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Tea Gardner and Yami being a couple. They just have issues.


It was the usual rainy day for the fifth time that week and Tea was helping Yami with their trig assignment. Key word: was.They had been taking a break for a few minutes now. Yugi was helping Joey with the "special" math over at the shop so Yami was at her place.

"It truly makes me wonder why trig was invented," Tea said as she lounged on the living room sofa and draped her slender leg across Yami' lap. "It's only to bore us out of our minds until we go insane or acquire some other mental disability." "Too late for it getting Joey," the brunette joked before changing the subject. "What do you usually do-- besides Duel Monsters-- to cure your boredom?" Nothing much, really," the male replied. "I usually annoy my dear jerk cousin whenever possible, but I'm not really up to it."

After several minutes of listening to the downpour that was sure to flood Domino, Yami asked what she did to cure boredom. "Besides dancing? Absolutely nothing. But I have always wanted to try something," she confessed. "And what woul--" Yami hadn't noticed that Tea wasn't lying across him anymore and that she had been slowly coming towards him.

She had finally caught the duelist off guard and got her chance to kiss him. For a moment he didn't react until he was sure what he was feeling was the real thing. Then he began to slowly move his lips against hers. This was one of those feelings he only dreamed about (right next to knocking Seto Kaiba, his jerk cousin, off the top of the Kaiba Corp. building).

As the seconds passed the pair had to break in order to catch their breath. "I've discovered a new way to cure our boredom," she declaired as she leaned on his shoulder. "Me too. But I think we have home work to finish." "we have all weekend for that," she told him as he leaned into her lips for another taste of her sweet kiss.

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