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Sonny's POV

I smiled at her watching her admire the sparkly, orange puffball dress in the mirror when Tawni spun round to look at me.

"You know, I don't give compliments to anyone but myself. But Sonny Munroe, you look stunning!" She then turned back to the mirror and continued to twirl about thinking she was a princess. I checked out my own dress in one of the other fitting room mirrors; Tawni was right, this dress is so beautiful, it's perfect! It was plain black, fitted on the chest down to my waist then puffed out slightly finishing just above my knees.

"I have some sparkly silver heels that would go great with the mask you saw earlier, you could borrow them if you'd like." Tawni offered whilst reapplying her lip-gloss.

"Thanks Tawni, that's so kind" I replied feeling genuinely surprised at her offer.

That is when her face turned to one of disgust. "Ew, first I'm complimenting you and now I'm being k-kind! What has the world come to?" She exclaimed throwing her arms in the air.

I laughed at her over-dramatic act. "Don't worry Tawni my goodness rubs off on people" I comforted her as she pouted. "How about I pay for this then we go to Starbucks?" Tawni had already paid for her dress; she found it in the first shop but wanted to try it on in all the others because she wanted to admire her prettiness.

"OK sure." She grinned turning to the fitting room as I did the same.


Peach flavored lip gloss lingered on my lips as I twirled in front of the mirror before putting on my mask. I think parties are so exciting, but this would be one to remember for sure.

When Marshall explained that we were throwing a party for another successful year at Condor Studios my whole cast was really excited. He said the theme was masquerade which would make things a lot more interesting because nobody knew who the other was. The only drawback was one person, the three named jerk throb, Chad Dylan Cooper.

I placed the sparkly elastic eye mask onto my head, grabbed my bag and headed for the door to meet my cast mates in the limo.

Chad's POV

It was finally time for the party, unlike all the other parties I was actually excited for this one, and the main reason being was because that one brunette would be there. Not that she was anything special, no; I just like to annoy her. Our Mackenzie Falls limo pulled up outside the club later than everybody else, I am the teen heartthrob on the number one teen show so I had to be fashionably late. I exited the limo with my cast mates and we all placed our masks on our faces before walking inside.

The party was full of teenagers dancing and drinking punch, non-alcoholic of course. I decided to get a drink and get away from my cast, mainly Portlyn, so I walked over to the refreshment table. As I did so some stupid person barged into my side causing me to almost fall over.

"Hey, watch where you're going." I almost yelled not paying attention to who it was that had fallen onto the floor beside me.

"S-sorry… I-I didn't s-see you'' The girl stuttered from the floor so I glanced down and held out a hand to her. She took it and I helped her up.

"Thanks." She said and poured herself some punch and began to walk towards the dance floor.

"You're not going to pour me some?" I called over the music which caused her to turn her head. "I mean it's the least you could do after almost knocking me out."

"Excuse me? I was the one who fell over! Who are you anyway?" She asked fully turned around now walking back towards me.

"Why would I tell you who I am, it's a masquerade, remember?" The girl started to become frustrated which amused me so I chuckled.

"Whatever." She stated turning on her heels looking for the exit, when she found it she strode out of the doors.

I stood there wondering where I had seen her before. The only person I pay any attention to is myself and Sonny Munroe, but it can't be Sonny, can it? Her hair was shiny, brunette and fell straight past her shoulders, she had big brown eyes behind the mask; there is only one person with eyes as deep as that.

I had no idea what I was doing but I ran after her. That's when I found her on the bench, shivering.

Sonny's POV

I shivered on a bench outside of the party; on the platform in front of me people were dancing to a slow song. The platform had fairy lights all across the roof and down the sides, the trees surrounding it had lights on too, the whole thing looked like a fairytale setting.

Who was I kidding? This party was just like all the others; full of ego maniacs who only think of themselves, there is no way I could have enjoyed this. I was about to take off my mask when I heard feet shuffling beside me.

I looked up to find the same blonde haired boy holding out his jacket for me.

"You looked cold." He said when I didn't reach for the jacket. The boy sat down beside me still holding it out. "Take it." It didn't seem that he would give up very easily and I was pretty cold so I took it and slipped my arms through.

"So now will you tell me who you are?" He asked softly smiling at me.

"Well who are you?" I asked not wanting him to run away at the mention of Sonny Munroe.

"I asked first." He smirked, reminding me of someone, but who?

"I'm not telling you who I am." I said continuing the argument; it felt natural to argue with him.

"Fine." He said, his bright blue eyes sparkling as he gave up and took my face in his hands. By this point my head was spinning, I didn't even know this guy and the butterflies were almost flying out of my stomach.

Our lips were almost touching; I could feel his cool breath on my face as I closed my eyes.

He then released my face and whispered, "Goodbye Sonny Munroe."

And he was gone. Just like that, and I didn't even get his name, but I did have his jacket…

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