His name Means Shadow

And Slayer…

He is as a ghost in battle, unseen and unknown

He is quiet as shadow, hidden in the darkness against the stone walls

And his fighting style, his dance, flows as a song.

So goes the way of the Helviate line. Those above the way they truly were. Before they were destroyed by him and his new house

The Do'Urdens? Truly? He is a Do'Urden now? Such power in a name.

Does not their name mean Walkers in the Darkness?

Could such a name be a foreshadowing of their demise by his hand as well? Or by one of his spawn?

He is as a shadow, the slayer of many of his own In the darkness of this world.

What made him to be this way? How did he become a Do'Urden? Why is his heart so different from mine?

Zaknafein Do'Urden, we bid you

Tell your tale.


"The elves have betrayed us!" the head house yells to the counsel, banging his fist on the stone, trees surrounding the dark ones. Phyr'Drin Helviate stared on with a sigh. He looked around the room of his stupid species. All they ever longed for was blood and enemies were running out. They had to blame someone for something.

The elves did nothing Phyr'Drin knew all to well. The only thing bad they could have possibly done was mate with the opposite of their race, which was the Drow themselves. But of course he knew his kind to be worse than the elves ever were. The elves were peaceful but were accused of stupid and unreal things. Phyr'Drin stood in front of the crowd.

"I see no reason to have hatred toward the pale ones." he said aloud to the counsel. "What have they done to us?"

"We are different in race." another counsel head says aloud. "they are also plotting against our kind. They wish us out of their forests. The call us evil dark ones. They believe we must be forced to live down with the deep Gnomes in the Underdark, live with the Goblins! We are the ones who deserve to walk with the land walkers if anyone. We are a greater more powerful race than they!" He turned to the crowd of Drow, his family.

"Sit down Phyr'Drin!" someone yelled

"Listen to the Counsel! They know best!"

"If you don't like it, Die with the Elves!"

He stared on for a moment before sitting back down. He, with at least a small handful, would not be taking part in this foolish act. They were his kin, not his keepers.

"We will set up a battle plan to push the elves out of our forests, first the ones . They will not overtake us! We are the greatest species!" there were cheers from the crowd "we have power! And we owe it all to our new goddess! Our great and powerful goddess!" Chants of Lolth came from the crowd and the Head stood with his arms spread out as if absorbing some unknown power into his body.

The only thing he absorbed though was an arrow lodged in his throat. Blood spilt from his neck and he gagged, blood choked out of his mouth and he fell forward onto the counsel's table.

"Elves!" yelled the second head, who would now become the head because of the "untimely" death of the first. "Do you see their evil! They attack us unknowingly! Would we go into battle like that! Go into battle without them knowing?"

Yes, yes you would. Phyr'Drin thinks hatefully. There were minor screams as the Elves came out of the woods surrounding them. Then he saw her behind the counsel

"Phyr'Drin! He is the one behind this!" someone yelled "He told them of the meeting!"

"Do not blame this on one of you kind!" she said aloud, angrily. "Are you all so stupid? You brought this upon yourselves!" she stared sternly at the counsel and two shirked back slightly ashamed as the new head stared her down with his chin held high. Everyone knew that the Elves had done nothing. "We are not blind to your ways. Yes we have been taking the though of sending your kind to the Underdark, along with the small clan Silverymoon. We were going to give you a second chance before word of this came to our ears. Have we offered no Hospitality to your race? Have we not been kind?" she looked to Phyr'Drin "The House Helviate are a good example for the decency of Drow kind. As are Horlbar. If you took after them maybe we would not have to this." she put out her hand and her ladies maid put a document in her hand. " To the Houses of the Drow society. I, Lady Melthea of the Darkwood, Do hereby banish the Drow elves of Darkwood to the Underdark and take the land, that we offered to the dark ones in kindness, back into our possession, naming it Moonwood. If action be taken against our kind for this decree we will be forced to bring the surrounding elfish communities into this and bring around the demise of the race all together." she closed the document and stared at the counsel man sternly. He was fuming in outrage.

"The Underdark? Why must WE live among the svirfneblin?" she smiled at him.

"I would have thought of that before I took such rash action as to plot against the ones who gave you so much. You will be lead to the Underdark tomorrow morning, Take your things and-" she was cut off by a sickening gasp the erupted from her throat.

"ATARA!" He heard a young one yell, knowing it was his. Phyr'Drin felt his gut turn over as if it were being ripped from his insides. Others tried to follow him to her but they were shot with arrows. He dropped to his knee, catching her from falling onto her head.

Drow poison… he picked out the small dart from her neck. It had hit her so fast. So insanely fast…The child who was behind with the warriors ran over to her as well.

"VICTORY! THE LADY OF THE WOOD IS DEAD!" yelled the head. She gasped violently, holding close to Phyr'Drin.

"You… do not have… to go." she told him. "I was to tell… my People that… you would stay." He shook his head

"Melthea, I must." he forced himself to say. I cannot live here. Soon word of the Drow people will reach the ends of this earth and I will not live long." he looked to the child who was sobbing, playing with her mothers hair. She was dark like him but at the same time she had paler skin than he. Her hair was white and her eyes were not like Drow eyes. The were a perfect Lavender color.

"You must… take her then. She needs… her father… Keep her pure and don't let her fall t… your peoples way…" she cringed and he felt her twitch violently. The poison that was used was cruel and torturous… but it was fast. He could barely look at her face.

"Atara." the girl sobbed again. The word burned into Phyr'Drin's mind.

"I cannot. She- she will only be poisoned by my people! She will be made into a lady of Lolth. I can't"

"She.. will be… like her father." the woman choked before going limp in his arms. He lie her body down and the girls sobs grew harder. Phyr'Drin stood up and faced the head of counsel.

"This is the form of foolishness that got us to our fate. Now we will only create more of a war between our people?"

"I do not converse with traitors of Lolth." the Head told him. A sneer covered his face angrily. It took all he had not to attack. Phyr'Drin turned and picked up the child and she buried her head in his shoulders, wrapping her small arms around him.

"Well then I will walk alone with my kin on our trip to the Underdark tomorrow great high one…" He tells him, walking toward the village that his people would soon abandon, followed by his family.

He was the last male to have authority. Then he was sacrificed to Lolth for his insolence in front of the counsel. Soon his daughter took the ranks of House mother under the influence of her remaining family and their want for power in the Drow world in the Underdark. Her name was Matron mother Fleynkah Helviate.

"House Do'Urden's favor increases by day." said the first daughter of Fleynkah, Valdiira. "Lolth is truly taking a liking to them. And now they have their fourth youth. It's another girl." Matron Fleynkah drummed her fingers on her chair in a frustrated manor. They were the lowest high house of the Menzoberranzan even after so many years after her father and mothers death.

"And we have our third youth, a male. Is it really that great of a disturbance? Why do I care about the Do'Urdens?" the daughter smiled.

"Maybe we may gain the favor of Lolth. Maybe we can train the boy, make him great and powerful and then offer him as a master swordsman to train the men of their household. Possibly combine our families and make the greatest house the Menzoberranzan has seen. Rise Daermon N'a'shezbaernon from the tenth house to ninth, and so on and so forth with us at their sides." Fleynkah still drummed her fingers on her chair. She was intrigued by the idea only the slightest bit. She did not like the idea of giving up her title of Matron Mother but she enjoyed greatly the favor of their Deity.

"Zaknafein may be a valuable asset in the future." she looked to her other male son. He stood still by her side. "Zekafae." he looked to her quickly In response to her call. "after your sister you are to take your brother under your wing and make sure he is the greatest swordsman in the Menzoberranzan." she demanded sternly.

"yes matron mother." he said obediently, bowing to her and turning away from her. She stared at him.

"Did I say you could turn away?" she asked him smoothly. He was frozen and couldn't say anything to her. It was as if he was trying to pretend that he couldn't hear her. It only angered her. "Zekafae!" she yelled angrily and he turned to her, dropping to his knees in a bow toward her. He was scared. "Valdiira, take care of him." she ordered. Valdiira smiled widely and took out her snake whip. Fleynkah stood up. "I will be in my quarters, bother me only when you are finished."

She took her leave, thinking of her youngest son.

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