managed to mumble out loud, shushing herself after. She hadn't meant to say it out loud.

Sora chuckled, "I know; the view really is spectacular." Kairi sighed in relief; Good- he didn't notice that I was talking about him.


"Enough, Sora! I heard you, okay? I'm depressed, don't you get it? Holy crap! No one's gonna get it! No one's gonna understand! No one is ever going to understand! Not you, not Axel, not even Kairi, ... Namine... but what's the use? There's no point in going on! I've accomplished nothing in life! I'm a failure musician, my mother is dead, and my father doesn't want me! There is no love, nothing to hope for, nothing to live for! What the hell am I supposed to do with my life?"


"Since Roxas couldn't bare to do it himself, he sent me to give you those papers. They're permission slips, details, events... in other words, they're your one way ticket into Organization XIII."


"T-Tidus! Toss me the pistol!"

"You mean the hot dog?"

"Yes the hot dog!"

"You play Modern Warfare too much."


"I'm sorry this had to happen, but what I've decided... is to stay away from you."

"But... why?"

"With me around, you'll always have to be cautious about the organization, and you have that risk of losing your position. I'm just a nuisance, Roxas. They don't want you around me, so be it. It will be as if I never existed."


"Axel, I think we have a new member in our midst."


"Why... why do... why do you look so... look so... so... so hot? I mean, not that you don't usually look attractive; you actually look very attractive, but its just... today... uh..."


"I actually flew! Do you... do you think Namine and Kairi will believe me? Heh, probably not."


"I've never been in love with a person before, but... I hear it can change you."


"Namine Strife! Please disregard every memory we've had together! I never want to see you again, and please, restrain yourself from speaking with me as well! I've been getting sick you of you, and I can't take it anymore, so please... leave me alone!"


"Forbidden love. Tch, how romantic."


"Now, before you freak out and start yelling-"



"This ain't a laughing matter. I don't want to be left alone, Kairi. The only thing preventing me from feeling alone again is you; you know why."

"Even if I had powers or not, you would have never been alone from the start."


"Hey, hey! Kairi, stop! You're destroying the titanium wall on my stomach that I like to call my abs!"


"You're going to stay away from her, all right? Well?"

"Fine, fine. I won't associate myself with her from here on."


"You're falling for a girl you're not supposed to be falling for."


"Thank you, Kairi."

"For what, exactly?"

"For showing me that I'm not alone anymore."


"All right gentlemen. Let's rock."


"I'm Sora. Sora Strife."

"You, you're Sora! Roxas' roommate! The one with the strange thoughts of lightning, fire and such!"

"I'm sorry, am I supposed to be familiar with who you are?"

"I'm Kairi. Kairi Hikari; Roxas' cousin."

"Really? It's amazing we've never met until now."

"I know. Incredible."

"You're my mystery tree writer too?"



"Y-You... have powers."


"Do you have a date for the Halloween Dance?"


"Really? Uh, that's great! Well, um, no, it isn't. I mean, not that its great that you don't have a date, because... uh, you should have a date. And, uh, you are really pretty and all- Gah, getting off track! Augh, anyway, um, back to the point. Since you don't have a date, could you possibly... comeandsupportmybandthatnight?"

"I'm sorry, Roxas. I didn't quite catch that."

"Could you please come and support my band playing that night?"

"Roxas, you silly! You didn't even have to ask! Of course I'll support you; I'll even scream like a wild fangirl."


Roxas. We need to talk. I think someone else on campus has special abilities.


"Have you ever tried morphing yourself?"


"What exactly is it you're doing?"

"Carving on a tree."

"I see that, but what for?"

"I don't know; maybe something mysterious will happen, just like in those movies."


"O-Oh. Uh, Sora, this is my old roommate, Axel Montgomery."

"A-X-E-L... g-got it memorized?"


"Yes, Roxas. I'm Kairi Hikari. Your average, ordinary student."


"S'cuse me, miss, but is anyone sitting there?"


"Thank you. I'm Roxas, by the way. Roxas Lenyx. And this is my cousin, Kairi Hikari."

"N-Namine. Namine Strife."


"Roxas. Please say something. It's been over a week. Please say something."

"I... you... how?"


"Th-There must be some mistake."

"We, at Twilight Academy, thought the same. No one has scored as high as you before throughout the history of our school, so we re-checked your test results five times on our scanner; there is no mistake, Sora Strife."

"And to congradulate both your high grades, we are offering you a scholarship to Twilight Academy. All your fees have been taken care of."



Memories of the past disappeared as well, leaving no trace of their existance or associations with anyone else.

"I'll see you in the next life," Were the final words he heard.

When Sora awoke, he had no idea where he was. The last thing he remembered was destroying a vile in a laboratory, as well as some computers with his sword. He knocked out two scientists, giving them concussions. But that wasn't where he was now. He groaned, and placed a hand over his aching head. He was on a comfy bed in a large modernized room, and judging by all the pictures and clothes, it was his. The walls were a dark, sleek wood whereas the hardwood floor was brighter. There was a walk-in closet on his right, an aquarium hooked onto the wall as well as a plasma screen on his left.

He sat up, taking a look around. He picked up a photo from his nightstand and looked at it awkwardly. It was a family picture; the father was tall and built with spiky brown hair, and the mother was beautiful and blonde. The children posed in the font- one was blonde like the mother, the other was a brunette like the father. All had striking blue eyes, which he could only see as his own.

This is my family? He questioned, getting off his bed. He looked at the mirror behind him, and touched his face. He looked no different from when he was sixteen, so he was still himself. He had no more abilities- he tried, but nothing was working. I guess its all gone...

A knock was hard from the door. It slid open and revealed a boy around his age with sunkist blonde hair. "Hey bro," He grinned, "Awake already?"

"Brother..." Sora whispered, "Roxas?"

"You okay, Sora?" Roxas placed a hand on his brother's forehead, "You look a little lost." Sora gently pushed his hand away, "I-I'm fine... uh, do you remember anything?" Now Roxas looked lost, "About what?" Sora twiddled his thumbs, "Do you know a girl named Namine?" He shrugged, "Never heard that name in my life. But it sounds pretty."

"What about Kairi?"


Sora sighed, "Am I the only one who remembers?" Makes sense. I controlled the time and light after all... Roxas placed a hand on his shoulder, "Let's get you something to eat. You look like you need some food." Sora nodded and let Roxas take point. He led him through the large modern house though he felt drowsy. There were more and more pictures of the family, and everyone looked very happy. "Mom!" Roxas called out, heading down the spiral staircase, "Sora's feeling weird."

"Oh!" A slender woman from the couch threw the newspaper aside and ran towards her child, "My poor baby! Are you okay?"

"U-Uh, fine, mom," Sora felt a little awkward saying that. This would take some getting used to. "You sure?" She asked with concern, "You look like you're about to cry." Sora placed a hand on his eye, and felt some water trickle down. His mother held him tighter, asking him what was wrong. Roxas joined in on the group hug, and soon enough, Sora began bawling. "Why?" He muffled onto their shirts.

"I hear crying," A masculine voice said. The front door opened, revealing Sora's father. He dropped his suitcase, "Sora, why are you crying? It's not like you! It was usually Roxas!" The blonde huffed playfully, "Hey! It's my sensetive side." Sora sniffled and didn't say a word. His father, who was only a head taller placed his firm hands on his shoulders, "Tell me what's bothering you. We can fix it."

Everything is already fixed. The pieces are where they're supposed to be... but why is my heart still scattered?


Two months later, it was time for school. Roxas and Sora were attending Twilight Academy; no entry test, no nothing. Apparently the twins were straight A students and made the honour role every year. Roxas was still the brilliant musician, and Sora was the amazing athlete. The Organization still existed and the twins were part of it. But on the plus side, no one was running around with supernatural abilities.

Sora had been acting a little on the depressed side lately; he couldn't find Kairi at all. His 'friends' (meaning the Organization) tried to help him, but they were of no use. He saw his old friends (meaning Tidus, Selphie, Wakka and everyone else) and sighed. He confronted them, but they had no idea who he was. They just knew him as the popular athletic boy; Sora Lenyx. He had asked them if they knew a girl named Kairi Hikari (pardon, Kairi Strife), and they said yes.

She attended the school along with her twin sister, Namine Strife. That brought his hopes up. He tried carving on a tree like they used to, and he got one reply. That one reply was done on Halloween, they day he had first met her. He spent almost the whole time that night placing his hand on the carved reply; it felt warm... almost as warm as the last time he held her hand. He heard footsteps behind him, and he was almost at a loss for breathing.

There she was, dressed in her adorable halloween costume. She cocked her head to the side, "Oh? Were you the one who wrote on the tree? I thought I would have a reply by now." She said playfully; oh, how he missed that sweet voice of hers. She squinted and walked closer to him, "Hey, do I know you? You look kinda familiar."

His heart sank; so she had no idea who he was. Their love really was non-existant. But he promised that he would find her again, and he did. So at least... that part was done. The memory was still in his heart, so it wasn't completely lost. The memory could be rebuilt. He held back his tears as he said wearily, "No, sorry. We haven't met before."

* The End *

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