The Last Night

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Ring Ring Ring

" This is Edward Cullen, can I help you?"

" Hey fucker! You sound so fucking formal.... Edward Cullen, can I help you?" he mocked

" Shut up, What do you want Emmett?"

" Well Brother, I was just checking to see if your going to the gym later, we need to make plans for your Bachelor party!"

" Yes I'm going to the gym Em, but I told you, we should just get some Jack and play poker."

" Ahhhhh so in other words Vicki's not to happy with you getting strippers and shit faced drunk! Your so pussy whipped!"

" Fuck you, Its just easier not to fucking argue over dumb shit. You'd figure that out if you actually kept a girl around long enough to know her..."

" Blahh Blahhh, I'm hitting the gym at 5, Jasper is meeting me there. You coming?"

" Yeah I'll be there"

" Later"

Bachelor party... uggg. I knew I wasn't getting out of it. Having a womanizing best friend who is a regular at the strip club kinda guarantees some girl dancing half naked.

I'm not a prude. Far from it. I love women. What straight male dosent? I just have respect. I'm getting married and I don't need to go for one last Hora ah as Emmett would say.

Fighting over it with Em its going to do anything I know between him and Jasper we would end up at New Moon, Ha pretty clever huh. Between the girls getting new tits and the new ass coming in to town looking for work, the names pretty perfect.

I packed up my brief case, logged off my computer and headed down to the parking garage.

I love my car, black Aston Martin... Red and gray leather interior, tinted windows. Its fucking sweet.

I popped the truck tossed my brief case in and climbed into the front. Starting the car, reeving the engine, love it. Loosening my tie I pulled my ray bans down and made my way on to the street.

Seattle, It was just enough city without loosing the feel of the woods. I liked being able to drive a few hours and feel like I was in another world. Small towns, cottages it was perfect.

I pulled up to the Gym and saw Emmett's Jeep was already there.

I grabbed my smokes and quickly lit one before going in.

Yeah, yeah... Whats the point of smoking and then working out? Well truthfully I know its stupid. But being a CEO of your father's company is very stressful. Really I know its not an excuse but fuck I can't help it.

I took one last drag, and snubbed out my cigarette. And went inside.

" Hey PW ready to work out?" Emmett laughed

" Shut up ass! Yeah I'm going to do the tread mil for a bit then weights..." I said making my way to locker room.

" Sounds good PW"

" Em will you please shut the fuck up about that?"

" Hey bro, I only state the truth." He grinned

We changed in to gym short and made our way in to the main room. I grabbed a tread mil and pushed the buttons, setting it to the incline and speed I wanted and began my jog.

Emmett was stretching and showing off his muscles, hoping to impress the ladies as the walked by. Really one of the reasons he comes, picking up chicks.

After 30mins I grabbed my towel and wiped my face and neck, wiped down my machine and grabbed my water and set out for the weights. Emmett was already there doing push ups.

Jasper was using the mat to do crunches. Huh didnt see him come in.

" Jasper" I nodded in his directing settling in on the weight bench.

" Hey son, you ready for your party?" he drawled

" Uhhh, shit both of you are making so much out of this! If you wanna see some tits and ass go already, why drag me along?"

" Bro really? Your getting married in 3 days! Fuck what kind of brother would I be if I didn't throw you a proper party? Strippers, booze and maybe a crazy last night fuck with a stranger??"

" God Emmett, have some class." I scoffed " Spot me"

" I will when you live a little." He said standing above me

" Whatever, If you guys find it necessary to get strippers fine. But I want the ones that don't get totally fucking naked. Its just wrong, and don't set me up with a fucking hooker either I will beat your asses."

" I'll keep Emmett under control, don't worry. We just want to have some fun." Jasper noted

" Alright! So tomorrow night cool? Then you have one day to sleep and shit." Emmett said

" Yeah ok, Jasper please watch Emmett please, I really don't want any hookers" I laughed

" Promise son, no hookers" He held up his fingers in to a scouts honor.

We finished up our work out, and headed home.

I am a pretty lucky guy. I've got a really cool chick who's going to marry me. A kick ass older brother, even when he wants me to fuck hookers (lol). And my best friend, Jasper always by my side.

I'm 24 years old and I already have the perfect life.


Chapter Notes:

Ok so this in my second fanfic, I just got the idea last night and had to post it.

Lemme know what you think! :-) I promise the other chapers will be longer. I just had to get this out.