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Summary: Cold hard truth came out the night of forbidden scroll incident. Naruto learned more than he bargains for changing his views. With new powers he will do whatever it takes to reach the top. Dark and somewhat evil Naruto. Main pairing NarutoXHinata, NarutoXharem. Dracohalo117 challenge.

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Chapter 21

A week went by and we find Kurenai heading toward the Hyuuga's clan manor. She choses to speak with her student, the new clan-head, Hyuuga Hinata, betroth of Hakkyou Naruto, formerly of Uzumaki and Namikaze's clan. Hinata wishes to bury any problem between herself, Naruto, and Kurenai. Kurenai is unsure of this because of Naruto, she sees Naruto as the reason for the change involving Hinata. At first she thought it was a bad influence on her student, but considering who her father is she thought he would have a good impression on her life in gaining courage and breaking her out of her shy shell. And it did happen to a certain extent, but Naruto started showing his true face and she began to worries for her student, and was afraid that he would corrupt her. Her father felt the same way and wanted to get Hinata away from Naruto, although originally he wanted her to get in a relationship with him, she believes it is because he wanted the fame, power, and jutsu from Naruto's clans. However that did not go well and forced Hinata to run away from her home and into Naruto's arms and to make matter worse her late father even tried blackmailing her into trying to convince Hinata to return home. Apart of her didn't want her back with her family because of the mistreatment she went through with them, but the one half of her was worry about her relationship with a man she thought was her one and only. But that man broke her heart and in the end her attempt forced Hinata away from her and into Anko, her best friend, guidance. Although she was angry with Anko for teaching and training Hinata, she could not deny the result that Anko has shown what Hinata is capable of, and the proof came out in the chunin exams and invasion, and now recently the overthrowing of the Hyuuga's clan, which she heard from a couple of jonins. Now she is in front of the Hyuuga's manor to see her student and the boy who change her for good or worse.

"Good Afternoon, Kurenai-san, I'm here to escort you to the clan head's meeting room. Please follow me". Neji said to her.

Kurenai nodded her head in response and allowed him to escort her to the chamber. Kurenai took in the surroundings and notices that there are lots branch members. She would have question Neji about the rest of the main branch but held her tongue when they got to the chamber. She walks inside follow by Neji, who stood guard in front of the door. Kurenai eyes met Hinata lavender eyes, and by the heiress right and left side are two members of the branch family and Hanabi sat by her left side. Both of them in their traditional kimono, with Hinata holding a small fan with the Hyuuga's clan symbol on it. Hinata motion for her sensei to sit down in front of her.

"Kurenai-sensei, Naruto is running a little late and said he was overdoing it with the training and will be here in a few, until then we could catch up with each other over some tea". Hinata said.

"Y-Yes I would like that". She said while trying to get over the shock that this is the very same small girl she knew, and is now clan-head of the Hyuugas.


Danzo knew everything he planned was at it end, he did not want to admit it but the boy he saw as a weapon is a formidable opponent. He grinds his teeth in irritation because the boy reminded him he is not to be underestimating in anyway. He never thought that his so called weapon would be able to get nearly all of his Ne ninjas on his side, and to make matter worse ninjas from the Land of Wood, known as 'The Prajñā Group' is among Naruto's rebellion army. And right now, he and his two loyalists, Torune and Fu, and a few other loyalists are trying to escape from there hidden base, but each exit is flooded by Naruto's loyalists. Danzo thoughts back on how the hell all of this could happen; it was a simple mission, just go to the 'Land of Wood' and terminate 'The Prajñā Group'; It appears that Naruto and few others did just that until the blond child gave off a wicked laugh and stated they had a change of heart and decided to give those rogue ninjas what they wanted…and that was his head. Danzo called for his Ne but none but the few that are loyal stood by his side, while the rest stood by Naruto and 'The Prajñā Group' side. He tried activating the seal on the root ninjas that were against him but nothing happen until Naruto told him that he is getting good at seals that he can break nearly any seals, and that include the cage-bird seal and Danzo's own seal that he had planted on his Ne, only Torune and Fu has their seals, and now they're being enclosed by their enemies, and Naruto appears from the side clapping his hands.

"Old man it was a fun game of cat and mouse, but this game is at it end, and so is your life", Naruto said.

"After everything I have done for you, this is how you repay me? Do you think a mere boy with a kekkei genkei and a demon sealed inside of him can stop me and my ambition? Much to learn, boy". He said while revealing the sharingan in his right eye and his newly right arm with sharingan eyes implanted in his arm, but what made it weird is the face of the first Hokage on his right shoulder.

"So you finally reveal the eye of Uchiha Shisui and the rest of the fallen Uchiha's clan eyes that I heard so much about. And I'm guessing that you wanted to use the eyes and the first Hokage's DNA to control the Kyubi, such a brilliant idea but it too was flawed". Naruto said.

Danzo said nothing, but on the inside he is thinking to himself around the line of 'how could he figure that out and what else he knows'. Naruto picked up his silences as somewhere down the line of that thinking and decided to continue. "It won't work on me unless I use the Kyubi's chakra, and neither will Shisui's eye, because my Kyougan would see it as a threat, fighting against it. And that is the problem with you, Danzo, you always think you need to be in control. You remind me of a man I saw in my visions thank to my Kyougan, a man named Yakushiji Tenzen. To be honest I passed it off as dreams and nightmare but then I quickly realize that wasn't the case, it was history of the old world, and Yakushiji Tenzen, the self-proclaim 'Immortal Ninja' wanted control over the Iga's clan. But there was a problem, the true leader known as Iga Oboro stood in his way and was destined to marry Kouga Gennosuke of their hatred rival, the Kouga's clan. Tenzen was just like you, so greedy and power-hungry and would do anything to get what he thinks is his, even if it meant he can control of all of Iga. Thankfully by the two couples, he was defeated and finally killed, killed by Oboro who eyes can negate any special abilities or bloodline…and that include immortality. Danzo…I gave you a history lessons just so you can know this one thing…Kouga Gennosuke had the kekkei genkai as myself!"

Danzo eyes widen behind that but before he could respond back, the army started attacking them again. His loyalists except for Torune and Fu were being quickly killed off. Some of them being stab to death while others are being killed by fire jutsu. It wasn't long before the army is upon him, and with quick-thinking he started spinning and chanting, "Ninja arts: Vacuums Wave!" his spinning and heavy breathing created a small whirlwind that pushed most of his attackers into the air, but Danzo wasn't done yet, "Ninja arts: Vacuums Serial Waves!" Visible wind blades shoot out of his mouth and cut through the ninjas trapped in the whirlwind, blood and bodies parts are hitting the floor and other ninjas. Once he stopped Naruto is upon him with a Katana, Danzo quickly pulled out a tanto and started blocking each strike, Danzo has to close his normal eye because Naruto already has the Kyougan activated.

"Give up old man, your time in control has been long overdue, for now on it's us young people that decide the fate of Konoha, I will lead this village to greatness not you!" He said while carefully trying to break his guard using a katana he is holding.

"Never! I'll never let Konoha be ruled by you! It is my destiny to rule this village and soon this land!" He shouts back in anger while carefully blocking each strike.

Naruto jumped back and threw the Katana straight at Danzo's head. The sword got deflected the moment it got in range of his head, "You getting untidy boy…." He stopped his sentence when he saw Naruto threw a three triangle-bladed kunai around him and the fourth kunai is in his right hand. In less than a second Naruto appears as a yellow flash right behind Danzo and before Danzo knew what was going on, Naruto carefully grabbed Danzo by the collar of his shirt with his left hand and slit Danzo's throat with his right, and then let him go. Danzo fell to the floor with blood gushing out of his neck, while Naruto looks in a certain direction the blood and body of Danzo start to vanish. Naruto eyes met with Danzo's Sharingan eye.

"Well, well, well, you finally grace us with that technique… Izanagi if I remember it was called, a genjutsu that is cast on the user instead of others and is the most powerful amongst this type of genjutsu. When activated, the caster removes the boundaries between reality and illusion within their personal space. To a degree this allows the user to control their state of existence. This technique is capable of turning injuries and even death inflicted upon the user into mere illusions. Whenever the user receives a fatal injury, he or she automatically fades away as though they were an illusion all along and then returns back to reality; physically real and unscathed. The technique is rumor to be based on an ability the Sage of the Six Paths had, the Creation of All Things, this is what you told Sai because you trust him and Sai told me because he hate you for what you done to his brother, Shin. Oh, speaking of Sai…." He smiled as the wall behind Danzo came to life made out of ink in the form of a lion. The lion ripped Danzo's head off with its sharp ink teeth, Sai appears by Naruto side "That is for Shin, killed for your foolish ideas".

Danzo reappears again, two eyes on his arms already closed. "Ninjas arts: Vacuums Serial waves", the attack was meant for Sai but instead his own body used the attack on his self. Danzo cough up blood, Ack…but how? I did not look you in the eyes…aahh".

"You assume that I need to catch people with an eye to eye contact in order for that to work, you assume wrong. Unlike Gennosuke I learnt how to develop two jutsu revolving around my Kyougan. That technique you are under is known as Kyougan Shearing Claws, the moment I use Minato's flying thunder god jutsu to get behind you was all I need to grab you with my shearing claws. But that is not all I had done…." Danzo died and fade away only to reappear, and found Naruto right behind him with a kunai piercing through the back of his head. Danzo reappears again and found Naruto in front of him again with a rasengan being plant across his chests; the impact ripped through Danzo's flesh and destroyed his heart, the impact of the attack send Danzo's swirling into a wall before he disappears once again. When he appears again Naruto would not attack him; "You tagged me with your father's seal, didn't you? You knew his jutsu all along and kept this from me!" Naruto answers that by showing his left hand with the seal symbol for the 'Flying Thunder God Jutsu', and just then one of the Prajñā ninja sneaks up on Danzo and stab him in the heart with a katana. Three more eyes closed before Danzo reappear again, except now he sees Naruto summoning Samehada from a scroll. You have Kisame's sword? Damn you brat…AAAAAAHHHH!" he screamed out in pain while clutching his right shoulder in pain.

"It seems that the First Hokage's DNA is turning against you, such a shame you do not have what it takes to control his genes. Let wrap this up because I promise my girl that I would meet with her and Kurenai today, this fight was fun but it is time we put an end to our little waltz. Men I'm going in for the kill stand by my side and I promise you no jutsu can hurt you because of my Kekkei genkai, Shino, and sound three let begin!" Danzo eyes widen and glared across his right to see Shino and the three sound genin readying for their attack, Zaku already aiming his hands at Danzo.


Tenten is walking home carrying a bunch of tools with her to make some more ninja weapons until a person voice caught her attention. "Well if it isn't the little panda girl, what you doing?" Anko said in a sweet innocent voice, while Tenten grew a tick mark on her forehead.

"Not funny calling me that, and just for that I ain't telling you now".

"Aww, don't be mean I was just playing with you, fine since you won't tell me I will just follow you until I see what you up to". She said acting like a child while walking next to her.

"Sigh…fine, but act your own age, you are an adult not a small child!" Tenten said not amused.

"Well you are no fun, party-pooper no cake for you (I don't own Batman under the red hood). But seriously what crawl up your asshole, or was it Naruto that crawl up there already and it was too rough for you?" That last part got Tenten blushing red across her whole face. "Oh shut up! And I will have you know that nothing or Naruto-kun has crawled up my butt!"

"Ooohh, such fire, well excuse me for pushing your buttons the wrong way". Anko said acting all self-protective.

"Besides bugging me today, what do you want from me?" Tenten asked while trying to calm down.

"Oh yeah I nearly forgot, it seems the Namikaze princess is with Jiraiya, getting stronger, in search for get this…Tsunade. Rumors has it that Tsunade will become the Godaime Hokage, and may take that girl under her wing because she is that girl godmother just like Jiraiya is too both her and Naruto-kun". She said whispering in her ears. Tenten stopped moving and turned her head slowly, her face seething with rage.

"You're lying! She can't…Lady Tsunade wouldn't…It just not fair, why her!"

"Because Tsunade is half Uzumaki and half Senju, so she is honor-bound to that clan". Anko explained.

"I don't understand how she is half Uzumaki?" Anko ushered for Tenten to follow her in the alleyway, she looks around and try to sense if they is being watch by anyone and found they are not.

"Listen what I'm about to tell you stay between me and you, this is a triple s-rank info that can get us both killed, and it involved the Uzumaki's clan and Naruto". She said gaining her full attention the moment she mentions Naruto's name. "The Uzumaki's clan and the Senju's clan is distance cousins that lead back to this legendary sage, they are also connected with the Uchiha's clan. In order for them to bring peace to these lands, the heir of the Senju, the First Hokage met with the clan-head of the Uzumaki, they arranged a marriage between both heir of their respected clan, and ever-lasting friendship between each other. The First married Uzumaki Mito, who became the first jinchūriki of the Kyubi after Madara's defeat. The reason she was chosen is because of the special genes that the Uzumaki's clan carried, they can house demon inside of them with no problem and because of these same genes they can live a lot longer than most people can. However this gained attention from Iwagakure because they fear that clan so much that they put an end to all Uzumaki except for some that have been chosen to be the next host of the Kyubi since the 80 years defeat of Madara. That person that was chosen was Uzumaki Kushina, but the Mito died before they could make the transfer and when a host died with a demon still inside of them, the demon is reborn a couple of years later. And that is what exactly happen on Naruto's birth, and well I don't have to tell you all the detail of what happen, we all learnt that when Minato appears again in the chunin exams and told us the stone truth; you are probably wondering what does all this mean, so I will break it down to you, Uzumaki Mito is Tsunade grandmother by blood, the pact between the Senju and Uzumaki's clan still exist to this day, and whether you want to believe it or not that little princess, Kari will be getting special treatment that us Kunochi would love to have but like I said Tsunade is honor bound to the Uzumaki and plus she is Kari and Naruto godmother, so it doesn't take a genius to figure out that she going to take Kari as her next student—"

"No, you are lying! Lady Tsunade…wouldn't do that…she mustn't…I worked so hard to be…accepted". She said trying to convince herself but failing.

"Why would I lied, hey it is up to you if you want to believe this or not, but when it happen don't be surprise when I told you so. And remember that what was said between us, don't bring it back up because it will causes problems for both of us and neither one of us have time to live our life on the run for treason". She said to her. Tenten did not responds to that except she grabs her things and walks off, once Tenten was gone the woman known as Anko dropped the henge and revealed herself to be no one other than Tayuya. "Such a shame she never asked me how I know so much about the Uzumaki, I mean that information is only known to old generations of this village, enemies such as Onoki, and other Uzumaki. Oh well I guess the bitch doesn't need to know that Kushina isn't the last Uzumaki in the world, only Orochimaru and shithead know the truth". Once she finished, another appear before her, this person turned out to reveal herself as Haku.

"So I take it your bitch ass failed". Tayuya bluntly said to her.

"Such a vulgar tongue, and for the record I did not failed. Everything went according to the plan. The real Anko knew the truth about Danzo and his involvement with Orochimaru, she went to the location of the attacked base that Naruto had raided, by now she should be there already seeking vengeance". She said.

"Well then I guess we are fucking done here, and I don't know about you but I'm hitting the hot spring before heading back to the hideout". Tayuya said while walking away not waiting for her reply.

"…Lord Zabuza gives me the strength I need to deal with the like of her". She said while looking up in the sky.


Danzo is now lying on the floor on his chest, blooding leaking out on most of his wounds inflicted across his body. His throat sport a bite mark that resembled a snake, his eyes staring straight at Naruto with hatred in his eyes, the look he gave scream of rage but he could not voice it because of the poison in his blood stream. But it wasn't his only problem; his biggest problem is the one who responsible for the poison, Anko. Apparently Naruto had planned for Anko to learn the truth about Danzo involvement with Orochimaru, and the result led to a pissed off Anko.

"You fucking sick old fuck, you have betray this village for the last time, and all this time you have been working for Orochimaru and for what? Control over this village as the new the Hokage? You're too dangerous to be allowed a chance at a trial; you even have the sharingan in your eye and what used to be your arm!" She stomped him a few time, while in the background stood a damage tree that used to be his arm.

"That not all he has done, he is also responsible for the death of the Uchiha's clan". Naruto informed Anko.

"What?" Anko replied.

"In his private quarter is a file on the Uchiha's clan's plans for a coup against Konoha, so he, Hiruzen, and his two advisors has approach Itachi because they knew he would of do anything for peace, Itachi became a double agent against his own clan to keep tab on them, until they decided they could not take any more disrespect they been receiving from Konoha". Naruto informed her.

"Disrespect?" Anko asked him.

"Apparently Konoha has been mistreating the Uchiha's clan since Madara's betrayal, well the older generations of Hiruzen time have, so it make sense that next generations never knew about it because it would have cause more drama. As I was saying, Danzo and the others believe that they were in on the Kyubi's incident just like Minato was, but they could not place the blame on their Fourth Hokage because that piece of information would have destroyed everything Konoha believes in—"

She cut him off, "So they place the blame on the Uchiha's clan instead, because in the history book it stated that Madara can summon the Kyubi".

"Exactly Anko-chan" He smiled knowing his lies are having an effect on her.

"All this time I thought this village and the Third Hokage is innocent, well except for those who shunned me for being Orochimaru's pupil, but I never knew that the kind old Hokage would be so deceitful to allow Itachi to murdered his own family all for Konoha sake, couldn't they have try a peaceful tactic". She asked him.

"Nope that was the only option for them, and the Uchiha's clan was beyond reasonable to listen to any deals Konoha had to offer, but Itachi did killed his family members, but he left his little brother alive and threaten if Sasuke is harmed in any way, then the world will know the truth about the death of the Uchiha's clan, and at that time it would cause a civil war" Naruto explained.

"Ok, so all this time you pretend to be with Danzo just so you can reveal that information and expose him for the sick fuck he is. But what about them, why is those sound ninjas here along with those unknown ninjas?" She asked him.

"Kin, Dosu, and Zaku have betrayed Orochimaru and join forces with Konoha or more accurately I will say they joined with me. Those group of ninjas over there are from the Land of Wood and they're known as The Prajñā ninjas, they used to had a hidden village but Danzo had that village destroyed for their resources, since then they vowed revenge against Danzo, and Danzo send me along with a few other former Ne to finished them off, but I decided that Danzo needed to be punish for the crime he had done". Danzo spit up blood as a sign of hatred and protest.

"But now the question remains; what will happen now that he no longer a threat?" Sai asked Naruto.

Naruto looked at everyone present and then look toward Shino, who nodded his approval. "Danzo had the right idea in creating this group but he went the wrong way about this, he tried to further his evil ambition for power and control because he felt he had been cheated out of it his whole life. What I see is corruption in Konoha that run too deep and from what I could tell the clan heads are in on it and they will keep the corruption going at all cost. Our job is to extinguish these threats before Konoha is lost, and we need to start with the truth about the Uchiha's clan, and before anyone asks, will this cause a civil war to break out, I say yes and no. Some people will think that Konoha is not safe while other will question how their forefathers kept quiet about this, while others will make sure that it won't happen like that. Once that happen, other clans or councilmen that were hiding something will be forced to protect what they're hiding quickly and that will be their problem, they will get untidy and that is when we catch them, but also our current job will be to rebuild and recruit more people to our cause".

"The Prajñā ninjas will be happy to help your newfound group, you helped us took down that monster and it is only fair we return the favor, and right now we don't have a home to go back to anyway".

"But how are we going to recruit more people, are we going to do the same thing as Danzo has done with children with no family?" Terra asked Naruto.

"After finding out all of this, I'll be happy to help you also Naruto-kun" Anko said as she watches Danzo died behind the poison.

"What about the name of this group, are we still going by the same name?" Sai asked him.

Naruto closed his eyes and then opened them with a smile across his face, "No we will not force children into this group, those who failed the genin test will be approached by our agents and if they accepted they will be trained, and as for the name… right now we are known as the 'Kouga Faction'. And our first order of business is to dispose of that trash right there".

"And what about my family member and the Yamanaka?" Shino asked.

Naruto walks up to the bound and gag prisoners, "I would ask for you two to join me but I can tell that won't happen because you are too attach to Danzo and his ideas, so I let you decide your family member fate, but as for the Yamanaka, put him in the holding cell and make sure the chakra suppression seal is on him, right now I have a meeting with Hinata over Kurenai".

"Great what does the backstabber want know?" Anko said with an attitude.

"Anko-chan…it wasn't Kurenai fault, she was being blackmail by Hiashi, and he was planning to brand Hinata against her will I believe—"

Anko cut him off, "So that is why she planned a coup against her father and free the branch family, to put an end against the main family slavery among them, I didn't think she was strong and bold".

"Well she had you to thank for that, you made her the person she is today and for that I am proud of you my dear sweet Anko-chan". He said to her while planting a kiss on her lips, which she returned. Anko grinned, "That will have to wait naughty boy, don't keep the princess and her waiting. But if Kurenai gets out of hand, let me know and I set her straight".

"You be the first to know…oh one more thing before I forget, do not tell your genin team about what happen today, it is not like I don't trust them but one can never be too careful". He said while walking away. "Don't worry my lips are sealed".


"Wow, so the dress you wanted to get has been sold out for two weeks straight". Hinata amusedly stated.

"Pretty much, except I wish I knew who the ones that keep buying the dress, I have watched and observe every females in this village and not one of them shown sign of having that dress. My guess is that someone outside this village has brought it, but I'm unsure at the moment". Kurenai said in disbelief.

"Well it could be Ino, she is always into the latest fashions, and you know how much of a shopaholic she can be at time". Hinata explain to her sensei.

"I thought so also, but I heard her complaining to Sakura that she lucks out on getting that dress, so it wasn't her". Kurenai informed Hinata.

"Should I be here to hear this, sister?" Hanabi asked her sister.

"All part of growing up into a beautiful woman, just like our mother was". Hinata explains to her sister.

"I have to agree with Hinata-hime, I have seen a picture of your mother when you were just a baby, your mother was quite a looker, and Hinata-hime you will look like your mother when you grow up". Naruto said coming in with a dark black kimono on with a symbol on his back that stand for his new clan name (he dresses like Orochimaru does.), Hinata blushes when she see him in his new outfit. "Nice of you to make it Naruto-kun, I was beginning to worry".

"What can I say I like to make a surprise entrance, hey Hanabi can you give us some time alone. It is kind of personal that need to be discussed between us and you are not old enough to understand what is going?" Naruto asked her.

"He is right, I want you guards to wait outside the room and do not worry, Kurenai won't try anything, and I trust her". Hinata said, and return she got a bow from her guards and her sister before they left the room.

Once they left the room Naruto put on a serious look along with Hinata, "So sensei, what do you have against the love of my life that you would stoop so low to work with my deceased father against me?" Hinata said with a serious tone, Kurenai nearly choked under the cold stare giving to her by her own student.

"I blame him for the change you are going through; even to this day I don't know if the change is good or bad. I also notice that he and Anko were helping you get stronger when it of should been me. It is just that I saw you as a daughter I never had, and one day hope to get with Asuma, but that did not work out". Kurenai said while fighting back the tears that threaten to fall from her beautiful face.

"Sensei why are you in pain, what did he do?" Hinata asked her with concern on her face, but Naruto decide to answer for Kurenai. "My guess is he dumped you for another woman".

"Naruto-kun!" Hinata scorned Naruto.

"No he is right…we had been having quandary before that, because I wanted our relationship to have a meaning instead of sex all the time, and that what he was all about, and he didn't like it when I was showing too much concern for you, and there is an actual rule where two sensei cannot be in an inmate relationship with each other during the chunin exams because it can be shown as a sign of cheating, which is why we kept quiet about relationships until one of us retire". Kurenai informed them.

"I didn't know a rule like that existed?" Hinata responded.

"Might be one of the rules during the time of the Second Hokage's reign". Naruto said to Hinata before turning his attention back to Kurenai.

"You're right, Naruto, during the Second Hokage's reign, and since his brother death after dealing with Konoha's first betrayer, Uchiha Madara, The Second Hokage, had to make sure order was set in Konoha. The reason for it is unknown or well-guarded, so even I don't know and I'm a jonin. But you're right, Asuma waste any time finding another woman, and she happens to be from a civilian background".

"Hmm…well in my opinion you're better off without him, because he would have been holding you back". Naruto said while gaining both Hinata and Kurenai's attention, Naruto took their silence as a sign to continue. "You're a proud, hard working woman. He is lazy man, who left home at a young age because he had a problem with his father, the Third Hokage, and he ends up joining 'The Twelve' before years later he returns to this village and became a jonin. Since then he hardly work much and sat on his ass, especially when giving a genin team. I would at least think he would break that lazy habit of Shikamaru, or get Choji to take his training more seriously, and I don't need to talk about the fangirl's problems ". Naruto said the last part earning a snicker from both females.

"Oh so I guess you're an expert when it comes to relationships and people?" Kurenai jokily said to Naruto.

"I may be young but I had always live on my own without anyone to care for me or teach me, I had to grow up real fast, so I learned what I could about living. And one of the things I learned is giving out respect to others when you hadreceived it yourself, especially toward women. I respect actual women when they show they're respectful toward others and themselves. Women these days, especially the ones who pretend they're hard-working but sell themselves out like it is some kind of game, and making actual hardworking women look downgraded". Naruto points out to her.

"You are right, the academy seem to be producing more fangirls like Ino and Sakura, but what about that one girl that is a year older than you and Hinata, what is her name again?" Kurenai asked.

"You mean Tenten, Sensei and she acceptable". Hinata answered her.

"Tenten-chan is the only female in Konoha that take it serious in being a kunoichi like Hinata-hime, she has a dream to be just like Tsunade herself, and I believe she will one day become a legendary kunoichi in her own way. But, not under Tsunade's guidance she won't". Naruto said earning questioning looks from both female, so he continues what need to be said. "Although Tsunade is a strong kunoichi, she will not help Tenten-chan because with her eyes Tenten will not meet her standards".

"What do you mean?" Kurenai asked him.

"Yes Naruto-kun please explains what you're trying to say". Hinata agreeing with her sensei with a questioning look still present.

"Tsunade is from a famous clan, the Senju, and she will only help those who are tied with her family in some way, for example…in the records it stated that she took a student named Shizune under her wing, along with two other kunoichi, one of them was a Hyuga at one point. Whatever happens to the third student?" He asked them.

"Well she was—" Kurenai try to answer but Naruto cut her off. "She was switch to another team by Tsunade herself while she kept the two students until the Hyuga girl was killed and she was left with Shizune because Shizune's uncle was engaged to marry Tsunade, and his family was close ally to the Senju clan, just like with the Uzumaki's clan. Tsunade is mine and Kari godmother; she will not approach me because I turned against both the Uzumaki and Namikazes' clan, but she will approach Kari because She is still loyal to both clan and is a close relative. As much as I care for Tenten-chan like I do my hime here, she will not be accepted by her and she needs to see that for herself. Which is why I want to become Hokage because let face it Konoha show way too favoritism, and someone has to fixed this before it become a really big problem for the next generations. And the clans of Konoha is keeping this cycle going, and when Tsunade arrive here, because we all heard the rumors of her becoming Hokage, ask yourself this, who will really be in control of Konoha? A Hokage who looks out for all of her people, or the clans who will control Konoha and decides what is best for everyone when it is not in their powers to do so?"

"…" Kurenai could not say anything or even think of an answer.

"He is right sensei, even the Hyuga's clan has that line of thinking thanks to the elders, we are taught that those who did not came from any clan where mainly slaves to work under us. It is sad but that is how some clans think of those who come from a no-name clan, which is why I did what I had to change my clan line of thinking, I wish I can get the other clans not to think like that but I cannot because I have no rights over them". Hinata sadly said.

"For now, I want you to think on that, and remember you're a strong woman who shouldn't have to put up with certain negativity, and Asuma is one of them. Can I give you my opinion?" He asked her, in which she nods while sporting a small blush across her face.

"Take your time away from any relationships and try to figure out what your next steps are first, you can relax here if you dealing with things that won't leave you alone, Hinata and I won't have any problem with that. And before you ask me, I currently live here until my clan house is built along with its land, so it has be our honor to have you visit us".

"Then I will accept your offer and thank you, both of you for allowing me the chance to talk with you". Kurenai smiles at both of them.

Hinata smile back, while Naruto had an evil smile which they did not pick up.