BRIIIIING- I jumped as the bell went off. I gathered up my things, and made my way out of the history class.

'Remember, class, I want that assignment on WW2 on my desk on Monday morning, WITHOUT FAIL!' Mr Jefferson hollered. I sighed, and trailed behind everyone as I made my way to my next class, biology. As I walked down the corridors, I kept my head down, avoiding eye contact. I peeked upwards and saw him leaning up against my locker with a bunch of his cronies. Great. Edward Cullen, the school's man-whore, lived only to make my life a misery. We once were friends, but then I moved to phoenix, and when i came back in 10th grade, he had totally changed. My kind, loving, best friend was gone, and in his place was a cold-hearted stranger. I didn't understand why he picked on me. He left Rosalie, Emmett, Jasper and Alice alone, but me, no. He tormented me at any chance he got. Maybe it's because he knows that the others won't take any of his shit. But then, why does he think I will. I've been hurt by him to many times. He used to have anger issues. Like one time in the 6th grade, I beat him in one on one soccer, and he just flipped. That was the first argument we'd ever had, and the last. A few weeks later I moved away. I had cried, because Edward still wasn't talking to me. He was still angry about the whole soccer thing, so as I hugged everyone goodbye, he stood there watching, his face expressionless. When I came back from Phoenix, we just didn't talk, he as so distant, I felt so rejected. The gang told me it wasn't personal, that he was like that with everyone, only speaking to them when he had to, but I had a feeling, Guess I was right. He had started spending time with the school whores a while back, before I got back, and he never spoke to me unless it was a 'your mum' joke, or to tell me how stupid I was. That actually surprised me, he used to be so close to Renee. He never actually told me what his problem was. I mean, I wasn't even here, for what, 5 years? And, if it was because of the whole soccer thing, well, that was just pathetic.

TWWWACK! Shit! I felt myself fall to the floor, my head spinning. I looked upwards-big mistake. Edward was standing over me, with a basketball in his hand, bouncing it lightly. If only he knew the things I could do with a basketball.

'What's the matter, Swan, Did diddums hit her head?' he sneered at me. A single tear betrayed me, sliding down my face. I stood up swiftly, trying to regain some dignity. I turned on my heal, but something caught my wrist, and spun me round.

' Awww, Swanny, did I make you cry? Aww, how cute' he jeered. I felt anger sweeping through me. I'd put up with his crap for months now, almost a year, and he still hadn't got tired of it?!

'What the fuck, Cullen?' I spat. 'What have I ever done to you, huh?' I pulled my wrist out of his grasp and ran to my next class. Another big mistake.

This class was the reason I bunked school. This class was the reason I pulled sickies at least once a week. This was the class that caused me to shiver. This was the class I dreaded the most. I was sat at the back inbetween man whore extraordinaire, and grade A bitch Lauren Mallory. It wasn't even that bad, what they sad. But having two people gang up on you everyday, saying horrible things, eventually, it gets to you. They made my life hell.

I trudged slowly to the class room, and my heart leapt when I found that neither where here yet. I took my seat, and began taking notes on Mr Banner's lecture. 10 minutes into the lesson, and Cullen and Bitch Face stumble in, the bitch's hair all messed up. I'll give you three goes to guess what they were doing.

'Mr Cullen, Mrs Mallory, I suggest that if you don't want to land yourselves in detention, you get to my class on time' Mr Banner hollered. He waved his hand at them, and dismissed them to their seats. I sighed inwardly, and breathed in and out slowly.

'Hey Edward, I went for a five mile jog today, two laps round Bella's mum. Hahaha' she cackled as Edward burst out laughing. 'Hey Swan, your mums so ugly when she was a baby they stuck her in a corner and fed her with a slingshot.' Edward sneered.

'Your mom is so ugly your dad brings her to work everyday just so he doesn't have to kiss her goodbye!'

'Good one, Lauren' Edward cracked up, high-fiving Lauren. I put my head on the desk, my head was still spinning from connecting with that basketball. Just ignore them, okay, breathe, just ignore, ignore them and then they'll get tired of it. I began to breathe slowly, in and out, and eventually I calmed down.

'ISABELLA SWAN' a loud voice boomed. My head shot up. Edward was sitting there with his hands round his mouth, yelling at me.

'What?!' I snapped. He pointed to the front of the room. I turned my head round, and Mr. Banner standing at the front with a remorseful look on his face, along with the head teacher, and a police officer.

The police officer broke the silence 'Ms Swan, I'm- Ima, I'm afraid there has been a accident. Could you come with me, please'. Whaa? The look on his face was scaring me. I glanced round, and saw all the kids staring a me, mouths open. Edward looked panicky, afraid even. I could feel numbness sweeping through me, swallowing me whole. I tried to breathe, but I just couldn't. Edward looked at me with frightened eyes. He grabbed my shoulders and shook me

'Breathe, Bella' He commanded. 'Your lips are blue'. In shock, I let out the gust of air I'd been holding in. I flinched away from his touch, satisfied as hurt touched his features. I grabbed my things, flung myself to the front of the class room, and hurtled out the door.

'Ms Swan, I'm sorry, there has been an accident. Your mother, she-.she was involved in a car accident. Unfortunately, she didn't make it.- I'm sorry'. I was sat at the police station, feeling nothing, seeing nothing. She was gone, Renee was gone, my mother was gone. I wanted to feel, I really did. But there was nothing. No over-whelming emotion, no tantrums, no screaming, no nothing. I felt empty, strange, hollow. I'd never been more alone in my life. I could see the police officer's mouth moving, but I couldn't hear the words. This new life I was in, was completely foreign to me. I tuned out, and started thinking about all the happy memories I had with my mother. The first time I rode a bike. I remembered falling down, numerous times, and mom would help me up, and start me off again. The first time I was teased in school, I went home crying, and it was Renee, my mom, who taught me to be strong. Who told me that it didn't matter what anybody thought, that I was beautiful, and to never listen to what anybody said. She was my rock. Although she never really knew it. She thought that I was the strong one, that she depended on me. How wrong she was. She didn't know that she was the reason I kept going. She was the reason I fought. I remembered the first time I ever shot a hoop. She had been so proud of me, and took me to lessons. Now I was great at basketball, because of her, because she believed in me. Something deep deep inside of me clicked. Basketball. That's what I'd do. She had always encouraged me to join the school teams, but I never did. But now, now everything was different. I would join the basketball team in memory of her, to give her something back, to try and repay her for all the things she'd done for me. It was decided.