The Merge

Sinrah: This is it. Our final story for Spyro.

Recap and Briefing

Ten years ago...

Bianca created a portal to another world. In this world, they met another Spyro. Gnasty Gnorc explored this world and was attacked. He stole Legendary Spyro's eggs. The eggs were retrieved and Gnasty was defeated. He made his peace and committed suicide.

Five years later...

Red and the Sorcerress attacked Avalar. Artisan Spyro and Elora shared their first kiss. Gnasty Gnorc returned and aided the gang. Legendary Spyro was almost killed by the Sorcerress, but he was saved by his son, Inferno, who is actually a fear dragon. Artisan Spyro and Elora admitted their love for eachother. Bianca turned Elora into a dragon. Red turned her back into a faun, causing her to beat him to a pulp. Red escaped and Elora was turned into a dragon again. She agreed to marry Artisan Spyro, and she gave him a hankerchief that is passed down from her family.

Five years later...

Now, Cynder and Legendary Spyro are twenty one years old (now they age normally). Inferno, Umbra, and Dizzy are ten (which is fifteen for dragons in their world). Flame, Ember, and Artisan Spyro are twenty three. And Elora is twenty seven.

L. Spyro and Cynder were resting in their cabin. Inferno, Umbra, and Dizzy were off hunting. There was a knock on the door. "I'll get it, Cynder." L. Spyro got up and answered the door. "Hey, you guys!" It was A. Spyro and Elora.

"Hey. We felt like dropping by," said A. Spyro.

"Wow. Your world looks really cool," said Elora. Her dragon form was beautiful. She had brown scales. Her wings, horns, and underbelly were light blue. She had no tail blade. Her belly was swolen due to being eleven months gravid.

"Wow, Elora!" said Cynder. "I guess it's almost time, right?"

"Yeah. We've already come up with a name. If it's a girl, Yashramid."

"If it's a boy, Tolfon," said A. Spyro.

"Great names!" said L. Spyro.

Dizzy had returned with a large sheep. "Hi, Elora! Hi, Artisan dad!" Despite being a teenager, Dizzy is still a lovable hyperactive dragon.

"Hi, Dizzy!" said Elora.

"Wow, Elora! The baby's almost here, huh?"

"That's right. Just one more month!"

They all talked for ten minutes and went inside.

"So, how are things in the Artisan world?" asked L. Spyro.

"Pretty good," said A. Spyro. He still wore the brown hankerchief around his neck.

"Avalar is slowly being rebuilt."

"But it's time to get down to business," said A. Spyro. He leaned in forward. "We found Red."

Sinrah: A lot of you are probably wondering why this will be our last story. Well, for starters, we've run out of ideas. We can't think of another plot for Spyro. Also, some of you know that my dream is to be a novelist. I only joined fanfiction to see if I would make it in the writing world, and now I know I will thanks to all your reviews. After this story, I'm off to pursue my dream!

Stephanie: I'm going to stay and write stories on DBZ and MGS.

Sinrah: I might return if trying to be a novelist doesn't work out.