So Wrong It's Right

Chp 11- It's Gonna be Me

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Remaining quiet proved to be an almost impossible task for Sasuke Uchiha as he sat in his room, listening to the abundance of sounds coming from the living room. The pitch of the apparent soon-to-be-married couple varied greatly, ranging from explanatory and calm to crazed and exasperating. A sense of victory fueled Sasuke and his sexual longing to prominent levels.

Basically what was happening was that Itachi was explaining to his beloved fiancé Ami that he was about to embark on a mission… in a couple hours… three days before they were to be wed. Ami, being the drama queen she was, overreacted and started yelling at Itachi at the top of her lungs. Although Itachi assured Ami that he would return a day before the wedding, Sasuke knew what Itachi was actually planning; Itachi was secretly planning an escape by having everyone believe that he was killed during his mission. It practically took all of Sasuke's willpower to refrain from strutting up to Ami and yelling "I win, bitch!".

Sasuke got off the bed and decided to go downstairs for a glass of tomato juice. Or at least, that is what he would say if anyone asked. As Sasuke walked into the living room, Itachi's back was turned to him and Ami's eyes were bloodshot and panicked (this girl needs to calm the fuck down). Ami made eye contact with Sasuke, and Sasuke couldn't resist himself: he stared down at Itachi's ass and then looked into Ami's eyes and smirked. Ami's eyes narrowed to dangerous depths, her eyes almost disappearing completely from this world.

By the time Sasuke had walked across the room, Itachi finally noticed he was there and just stared at Sasuke. "Hn." Sasuke grunted as he swiftly walked into the kitchen and got his tomato juice. Sasuke then made his way back up the stairs, fully aware of the grip of Ami's death glare.

Although Ami seemed so helpless and weak, Sasuke couldn't help feeling that baiting Ami wasn't the best idea he ever had. There was a certain aura about her that felt different… it was very similar to the aura Sasuke felt around Naruto when he was in nine tails mode. Ami had never shown any real signs of being dangerous other than her chakra… oh well, it was probably just Ami's constant stream of PMS.

"Hello, Sasuke" A voice suddenly came from the doorway, and Sasuke did not have to turn his head to guess who it was. Ami must have left in a fury and Itachi must have won the argument. Sasuke merely sat on his bed, not knowing how to react and therefore quiet and impassive. Itachi walked inside the room without invitation.

"I'll be leaving soon… and I think this is the last free moment I'll have until I leave so I wanted to say bye…" Itachi stated; his face remained stoic, but his insides were churning. Itachi had no idea how long he would be gone, and the part of the plan that frightened Itachi the most was that he might not be able to see his dear brother for weeks, months, or years maybe, depending on how long Ami decided to stay in Konoha. Itachi could only see Sasuke's back, but his muscles were clearly evident through Sasuke's loose white shirt- they were rippling through, exposing Sasuke's manliness and strengthening Itachi's desire for his star-crossed lover.

After a few more seconds of silence, Itachi started again. "Sasuke… please say something. I can't stand leaving with the possibility that you might be mad at me. I know I'll be gone for a while… but I'm doing this for you."

Sasuke finally turned around, and Itachi was stunned to find Sasuke's eyes watering. "What if you don't come back? What if the plan somehow goes wrong and I never get to see you again?"

Itachi was shocked to see Sasuke's naked emotion standing so blatantly in front of him. Itachi himself was stunned for a moment, and then he walked up to Sasuke, took his chin in his hand, and forced Sasuke's eyes to look into his.

"I would never let that happen in the life span of 20 hokages" Itachi whispered, and he locked lips with his Otouto. Itachi had no care in the world who walked in on them; at that moment, all that mattered was his younger brother, the one person he would murder the entire world for if he had to.

Sasuke readily accepted Itachi's affection, and he swung one arm around Itachi's neck and placed the other on his chest. Itachi smirked to himself as he realized that Sasuke was trying to be the dominant one, and he quickly pushed Sasuke down onto the bed and single handedly ripped Sasuke's shirt off his body.

"I will always be the one on top, my foolish little brother." Itachi commented with a smirk. Itachi had gotten a good handle on Sasuke and was about to rip off his pants as well when Itachi suddenly felt himself flying towards the bed post and lying flat on the back.

"What the hell…' Itachi muttered to himself, before realizing that Sasuke had made his way on top of him.

"Don't underestimate me, Nii-san. I'm not the helpless, defenseless little boy I used to be." Before Itachi had time to respond, Sasuke ripped off Itachi's shirt and began sucking on his neck. Sasuke made his way up and down Itachi's neck, trying to find the perfect spot. At the midpoint between Itachi's collarbone and neck, Itachi flinched and Sasuke smirked to himself; Sasuke opened his mouth and bit deep into Itachi's flesh. Itachi let out a groan of mixed pleasure, confusion, dominance, surprise, and desire. Sasuke then sucked and licked Itachi's wound.

While Sasuke was distracted, Itachi pulled Sasuke's pants down in one tug and placed his hand on Sasuke's member. Itachi then slammed Sasuke's back on the bed post and ripped Sasuke's boxers off with his teeth, looking up at Sasuke's shocked face and raising his eyebrows in a kinky manner. While one of Itachi's hands was holding Sasuke's chest back, the other was exploring Sasuke's sacred area, pausing to stroke Sasuke's balls with a tender touch. Sasuke couldn't' hold back a constant stream of moans, closing his eyes and purring to the heavens.

"You're mine." Itachi whispered. Just when Sasuke thought he couldn't feel any more pleasure, Itachi slid his dick against Sasuke's own and Sasuke led out a cry. The rubbing sensations sent vibrations throughout Sasuke's body, making him gasp. Itachi closed his eyes and kept moving his dick up and down, feeling a huge rush of adrenaline. Suddenly, Sasuke shivered and let out his substance onto the bed sheets. Instead of giving Sasuke time to recover, Itachi shoved his own member into Sasuke's mouth, which was already open from panting.

Sasuke gagged for a moment, and then sat up straighter and placed his hands on Itachi's thighs. Sasuke sucked and slowly moved up and down Itachi's penis while playing with Itachi's balls. Itachi felt such a thrill, and he pushed against Sasuke's shoulders for support. After a few minutes, Itachi finally came and Sasuke swallowed Itachi's sweet substance, every last drop.

The brothers lay panting there for a few moments, staring at the ceiling with racing minds. Sasuke placed his hand in Itachi's, and both boys interlocked their fingers. They both wanted to say something to the other, but they had no idea what. All they knew was that they wanted to remain lying there forever, connected by the mere touch of their fingertips. Finally, Itachi turned his head toward the clock; he knew it was time to go. Itachi sat up, but kept his fingers intertwined with Sasuke's. Itachi stared into Sasuke's eyes, which were still staring up at the ceiling, glazed and foggy.

"You know we will never be able to have our happy ending if I don't leave now." Itachi whispered, stroking his hand against Sasuke's face.

"…Will we ever have a happy ending?" Sasuke asked, his voice sounding faint and faraway. "Mom and Dad will never accept who we really are… if they knew, they would never be able to look at us the same way again."

"If they really love us, they will not let something like this stop us from being a family. We may be a different family than others, but we will be a family nonetheless. And if they don't accept us, then I have no problem taking you away with me in the middle of the night."

Sasuke sat up, still keeping his hand in Itachi's. "I love you, Itachi." Sasuke stated, staring deep into Itachi's mesmerizing orbs.

"… I love you too, my dearest Otouto." Itachi said softly, before reaching towards Sasuke and locking lips. They lingered their kiss for as long as they can, never wanting to break it and let go of each other. Itachi slowly broke away and stormed out of the room, unable to look at Sasuke one final time.

Sasuke sat there for a few moments and sighed, not knowing what to do to pass away the time before he could see his true love again. All of a sudden, a loud thudding noise came from Sasuke's blinded window. Confused, Sasuke lifted the blinds to see Naruto throwing rocks at Sasuke's window. Sasuke opened his window for the first time in months and jumped down onto the ground.

"About time, Teme!" Naruto exclaimed. "What have you been doing all this time, plotting revenge?"

"No I was… saying goodbye to Itachi." Sasuke muttered, unable to hide his faint grin.

"TEME!" Naruto yelled. "I came to say goodbye to you too! You should have let me join… your goodbye would have been a lot more fun, if you know what I mean."

Sasuke smacked the side of Naruto's head with the back of his hand. "Dobe… can you promise me that you'll keep Itachi safe? No matter what?"

Naruto's smile slid off as his face became serious. Naruto nodded, and muttered "Of course, Teme. Take care of my ramen for me… seriously, make sure no assholes break into my house and steal it from me."

A laughed escaped from Sasuke as he nodded. Sasuke knew that having such high hopes for this mission was a bad idea, but he had always been run by pessimism rather than optimism and nothing has ever really worked out for him before; maybe a change of thought was what he needed.

"I've gotta go back.. . but I'll see you in a few days Teme! BELIEVE IT!" Naruto yelled as he thudded Sasuke on the back and then jumped into the trees. Sasuke gave a smirk and shook his head. He started making his way back towards the house when he felt something… a type of energy.

This wasn't just any energy Sasuke felt; it was eerily familiar. However, it felt more irregular than usual. Was Itachi in trouble?

Sasuke started running towards the source of the chakra, nerves shaking throughout his body. Why wouldn't Itachi be packing right now? And why would he be fighting?

Sasuke finally reached an old, moldy shed. He cautiously walked inside and tried to find some sort of light source, but none was available. He effortless produced a ball of fire with his left hand when all of a sudden, the shed door shut closed.

"I hope you know that I do not feel threatened by you in the slightest way. Just give me my brother back and I won't have any reason to hurt you." Sasuke stated calmly to the dark abyss.

"It's a shame I don't actually have your brother." A girly, airhead voice replied. Sasuke rolled his eyes as Ami stepped out of the shadows with a huge smirk on her face. Whatever the bitch was trying, Sasuke would be able to deal with her easily.

"Oh really, Ami? Then why is it that I feel my brother's chakra in here?" Sasuke questioned, taking a couple steps closer to Ami.

"Because I can imitate it, silly." Ami replied, and suddenly she put her hands together and yelled, "KATON- GOUKAKYUU NO!" And fire emitted from her mouth. Sasuke quickly dodged, shocked.

"… And how the hell could you do that? I know for sure there is no way that you are an Uchiha."

Ami rapidly made hand seals again and to Sasuke's utter shock, formed the rasengan. "Silly baby Uchiha, there is so much you actually don't know about me…"

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