The Last Night

Chapter 6



Getting shit situated has taken longer then I expected... I continued going into work and during my free times tired up all the loose ends with Vicki. Its been a week since I've seen her, touched her. I keep telling myself that I'm doing the right thing waiting until all my shit is settled but fuck, I don't know how much longer I can wait.

I think about her through out my day. I hope she knows I'm not ignoring her. God if she thought that she might be over everything... Maybe it didn't mean that much to her? It has to, it has to work out.

By saturday moring I was anxious to see her, pretty much everything was finalized and I could breathe. I had my life back. I decided to call Em and see if he wanted to get some lunch, maybe New Moon? Maybe she would be there? I pulled out my phone and dialed his number.




" Yeah Hello??"

" Hey Bro whats going on?"

" Not much E, you?" he said with a slight grunt

" Ummm nothing much, thinking about grabbing lunch.... What the fuck is that sound??" I asked

" Ahhhh dear brother, I got a date tonight so I'm trimming the twigs and berries" He crooned

" Em really?? You couldn't let the phone go to voice mail or said I'll call you right back? You do the weirdest shit" I laughed " A date huh? So no lunch then?"

" Well, I could eat... Yeah sure lets go, lemme just rinse my shit and I'll meet ya. Where we going?"

" I was thinking New Moon? That ok?"

" Ohhh I see, Brown hair Hottie??? Ya sure that sounds good. I think I'll just have a burger thou" He snickered

" Fuck you, meet me there in 30?" I chuckled

" Sounds good bro!"

20 minutes later I found myself sitting in the parking lot waiting for Emmett, hoping I would see her or sense she was in there. It didn't happen.


I jumped in my seat

" Em what the fuck was that you asshat?"

" Ha ha ha, that my dear brother was funny shit!" He bellowed

I got out and locked the doors, grabbing a smoke and lit up as we were making our way to the door.

" You scared the shit outta me Em, fuck!" I laughed along with him

" So I'm guessing you the Brown haired Hottie on the mind?" He wiggled his eye brows

" Yeah, something like that" I smiled and snubbed out my smoke as we walked in.

" Good afternoon, Gentleman" a peppy blond greeted us " what can I gettcha today?" she smiled

" Well, pretty girl just a table for two please.... and maybe the lil brown haired hottie as our server? My brother here has a thing for her ass" he laughed

I threw on elbow at him and he just laughed harder as we followed the girl to a booth. I grabbed a menu while trying to covertly search her out. But I had this sinking feeling she wasn't here. It wasn't like last time where I could almost feel her but just couldn't see her. It felt empty.

" Howdy Boys! What can I do for ya?" I looked up seeing a girl with long brown hair, but not the one I was looking for.

" Awwww, Sugar we would like 2 beers whatever's on tap and hey my brother here's looking for a certain brunette. She served us lunch last week..."

I sat there shacking my head, he can never just keep his trap shut!

" Oh hmm, well I just started this is actually my second day. And I have no idea who your talking about sorry." She gave a smile while looking over her glasses.

" No worries" I gave nod and smiled back

She walked away and towards the bar getting our beers. With my luck she was new and didn't know Bella... fuck

" Sooooo, what about this lil hotties got you so wound up?"

" I- I, umm its hard to explain really. I just, I really want to see her again. Talk to her?"

" That sounded like a question, do you want to talk to her or do something else?" He smiled and liftted his hips of the bench began rocking.

We heard a small chuckle and throat clear, our waitress had come back and sat our beers down.

" Would you guys like a few more minutes? Or do you know what you'd like?" she said while pushing up her glasses

" Yeah I'll have a cheeseburger and fries please"

" Hmmm I have the same sugar and throw in some wings, gotta have them when you come here" He licked his lips.

" Ok, if you need anything else just wave me over, I'm Angie..." She pointed to her name tag "This will only take a few minutes" She nodded and walked away.

She was cute, small frame, long dark hair... She had on daisy dukes and a tied up plaid shirt. Her glsses made her look young and sweet. She probably was. How did she end up working here? Why had Bella? Why wasn't she here now? Can't life just be easy for one day?? I was broke out of my thought by Emmet's loud moaning into the plate of wings, How he is eating this much and going on a date beats me. Speaking of date....

" So date?" I raised my eyebrow while taking a bite of my burger

" Yup! Taking Rosie to a car show and movie" his eyes twinkled

" Hmmm sounds fun, you spending a lot of time with her?"

" Yeah, fuck shes awesome bro... Can't wait till you meet her." He smiled shoving more food into his mouth.

" Well if she isn't startled away by your eating habits after tonight, I'd love to meet her."

" Ha Ha" he shook his head at me

We finsihed our meal with little chatter and made our way back outside after paying the bill.

" Mmmm you were right man" I said rubbing my full stomach

" I know E, I'm always right. But what is it this time?"

I laughed pulling out a smoke, " This place has the best burgers and wings" I exhaled

" Well, I gotta get going, picking up Rosie soon and need to wash the junk" He gestured to his crotch

I shook my head and smiled " Yeah you go do that!" I stopped at my car

" Bye! Sorry Hottie wasn't here man! Maybe next time." He shouted a few rows over

" Yeah maybe, have a good night" I waved and put out my smoke and got in the car.

I sat there for a while, Feeling deflated. I wanted to see her so bad but I didn't know how to go about it. She wasn't there and the new girl didn't know her. Maybe she didn't work there anymore? I smacked my hands onto the steering wheel and hit my head against the head rest. How do I make this happen? I needed her number... But all I knew was her name. I sighed and started my car making the familiar route back home.

I pulled into my space and made my way up the stairs. Opening the door, I put my keys on the side table and looked at my machine. No blinking lights. I grabbed a beer from the kitchen and turned on the stereo. Letting Breaking Benjamin fill the speakers inappartment. I sat in the lazy boy thinking of her. One beer turned into 3 and the sun had set. I was still no were closer to getting what I wanted, who I wanted... My phone vibrating in my pocket pulled me out of the daze.

" Hello?"

" Hey, Eddie man so I got this banging chick sitting with me, no not Rosie, but she's here too, a friend of Rosie's in fact..." he paused "Anyways she thinks your a hottie and fuck I'm going to give her your number. I know your going through shit but I'm giving it to her and you better be nice."

" Umm ok?" I said a little confused, still trying to process the spiel he just rambled.

"Call me later bro, peace" And he hung up

I sat there and stared at my phone atits blinking call ended sceen . My brother was giving some girl my number? What the hell? Putting my phone on the arm rest of my chair. I ran my hands through my hair and over my face and let out a frustrated sigh. Realizing there was nothing I could do about this situation until this girl called, if she called that is and I made my way to my room.

I undressed quikley wanting to feel the warm water ease my muscels. To let my mind wander to Bella and the amazing dreams I was having about her. Turning on the spray I stepped in. The water trickled across my body and Imagined it was her hands, her lips. I groaned and rested my forehead in the shower wall letting the water run down my back.

"warm sun feed me up
i'm leery loaded up
loathing for a change
and i slip some
boil away
swallowed followed
heavy about everything
but my love
swallowed sorrowed"

The sound of my phone jerked me out of the water, I turned off the water and grabbed a towel trying to get to my phone. Maybe its this girl... I laughed at the thought. Damn Em trying to set me up! Feeling the buzz of the alcohol I consumed I picked up the phone with a chuckle noticing it was private number.

" Hello??"

No one answered so I tried again...

" Hello???? Anyone there?" I said smoothly hoping to get a response.

I heard a small gasp, an intake of breath, someone was still there, third times the charm right?

" Hello??"

" Ummm Hi?" A sweet voice finally came through

" Well she speaks" I laughed quietly " Can I help you?"

" Umm yeah, well, a-a-a-a, I mean I think so." She stuttered something about her voice was familiar...

" Ok, so what can I do for you hmm? I'm Edward by the way... I'm guessing your the girl my brother called me about either?"

" Hi, yes, yes I am" she got out without hesitation this time.

" Ok good, well whats your name?"

" I know you, I mean- you know me already..." She spat out without answering my question

" I see, well then if we know each other then whats your name? Refresh my memory."I smirked I was actually pretty buzzed and actually having a good time talking to this mystery girl. She seemed so flustered. Why? Was it because of me?

" Bella...." She whispered

" BELLA??" I kinda of shouted at her, shocked and surprised. All the pieces fit thou, A friend of Rosie's... she said we knew each other... But why was she acting so shy? It is as if she was scared to talk to me.

" Yeah, its me" She whispered again

" I'm sorry I shouted baby, I was shocked. Its you, really?" I shook my head trying to focus.

" It is, I'm sorry if I'm bothering you. Emmett gave me your number. He said I should call. I'm sorry I feel really dumb."

" Dumb?" I raised my voice again " No no, your not dumb. God if you only knew the things I've been doing to find you... You'd think I was crazy" I laughed

" I don't think so... You were trying to get a hold of me?" she asked with a happiness in her tone

" Of course, I told I was going to find away..." I didn't finish

" I know, I just didn't think this was all real. Like it didn't happen ya know? Then I didn't hear from you. I thought it was all a mix up I guess" she explained

" Never, I want to see you please?" I begged, Oh god to touch her again. I had to see her.

" Ok"

" Now???" Eager to feel this connection to show her it was real and that it wasn't just some mix up or dream. To explain everything she needed to know. Answer her questions...

" Ummm, Now? Well I'm kinda not dressed to do anything" She responded

" I don't care, I don't want to do anything but see you."

" Do you want to come over?" she asked

" Fuck" I bellowed " I can't I'm sorry" I palmed my forehead in frustration

" Oh ok" she was disappointed

" Come to me? Please? I can't come because I've been drinking baby. Please can you come over here?" I pleaded. Fingers crossed she would say yes.

" Ummm yeah? Yes, ok where do you live?"

I gave her directions and we hung up she said it would be 30 minutes or so before she would be here. I was keyed up. I grabbed some jeans and pulled them on not caring about boxers. Tossed my towel over the shower hook and went to pick up the living room. I tossed the empty bottles and pileed the magazines on the table. I switched my play list to something a bit more mellow and waited.

15 minutes later my door rang... Realizing I had forgot a shirt I ran to my room and grabbed on from a drawer and ran to the answer the door.

There she stood. She was beautiful. Fluffy pink slippersadorned her feet, tight black yoga pants covered her legs. I noticed a small puppy logo on her left hip. The slightest sliver of skin peeked out from the band of her grey sweat shirt. Her hair piled up on her head all messy and adorable. She had her bottom lip between her teeth, gripping her keys in her hands. She looked up at me and I lost it. I grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her. Her mouth melted into mine. I heard her keys fall and her hands came up and around my neck. I pulled her body closer to mine, wrapping one arm around her waist pushing her into me. Needing to feel everything. She pulled away needing to breathe resting her forehead to mine I opened my eyes and was met with bright chocolate.

" Hi" I smiled

" Hello" She smiled back, lighting my internal flame.


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