She looked up in the sky wondering if the stars would show her where she needs to be. They disappointed her once again. She heard Toto whimper by her side. They were lost. She had never been lost before and had no intentions of starting now, especially when they weren't even in Kansas anymore. Getting lost in Kansas was easy, you just asked the next person that walked up to you for help. Here, there was no one to help. She was stranded who knows where.

The only way to get back was to follow the yellow brick road. Just like the munchkins had told her, but where to now. Now that there were two ways to go. She was lost in a land she knew nothing about.

"Hello, anyone here?" Dorothy called, hoping someone, anyone, would answer. No answer. Toto whined again, and then sat down in hopelessness. Dorothy knew that if Toto gave up then she might as well give up.

"No." She thought to herself, "I will not give up!"

She scooped her arms under Toto's body and lifted him up. She looked in her basket. Dorothy realized she had no food left and she wasn't smart enough to grab a compass before she left her home back in munchkin land.

"Maybe I should go back?" She wondered aloud, "Oh, but I have walked so far already and I'll never get back home for dinner this way."

That thought made her think of Auntie Em. The twister was probably over by now. They are probably all about looking for her. She could picture Auntie Em in her mind she started crying. The little drops of water trickling down her cheek. Then she saw crows swooping in. If there were crows, there was a farm, a farm means people. This was finally her way out. She ran toward the crows. They were to the left, but what if the left wasn't the way to the wizard? Then she heard a voice, "Go to the left." It shouted.

"What was that?" She asked Toto even though she knew he couldn't respond.

"Go to the right." A different voice shouted. "Left.", "Right.", Left.", "Right." The voices shouted back and forth.

"Which way do I go?" She asked the voices. "Who are you, show yourself."

Dorothy couldn't believe her eyes when two crows flew forward.

"You can talk?" She raised her eyes in disbelief.

"Of course lady where do you think you are. Of course we can talk." The first crow told her as if she were crazy.

"I think she's delirious." The second crow whispered to the first. She ignored the crow's smart remarks.

"Do you know how a girl could get to Emerald City?" Dorothy asked.

"Just follow the yellow brick road." The crows squawked and flew until the disappeared over the horizon.

"Now what do I do?" She asked the stars hoping they'll give her a way.

"I know which way to go." Dorothy turned around to find a scarecrow talking.

"You do?" She asked now used to animals and objects talking.

"Of course, I think." the scarecrow told her. Now Dorothy willing to do anything knew that it was better than nothing.

"I think you go straight." he told her. Dorothy smiled it had to be the way she started on her way so happy she could skip all the way there.

"Wait!" The scarecrow called. "Won't you take me with you?" Dorothy's smile faded. Having someone else come along would just make her lag behind. She sighed heavily; he did tell her the right way to go. She was being forced.

"But I have a witch mad at me and..." Dorothy tried to make an excuse.

"No problem, just help me down and well be on our way." the scarecrow told her. She finally agreed she had no choice, but to let him come along. She unhooked him from his post and they were on their way.