Don't we all love strange ideas (and OOC-ness)!?

The Last Puzzle in the World

Ever since the Knowledge War, there had been a shortage on puzzles. A ration in-fact. The average family of three could only solve five puzzles a week, not even one for each day. Somehow, even after the Knowledge War, the puzzle shortage continued, ruining the lives of many people over Britain.

Luke walked into the kitchen and sat at the table. Flora was busy making some cake-things. I say cake-things, but they were really living sushi rolls.

"Luke! What are you doing out of your cage!?" she said, gasping at the boy in blue.

Luke kicked his legs from under the chair. "I'm solving the last puzzle in the world! Don't tell the Professor I solved the puzzle to the cage lock!"

Flora sighed. "Fine."


Luke's eyes widened. "The answer is simple! TWENTY-SEVEN! Layton's apprentice saves the day!"

Flora, who was still cooking living creatures, turned around. "What the crap are you going on about now, Luke!? Get back in your cage!"

All of a sudden, Layton walked in. He managed to sit down, before noticing Luke at the table. "Luke!? Get back in your cage! Back boy, back!"

"Professor, I have important news!" said Luke, his eyes filling up with tears.

"You didn't eat your hat again, did you...?"

"No, I solved the last puzzle in the world!"



Professor Hershel Layton 1901-1934

'We will always love and remember him, as a father and a mentor.' ~Top Hat