Chapter 1

"Melody, wake up," said Eric as he patted his five-year-old daughter on the arm.

"Five more minutes, Daddy," Melody yawned.

"But Melody today is your first day at your new school. If you don't get up, you'll be late," Eric responded.

"I don't want to go to school today!" said Melody.

"Melody, get out of bed right now or I'll spank you," Eric firmly stated.

Melody's eyes went wide and quickly got out of bed. Eric left while she got dressed. She took her pink pajamas off and tossed them on her bed. Then, Melody slowly put her on her outfit on. She dressed slowly since she did not want to go to school. Her outfit contained a cream-colored t-shirt with a flower that had orange petals and a yellow bud. She was also wearing blue jeans and read and white tennis shoes.

"Melody, come down! We're going to be late!" Eric hollered from downstairs.

"I'm coming!" Melody answered loudly. She went downstairs. For breakfast, they ate leftover burgers from Burger King. Melody liked burgers but eating them for breakfast? Well, she couldn't blame her father for not knowing how to cook. She couldn't cook, either. After breakfast, Eric and Melody both ran to their black jeep and drove off to school. Eric dropped Melody off and waved bye to her.

Melody really did not want to go inside the school building. But she went inside, knowing that the school bell was going to ring in ten minutes and it was too late to run back home. She walked through the hallway and entered Room 13, which was located near the school entrance. She put her backpack and her lunch bag inside the green locker with her name on it and sat down on her desk.

"Good Morning, Melody," said her teacher Mrs. Murphy. She was a middle-aged woman with white hair, small glasses, and a polka-dot dress. Melody had met her when her dad had signed her up to start school here.

"Good Morning, Mrs. Murphy," Melody replied back.

Lunchtime came. Melody went inside the cafeteria with her lunch bag and sat down with the girls from her class.

"So, what are you getting your mom for mother's day, Anna?"

"I'm going to give Mom a pwetty necklace. Hey, Joey, what are you going to give your mom for mother's day?

"I'm going to give her flowers."

"I'm going to give my mom a mother's day card," Harry said proudly.

"Hey, Melody what are you going to give your mom for mother's day?" Anna asked.

Melody blushed. "I don't have a mommy,"

Anna, Joey, Harry and the other kids began to laugh. Melody's face turned red and she looked down at her shoes as the kids threw cruel comments at her.

"You don't have a mommy?"


"You're weird!"

School ended at three o' clock. Everybody went home except Melody. She stood in front of the school entrance, hoping her dad would pick her up soon. An hour passed and still no sign of her dad. Melody still waited. Finally, Eric's black jeep arrived at a little after four. Melody's blue eyes looked very cloudy.

"Honey, what's wrong?" he asked.

"Why were you late? You're always late!" Melody asked, angrily.

"My boss kept me back at work, honey, I'm sorry." Eric apologized. During the home ride, Melody looked out the window, and stared blankly at the trees they were passing by. Eric noticed that Melody looked crest-fallen.



"What's wrong?"

"Nothing," she lied.

"Now Mel-"

"I said nothing!" said Melody. Eric turned away from Melody and focused on the road ahead of him.

When they got home, Melody went to watch TV, while Eric sat down on the couch and went to take care of some paperwork. He was busy at work and it was very hard for him to take care of Melody while trying to succeed at his career. Part of him thought that he should find a new wife, for Melody's sake. However, that would never happen. His first experience with romance did not go very well and he didn't want to go through the emotional wreck again.

No, instead Eric was going to hire a nanny; someone who could care for Melody when he is out at work. He took out his cell phone and called the paper.

"Hello? Windy Times Inc.? This is Eric Banes. I like to put in an advertisement in hiring a nanny…"