Author's Notes: I have received a great many requests to do a Naruto / Sekirei crossover. So I thought I would try one. One of the changes I am putting in will be that here Ninja Academy graduates are 15 and are actually competent to start going on missions. Instead of needing to be taught basics after graduation. Other differences will be explained later. Including 'winging' which will work a bit differently here.


In the waning days of the Third Great Ninja War the night sky filled with fire as the gods sent their treasure down on the earth.


All across the continent people great and small, ninja and civilian looked up one night to see the stars banished by a column of fire. Night turned to day as a huge fireball streaked over the land with a tail that stretched back beyond the horizon. As people looked up the war that had swallowed so many lives was momentarily forgotten. People fell to their knees and began to pray, they thought this a divine punishment for the many crimes that had been committed during the last seven years.

Staring up into the now bright night sky even the most learned of men had no idea what this was or what would come of it. But with dawning horror people realized one thing.

It was going to crash.

The object struck near a small settlement in Fire Country called Ninsaku about 120 miles west of the village of Konoha. The explosion was heard in Suna and in Kiri and set the horizon on fire. The earth shook all across the elemental lands. Everyone and everything in Ninsaku was gone in an instant. A blackened crater resided where there had once been houses and farms.


From his office atop the Tower of Fire Hiruzen Sarutobi stood mute witness as he looked out upon the fires on the western horizon.

"Assemble all available ninja who are in the village," he told one of his guards. "We are going out immediately to investigate."

"We? You mean you will send out a team to investigate don't you Hokage-sama?"

Sarutobi turned a stern eye to the Chunin who had questioned him. "No, I mean exactly what I said. I will be leading this mission personally."

"But…" The Chunin thought to protest but one look from his ruler silenced him. "Yes Hokage-sama." The man left to spread the word to gather all available ninja.

The Hokage's proper place was in the village, the Chunin had only wanted to keep him safe. But at a time like this Sarutobi needed to see with his own eyes, this was no time to rely on reports.


Better that 600 ninja accompanied their Hokage, they were almost all the ninja currently in the village who were physically fit for duty. All the others were on various battle fronts fighting the enemy.

By sheer good luck Sarutobi had all three of his students with him along with Namikaze Minato, the most powerful of the Leaf nin and revered Yellow Flash. Minato's student Kakashi had just made Jonin and they were to leave on an important mission tomorrow.

Well that would just have to wait.


Moving with a speed only ninja had they reached their destination in under three hours. Even after they arrived they were forced to keep their distance for several more hours. The fires were too intense and massive to be fought even with water jutsus.

By the time it was safe to approach it was dawn. Most of the ninja who had come here were used to maintain a vast perimeter around the crash site. As certain as day followed night ninja from other countries were on their way. Sarutobi did not intend that any of them get a glimpse of what they were looking at.


"A gift from the gods," Sarutobi whispered. Now that the fire and smoke had dies down they could clearly see a gigantic metal construction, a ship, lying in the crater below them. Incredibly, despite the force of its crash it looked to be intact.

"Ku, ku, ku well it's a gift from someone certainly." Sarutobi's most gifted pupil said.

Jiraiya had a notebook out and was busy sketching the ship into it.

"Is this really the time for that sensei?" Minato asked.

"Kid, this is history," Jiraiya said. "No matter what we find in there this is a moment that's going to change the world forever." He scribbled some notes down. "This is going to make an amazing book."

"Maybe we should worry about surviving this before you try and get published." Tsunade said.

Orochimaru turned to his Hokage, his eyes eager. "Shall we go find what treasure is before us Sarutobi-sensei?"

The stern faced Hokage nodded and spoke in a grim tone. "If we should find any living beings inside, whether they be angels or devils, remember we come here in peace. We do not want to make enemies of people who can build something like that."

The others all nodded. The five of them set out towards the ship while all those not out on the perimeter watched them go.


"This sucks!" Obito said loudly. "Why aren't we going with them? I want to see what's inside!"

His masked teammate turned an annoyed eye to him. "This is probably the single most important scouting mission in the history of the village, maybe in the history of all mankind. The only people going with the Hokage are the Sannin and our sensei who is greater than even the Sannin. Why would they bring along a cry baby Uchiha? The only thing you might be good for is bait."

"You jerk!" Obito growled and balled up his fists. "I should knock you on your ass!"

Kakashi looked away unimpressed, he deliberately turned his back. "Go ahead and try it crybaby."

Obito took a step forward as Rin slipped in between them. "Calm down! This isn't the time for this!" As usual she was stuck playing peacemaker. "What will sensei think if he comes back here and finds out you two had a fight?"

"He'll probably think Obito was being an idiot again," Kakashi said in a dispassionate voice. "He'd be right too."

"I don't care if you are a Jonin now you're still nothing but a pompous ass!" Obito shouted.

Kakashi did not respond and Rin managed to calm the young Uchiha down.

Not far away another young ninja looked down at the scout party as they entered the alien ship. "Please be careful Oro-sensei," Anko said in a worried whisper.


Inside the floor and walls were all composed of the same metal as the outside had been. The corridors were well lit and all looked exactly alike. Moving silently the five of them went down the empty halls in quick rushes, each one taking a turn in the lead. They did not intend to use violence, but neither did they mean to be taken unawares.

Sarutobi truly did feel that he might be walking in a place belonging to the gods. Certainly no men could have built a ship like this. It had crashed down from the heavens yet there was not even the slightest sign of damage to be seen anywhere. The lights all worked perfectly and the walls and floors were all without so much as a scratch. Who other than gods could build a ship like this?

At the end of the corridor that came to a shut door with a dark green pad by the door's side. They had experimented with a few of the doors they had already passed. The pad would open the way if you waved a hand in front of it. The other rooms they had opened had all been empty and they did not expect this one to be any different.

Sarutobi ran his hand a few inches above the screen.

The metal door slid open without a sound. What they saw before them was not just another empty room.

"Dear god," Sarutobi whispered.

"Appropriate sentiments," Orochimaru agreed.

Before them was a cavernous area as wide as an arena. The lights revealed a great number of cylindrical glass tubes, each perhaps seven feet high and filled with a honey colored liquid. Below each were odd instruments that flashed different colored lights and a panel with green symbol that might have been words in some unknown language.

And in one of these, the one out before the others, was a woman with long hair floating in the brown liquid. Her eyes were open and she was looking at them.

Jiraiya began to drool but a punch from Tsunade brought him back to his senses.

"All of you wait here and do nothing unless I order it," Sarutobi commanded.

Stepping into the room he approached her slowly and deliberately, his hands open and held out before him. "We come in peace. I am Sarutobi, third Hokage of Konohagakure, on behalf of my people I greet you and offer you welcome."

The woman stared at him, whether she comprehended any of what had been said there was no way of knowing. She kicked her legs and rose up to the top of her container. There was an audible 'click' and the metal that topped the container slowly lifted up. The woman leapt out and landed on her feet as neatly and easily as any ninja would have. She stood and looked directly at Sarutobi and them to his companions. Her skin was dripping wet; there was a tattoo on her right shoulder of the number '00.'

Her mouth moved with an effort, as though out of practice. "You… are… Sa… ru… to… bi?" her voice warbled rising and falling as she spoke the unfamiliar words.

The Hokage nodded, carefully to keep his hands up and in plain sight. "I am," he answered.

"You… are lead… er?"

"I am," Sarutobi answered.

"I… am… leader… of… my people." Her voice became steadier and she spoke with a bit more ease.

"I see," Sarutobi said. "Why have you and your people come here?"

"To… find a home."

"Ku, ku, ku now this is interesting," Orochimaru whispered.


Together the Hokage and the strange woman spoke, carefully exchanging information and coming to an agreement.

The village of Konoha and her people, known as Sekirei, would form an alliance and join together. And to seal this alliance there would be a marriage between this female leader of the sekirei and the next leader of the village of Konoha.

Namikaze Minato.


Fifteen Years Later

"Naruto! What the hell are you doing?!" An exasperated Iruka cried out.

The soon to be academy graduate was hanging off a rope in front of the face of the Fifth Hokage. He had managed to cover all the faces on the monument in a flash. He didn't usually pull pranks like this but Sasuke had dared him and he had accepted.

Naruto was grinning down at his favorite instructor. Despite being one of his top students he always managed to drive his poor sensei up the wall with his antics and silly questions.

"What do you think the Hokage will do when she sees this?" Iruka cried out.

Naruto laughed. "Oh what can she do?"

"Oh my, I can think of something Naruto."

Ice ran straight down his spine. He looked up to see the Fifth Hokage sitting on the bridge of 'her' nose. She had her katana out and it just happened to be resting on his rope.

Naruto swallowed. "Mom you wouldn't…"

"Oh my," Namikaze Miya said. "But I would." With a slash she cut the rope.

Naruto screamed as he plummeted to the earth below. Being able to perform a substitution did no good without something ready to exchange with. Likewise being able to chakra walk up a cliff didn't help when you were in the middle of the air.

As the hard ground rushed up he couldn't believe his own mom was going to kill him just because he'd drawn horns and fangs on her image.

He kept screaming all the way down and was about to hit when a stream of water rushed up out of nowhere and caught him.

It was a bit rough but he would up on the ground drenched and intact.

He was panting and coughing up water when he saw a blonde girl with huge breasts stomp over to him. "Idiot!" She barked. "Why do you have to do such stupid things all the time?!"

Soaking wet he got up and grinned at her. "Aw come on Tsukiumi-chan, don't be mad. Sasuke bet I couldn't do it."

"That's not an excuse you idiot!" She yelled at him and stormed off wanting nothing more to do with him.

He sighed. First his mom and now his girlfriend, women just didn't have any sense of humor at all.