I like having Vatican City and Switzerland, they've got to be some of my favorites! Especially the uniforms Swiss Guards have to wear- Where else are you going to see an army uniform like that? Okay, so anyway, apparently the only way a Swissman can serve in an army outside of his country is if he becomes a Swiss Guard at the Vatican. In other words, they can't be part of the UN peacekeepers or anything like that...

Anyway, Switzerland won't be in this one, but the Papal States will, which is basically Vatican City's predecessor, but they had actual military power and stuff. A lot of the popes of the time were either corrupt or just not helpful, which made reformists come about, who wanted nothing to do with the Pope and believed people should be their own judge of the Bible/obey a different power. Martin Luther is one well-known example. Anyway, here goes nothing!

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England looked at Spain from behind his young future ruler. He could see Spain seemed pretty pleased with the arrangement, a hand on his princess's shoulder as their kings signed the engagement, and then shook hands. Spain gave Catherine a quick kiss on top of the head, and then turned her over to Arthur, the crown prince. The young couple smiled pleasantly at each other, and England could feel something inside him melt. They seemed so happy together...

As it turned out, he was quite right to think so, as the royal couple got along very well, conversing in Latin since Catherine didn't speak English. The way they looked at each other was loving, but not lustful. It was a sweet thing to see.

However, it was too good to last. While England felt the fever spread on in his own body, he could see both teenagers struck down by the same illness. And he could only watch helplessly as Arthur succumbed to it, leaving Catherine a widow when she was barely even married.

His current king, Henry VII, was very much upset over the death of his son. Fortunately, he had a second son, Henry. Catherine could marry him.

However, there was one tiny issue with that: it could be considered incest, since she was his brother's wife. Which was why, now, they were talking to Papal States' boss, the pope. He looked over at the other country, whose hands were folded properly inside his robes.

"So, do you think your boss will let them have a dispensation?" England asked, a little bored since there was absolutely nothing to do. Papal States nodded stiffly. "It's likely. Nothing will be harmed by this union, after all, so I don't believe it will take long."

"That's good. Thanks," England replied, sighing a little as he fractionally relaxed in his seat. He knew the Papal States were on better terms with him than say, Prussia, but it didn't mean they were friends per se. The silence followed for a while, until finally England's boss emerged triumphantly, gripping a piece of paper in his hand.

England glanced back at the other nation, then left without word.

As he arrived back at home, he could see Prince Henry was somewhat pleased with the information that he could marry his older brother's wife, and England couldn't really blame him. She was nice, she was smart, and she was pretty. It was to be expected, since she was from Spain, after all, the daughter of the powerful Spanish queen Isabella.

Also, this was such a smart move for them. To ally with Spain would mean it would be the two of them against that frog France, and that gave him all the more chances of defeating him.

However, in the months to come, Isabella's death occured, causing King Henry to reconsider the marriage of Prince Henry and Catherine. Spain was now not nearly as strongly held together with only Ferdinand in charge. It had less political advantage, and so the poor princess was left in a limbo of sorts, stuck here in England without being provided for.

England looked at her, and could feel his heartstrings being pulled at. Here she was, in this bad situation, and she still held her head so high. He walked over, sitting down next to her. "Hello. How are you doing?" he asked her politely. She looked over at him, and he caught something like regret in her eyes, before she smiled at him.

"I am doing well, in spite of my situation. And you?" She spoke with an accent, but it was pretty to England. Prince Arthur had already explained to her who England was, so she had no qualms speaking to him. He nodded back, looking slightly sheepish.

"I'm sorry my king is behaving in this way towards you. If I could do something about it, I would..." He sighed, leaning back a little in his seat. She shook her head. "It is not your fault. And do not worry, it is my fate to be your queen one day. It will happen." England wished he could have that kind of faith in the future. As for now, he was a little concerned. Henry seemed like a nice enough lad, and very learned too, but there was just something about him that made England a little nervous.

For now, he had nothing to worry about. His king still lived, and hopefully would live some time....

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