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England had been right. Catherine's connections were enough to cause a lot of contention from other countries. Namely, the Holy Roman Empire and Papal States had come to visit, and their bosses were apparently very angry.

"I can't believe you'd defy my boss like this!" Papal States raged at him, arms waving emphatically. He was one of the Italian brothers, after all. England glared back.

"I can do what I want!" Who was Papal States to tell him what to do?

Holy Roman Empire was glaring sullenly. "It's my boss's aunt you think you can get rid of." England gulped a little. "Well, it's not like I'm killing her! You can't tell me what to do!"

Papal States would have absolutely none of that. "Of course I can! My boss is the leader of the church, you can't just decide you know better!"

England's lip twisted. He may not have liked the changes Henry was trying to make, but there was no way he would listen to these two acting superior and telling him what to do!

"Yes I can! Your boss is corrupt, and you know it!" England's statement caused Papal States to tighten his mouth into a stern little frown. "He's nothing of the sort, and he's not as bad as your boss!" Which really was a contradicting statement if one looked at it right, but Papal States seemed too incensed to really notice.

"My boss is cool, at least!" England retorted, proud as ever of Henry's athleticism. Papal States snorted. "That's the only thing he has going for him, certainly! England, you'd better stop this madness, or your boss will be excommunicated."

"So? You think I care about that?" In truth, it did make England feel a little clammy inside, but he shook it off. "You know what, I think we're done talking. You can go now."

Papal States huffed, turning to leave. "I was about to leave anyway!" Holy Roman Empire followed him out, giving England one last dirty look before he left. As soon as they were out the door, England sighed, sitting down. He had been slightly surprised, really. Why hadn't Spain come and argued for Catherine? He would have expected it of the country. Though, he'd heard that Spain was having problems because of the death of his queen, Isabella, as it were, and was probably too busy to even think of his princess.

Would this be how it ended for Catherine? Or would Henry come around? It was a question that had plagued England for the past couple of days, as the king and queen had argued in court. Never once had Catherine disparaged Henry, only speaking of him in loving terms, though Henry would only respond coldly. It seemed her fate was sealed.

Anne Boleyn, of course, had been flaunting her victory over the queen, and it infuriated England more. He could not think of a person more despicable than her at this time, bewitching the king the way she did and causing Catherine all this pain.

It all came to end one morning, and England watched as Catherine somberly packed. His heart ached for her, because not only had her own husband sent her away like this, but she would not get to ever see her daughter, Mary, again.

"I'm so sorry, Catherine..." He said, words choking a little bit in his throat. He didn't know what else to say to her, for he couldn't call himself gifted with words. Catherine looked back at him sadly. "It's God's will that I should carry this burden, England. It's not your fault."

Yes, it's that harlot's, England thought, but he did not need to say it aloud.

Catherine smiled slightly at him, putting a hand on his shoulder. "I shall never forget you, England. These years here have been some of the best of my life." She did not need to add that some of the worst years of her life had also been spent here, for that was something that was painfully pricking England's heart at that point.

Catherine's ladies-in-waiting (minus one treacherous one) came in then, helping her carry her things out. Where Catherine would be living, she certainly wouldn't have these women to help her.

And then she departed, leaving England behind. He watched her go, and cursed the day that Anne was born. Now, she would be his queen, whether he liked it or not...

/AN/ Okay, so, naturally the Pope was very upset over the break from the church, and said so. The Holy Roman Emperor was Catherine's nephew, but he certainly wasn't going to go to war over her. So, while she was safe from death, there was no way to save her marriage aside from Henry seeing the light.

Also, I'd like to point out again that England would see this as entirely Anne's fault even though it takes two to tango. And, on another side note, Mary was eleven at the time her mother was banished, and she never saw her again.