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Usagi Tsukino stirred slightly at the alarm. Why was there an alarm? It was summer holidays still. She didn't need to get up for school.


She tried to reach out for the alarm clock, but her arm didn't seem to want to move.


Her eyes fluttered open, at first showing nothing but a bright blur. After a moment, the room started to come into focus. She was lying on an unfamiliar bed, covered by a thin, green sheet. Halfway down the bed, she saw Mamoru. He was sleeping in a chair, slumped forward onto the mattress by her side. On her other side, she saw Chibiusa, curled up in a similar chair.

The other Senshi sat or lay on couches, all asleep. Why were they all in her room? And why did her head feel so... fuzzy?

Looking down at herself, she saw her arms and hands swathed in bandages, and what looked like an IV in the right arm. She looked at the walls again, saw things on the walls... she was in a hospital. Why-

The memory of the battle hit her then, knifing through the haze of pain and medication. An attack, a ship... I used the Crystal...

She must have made some noise or movement, for she saw Mamoru stir. He looked up, rubbing tired eyes, and then his gaze met hers.

With a wordless cry of delight that woke the others, he was out of his chair, hugging her close.

"So it worked? The bad guys are all gone?" Setsuna made no effort to hide her tears of joy as Usagi was brought up to speed. Her staff... Intelligent Device, the others had called it, had absorbed the lion's share of the Millennium Silver Crystal's power surge, saving Usagi's life as she had saved them all.

"Most of them," said Rei. "The ones still here got taken prisoner and stuff. We finished off the last of the Youma with some martial artists."

"How long was I out?"

"About three days. They couldn't heal you quicker than that. I didn't quite understand the reason... something about your system already being saturated with magic, and they couldn't force any more in for a healing spell."

The girl nodded slowly. "I guess that makes sense. Shamal told me about that when she was training me..." She looked around the room again, seeming delighted that all her friends were here. "And none of us had to die this time. I like it when we save the world without dying."

"It's nice, isn't it?"

"What about Silver Song?"

Rei hesitated before answering. "They spent most of the first day picking pieces of her out of your arms and scalp, Usagi. They managed to recover the core, though, and Shario thinks they'll be able to fix her."

Usagi sighed in relief, laying back against the pillows. "I'm glad. How is the city?"

"There was a lot of damage, but it's being fixed." Rei smiled slightly. "Some good news there, Juuban High was one of the buildings that got totaled, and they don't think it'll be fixed before the end of break."

Usagi managed a quiet "Yay.."

"That said, there's some bad news. They're going to send you to a school that's still standing instead. Mine made it out sadly undamaged as well."

"Not fair..."

"I know. Sorry."

From the door was the sound of a sharply cleared throat. Setsuna glanced over, and saw the doctor, Shamal. "I realize that you want to stay and chat, but miss Tsukino is still very weak, and she needs her rest. You can come back later, but for now, let's please just let her sleep."

The Senshi quietly filed out, saying their goodbyes. Usagi managed a small wave.

Out in the hall, Setsuna moved next to Rei. "I notice you didn't mention that they had to shave her head to get all the shrapnel out of her."

"I figured that could wait until she's feeling better." The miko shrugged. "It'll grow back."

"Yes it will," said Setsuna. And I dare say, it will grow back silver.

Evangeline was sipping at a hot cup of tea when Konoemon knocked on her door. One of her dolls let him in.

"I see you enjoyed yourself during that unpleasantness."

Her smile showed teeth. "You said I could deal with anything that made it onto the grounds, did you not?"

"I did. Still. An interesting day."

"Indeed. I wonder if the council has any idea how interesting."

"I doubt it. I suspect we shall see the normal world become more like the magical world as they begin to study what they've captured."

"And someday, they will find the magical world." Eva's smile was predatory. "I wonder... how will the council answer when asked 'why did you sit out the invasion?'"

Rear Admiral Joffery Hoss held the tumbler of amber liquid up to the light for a moment, pondering it before tossing it back. He grimaced as it traced fire down his throat.

They'd been running hard for three days, as much of the expeditionary force as had been able to extract when everything went to the Ice Pits. Out of forty ships, only twenty-two remained, most of those damaged. His own Admiral Veer was in terrible shape, having suffered the attentions of most of an enemy squadron before they'd shifted their fire to the flag...

Gods below, what had Kallson been thinking? Orbital bombardments were the stuff of bad fiction, something a cackling, flamboyantly-moustached madman would do, not the response of a long-service Admiral to a twist of fortune. Tragic enough to read about in the histories of the Five Sided War, but to actually see it done... he shuddered at the memory. They would likely never know what he'd been trying to accomplish, for the Admiral Ander had been lost with all hands, obliterated by a pair of the TSAB's stupendous supercannons, as well as the lesser weaponry of a dozen other ships.

Hoss poured himself another measure of liquor, sighing. That will be his legacy now. One of the finest admirals in his generation, and all the historians will remember is that final atrocity.

Still. Command had passed to him with the loss of the Ander and he had tried to keep their withdrawal from turning into a route and massacre. Largely, he had succeeded, and he believed they'd lost their pursuers a day previously. They'd continued to run until Siege of Tesephony's drives failed again. It was something of an acid test, now. If the pursuit did not catch up before the transport could warp, they almost certainly were clear. Then it would be time to go home.

It had been a long time since the Republic had run into an enemy it could not simply crush like an egg. He wondered how the politicos and the Admiralty would react.

Yuuno Scrya felt like death warmed over.

The archivist felt like some mad drummer was using his skull for an extended solo as he staggered into the kitchen of the bed and breakfast the TSAB was renting as a temporary embassy, too hung over to manage enough of a healing spell to make the pain go away.

"Morning, Ferret Boy," said someone, far too loudly.

Yuuno paused for a moment, waiting for the spike of pain to fade slightly. Blearily, he looked to the counter, and saw Chrono standing next to the coffee maker. "Thought you were off chasing the bad guys."

"We lost their trail late yesterday. I'll say this much for whoever's in command over there, he held them together." Chrono dug another mug out of the cupboard and poured, handed Yuuno the steaming cup. "I brought my squadron back, checked in with the CSP, and they told me to report to Havelok, and that she was down here."

His caffeine levels rising out of the danger zone after a hearty gulp, Yuuno said, "She is, somewhere. They've got her talking to all sorts of politicos right now, at least until we get a proper ambassador here." He paused, his brain slowly starting up. "A few of the Bradeson ships made controlled-crashes Earthside, and they've been scooped up by various armies and navies. We offered to help clean those up, but they politely refused."

"Figure they'll be taken apart and examined under microscopes within the week?"

"Absolutely. Tokyo authorities have already seized more or less all of the wrecked gear from the attack here, too." He took another drink, finishing off the mug. "I suspect they're going to be pushing hard to figure things out."

"Getting attacked by aliens tends to do that. Still, they've had spaceflight for fifty-odd years now, and they still haven't put manned missions beyond their own moon. I don't think they're going to have anything serious for a couple decades."

Caffeine starting to cut through the hangover, Yuuno cast a small healing charm on himself as he got another cup. "I think you're underestimating what these people can do when they put their minds to it. Their space tech hasn't moved much because nobody's really throwing money at it. I'll bet you anything that's about to change."

"A valid point." There was a moment of silence as both men pondered this, then Chrono asked, "What happened to you, anyway?"

Yuuno smiled ruefully. "In the big battle, I managed to rescue several groups of JSDF soldiers, and helped them take out one of those big walkers. Tied it down with Binding spells, and some nut jammed two kilos of something called C-4 into one of its plasma cannons. The pilot tried to fire anyway and it misfired rather spectacularly. Anyway. One of the squads I rescued heard we were staying groundside and tracked me down to, and I quote, 'buy you a drink in thanks.' One drink became a couple drinks, then a few more squads turned up in the bar and it became several drinks. The last thing I remember is singing karaoke with a bunch of infantry, then waking up in my room here. Damned if I know how I got back."

Chrono smirked. "Any strange tattoos?"

"Didn't get that drunk, thankfully." The two shared a chuckle.

"How did the fight groundside go? I had my hands full up top."

"It was rough. They're still sifting rubble for casualties. The heaviest fighting was near the Imperial Palace, which seems to have made it through in decent shape. I was mostly in town, though. Skirmishes all over the place, lots of JSDF, police and partisans."


"That's probably not the right word. I'm not a military type, after all. Civilians taking up arms, but not part of a militia. Truth to tell I think most of the ones I found were Yakuza or something. They were better armed than most of the police."

Hellboy watched a bunch of engineers wrangle a half-destroyed mech onto the back of a tank recovery vehicle. He shook his head. Well, this is one tech race America's probably gonna lose. The Japanese are the world's kings of reverse engineering.

"I'd pay good money to be a fly on the wall when they take that thing apart," said a familiar voice.

Hellboy glanced behind him. "Hey, blondie. Probably shouldn't be surprised to see a Langley girl here."

"No," said the woman as she walked up beside him, one arm in a sling. "They're bringing in more agents already to check things out. I'm here on... other business."

"Ah. They do give you interesting jobs, don't they? What name you going by these days?"


"That sounds almost normal compared to what they usually come up with. Hell, I am not looking forward to dealing with the jurisdictional clusterfuck this is gonna turn into. BPRD's sending in a proper team, CIA and FBI are already on the ground. I saw Fox and Dana earlier, they came in on a red-eye."

"Everyone's here. I've seen MI6, BND, SISMI, Mossad, ASIS, SVR, CSIS... It's a regular spook convention. Any bets on how this is gonna fall out?"

"Nope. I ain't got a clue. Gonna be real interesting to watch, though."


Revy caught up with her a few minutes later. "Hey Eda, we gotta get our shit together. Balalaika wants to skip town."

"Too many police?"

"Among other things." The two friends walked for most of a block in silence. "So," began Revy, "Why is the nun on speaking terms with a demon?"

"What, a girl isn't allowed to check out the competition?"


Makoto Kino shrugged her backpack into a slightly less uncomfortable position as she left the school grounds. Of all the places they could wind up sending her while they rebuilt the Juuban high school, they picked Furinkan. All the Inner Senshi, save Rei, had wound up down here, and the place was almost as gonzo as its reputation implied.

She'd spotted a few old friends from her martial arts days, but hadn't had a chance to really talk to anyone – between a hundred-odd temporary transfer students and the antics of the regulars(who had to be playing things up for the benefit of the newcomers, she desperately hoped. The place couldn't be that insane all the time) the entire place was crazy busy. Or perhaps just plain crazy. The jury was still out on that count.

Still, things were looking up. Repairs to the city were well under way, and Usagi was out of the hospital. Her reaction to learning about her involuntary haircut was about what they'd expected, though she seemed to be dealing with it okay once she got used to the idea. She wasn't quite back to the picture of health, but she was getting there.

The others were eager to get back to Juuban – Ami to get started on her homework, Minako and Usagi simply to get home. Makoto let them go, preferring to wander a bit. She hadn't been down to this prefecture in a while. And, well, she wanted to take some time to think. It had been a busy week.

In part she was thinking about the battle, and what they'd managed. In part, she was thinking about what was being done now in response – massive international attention on Japan and various world leaders opening a dialog with the TSAB. Outrage from both the religious and scientific communities with the revelations about magic's existence and utility – quite possibly the first time both groups had ever agreed on something.

But mostly, she was thinking about the Senshi.

Oh, they were mostly okay. Other than Usagi none of them had been seriously injured, and they'd saved a lot of lives – saved the day and their city. But the damage all around quietly mentioned that they'd come almost too late. But they'd pulled it off, and looked damn good doing it. She would cherish the look on Setsuna's face when they tore up that platoon for years.

Of course, the Outers were trying hard to get themselves a shot at training on Mid-Childa now, a chance they were probably going to get. That would probably restore the Senshi's balance of power back to where it was. That didn't really sit well with her, though admittedly a fair chunk of her dislike of the idea came from a small, petty part of her soul.

There had to be something she could do, to keep from being overtaken... She'd have to think about it.


Feinting a high punch and setting up for a low, sweeping kick, Shampoo flew at Akane in the Tendo Dojo. The Japanese girl fell for the feint, but managed – barely – to dodge her attack and reply with one of her own. The two battled back and forth across the floor, neither managing any real advantage over the other. On the sidelines, Ukyo shouted encouragement while Ranma shouted advice to both fighters. Nabiki leaned against the wall, trademark smirk in place, but her eyes giving lie to the supposed lack of attention she was paying to their techniques.

Finally, Shampoo managed to land a hefty kick to Akane's midsection, sending the other girl flying. She managed to recover her balance in midair, sticking the landing, but Shampoo was already close enough to follow up and press her back. Finally, Akane's heel whacked into the wall as she fell back, and she found herself with Shampoo's fist poised directly over her throat. With an annoyed grunt, she yielded. The two exchanged bows.

"My turn," said Ukyo as she walked to the center of the Dojo. Shampoo and Akane exchanged glances; with the slightest of nods Shampoo gave this match to Akane, and the lethal chef squared off against the skilled one. She watched from the sidelines, tuning out the mostly good-natured jeers the two fighters tossed back and forth along with their blows, as well as Ranma's suggestions and advice. She had a lot of thinking to do.

The Amazon way was in many respects a simple one. When one had a goal, one pursued it, and that was, more or less, that. Her goal was Ranma. Akane and Ukyo were obstacles to that goal. She'd had several chances, during the fighting, to make those obstacles go away, and with the perfect cover story, to boot. Oh, she'dve had to kill Konatsu at the same time to eliminate any witnesses, but that didn't really bother her. She didn't care much about the kunoichi.

Still, there was the small mater of winning and surviving the battle. At the start, their backs made awfully tempting targets, but she held off on killing them for the pragmatic reason that they truly did need all the help they could get to beat back the invaders. Tokyo wasn't her city, but it had been her home for years, and she'd grown rather fond of the place. So she'd do what she could to help save it, but wouldn't pass up a good opportunity if one arrived once the end was no longer in doubt. But as the battle wore on...

As the battle wore on, Akane and Ukyo's backs were looking less and less tempting as targets went. They had worked together well, and she had gained a new respect for their capabilities. When she'd been hurt, they did not hesitate to aid her, and when the battle ended, the three rivals had come to an unspoken agreement to let their... ceasefire... continue. What it developed into at this point remained to be seen, but for the moment, they could agree to training together and being otherwise civil.

Her beloved Ranma had seemed amused by the idea, and was doing a fine job of instruction. Male or not, he knew how to fight better than any she'd met save the Elders. She could do far worse than to train under him. And perhaps she could turn this to her ultimate purposes – he respected skill, and if hers improved it should also improve her odds of gaining his favor. Even if it didn't, she'd still be a better martial artist from the experience. Great-Grandmother approved, though she wouldn't say why.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the shfff of someone sliding open the dojo's door. Kasumi stood in the doorway.

"Ranma, there are two young women asking to see you."

Instantly all three fiances bristled, and Ranma started. "Uh, okay. Take a break, I'll go see what this's about."

The three rivals waited perhaps half a second after Ranma left the dojo before following, Nabiki in their wake, to observe this conversation. Each had grudgingly accepted the others paying court to Ranma, but nothing in their agreement made provision for the safety of others...


Ranma was aware that he'd been followed – the girls were good with stealth but they couldn't hide their ki – and resolved to do his best to not stick his foot in his mouth. The fact that all three of them were on speaking terms made his life a lot more peaceful than it normally would be, and he hoped to keep it that way. Kasumi directed him to the living room, where he saw the two visitors.

"Hello, Ranma."

"Hey, Makoto, and, uh, Rei, right?"


The two Senshi were sipping tea – say what you would about Kasumi, she was never a poor host – and seated by the shogi board. Ranma plopped down halfway across the room from them. "So. What brings you two here?"

Makoto said, "We're looking to do a little training. We've gotten better training with Nanoha-"

Ranma held up a hand for silence. "Uh, before you go on... we kinda have an audience."

Makoto shrugged. "I trust Kasumi."

"And I trust her judgement," said Rei, nodding towards her friend.

"Uh..." Ranma was trying to figure out how to mention the others without getting one or more fiance mad enough to pound on him.

Kasumi bailed him out. "I think what Ranma is talking about is my sisters and our other guests."

There was a muttered curse from where the girls were hiding, then the four of them walked into the room. Akane, Ukyo, and Shampoo looked slightly confused and a bit angry. Nabiki just smirked. "Ranma, who are these girls?" asked Akane.

Hoooo boy... Ranma thought. This is gonna end badly.

Makoto saved him. "You all helped in the battle?"

There was a collective blink from the fiances.

Nabiki said, "These three did, but I know already."

"Now I'm really curious," muttered Ukyo.

"Good enough for me," said Makoto. "We're two of the Senshi. Jupiter and Mars."

There were two seconds of stunned silence, broken by Nabiki's "I love it when I'm right."

After a brief bit of fangirlish squeeing from Akane, the group settled down some. "So anyway, you mentioned somethin' about trainin'?" asked Ranma.

"Yes. So we trained for a while under Nanoha and it's worked out well. Now, the Outer Senshi are setting up to do the same."

"Makes sense."

"Oh, no question. Still, when the Outers first showed up they were pretty nasty about how much better they were than us, so coming back from training more powerful than them was a really, really nice feeling."

Ranma nodded slowly. "An' yer thinkin' that you don't wanna let them get on top again, right?"

"More or less," said Rei. "It's mostly a friendly rivalry sort of thing."

"Straight martial arts would definitely help, I guess, but yer talkin' about some serious power. I ain't seen ya in action, Rei, but I have seen Makoto an'... well..."

"We're good by normal standards, but not by Nerima standards."

"...Yeah. That."

"Well, what we were thinking was to combine our magic with the martial arts and work from there."

"Wait. You want me to help you come up with some kinda hybrid magic/martial arts style? It'd never work. I ain't a mage, an' I don't know squat about magic." He paused, eyes unfocusing. "I mean, developin' some entirely new style that I can't even use half of..."

The two Senshi exchanged smirks. Rei said, "Well, if you don't think you can do it..."

"Gimmie a couple days ta think on it," Ranma interrupted quickly. "Might be able ta come up with somethin.'" His mind raced, everything he knew about magic galloping alongside everything he knew about the martial arts, looking for ways to combine the disciplines. It would be a hell of a challenge. But he liked challenges.

Author's Afterword.

First off, I'd like to thank the guys who helped me hash out the basic plot. Bido-kun, Nakor_Bluerider, Legionkl, and Nanya were all invaluable here. I'd also like to throw a shout to Vehrec for helping me fill out some of the holes in my Sailor Moon knowledge. Any flaws or mistakes are still mine, of course, but their assistance helped smooth things out a bit.

I came up with the basic plot of Journey about a week after finishing Grand Tour. It went without a title for quite some time(the outline sat on my desktop as 'crackfic2notes' for months) as I am really bad with names. I fiddled with the plot some during that timeframe, but it didn't really go anywhere. A little research was done, and that lead to parts of the plot being discarded and other parts being fleshed out some. I kept meaning to get started, kept putting it off. It was easier to not put in the effort... I work graveyards and thus am damned tired after work.

I was prompted to get started by a short but intense bout of depression. I decided that a good way to claw my way out of said depression was to do something with my spare time, and that the best way to keep myself doing that something was to post it. I'm a total sucker for attention at times, the reviews kept me going.

Overtiredness, a lingering bout with illness, family drama, and severe writers block complicated things later on in the story, made worse by my lack of a buffer. Still, I got it done, and that counts for something, no?

Onto the story itself, and a little rambling. My god did I commit a lot of the cardinal sins of fanfiction... fannon, building on fannon, OCs all over the place, timeline issues, horribly inconsistent update schedule... I think the story still works, but damn. I decided to go with OCs for the baddies simply because I wanted to avoid another round of the 'X could NEVER beat Y' syndrome that Grand Tour suffered from(and admittedly, I deserved some of it). The DRB started life as a very nebulous concept – the description of them in the first version of my notes was simply 'mirror universe TSAB'. They retained some aspects of that – in honor of Mirror Spock most every male DRB character wound up with a goatee. But I struggled a bit in getting a real grip on the characters – initially they were too like their inspirations to make it interesting to myself. I'm not sure what struck my fancy to throw Rule 63 at them, but it gave me the spark to start fleshing them out a bit. In the process a bit of Honorverse crept in as well, as I'd been re-reading that series at work at the time. So Admiral Kallson is Evil63'd Honor Harrington, while Schwarze is Evil63'd Nanoha. Togo, of course, is Nimitz, though if the familiar and the treecat ever met, I would not be betting on the familiar.

The plot worked due to several happy accidents in Grand Tour – when writing that story I wasn't really thinking of where things would go beyond a somewhat nebulous ending. A minor, offhand mention of 'Mages in Whales' established that Negi and co could be in this mashed up 'verse, though I never did much with it. This time around, I seriously considered having Ranma and Negi meet(through the ever hilarious method of Negi miscasting something and blowing off GirlRanma's clothes) but then remembered that earlier plot points, namely the story taking place over summer break so the Inners could be off on Mid-Childa, put the kibosh on that, as Negi and his harem would be off in the magical world having tournament arcs and meeting Jack Rackam and such. I still wanted to do something with them, and while pondering the DRB's motives(they ain't doing this to help Beryl get her revenge, after all) hit upon the idea of having them go after the giant magic tree at Mahora Academy. Eva having tea and going apeshit on some poor unfortunates who actually made it onto the school grounds was a nice bonus. I quite like Eva.

The title, Journey, was another consequence of my general difficulty in naming things. I thought it sort of worked in a few ways, first to continue the 'theme', such as it was, from the first story, and as a metaphor. The journey of life, as Ranma opined to Hotaru way back in chapter six. The metaphor gets a bit strained, but I think it works on some level; the characters all grow and change a bit. Nabiki softens a bit, Ranma learns a bit more about his limitations and how to deal with them, the Outers do the same... it doesn't work as well as I'd first hoped it would, but as an off the cuff, "Well shit, I need to give it some kinda name if I'm gonna post it today" sort of thing, I think it's okay.

One of the hardest parts of working with a character like Ranma is that it's not hard to push him into Boring Invincible Hero/Mary Sue status(yes, I know, for a male character it's more properly Gary Stu, but with Ranma an exception can be made), both of which are a pain in the ass to work with at best and story killers at worst. This is a case where I wasn't helped by the prior story, as I'd established him working on the ability to fly through most of Grand Tour, and that he'd cracked it at the very end. Cracked it with a controlled hover. That implied a great deal of mastery... which was a little too good to start him with for what I wanted in Journey. I tried to portray his flight abilities in this story as a little cruder, sort of like Cannonball in the earlier New Mutants arcs. I'm not sure how well it came through in the text, to be honest.

I also had Ranma work out a few variants on existing moves, and do some rapid-fire tactical thinking. It has been pointed out by a few readers that he doesn't lose a single fight in the entire story. And that's true, though as a counterpoint I'd like to say that he doesn't exactly win all of those fights, either. And he gets the shit beat out of him several times, as well.

Developing an improved fighting style for Akane was an interesting mental exercise as well. At first, I'd thought to move her more or less in the same general direction as Ranma, simply less refined. But as I developed the plot and thought things through, that seemed less satisfactory. Thinking about the character, my demented mind stumbled on her habit of pulling baka mallets out to chastise Ranma/Kuno/whoever has most recently offended her, and ran with it. That's why the mallet handed off to Konatsu vanished: baka mallets are for girls to use, not guys. At least, that's how my strange brain thought it through.

The Black Lagoon part was product of something I dropped early in Grand Tour – the idea of Happi winding up in Roanapur and Hilarity Ensuing. The idea of Shenhua being a secret Chinese Amazon was, well, my first thought about the character watching her debut in Black Lagoon- she's using swords and throwing knives, and she's keeping up with Revy? Damn. The dress and heavily butchered English also reminded me of Shampoo, and thus the notion was stuck in my head.

Writing this was a bit of a struggle, partially due to just how busy I've been at work and the ridiculously tiring nature of working the graveyard shift, as well as some life drama and several encounters with the dreaded monster known as Writers Block. The story was also more complex than Grand Tour, which didn't help. My World of Warcraft addiction reared its ugly head a few times as well, though I managed to shake it off. Four weeks clean and counting.

It took me most of a month to write the final battle scene alone. It was monstrously complicated, with too many factions doing too many different things, and at one point it hit roughly 22000 words and just didn't work. Some hefty editing and several rewrites of scenes helped make it slightly less unwieldy, but it's still a bit long. I'll admit I'm not perfectly happy with it right now, but I can't really figure out how to 'fix' it from its current point. At a rough guess, I threw out almost as many words worth of writing as are in the finished version. For one thing, in the draft version the space battle was much more developed, with several more characters appearing. I wound up tearing out almost all of it, leaving only the parts needed to tell the rest of the story, for two reasons: 1) 80% of it was OCs duking it out, which struck me as poor form in the climax of a fanfiction, and 2) the thought occurred that one does not normally read Ranma ½ /Sailor Moon crossovers for epic, Weberian Space Opera. That said, if I have the time I might take the draft space scenes, clean them up a little, and post them as some kind of Omake here for anyone who's interested.

This isn't the end of the saga. At some point, I intend to continue the other half of Grand Tour's plot, looking into how things develop on the Trek side, and possible consequences for the Wars verse, and the Slayers, and so on. I also have a glimmering of an idea or two for this half of the plot. But it'll probably be a while before I post up another tale in this saga. I have other writing projects to work on, other things to do, sleep to catch up on.

It's been a hell of a ride so far. Thanks for joining me on it.