So Wrong It's Right

Chp 1- Guilty Pleasure

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WARNING: This story contains yaoi, incest, lemon, and it's ItaSasu. You have been warned!!!

"Hurry up Nii-San! You promised you would help me with my training!" Sasuke's voice called from downstairs.

The boy that was behind that adorable voice suddenly crossed Itachi's mind as he called out, "In a minute Sasuke! I have a report I need to finish."

Itachi tried to concentrate on the report in front of him, but his mind kept drifting back to his little otouto. His jet black hair and the cute way it stood up, his eagerness at the thought of spending time with his Nii-san, that delectable skin behind those clothes of his. Stupid clothes, always standing in the way.

No Itachi stop, this is wrong! You can't think of your own brother that way, no matter how sexy that 13 year old is. You must stop dreaming of that boy naked…

As long as Itachi can remember, he has always been in love with Sasuke. Nope, not brotherly love. At first he didn't realize it; he thought it was normal for brothers to want to snuggle, sleep, and bathe together. Well maybe it is at the age of 5, but at the age of 13, that's just considered creepy.

Whenever Itachi would come back from the academy, Sasuke would always run up to him and Itachi would embrace him in his arms. Itachi and Sasuke would do their homework together, and then Itachi would help Sasuke train. After that they would have dinner, take a bath, then go to sleep.

That has basically been their routine for the past five years. It is still basically the same except Itachi doesn't help Sasuke train as much anymore and they don't take baths together (no matter how much Itachi dreams about it).

Now, however, Itachi is 17 years old and is part of the Anbu. He is gone on missions much more often, and rarely gets to see his little brother. Itachi treasures those precious moments he gets to spend with him; those are the moments he lives for.

Coming out of his revere, Itachi put his finally finished report into its folder and started walking slowly down the stairs. Waiting by the door was Sasuke with his arms crossed across his chest and an impatient expression on his face.

"You promised you would help me with my training" Sasuke repeated, glaring at Itachi for taking so long.

"And I will keep my word Sasuke. Patience is a virtue." Itachi replied calmly, passing Sasuke and walking out the door. Sasuke grumbled something inaudible, and then followed his older brother.

"Wow Itachi, you're so strong!" Sasuke stated, watching Itachi in amazement. Sasuke was sitting on the soft grassy floor of a forest near their house. Sasuke would watch Itachi as he would demonstrate his jutsu.

"And one day you'll be as strong as me Otouto, just keep training." Itachi replied, a smirk forming on his face from Sasuke's comment. "Now show me what you've been working on."

"Well…" Sasuke said softly, staring at the ground, "It's really not much compared to what you can do."

Itachi stared at Sasuke for a moment, and then stated, "Your skills are amazing for someone your age Sasuke. I doubt that you won't amaze me."

A blush started to creep its way onto Sasuke's face. "Well, you know that justsu Chidori Kakashi-Sensei taught me? I've been practicing channeling it through different areas of my body."

Excitement shot through Itachi at the thought of an electric current going through a certain sensitive part of Sasuke's body. "Alright then Otouto. Show me what you can do."

Sasuke closed his eyes in concentration. Suddenly, lightening seemed to shoot through his right leg and he swung it, kicking the tree to his left. He kicked it with such force that he sliced the tree in half and the upper half slammed to the forest floor.

Itachi watched in amazement at the strength of Sasuke's leg. He knew his little brother was strong, but he didn't know he was that strong. "Wow Sasuke, that was amazing!"

Sasuke started to beam; Itachi could tell that his compliment had pleased him. If only he could give him a compliment like that in bed…

Itachi helped Sasuke try to perfect his Chidori for a while. At times they would burst out in laughter at each other when the other did something silly. It was times like these that made Itachi realize what made his life so special. This went on until the sun started to disappear.

"It's starting to get dark, we better head back if we don't want mother to get worried." Itachi stated, and the two brothers walked together side by side.

"Today I made tomato soup, Sasuke's favorite!" Mikoto greeted them as they walked through the door. "You better hurry up and eat it before it starts to get too cold!"

Right when they reached the table, Sasuke started gobbling down his soup. Itachi laughed.

"What is it?" Sasuke asked his brother, a confused frown starting to form on his face.

"Really Sasuke, a proper ninja eats with gracefulness and patience!" Their father Fugaku growled, taking his seat. "If you want to become a better ninja, start eating more like Itachi!"

Itachi rolled his eyes. "Seriously father, a ninja's strength isn't determined by the way he eats. You read too much into Sasuke's actions."

Fugaku then started on Itachi, "Don't treat the way a ninja eats with such carelessness Itachi. Sasuke needs a good role model!"

Itachi glared at his father. He never praised them at anything they ever did; he only told them to work harder and scolded them for stupid reasons.

"Really now, you boys shouldn't argue so much!" Mikoto glided into the room carrying a salad. "Now eat up! You ninjas must be starving!"

Sasuke then took some salad, putting a lot of tomatoes on his plate on purpose.

"Itachi!" Fugaku said in his menacing tone suddenly, "What have you been teaching Sasuke?"

Itachi closed his eyes in irritation at the way he father always had to say such things, then said in a voice of forced calmness, "I've been helping Sasuke practice channeling Chidori through his body, not only his hands."

"You should be teaching Sasuke more about his Sharingan Itachi! I'm disappointed in you." Fugaku grumbled as he got up from his seat and started walking upstairs.

Itachi glared at Fugaku's sulking form; he always knew how to put Itachi in a bad mood. He knew that if he ever talked back, Fugaku would just start yelling and all that would result in is Itachi having a huge headache for the rest of the night.

Sasuke finished his dinner before Itachi, and he started to run upstairs.

"Thank you for the dinner Mom." Itachi said ten minutes later with a smile as he started to walk upstairs to his room. As he walked into his room, he found Sasuke sitting on the bed. He looked nervous and he was playing with his fingers.

"What is it Otouto?" Itachi asked curiously.

"Itachi…I was wondering…" Sasuke said softly, looking down and still playing with his fingers, "Would you like to take a bath with me tonight?"

A surprised Itachi stood there for a moment, taking in Sasuke's words. They hadn't taken a bath together for at least three years. Then a devilish smile suddenly appeared on his pale face. "I would love to Sasuke."

Sasuke's beaming face shot up. "Great! Let's go!" He took Itachi's hand and started running to the bathroom nearby. If only Sasuke knew of Itachi's evil intentions…

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