They were out of Konoha. They were together. But they were further apart than they had ever been, even though her cold and shaking arms were around his head, and her tongue darted around his mouth, engaging her in a game of dominance.

They were naked, but there wasn't any intimacy. Just animalistic groans and moaning. His low grumbling sounds made from the back of his mouth competing with her high pitched yelps and moans.

His hands cupped her breasts, and she scratched his back, digging her sharpened nails into his back and slicing open hardened flesh. Their tongues dancing within the enclosed space between them.

"Sasuke," she moaned, her voice pitching up volumes, "I remember…"

He paused whilst she continued her assault "What?"

"I have three conditions you must keep Sasuke," her eyes twitching in devilish delight unheard of from the past Hyuga heiress.

"We must get properly married, I don't want to live this lie anymore,"

Sasuke smirked. "I think I can agree on that,"

"Secondly, Within reason, you must never lie to me again."

"That's possible,"

She smiled and kissed him, lovingly caressing his lips with her tongue. He pulled back, but kept his hands firmly placed on her naked hips.

"What's the third Hinata-chan?" Teasingly voicing out her name.

She fought the urge to blush, unable to control the instinct, she ducked her head, heavy with blood spiralling from her cheeks. "I get to name the first child,"

Her slightly rounded stomach brushed against Sasuke's toned abdominals.

"It'll be a tall, strong boy,"

"It'll be a petite, beautiful girl," softly contradicted Hinata.

They kissed again. Outside the snow typical of Snow country weather hammered down outside the log cabin they shared. Another building of Sasuke's design.

"What did you remember?"


Another silence ensued as they kissed fanatically.

"You chidori-ed me you bastard,"

"You attacked me first… why?"

"Ah, I think I wanted to die," Her voice smooth and contemplated.

"And… your eyes?"

She smiled a mysterious grin, secretive and mischievous. "I-I think I ought to keep my own secrets Sasuke-kun."


I thought It would be best to leave a little mystery over what actually caused Hinata's mutation. Feel free to speculate. A short and sweet ending :)