Rated M

Pairing: NarutoXHinataXHakuXSasameXShion

Summary: Cold hard truth came out the night of forbidden scroll incident. Naruto learned more than he bargains for changing his views. With new powers he will do what ever it takes to reach the top. Dark and somewhat evil Naruto. Main pairing NarutoXHinata, NarutoXharem. Dracohalo117 challenge.


There he stood in the middle of the forest with shock written over his face. Tears ran down his face each time he continued to read the letter he found with the forbidden scroll. What hurt the blond child more was that letter came from his own father. He read it again wishing it wasn't real.

"To whom that may find this I have committed a great sin. I knew what my son Naruto was going to go through. Naruto if you are the one reading this letter, forgive me for you may not be seen as the hero I wanted you to be. I only hope that Kushina protect you for I cannot. Naruto you may never be able to forgive me for what I must have done. As Hokage it is my job and duty to protect my village and its peoples. A Hokage must always put his own personal needs before the village for it must come first and always first. Please try to understand that this was the only way, for now, to stop Uchiha Madara. He's the one that summoned Kyuubi, and everything I did he saw through it. However he didn't count on me sealing it in you. Beware of him for I fear he will one day come after you. Be strong my son and take care of your twin sister Kari and your mother.

Love your Father

Namikaze Minato

"All this time it was your fault. Every hateful glare I had to endure. Every beating and all of this loneliness was because of you sealing that thing in me. I hope you rot for all I care." He folds the letter up and places it away in his pants pocket. Naruto turned his attention to the forbidden scroll.

"Might as way help myself before Mizuki-sensei show up."


After learning that Mizuki had used him and hated him because of the Kyuubi, and then learning that Iruka cared about him, Naruto summoned a thousand shadow clones. He lay the smack down on Mizuki, and gave the traitor a beating he would never forget. After spending time with Iruka at the ramen shop, and after Iruka got heal up, Iruka gave him a leaf headband signaling that he was a genin now. Naruto wanted to be happy but found it very hard to be so. He found himself growing angry instead. Then an anbu showed up and told Naruto that he was summoned to the Council room by the Hokage and Council. Now he stands before them knowing all too well that these people resent him also. He didn't need this; he has too much on his plate to be playing games with these people.

"Uzumaki Naruto you're brought here today to explain your actions involving the forbidden scroll." So said the third Hokage.

Naruto stood there not saying a word. He was looking down so no can see his eyes as his bangs covered them. This behavior angered the council. In their eyes this was a sign of disrespect. The third Hokage knew what Naruto was going through for he had foreseen the entire fight. However, his job as a Hokage kept him from showing favoritism for any one ninja. With this in mind, Sarutobi sighed and called for order. One council member had had enough, and she stood up with her ninja dog by her side.

"Answer us now! You're in our presence!" yelled Tsume.

"Namikaze----Minato" Were the only words to exist his mouth. Everyone except for the third Hokage, were very confused by what he said.

"What does this have to do with Minato-san child?" asked Hiashi.

"HE RUINED MY LIFE! MY OWN FATHER CURSED ME TO A LIFE OF PAIN AND SUFFERING!" Naruto shouted out in a mixture of pain and rage.

The council exploded in an uproar, shouting for his head and calling him a liar. Naruto pulled out the letter and set it down on the table with force. Shikaku, head of the Nara clan, grabbed the letter and started to read it, blocking out the entire shouting until his eyes widen on what he reading.


The council immediately stooped arguing and gathered around, reading the letter. Their eyes grew wide when they finally comprehended what they're reading.

"Naruto please you must understand…."said the third only to be cut off by the boy.

"What's there to understand other that he knew I would live a messed up life of hate. Wow he was truly a hero and genius." He said as he spat on the floor like there was acid in his mouth.

"Your father did what was best for the village." The third tried to explain.

"Did he do what was best for me? By making me the village scapegoat? That man lost the right to call himself my father. I denounce him as my father and I don't want anything to do with him. But I want to know where my sister is and the one called Kushina which I assume is my mother." Naruto said.

"Kushina? As in the "Red Death" Uzumaki Kushina?" asked Choza in surprise.

"My god how did we not see it? Her name is Uzumaki how did we missed that?" He added.

"Well old man?" Naruto asked, ignoring the council's mutterings.

"Naruto please it's best not to ask that. This is something you do not want to know, trust me." Said the third.

"Why won't you tell me?"

"I can't, it's for your own protection."

"I see now. Let me guess, my family hates me as if I am the demon itself. Well that's just preachy." Said Naruto.

The third didn't answer, instead he looked away. Naruto didn't like how the old man looked away for he got the answer he needed now. One councilman who is in shock decided to voice his fears.

"My god the village's first betrayer still alive? How can Uchiha Madara still be alive?! The first hokage killed him at the valley of the end."

"Or maybe not, it's possible he found a way to live longer. One thing is for sure, we now have to assume that the rumor of the Uchiha controlling the Kyuubi with their eyes is true. Maybe this will explain why Itachi did what he did." Another member of the council said in a grim tone.

"It's troublesome to think about it but you may be right." Shikaku added.

Hiashi looked towards Naruto with sadness. This is what it must feel like for a child to resent their relative. He thought of Neji and how he changed for the worse. Then he thought of his two daughters and how they must fell towards him considering the way he treated them. However, his thoughts fell on his long time friend Minato with the greatest shame. It pained him to witness the son of his best friend hate his own father.

'Perhaps this is their punishment for not treating Naruto the way he should have been treated. As a hero.' His thoughts ended when he heard Tsume make the biggest mistake to come out her mouth.

"So when will Naruto, son of Minato, be placed under the Clan Restoration Act?"

"GRRR, did no one listen to a fucking word I said! I denounced that man and there will not be another Namikaze. In fact no more Uzumaki! I'm just Naruto until I get a better name." Naruto snarled in rage.

"But he is your father! He saved this village many times. He is an honorable man full of wis…"

"HE IS NOT HONORABLE YOU STINKING MUTT FACED BITCH!" His eyes turned to crimson red with slits for pupils. He releases enough killing intent to alarm the Anbu. They stood ready, surrounding the blond waiting for the first move.

"Naruto calm down this is not the way to handle things." Sarutobi said.

Naruto listened to the old man and once his eyes went back to normal, the anbu's vanished back from which they came.

"Naruto if this is path you decided to take then it's your own choice although I don't wish it." Sarutobi said in a sad tone.

"But lord Hokage." Whined Tsume.

"Let it be for now. Naruto you may go but we will finish this at a later time."

"Old man it's already finished, dead, buried and gone. For the record I was tricked into stealing the Forbidden scroll by Mizuki-teme." He walked out very upset while rubbing his eyes.

After he left Hiashi asked the question that was bugging everyone's mind.

"Were the Uchiha clan in on it? Were they apart of Madara's plans? Is that why they were slaughtered?" Someone asked.

"I don't know if they were or not. However, I do know that they were planning a coup against me to overtake the village. The massacre was the only way to keep a civil war from happening. I tried talking with them through a peaceful channel but that backfired. Itachi agreed to this only for his brother to live and one day bring honor to Uchiha name. His only wish was for Sasuke to never learn the truth. For if he learns what really happen he will walk down the same path as Orochimaru himself." The Third explained.

Everyone got quiet from what they heard until Shikaku decided to break the silence.

"So I'm guessing Itachi is a spy working for us?"

"He is but I cannot go into further detail on what he's doing. For that matter Sasuke must not know the truth until he shows signs of being stable."

"But lord Hokage…"said Inoichi who was shoved in his side by choza.

"No Inoichi don't you get it? If the people of this village learned about the truth of why the Kyuubi showed up, well I feel that this village will have a war with itself that will never stop." Whispered Choza in which both of them looked towards Shikaku whom in return noded back to them.

"One must think of Naruto." Said Gen which got the room to be quiet once again, allowing each individual to fallow in their own guilt trip. The one who felt the guiltiest was the third, wishing he could found a way to prevent the growing hatred the boy had against his own father.

"I failed him and his father. I don't know what's worse, Minato rolling in his grave on how the village and his loved ones treated his son or the hate that Naruto must have against his father."

"Lord Hokage, Did Kushina abandon Naruto?" asked Tsume.

"What I'm going to say is a triple S secret. Kushina did more than abandon Naruto she tried to kill him." Sarutobi said with a sigh.

"What?!" Both Choza and Inoichi shouted at the same time jumping out their seats in disbeliefs.

"I try many times to tell her that Naruto was her son, but she was in too much pain to see the truth. She requested to get away from the village for awhile which I allowed but not without sending a few Anbu with her. She took Kari, Naruto twin sister with her. They will be returning before the Chunin exam. During that time I will see if Kushina changed, but for now Naruto mustn't know she is returning. He forgot about her at a young age due to the abuse she gave him back then. No, more like he blocked it out not wanting to remember." Sarutobi said with a sad look on his face.

"It's so hard to see that happen with Naruto. Minato was my best friend and if I knew about Naruto being his son earlier the Hyuuga clan would have taken him in. Isn't there anything we can do?" asked Hiashi.

"At the moment nothing can be done but even if he doesn't want to accept Minato as his father, Naruto is of Noble blood. He will be placed with the CRA to bring back the Namikaze clan. Right now give him his space for we will have a bigger problem if he decided to unleash the Kyuubi's power any more than he already has. This meeting is over; we will discuss more on this at a later time."

Each of them began to leave, some thinking of making plans for the blond as he would soon be in the CRA law. Only the Hokage stood behind, his eyes glued on the picture of the Fourth Hokage.


Since he left the council and went back home, Naruto had been trashing his place, trying to take his anger out on something. He hit the walls, broke windows, threw chairs around, and tore up the wallpaper. None help to cool his head until he thought of one thing "ramen". He decided to pay another visit to Ichiraku noodle shop, this time alone. He walked out the home not caring if he forgot to close his door.


Naruto whom had five ramen was still angry but now was cooling down due to being around his favorite people. Only Ayame was running the shop now as her father caught a cold and went home early. She looked at Naruto with sadness knowing something was wrong. Naruto, deep in thought, pondered on what he wanted to do. Some part of him said he should leave this land but he decided against that for he was a ninja now and he knew that if he left he would be marked as a nuke Nin. No he now know he will continue his dream of becoming Hokage except he will show some of these fools what a real demon looked like. His thoughts came to an end when Ayame handed him a gift wrapped present. Naruto took it but was hesitant to open it. Instead he stared at it.

"Go on Naruto-kun open it up."

To Naruto, besides getting the headband, this was the first time he got a real gift from somebody that wasn't the old man. Nervous at first he began to open it slowly. It turned out it was ninja gear but in black. He saw it was a black ninja tunic shirt with light orange gauntlet gloves that act like sleeves. It also came with black shinobi pants and black shinobi sandals boots. And last it came with an orange scarf long enough that it could be a ponytail.

"Thank you Ayame-chan."

"Oh I can't take all the credit. The scarf is from me but everything else came from a girl. I believe that she goes to school with you." She smiled knowing about Hinata's crush on him.

"A girl I go to the academy with? Can't be Sakura or Ino. I don't think I know who it is." He said with a contemplative look on his face.

Ayame sighed at this but what she could she expect. He never learned about love or crushes. She made a mental note to help her little brother out.

"Don't worry Naruto you'll find out one day but do wear the outfit, trust me it's no trick."

"Hmm ok I won't neglect this gift."

"That's my Naruto. So you want another one on the house?" she asked only to see him smile and shake his head happily.


'Oh Naruto-kun I hope this gift will cheer you. You seemed so mad earlier since I saw you with Iruka-sensei. I'm so happy you became a genin after all. I must go before Father begins to worry where I am. Hang in there Naruto-kun.'


After having another bowl of ramen he bid his farewell and thanks to Ayame. On his way back home his eyes begin to string. He kept trying to rub his eyes with his free hand while carrying his gift in a bag in the other hand. It didn't work and to make matters worse he sensed trouble.

"Hey look the demon's having eyes problems."

Naruto barely saw the crowd as it was about twenty of them mixed with men and women. But he did notice they were carrying weapons of knives and pitchforks.

"Look ass clowns I'm in a bad fucking mood so leave me alone." He said rubbing his eyes like crazy now. This made the villagers angrier.

"Monster you killed our loved ones."

"My husband and son is gone cause of you!"

"You hell spawn!"

"Demon child!"

These poor foolish souls drove only on hate and sorrow for their loved ones. Tonight they had bitten off more than they caould chew. Naruto opened his eyes. The color no longer blue but now golden which look like the pits of hell. What scared them most was looking at him in the eyes as all that was felt was madness and their screams soon pierced the night.


"Neko what do you think happened here?" asked an anbu wearing a fish mask. He noticed the dead bodies, some without their heads attached.

"It looks like a suicide murder." Said the female anbu wearing a cat mask, her purple hair blowing the wind.

"Someone was here but I can't tell due to the fresh blood covering this person's scent. I think it's a male." Said another female anbu wearing a wolf mask.

"Wolf find out what you can then inform lord Hokage on what has happen. Fish help me clean up this mess. "

"Yes ma'am." Both of them replied.


Inside the bathroom Naruto stared at the mirror, a smile creeping on his face. He doidn't care he killed civilians tonight. No what was more rewarding was finding out he have a bloodline ability. He stared beautifully at his golden eyes.

"With this power I will become Hokage and show the land of fire my might. I think I'll call these eyes the Kyougan."


KYOUGAN: Madness eyes

AN: The idea of Naruto's eyes I got from Basilisk. A Kouga ninja name Gennosuke has it. It's a hypnosis technique which can reverse the homicidal intent of anyone who meets his stare causing any to kill themselves instead of him. I'm changing it up a little by having it act like tsukuyomi meaning enemies can't get out of it so easy unless they closed their eyes. Another ability it will have is the ability to see someone's regrets or sins.

Naruto will have children later on with the women I pair him with. However not all of his children will get the eyes. See what I have planned is that if he and Hinata have a daughter the child will get the same bloodline abilities that Oboro from the Iga ninja(Basilisk) had which is to neutralize other abilities causing strong head pain. In this story it will be the same except it will effect bloodline, chakra and forbidden arts but that's way later in the story probably around after Naruto his forces destroy Akatsuki. Haku and Naruto children will have her abilities if it's a girl or Naruto abilities if it's a boy, same goes for Shion and Sasame. All his children will have huge amount of chakra and his healing factor. Naruto will be part of the CRA law but he won't do it in the Namikaze name or Uzumaki name you find out later what will happen. Sasame will appear much sooner than she did in the filler shows.