Wolf Boy Yugi Mouto: Yugi was bitten at a young age by Remus Lupin.

He was running, trying to get as far away from civilization as possible. Already he could feel the shift in his bones; the monster was trying to get free. He was tiring, but he knew that if he stopped for even a moment, it would catch up with him. He was entering the park when he felt the changes taking over his body. His screams of pain soon became howls of triumph. The beast had been set free, and it was hungry…

Yugi Mouto ran as fast as his small legs would take him. Behind him he could hear the footfalls of the boys who were chasing him. If he could just make it to the park, he could hide amongst the trees as he always did. Breathing heavily he jumped over a seesaw and rolled into the woods as the voices of the boys got closer.

"I saw the Mouto kid run in here!" one said.

"Then go after him!"

"I ain't goin in there, it's haunted."

"You guys are such wimps; everyone knows that's just a legend."

"Then why don't you go in?"

Yugi held his breath, hoping that the boys would be too afraid of the woods to go in, but finally one was pushed in by the others. Yugi could hear him trampling through the bushes that he had just passed through, and knew it wouldn't be long before the boy would find his hiding place. The footsteps grew closer, and then he found himself being lifted out of the bushes, "Hah! Found you freak!"

Yugi winced, expecting a punch, but it never came. He dared to take a look. Byron, the boy who had Yugi by the color had turned a funny green color; his eyes had a look of fear in them that Yugi had only ever seen in himself. And then he heard the growling. Byron dropped Yugi on the ground and took to running, leaving Yugi alone in the forest with the growling thing.

He was almost afraid to look, but he did, and when he saw what was growling, he squeaked in terror. Its eyes were golden, and its teeth like little daggers. The thing growled again and Yugi did the only thing he could think of, he rolled as the thing attacked, screaming in pain as the things claws raked his shoulder.

He began to run, knowing somehow that if he stopped the thing would have him. He ran without much notion as to where he was running to, only thinking of slowing when the sound of his runners hitting the leaves became the sound of his runners hitting the blacktop. Behind him he could hear the thing howling. He hoped as he crossed the street that the thing wouldn't follow. Yugi had made it to the middle of the street when suddenly he felt a sharp stabbing sensation as he fell to the ground. The thing was there again, he could hear it, and he knew that it had bitten him, as he could now see the blood gushing out of his shoe. The thing seemed to smile at Yugi, as if knowing that it had won. Yugi whimpered in fear as he backed away.

The honking of a car made Yugi look up hopefully, a pair of lights was bearing down upon him. Yugi barely had time to roll out of the way as he heard the crunch of the car hitting the thing. He didn't know if the thing was dead, and he didn't want to stick around to find out. So he did the only thing he could think of, he half crawled, half walked all the way home, only stopping once he was safe inside. In the kitchen there were bandages under the sink, and Yugi did the best he could wrapping the wound, but having lost so much blood, he couldn't stay awake any longer and passed out on the kitchen floor…

End Chapter