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I stare at myself in the mirror. I turn to the right, then the left. I try to see how my ass looks. I smooth out the white lace material, and feel the thick satin bow around my waist.

"Are you sure my boobs will be okay?" I ask Alice. The wedding dress is strapless and mermaid cut. It's all lace, with small crystals throughout the bottom. My hair is parted to the side and swept into a low bun, with a flower hair piece behind my ear.

"Yes, Bella. You look beautiful," Alice assures me as she puts the finishing touches on my make up.

Emma walks ahead of everyone dropping pink rose petals in her tiered white dress. We let her pick the bridesmaid colors, I was surprised when she picked burnt orange. It actually works perfectly for the fall wedding.

I take my fathers arm, he tells me I look beautiful and we walk down the aisle.

I look at Edward. He looks like he lost his ability to breathe. I know the feeling because he looks so handsome. His hair is tamed, newly cut, and parted to the side. He has on a a black bow tie and vest underneath his jacket. He mouths "I love you," and I feel tears in my eyes. I don't try to hide them. There is a reason Alice used waterproof makeup.

Emmett stands next to him, as his best man, Carlisle is another groomsman, and he is holding Masen. His daddy looks almost as handsome. Masen in a tux though, not even Edward can compare.

Edward takes my hand from my fathers and in front of a hundred of our friends and family we declare our love. We laugh when Masen squirms and fusses a little during the ceremony. It wouldn't be complete without his outbreaks of "Ma!" Carlisle has trouble keeping him still, and I can see it's stressing him out, even though I don't mind a bit.

"MA!" Masen screams for the sixth time. I look away from Edward, and turn to the Pastor. "One minute?" I ask. He smiles and nods. There is no rush. We have forever. I extend my arms to take my son. I place him on my hip and pray he doesn't get to grabby with my boobs. I kiss his copper head.

"Go on," I tell the pastor, focusing my attention back on Edward.

The pastor pronounces us man and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Cullen. Edward pulls me close and kisses me. Masen flips out. Pushing him away. Masen is possessive of me, just like his Daddy. Edward laughs at him, and takes him from me. He passes him back to Emmett, and kisses me again.

I can hear Masen, "MA! MA!" I laugh against Edwards lips, and I can feel his smile against mine.

And the wedding couldn't have been more perfect. Even with all the imperfections. It was perfect.

I can't wait to leave the kids with my parents while we honeymoon in Aruba. Kids. It's so surreal. I mean I am twenty-one. I have kids. A husband. Not where I pictured myself at all.

We party hard that night. Edward dances a lot with Emma before his mom takes her and Masen to one of the two hotel rooms we got for the night.

I can't wait to go up. Edward grabs my hand and leads me to the elevator as we wave goodbye to our friends and family that are still at the hotel bar drinking. When we are in the elevator Edward holds my face in his hands and kisses me.

We get to our room and Edward opens the door, literally sweeps me off my feet, and carries me inside.

"Mrs. Cullen," he whispers against my face. I love the way it sounds.

I excuse myself to go freshen up. I have a white corset under my dress attached to my white thigh high stockings with a garter belt, and a lacy white thong.

When I come out to meet Edward he tells me to turn around, I can see his hardness tenting his dress pants. His bow tie is off, as is his jacket, the vest is open and the first few buttons of his crisp white shirt.

His hair is messy again, and before I turn around I run my fingers through it. Once I turn around he is on his knee's behind me, his hands hold my hips while his mouth sucks and gently bites my ass cheeks.

His hands move to my stomach and up to my breast with hard needy grasps. He starts to untie the corset in the back and loosen the satin ribbon, taking it off.

He turns me around while he remains on his knees in front of me, and his mouth attacks my still covered center. I moan in pleasure. I push his head closer to me, my hands pulling at his hair.

He pushes me to sit on the bed and pulls my underwear off, kissing my inside of my thighs slowly leaving me in just my stockings and garter belt, he pulls me to the edge of the bed and goes back to work.

His tongue enters me, and I pull his face into my pussy harder. His tongue licks up and down my slit and I move my hands to hold the sheets, because I am afraid I will hurt him.

He moves my legs up, and his tongue moves to my other hole. I moan surprised by the feeling of his tongue inside the tight hole. His fingers pump in and out of me while his tongue swirls and slightly stretches me.

He stands up, "Touch yourself, for me," he demands. I don't hesitate. I move my fingers inside myself. I am so wet. I watch him take off his clothes and stroke himself a few times before coming back to me.

"Spread those lips open for me," he tells me before he places the head of his cock at my entrance. He teases me with it, moving it up and down my wet opening before pushing inside of me.

He holds my legs up and open as he moves easily in and out. After a few strokes he pulls it out, "Suck it, baby," he grunts. I take him in my mouth, tasting myself. I swirl my tongue around the tip and taste him.

"Fuck, Bella," he whispers, when I feel him curve down my throat. He pulls out, and kisses me opened mouth and his tongue feels thick inside my mouth.

"I want you on your hands and knees," he tells me. I love it that way, he doesn't have to ask twice.

I let my chest lie flat against the bed, my ass in the air waiting for him. I feel a slight sting when his hand slaps my ass, and my fingers go to my clit. Edward puts his finger in my mouth and I suck on it while he pounds in and out of me.

When I release his finger, he enters it in my ass. "It's been too long," Edward breathes heavily against my neck. He grabs my chin and turns my head toward him, "since I've had you there," he tells me with another kiss, his tongue moves roughly against mine.

His one finger turns into two, and I ache for him to fill the hole more. His dick is so slick from my pussy, we don't even need lube.

He pushes himself inside my ass slowly. I can hear him grunting and hissing with each inch that enters.

"Ahhhh, shiiiitttt," he hisses against my neck once he is all the way inside.

I move forward on my knee's then push back, I forgot how much I enjoyed this feeling. He grips my hips and guides me back and forth on his dick. Slow and hard.

He pulls it out, and tells me to spread my ass cheeks as he enters again, pulls all the way out, then shoves back in.

My face presses down against the bed, Edward's arm wraps around me and his fingers move against my sensitive bud.

I feel the tighting in my stomach, my toes curl, and I come hard against his hand. I move back and forth with more urgency and I can feel him exploded inside me.

"Fuck," he says trying to catch his breath. "I love you so fucking much," he tells me.

The next day, we are sitting on the beach, Edward is burying my feet in the sand. His lips keep kissing the top of my breasts. I'm wearing a white one piece but it separates between my breasts all the way down to my belly button.

I tell him to stop, but I don't mean it. "Let's go back to the room and make another baby," he tells me and I laugh.

"Um, no. No more babies for me," I tell hm. "At least not until I am done school. And your done your residency. It's hard not having you home for three days straight sometimes," I pout.

"Oh the hardships of marrying a doctor," he laughs.

Three Years Later

Once I graduated UPenn, Masen was three, Emma was seven going on seventeen, and Edward was itching for another baby. I got a job at an adoption agency, and shortly after found myself pregnant. I council people to consider adoption. I set up foster homes. I help teenage girls that I see myself in make the best choice for them. Not their parents, not their boyfriends, but them. I don't want them to make a choice they will regret later on like I did.

For some people, that might be the right choice, I just want to make sure girls know the difference. Know that the choice is from them.

I know it wasn't meant to be, it was probably for the best, but I think I could live with that choice better if I made it for me, and not Michael.

It was such an easy pregnancy. I was happy and healthy. Edward was even happier. The man loved being a father. Hearing him being called Daddy, still melted my heart. When we went for my ultrasound, he told me he was screwed when he saw a little girl growing inside me.

The technician didn't even get a chance to ask whether we wanted to know. Edward was fixated. I think he was even itching to take the wand to focus on her face. He kept asking the tech to stay right there, or move it over just a little more. We got a lot of pictures, and video.

I helped Rose and Emmett with a private adoption of newborn twins. A boy and a girl. They were really excited. Rose saw that having a child didn't mean as much as taking care of them. Finnegan Thomas and Sawyer Rebecca Cullen were welcomed into the family with a huge celebration.

Scarlet was only a few months old when I came across Riley at work. He was a year older then Emma, and every foster home he was placed in didn't last. When he was walked into my office, something inside of me ached for him.

I told Edward about him. I told him I wanted to help him. It wasn't ideal with a newborn, it wasn't perfect, nothing ever is. I couldn't place this boy with another family just to have him back in my office six months later. I couldn't take it if something happened or he ran away. He was just a child.

Edward agreed to meet him, and somehow in less than a year we added two more people into our family.

Seven Years Later

I look at Masen, and I smile. His hair is long and he pushes it back to put on his baseball hat. He stands on the pitcher mound and throws a curve ball that results in strike one.

"That's it, baby!" I yell at him from the bleachers. Edward stands with me whistles with his fingers then claps.

On his shoulders sits, Scarlet. Her brown hair blows across her face hiding her fathers eyes from my view. She loves her daddy.

I can't believe Masen is eleven already.

"Where is Emma and Riley?" Edward asks me. I turn around to see if I can find her. I spot her by the snack bar. She is going to give Edward a heart attack. She's growing into a beautiful young women. He told her today she had on too much make up and that her shorts were too short. She didn't change, I even think she added more eyeliner.

She has her fathers eyes. Her mothers round cheekbones that are set high. Her blonde hair and her O shaped mouth. But she is my daughter. Masen's sister. Scarlet's sister. Riley's sister.

She told me once after Scarlet was born, she felt different. She felt like she didn't belong because Masen came from me and Edward, so did Lettie, and she just came from Edward. I told her she came from me too. That without her, we wouldn't have a family. She pulled us together, she made sure she tied our strings to hers, so we could be the family we are today.

I told her the parts of me she has. Her sense of humor. The way she chews on her bottom lip. The way she shoves her hands in her back pockets and shifts on her feet. The way she pushes her hand through her hair. The way she tells a story. It's me. She is my daughter.

She isn't any less than Masen or Lettie. That would be like telling her Finn and Sawyer aren't loved perfectly by Rose and Emmett, and she knows I am right. She knows the depth of love. She knows how much we are capable, how much room is in our hearts. She saw that with Riley. I know she loves him the way she loves Masen. They are her brothers, even if they didn't come from the same places.

So she has never screamed at me that I'm not her mother, no matter what. It doesn't matter how angry she is, she never says it. Because I am, and nothing can take that from us.

"Ahhh, she is by the snack bar," I tell Edward, hoping I don't have to tell him she is kissing a boy. "Riley is in line," I tell him.

Masen throws another strike and we cheer for him. I hope this is enough distraction for Edward. He thinks telling Emma she can't date until she is thirty-five is a realistic request.

Jake comes and sits in front of us. His son is on the team with Masen. He divorced Leah, and remarried Vanessa. It's not strange to have him in our life. His son, Seth is Masen's best friend. It's really strange how life puts people in your life, and brings them back.

Even if you loose touch with them, even if at some point you never wanted to see them again, the universe finds some way to put them right back on your doorstep. It's like that with Jake. He has always been who I needed him to be. Even if it was wrong. Even if I don't want to admit our affair was part of some fucked up way of needing a man in my life. A man that I didn't have to expect anything from. It's hard to think of myself as that girl, but I'm not her anymore. And Jake isn't that guy. People change. A zebra can change it's stripes. You can't tell if a zebra is black with white stripes or white with black stripes, but in the end does it matter?

If it did, I'd be a lonely bitter lost girl.

People can forgive. People can move past. Love can make things perfect. Love allows mistakes. Edward's taught me all of this. Accepted me, with all my faults. All my white lies that he has long forgotten about. Water under the bridge. And that's why Jake is still my friend. Our friend.

He was a friend to me when I felt alone. My friendship with him wasn't defined by being Edward's fiance, or Masen's mom, or the evil step-mother. It was about me. Sure, I was all of those things, but it was nice to have someone look beyond them. Jake did that. That's why I never talked to him about my family at first when I struggled with my depression. I wanted to more than that, just for a few minutes a day.

When Edward trusted me with him, when he didn't flip out like he had every right to for keeping it from him, I knew there was a perfect love. I was lucky enough to have found that with Edward. With our children.

So we don't dwell on the mistakes of our past. It's pointless. We can't change the things we did. We focus on what is in front of us, and today it's perfect day for baseball and friendship and family.


After Bella started working, we saved all her money until we had enough saved to buy our own house. We stayed in the same township. Just upgraded to a bigger house in a gated community called Springton Pointe.

Bella never wanted something so big, but when you have four kids, and you can afford it, you go big. Because now that we are here, with our five bedrooms, Bella is thankful she has some place to go.

The kids love the pool. The in-laws love the mini apartment in the basement they can stay in when they come to visit.

Bella can't do it all by herself though. She can't take care of four kids, work, and manage this huge house I insisted on. So we have Maria. She helps out with whatever we need done. But never with the chores the kids have. No way they are going to be spoiled, although Bella would disagree.

Emma has more clothes and shoes then I care to count. Riley has a thing for baseball caps and guitars. Masen has more electronics then I care to count. My newest little princess...Lettie...well she has tubs overflowing with barbies. I never tell them no. But they have responsibilities, and consequences. They are good kids. Even with Emma testing my patience lately. I really can't handle her with boys, and boys call for her...a lot. I guess I should be thankful it's not just one boy. This way I know she isn't getting wrapped up in any of them.

Bella didn't need to work at all, but she likes her job. It was nice that all my hard work had paid off. All those years spent struggling for money, worrying about paying bills are long behind me. Us.

I may not be a millionaire professional hockey player like Emmett, but that is just fine by me. I love my job. I love my life, my kids. My wife. Bella, I love her more and more everyday. I remember the first time I saw her walk through my parents door on thanksgiving. How beautiful and confident she was. When I saw her with Emma for the first time. I think that is when I knew I loved her.

I work three twenty four hour shifts a week. It's hard but also very rewarding. It gives me days off to be there for my family. New residence come and go. Some are diamonds in the rough, others don't last a week.

I see Bella curled up on the couch watching TV. Lettie is sleeping on the chair next to her. I go to sit with her, and she wraps herself around me.

"Where's Masen?" I ask.

"Him and Riley went out back to throw the ball around," Bella tells me.

I start kissing her neck and feeling her breasts on the outside of her shirt.

"Stop, not here," she giggles.

"Fine, then let's put Lettie in bed and lock ourselves in our bedroom," I tell her grinding my hard on against her.

"You carry the baby!" she tells me, running playfully away towards the steps. I smirk at her.

"I'm gonna get you!" I tease her.

"Only if you can get me!" she says running up the stairs.

I grab Lettie and take her up in her room. I kiss her head, and she wraps her arms around my neck. I can't resist. I lay down next to her.

"Dadda," she mumbles in her sleep. I kiss her cheek, and hum. Waiting patiently for her to fall back asleep. I take in her beauty. Bella's hair. My eyes. She loves that all the kids have my eyes. Except for Riley. Although he has perfected my smirk.

Once her breathing is even, and her hands go limp around my neck, I slide out of the bed. I make my way down the hallway into the master bedroom, pushing the door open, I see Bella in bed.


No day is easy in our life. Never perfect. Always ours.

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