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When Dean came back to my apartment later on in the day Sam and I were sitting on the couch watching bad television. Dean groaned as soon as he saw us.

"I leave you to give you guys alone time and you watch T.V.? Ridiculous." Dean complained and I just laughed.

"I'm sorry?" I laughed.

"You should be little Sammy here refuses to have meaning less bar sex so it's been awhile since he's got laid and…"

"Just shut up Dean." Sam ordered from beside me on the couch. I turned to Sam and saw he was blushing and avoiding my eyes. I laughed and he looked up at me.

"You refuse to have meaningless bar sex?" I asked Sam while beaming. Both Winchesters laughed.

"You definitely have a weird girl." Dean told Sam while heading to my fridge, again.

"Trust me I know." Sam leaned in and kissed me. I pouted against his lips.

"Stop making fun of me." I ordered. He just chuckled and we pulled apart.

"You guys are so cutesy, it's sickening." Dean commented with a fake gag. Both Sam and I laughed.

"Come watch T.V. with us. I can't find anything on. You can control the box if you want." I offered to Dean and he came and sat on one side of me, with Sam on the other. I ended up lying down so that my head was on Sam's chest and feet on Dean's lap.

"What is this shit?" Dean asked while starring at the television with something close to horror on his face. He stopped on Disney Channel a few minutes prior, not being able to find anything else.

"Hannah Montana." I answered monotone.

"Do you watch this?" Sam asked with a laugh.

"No. You know me I'd rather be curled up with a good book then in front of the T.V." I answered and Sam smiled down at me.

"Yeah cause you're a dork." Dean said.

"And anyways…" I ignored Dean. "Why would I watch a pre teen's show?"

"Because you're a dork?" Dean questioned and I scowled over at him, and then kicked him in the ribs. "Owe!" Dean complained.

"You deserved it!" I defended my actions. Sam was gone in a fit of laughter.

"Your such a bitch." Dean rubbed his ribs but didn't push my feet off of his lap.

"You can just…" Knock, knock. Someone was at the door. "Saved by the bell." I commented.

"Yeah what did I say before?" Dean said as I got up and went to get the door. I opened the door but turned slightly to say something to Dean so I didn't know who was at the door.

"What that I was a bitch or a dork?" I questioned and looked at my visitor. Edward.

"Both!" Dean laughed but I wasn't paying attention. I pushed myself and Edward out of the door.

"You can't be here right now." I hissed to him in a whisper.

"Why not?" He asked, genially curious.

"Because…" I tried to think of an excuse but I couldn't. What was I going to say? Because I'm sort-of dating a hunter and he and his hunter brother are in my apartment. Oh and Sam might want to kill you. I wasn't going to say that.

"Bella can I please come in?" Edward asked gently.

"No! You can't! It's just…" I started to BS my way through it but then Edward had to interrupt me.

"I get you don't want to talk to me but you don't need to lie. If you don't want me here…" Edward started but it honestly pissed me off. The fact I was already mad at him didn't help any.

"Fine you want to go in, go in!" I threw open my door. "It's your funeral!" I threw my hands up and walked into my apartment. Sam and Dean were looking at me.

"What's the yelling about, Bells?" Sam asked me sweetly. I just pointed toward the door and Edward walking through it. Dean and Sam jumped up and pulled me back in a blink of an eye.

"Bella is this who we think it is?" Dean asked through clenched teeth.

"If you have a brain it is." Dean glared at me. "Dean, Sam meet Edward."

"Bella can I talk to you for a minute, please?" Edward begged.

"Go ahead." Dean answered for me and I rolled my eyes.

"Alone?" Edward requested looking into my eyes. I adverted them quickly.

"No." Sam said forcefully. Edward's gaze shot over to Sam.

"I did not ask you."

"Did you hear that Sammy? He didn't ask you." Dean taunted and I let out a short laugh.

"Please shut up Dean." I requested. Since I was behind the two brothers I took a couple steps forward and squeezed in between the two. I wrapped one arm around Sammy and put the other on my hip. "Edward, anything you have to say to me can be said to them."

"Bella I'm sorry for leaving…" Edward started but Sam interrupted him.

"Yeah you know when you left that crazy red headed vampire came after Bella? She almost died thanks to you." Shock was clear on Edward's face.

"You know about…" Edward trailed off shooting accusatory glances at me.

"Vampires? Yeah were hunters." Dean said with a smirk. I found it so funny when Edward took three steps backwards. I wrapped my other arm around Sam and buried my head into his side to muffle my laughter. He wrapped one arm around me and patted my head, shaking with silent laughter. While Dean was full on laughing out loud.

"Bella you're involved with hunters?" Edward questioned.

"What do you mean by involved. If you mean they saved my life then yes. If you mean one is my best friend/older brother figure then yes. And if you mean I'm in love with one then yes." I answered Edward while peeking at him. He was tense you could tell that much.

"And by the way the one she's all over is the one she's in love with," Dean said and I just giggled a little bit.

"Yeah I think he figured that genius." Sam laughed but then he looked down at me and caught my eye. "For what it's worth I love you too." He told me and I felt a blush rising.

"I knew that." I told him shortly and he chuckled.

"Aw Joanie loves Cache." Dean laughed.

"So you moved on?" Edward asked, hurt. I saw red.

"How dare you ask me that!?" I took a step forward but Sam pulled me back again and I didn't fight him on it. "This is what you wanted wasn't it? Me to move on and fall in love with somebody normal? Well Sam's normal enough." I crossed my arms, now detangled from Sam, across my chest. Dean and Sam were laughing at my 'normal' comment.

"This isn't normal! I wanted you to fall in love with a human…" here I interrupted Edward.

"Sam is human." Cue the laughter from the Winchester brothers.

"No he's a super dork." Dean so maturely added in his two sense.

"Your so funny Jackass." Sam fired back and I had to smile at my boys.

"He's not a human! He kills people!" Edward went on like the boys never talked.

"No they kill things." I defended the Winchesters.

"Things that kill innocent people." Sam added onto my words.

"Things like you." Dean smirked. Edward then growled and my eyes widened. I guess it was my human reflexes that made my heart beat pick up and start sweating. That was how it was supposed to be. Humans were supposed to be terrified of vampires. I never had that reaction before though so I was a little shock by it. What happened to change how I reacted to vampires? Dean and Sam had a similar reaction but not quite fear. Sam pushed me back and hid me with his body while Dean did a mad dash for their weapon bag and the dead mans blood coated machete. They coated them with dean mans blood when they found out Edward was in town. I looked over at Edward and saw he looked murderous.

"Edward stop." I told him. He looked over at me and then straitened himself up. Dean came and handed a machete to both me and Sam.

"I'm sorry. Why are you giving Bella a machete? She could hurt her self!" Edward sounded outraged and Dean just laughed at the 'she could hurt herself' comment.

"Relax when icky Vicky came we trained Bella to fight vampires. Self defense. She can handle a machete." Dean told Edward and Edwards face went blank.

"Did you just say 'Icky Vicky'?" I asked Dean through a giggle. He just smirked at me.

"Yeah well you said it enough that it rubbed off." Sam laughed at that explanation.

"Your such a girl." Sam told his brother and he looked shocked.

"When did the roles switch? You're the girl Sammy."

"Trust me, he's not a girl." I smirked. Both Sam and Dean laughed. Sam pulled me from behind him and wrapped his arms around me, being sure not to hurt me with his machete. Edward growled again.

"If you don't stop growling like a damn animal I will cut your head off." Dean warned completely serious.

"So you wanted to speak Edward?" I questioned him. "No interruption this time." I told everyone. I really did want to here what Edward had to say.

."That day in the woods when I told you that I didn't love you, well that was the blackest of lies. I wanted to keep you safe and I wanted you to have a normal life. You were willing to give it all up for me and I didn't want you to. So I left and I thought I could stand life without you, I really could. I couldn't though. You were the best thing that ever happened to me and I just needed you back. So I decided to come here and beg for you forgiveness and I will beg and I will grovel. I will do anything to get you back." Edward vowed.

"But you wanted me to have a normal life and I have it now. I'm with a human. Why try to change that if this is all you wanted for me?" I whispered quietly, completely shocked. Edward lied that day? He really loved me the whole time? Part of me was jumping for joy because of this fact, that part was the old Bella. The one who would do anything for Edward Cullen. The other part though…

"You don't have a normal life though. You can't. Not when your with hunters. Which I don't ever see why you are. If you were with a normal human I would have left you alone but your not. You don't have a normal life." Edward said and I swear if he could have Sam would be the one growling. This made me pissed. I said I was split in half because of Edward's speech and the other part of me was furious. That part was the new Bella. The part that Sam and Dean helped develop.

"You have no right to come here and tell me all this. That you love me and always have loved me. That you made a mistake and hope that I'll come running into your arms." I ranted, not finished yet.

"I didn't…" Edward started, looking pleading but I just ignored him.

"And on another note you wanted to keep me safe! That didn't work out to well did it? You almost got me killed! Oh and the whole hunter thing? I get that you won't like them because their sole purpose is to kill you and monsters like you but lay off. You have no right to ask me why I'm with them because I could just fire back why was I ever with you? A vampire! I guess I just…" I started crying. "UGH!" I groaned and Sam turned me around. My head to his chest. I clutched to his shirt like he was a life line and he really was. I herd muffled voices but I didn't even try to pay attention to who they were and what they were saying. It was just me, my crying, and Sam Winchester in my little world. And, at the moment, that's all I needed. He was all I needed.