I just love me some Miz-angst, it's hot and cute and pouty…and so easy.

Mike stood in front of one of the vanity's in his shared dressing room (Carlito and Primo had already left for the hotel.) He had managed to change out of his wrestling gear, but he forwent a shower for a heavy hooded jacket and a pair of baggy jeans. He didn't want to be naked now, not really. A vertigo-induced part of him thought if he didn't take off his clothes and didn't show off his body he'd be proving Cena wrong somehow. God, did John think he did that with every wrestler?

Maybe he did. Maybe he was a nasty tease and didn't know.

Mike gazed into the mirror, giving his appearance a long, hard look. He reached up, smoothing his fingers through his hair idly to break the hold of the gel he had spent so long applying not even an hour ago.

What in God's name had ever possessed him to think someone like John Cena could want him? Everything Morrison had told him was a lie. He had no appeal, he proved that these past weeks by going out there and being a loud-mouthed brat. He knew he had failed epically with the plan.

Even worse than not being noticed and living in a shadow?

John hating him.

Frustration and ire built up a potent mixture in his belly, churning at a rolling boil and spreading throughout all his limbs. John hated him, completely and utterly. Never again would that dimpled grin be aimed at him, nor those strong arms around him. John thought he was nothing more than a wrestling-chasing-cum-guzzling whore, that he made clear by wiping his feet at his head like he was trash.

A snarl twisted his features.

"It's not fair!" Mike bellowed, whipping around and snagging the metal chair off the floor by it's back.

Without an ounce of hesitation, he backed up a few steps and hurled the chair into the mirror. It didn't quite fly like it did in the movies. The surface cracked like that of a hard-boiled egg, collapsing in on itself to reveal the dull grey beneath. A few chips clattered to the vanity, but nothing came at him. He was almost disappointed, he had wanted to be cut a little.

He deserved it.

Mike sighed in defeat, all his rage melting away to leave only a crestfallen hollowness. He had the absent thought of putting his hood over his head and curling up in the corner, but sooner or later someone would walk in and find the pitiful remnants that were once The Miz scattered all around him. No one needed that, especially him. He'd just have to get out of here, collapse somewhere safer.

Somewhere John's hate couldn't touch him more than mentally.

Miz tugged his bag over his shoulder, heart heavy and knee throbbing. He left, his limp only slight but enough to bother him. If he just got to his car…if he just kept his eye son the floor, no one could see his kicked puppy look. No one could see how much that match fucked him up on the inside.

Someone bumped into him roughly, sending him into the wall. His shoulder was jostled painfully, making him wince.

"Nice match" came the familiar drawl, then a snickered "Loser."

Miz looked up in time to see Ted DiBiase saunter past him, smirking like the smug brat he was.

//He's only that cocky cause he's rich and has Orton on a leather leash.//

Despite his bitter thoughts, Mike felt tears roll down his cheeks. He roughly palmed them away, but they kept coming. He ducked his head and continued, deciding to go through the scarcely used entrance to the parking lot (it was out of the way.)

He was a loser, by every sense of the word. A big loser, dunce cap included. Somehow he had tripped and stumbled into a love he didn't deserve, wanted someone so far out of his league it was laughable. Mike had gone through this blindly, groping and clawing for ways to get Cena's attention.

He did everything wrong, from beginning to end…and you can't much wronger than that.

He started a feud when he should have just listened to his instincts to man-up, he should have cornered John in the locker room and confessed everything. Being let down gently with a "You're great, but let's just be friends" would've been less painful than this hollowed-out sense of failure.

Insulting and mocking someone was no way to gain trust, no way to show affection.

Mike cursed himself for ever listening to Morrison, //Stupid glitter butt.//

He wiped at his slick cheeks again, //Come on, Mizanin. No one looks pretty when they cry.//

Miz entered the hall that led out into the parking lot, scowling when he saw that almost half of the parking lots lights had gone out. Of course it was the section his car was in, why not?

//Watch me fuckin' trip and fall and die down here// Mike thought bitterly, willing his leg to stop hurting as he made his way toward where he was pretty sure his rental was //I'd deserve it, after the ass I've been.//

He could almost hear his mother's voice in the back of his head telling him not to think like that, but it was overpowered by his father's mocking laughter about how fags always got what they deserved in the end.


The door he had walked through not a minute ago opened up noisily behind him, announcing someone.


And that announced someone had been following him.

Mike hurried his step, just managing to get in a few feet of his car before a hand clamped down on his shoulder. He was twisted around painfully, coming face to face with Cena of all people.

His heart swelled up with hope, "John-"

"You think you're fucking funny?" John growled.

His heart plummeted and re-shattered in his belly, pricking him and seeping into his guts like splinters.

"You won, isn't that enough?" Miz pleaded, wanting it all to be over "You beat me, Cena, alright?"

"Well what the hell did you expect?" John scoffed "You went out there and ran your mouth about me for weeks! Did you think I wouldn't retaliate? Did you think I was just gonna look the other way!?"

Mike chewed his lower lip, averting his eyes, "I tried to tell you…I didn't…"

"Look at me!" John barked, startling the younger man so badly he jumped. Ice blue eyes locked with dark azure, and sparks danced between them. Cena lowered his voice now, hurt in his tone.

"Why did you start all this bad blood?" John asked, searching those scared ice orbs "What did you wanna gain out of this? Fans? Ratings? Status?"

Mike shook his head, throat closed up.

"Did I ever do something to deserve this fucking shit?" John gestured outward, indicating the whole business that had gone down "Every week you had something else bad to say about me! We started out great, I thought you were a good kid, but then you go and show me you're this asshole!"

John kept yelling at him, calling him horrible things, defensive.

Something broke inside him, and he couldn't stop the tears that shined in his eyes.

"Did it ever occur to you I was just trying to get your attention!?" Miz snapped heatedly, cutting the other off completely "Did you ever think that maybe I loved you and had no idea how to say it?!"

Mike turned and limped to the car, tears slicking his cheeks. He kept his head down, trying to hide them from the other. His hand hadn't touched the door before he was turned again, though this time much gentler. He tried to keep his head turned away, but John caught his jaw and forced him to look. Their eyes met, and yet again he hated that he was so weak.

"Do you mean that?" Cena inquired, shocked to see tears on the young man's face.

"Yes" Miz sighed, closing his eyes "If you're going to hit me again, do it quick."

Instead of a punch to the face, a calloused thumb brushed his tears away.

"You love me…" John sighed, the other looking at him curiously "That explains it."


"People have been trying to get in my pants by feuding with me for years, but I've always turned them down" John explained gently "Who told you this would work?"

Miz didn't even bother lying, "Morrison."

The older man sighed, "Tell that brat to quit giving advice and eat a sandwich."

Miz tried to hold back a chuckle but failed.

"See, there you are" John grinned at him "There's Mike…The Miz does not fit you."

"It's who I am" Mike pulled his face out of Cena's grip, leaning against the car for support "So what? I embarrass the hell out of myself and suddenly everything's ok?"

That dimpled grin was aimed at him, "What would you say if I told you I was week away from asking you out to dinner when you started this feud?"

"What?!" Miz snapped, glaring at the other with heated accusation "If this is some pity shit, I'm gonna stick my foot so far up your ass-"

"Calm down!" John tried not to laugh, glad to see the way the younger man immediately settled "I liked that shy kid who couldn't meet my eyes when I handed him his fedora. For the first time in a while, I saw someone real. You got headaches, you had good days, you laughed at the same stupid shit I did. And I thought, Here's someone who's real. I wanted to get closer to you, 'cause when I was around I couldn't breath. And I loved it."

Miz found himself backed up against the car, the man's greater body pinning him effectively. His voice was a low husk now, right in his ear. Violent shivers went through him at the implication, at the hope.

"I wanted you" John admitted, lust flashing in his eyes as he pulled away to look into the younger man's face "I still want you."

"You'd still want me?" Mike questioned softly "After hurting each other like this?"

"Why not?"

Miz gasped as his mouth was taken in a fierce kiss, getting his first real taste of John Cena. He tried to respond, but it took a prolonged moment before his brain would accept what was going on. But when he did, they found a natural rhythm together. Tongues tangled, hands came up and over one another. Mike managed to get his hands on those broad shoulders, pulling him closer while those thick arms curled and wrapped themselves around his waist.

Time flittered away, leveled down to the hushed ruffle of their clothes and soft panting.

//This is going too fast// Mike tried to reason with himself, shuddering when John's large palm drifted down his waist with the goal of his ass in mind //I love it, though. Just take what you want, do it.//

"Do you know how hot you looked laid out in front of me?" John whispered against his lips, cupping the younger's man ass and giving it a firm squeeze "Those stupid sparkly pants stretched tight over your ass? I could barely control myself in that ring."

"I'm not a whore" Mike dug his fingers into the older man's shoulder, making his point when he hissed at the pain "I don't do this with everyone. Just you, jackass."

"I didn't mean it" John stated honestly.

"There's a lot of that going on lately."

Miz forced their mouths together, taking what he wanted to have claim him. Their bodies ground together like they knew one another, groins meeting and even more unbearable heat flashing through them.

Want. Need. Have.

"You wanna start something?" Miz growled, fingers raking through the older man's short hair "You better fucking finish it."

"Right here?"

"Right. Here."

John flipped him around, crowding him up against the car. Mike's heart was ready to beat out of his chest, excitement hot in his veins. Hands worked open his belt, tugging at his fly with a sense of urgency that set his own into a flurry. This was gonna happen right now, here in this public parking lot, and it was turning him on something fierce.

"We'll do this now" John spoke in his ear, hot breath teasing the flesh "We'll do this your way. But when we get out of here, don't think you're getting away from me. We're gonna go back to my room, and I'm gonna show you what I've been wanting to do for weeks."

Thank God he had a packet of lube in his wallet, or this would've ended.

Lube-slicked fingers worked their way inside him, starting with one and adding as hisses of pain turned into a low moans of yesmorefuck! His pants were clinging to his lower thighs, holding him in place.

"I'm gonna lay you out and take my time, taste every inch of you" John mouthed at the back of his neck, teeth barely scraping the sensitive flesh "Show you this isn't gonna be a one-time thing, and I'm serious."

"I believe you" Mike nodded, eager to get his release now that his cock was all but pressed against the cold metal car door "But we can't draw this one out."

John nodded, understanding. He ran his hand up the younger man's back, wanting to see himself breach him, when he spotted growing bruises on the tan skin. Discolored, painful.

"I'm sorry" John murmured, dropping a kiss on the nearest one "I couldn't help myself. I wanted so badly to take you there in front of more than 10,000 people, and you looked so pretty on your back underneath me…I should've been more aware. Do they hurt?"

Miz shook his head, touched by the concern.

"I'll make sure you forget all about these last couple months" John swore, knowing he was going to pamper this neglected boy the way he deserved once they were alone.

Right now? It was about getting off, both of them finding bodily pleasure.

Miz arched and mewled as the wide girth pierced him, though Cena kept his movements slow enough for him to adjust. It burned, but he had never felt something so purely delicious. He braced his hands on the car, those muscular arms he had admired so much were still curled around his waist, supporting him. In a few moments John was completely seated inside him, pulsing and just teasing the fleshy spot inside him.

"Shit" John cursed, raking his teeth along the younger man's dancing jugular "So tight, Mike."

"I don't just give it up to anyone, John" Miz teased breathlessly, rocking back hard enough to cause the other to grunt "And you better give me a reason not to, or I swear I'll make you wait until you drive me to the hotel."

The challenge sent John's head spinning, he knew he liked this boy for a reason.

Their pace was harsh, fast, sweat breaking out on their skin and cheeks flushing. It took John a couple tries, but he soon got the right angle that made Mike go crazy. The brunette threw his head back, wailing at the ceiling, pleasure burning through him.

John brought one hand up to cover the younger man's mouth, nipping him sharply below the ear.

"Don't scream, baby" John cooed in his ear, the other trembling as he pushed right up against that spot inside him and stayed there "If you start screaming, I'm going to throw you in the back seat of this car and have you there. Cause I ain't gonna let no one see this but me."

A hard thrust punctuated the word, Miz nodded silently.

John's hand slipped from his face, and they started moving again.

A handful of minutes later, Miz found his release all over the rental car. John groaned loudly as he watched the silky streams paint the metal, wishing longingly he could have a taste.


John found his release not four thrusts later, spilling himself deep inside The Miz. He dug his teeth into the back of his neck, knowing he already had a craving for the taste and look of marking the young superstar. He leaned against him, his pants bathing and cooling the slick shoulders.

It took a full minute for them to recover from the passionate encounter.

John eased out of the younger man, petting his abused hips appreciatively, "God damn, but you're beautiful."

"You're…just…" Miz gulped down a mouth of oxygen, trying to ease his pounding heart "You're just saying that because you fucked me."

"And I will say it again and again and again" John fixed both their pants, giving that cute butt a little pat "And again…until you believe me."

Mike turned around, finding himself in the older man's arms again.

"You really mean this?" Miz inquired, a little afraid to know the answer.

"Yeah, I do" John placed a chaste kiss on his lips, getting a surprised look from the other "Do you want it? Do you wanna give this whole relationship thing a try?"

"It'll just be…us, right?" ice blue eyes narrowed at him "I'm not going to share you."

"Ooo, possessive-kink" Cena waggled his eyebrows suggestively, running his palm down the dip of the Demon of Desire's back "Something else we have in common, baby."

That nickname sent a jolt through Mike, trying to stir his spent cock.

"Then let's get back to the hotel" Miz traced the older man's exposed neckline with the tips of his fingers "And we'll figure out a few more things we have in common.

A few more minutes of this eye-fucking and they'd be ready to go again.

Fuckin' Cody Rhodes decided to walk by that row of cars in just that moment.

Cody paused, staring at them with wide eyes, "Uh…you guys aren't going to fight right here, are you?"

The innocent question through them off, and they stepped away from one another.

"Nah, kid" John waved it off.

Cody sighed in relief, nearly dropping his duffle bag, "Oh good, I thought I was going to have to break it up."

Miz glanced at Cena, //Is this kid for real? Does he not smell sex?//

"John, I was actually coming to look for you" Cody perked, then pouted "Teddy's still angry at me for not defending him tonight, he won't even touch me! And Randy wanted to go 'celebrate' with Edge because of their wins. He told me to find my own ride, so…do you think I could tag along for a trip to the hotel?"

"Find a cab" Miz snapped before thinking, hoisting his duffle strap onto his shoulder.

"Cabs are icky" Cody's nose crinkled "Pleeeeeeeease John?"

"You know what, kid? I'll do you one better" John plucked the rental keys from Mike's pocket, walking over and jingling them in front of the much younger man "I'll give you this car, so you can drive for yourself. It runs well, you'll be fine."

"Really, John?" Cody beamed at him, voice breathless as he snatched the keys "Thank you! God, you're so nice to me! I owe you for this!"

"Consider it a freebie" John grabbed Miz by the strap of his bag, pulling him past the youngest member of Legacy "See you later, kid!"

"Bye John!"

When they were halfway to Cena's car, Mike leaned in and whispered in the man's ear, "So how long will it take for him to realize my jizz is all over the car?"

"Innocent kid like that? Probably never."


Miz and John ducked and snickered all the way to their car.

Yeah, this was going to be fun.

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