1- Sasuke

He lay there, cool and reflective. The canopy of trees lay outstretched before him, like a myriad of tantalising hands, begging him to go away with them, leave his shite life back with the mortals.

He sighed, his breath congealing on cruel air. It was pathetic to imagine himself escaping the bounds that had been set around him. It was his duty to live his life, to consume others, to gain power. Never to live for anyone but himself.

What a crappy nindo.


"Iiieeeeeee, Nata! You really, really , really shouldn't have!" Hanabi twirled round clutching the new necklace to her chest. "It's so cute, Thank you!"

Hinata smiled at Hanabi's antics. She smiled slowly, reminiscing the time when she had passed her genin exams. " Y-you deserve it,"

Nobody had said that to her when she had passed. "Ano, Hanabi… think of this as a g-going away present, I'm leaving on a three month mission… I'll bring you back a present, n-ne?" She didn't mention that her mission was highly dangerous and would likely end in her death.

She wanted to leave Hanabi with a happy memory, maybe only this one, of them being sisters, of them being special friends. Not the sad dark, (weird weird weird) girl, the older sister who'll be forgotten after her death. Maybe she was selfish and wanted someone to cry away from prying eyes for her.

Because she was going to die on this mission.

And if she failed and didn't she would take her life anyway.


His hair whipped into his aching eyes as he hurled himself from tree to tree. The rest of Team Taka trailed behind. Even Karin and Suigestu could sense the foul mood that he was in, and had halted their bickering, to instead flicker glances at one another.

Their careless glances burned into his back.


She walked away from the gate of her house. She moved slowly trough crowded streets and haunting alleys. She went past Sakura watering her balcony plants and Ino's shop. She went past Choji and Shikamaru having the early mealy deal at the Barbeque shop. Or rather, Choji eating and Shikamru sleeping. She ghosted past Kurenai cradling her large stomach.

Knowing she would never return, she allowed herself to look into Kurenai and saw the life beginning. It was no bigger than her hand, but it was a little baby. A Little baby girl with alien fingers floating and growing muscles to move.

Hinata smiled to herself knowing this little jellybean of a person would grow and be strong like her father, and beautiful, like her mother.

Then she moved. She could hear the usual howls and screams of the Inzuka household, and again she paused and smiled. She then moved onwards past Kakashi sensei's house, and faked a small wave to him, even though she couldn't see him or if he was even in. The thought counted.

She went past Shino's house, though she had never been invited over. A delicate feathered bug landed on her shoulder, and as gently as she could, blew over it and whispered "Say hi to Shino-kun for me" It flew off,wings buzzing in the air.

She came further away from center of Kohona and came to the more gentle woodland. She passed Lee training with Guy sensei, and with cheerful smiles full of youth, they told her where Neji was.


They were dead, Suigestu, Karin, Juugo.

You would never find those names on the memorial stones. The Sound, still reeling from Orocihimaru, wouldn't give a Damn. He had used them like tools, and led them into the fight, and they had been killed, for him, the ever idiotic Sasuke.

He had been the fool all along whilst he was trapped in the illusion of being important. He thought he had had a purpose, (Suicide service for his brother), thought Madara was right, he had to destroy Kohona. But he couldn't do that.

Because it would have ensured he was hunted down and killed. It would have ensured that no child ever roamed this earth with his eyes.

He had lost everything, but he still had so much to loose. He couldn't afford to be this stupid, selfish prick anymore.

And slowly he cried. His beautiful mother, his pessimistic father, Proud Itachi, even proud till the last. Madara, so traumatised from the world his insanity had consumed him. Juugo loosing contol and slowly loosing life as he surrendered power. Suigestu's illness, the tumours spreading through his body, the blood and phlegm he threw up night after night.

And then Karin, taking that blow he deserved to take, she loved him, and he had rejected her. And Sakura, Sakura, the cherry blossom of a girl too good for the world.

Naruto, smiling his fake grin. Tears fell from Sasuke's tired eyes, like shards of a broken façade.


She didn't sneak up on the couple. Neither was she expecting Neji on top on Ten-ten, her Chinese top riding up her torso as Neji groped her. It convinced Hinata that she couldn't leave anything more convincing, she left a note for the oblivious shinobi.

"Dear Neji,

I'm going out for a mission, don't worry Nii-san, I promise to look after myself. How could I fail with your tutelage anyway! I've brought a present for Hanabi, so I think she might bug you for a present to spoil her. DON'T. I know you can't hold your own against Hanabi, but you don't have to buy her anything! (Unless you actually want to :D )

When I get back from the mission, I really want to go to the new restaurant opening downtown. I know it's a while, but I think this mission is going to be a long one. I have that feeling again. So, do you want to come? (Lets face it you've now got three months to figure out a respectable apology to refuse XD)

Have fun with Ten-ten cousin dearest,

Hinata xxx

For a moment she wasn't going to die, and she was just writing a teasing note to Neji. Then it began to drizzle, and with a final careless glance to the apartment where, yes, Naruto would be sleeping.

But it wasn't a careless glance. It was a stare, and a stare that lasted for five minutes. A stare filled with longing as it began to drizzle. She took this opportunity to cry. Tears began to slip down her face. Her pupils diluted, and slowly the protective cornea of her eye's cell lining began to fall apart. Her tears filled with blood.

Suddenly you could see her crying tears of blood in the rain.


Had the urge to write with a much more detached style (why not?) Plus I had an urge for Sasuke SMEX, which has been happening allot today, as I procrastinate, and refuse my physics homework ( He sets us the questions... and nobody knows the answer) Plus Hinata is awesomeness, so yeah. Sasuhina time :P