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Minato glanced around the inside of the giant tower. The structure itself seemed to be moving, outside the pillars in the beginning room they were at currently. He glanced at Yukari and Junpei, who seemed absorbed into examining it as well.

"Whoa… It's just as cool on the inside…" Junpei wouldn't stop staring.

"But it's just as creepy…" Yukari shuddered.

Minato wasn't paying much attention afterward. He was looking around the premises himself. After they were done talking, he found himself bored.

Minato glanced at Mitsuru. She was muttering something to herself, which vaguely sounded a lot like, "…Must get Roman tiling… in summer home…"

Then, Akihiko caught his attention. "We're going to appoint a leader to make any necessary decisions."

"For real?" Junpei's expression brightened. "…One of us? Ohh! Oh! Me me me! Pick me!"

Akihiko stared. Minato managed to suppress a chuckle. Then, Akihiko turned to Minato.

"You're in charge."

'That's surprising.'

"What?" Junpei glared at Minato. "Why him? He doesn't look like a leader!"

Minato frowned, and thought, 'You don't look much like a leader either.'

"But he has fought them before…" Yukari pointed out.


"That's true, but there is another reason." Akihiko nodded. "You two… Can you summon your persona without any difficulty like he can?"

"Y-Yeah, of course I can!"


"I think so."

"These are shadows we're talking about here." Akihiko smirked. "Without your persona, you're screwed."

Minato was practically bored of examining already, He let out a small sigh, and then glanced to the corner of the room, where there was a dark blue door, like the one he had seen in his dreams. Curiously, he walked over to the door, and rummaged through his pocket and brought out the velvet key. Slowly, he unlocked the door, and went inside.

He saw Igor and Elizabeth, already waiting. Minato walked over to the chair, but did not sit down.

"I've been waiting for you." Igor spoke softly. "The time has come to wield your power. The tower that you are about to venture into…" He paused. "How did it come to be? For what purpose does it exist?"

"Regrettably, you are not yet capable of answering these questions. That is why you must be aware of the nature of your power."

"…About that door…" Minato began to say.

"Only those who can wield multiple personas can enter through it." Igor chuckled. "Your power is unique. It's like the number zero… empty, but at the same time holds endless possibilities. And when you have defeated your enemies, you will see the faces of possibility before you. There may be times when they are difficult to grasp… but do not fear. Seize what you have earned. Your power will grow accordingly…. Be sure to keep that in mind. My spare time will soon be scarce." He paused. "But please, come again of your own accord. I'll tell you then of my true role, the manner in which I can best assist you. Until then, farewell."

"Hey… are you alright?" Minato turned around. Yukari and Junpei were standing behind him.

"Yeah, what's up? You look like a zombie."

"I opened this door and…" Minato stopped in mid-sentence.

"Huh? What door?" Yukari and Junpei looked puzzled.

"Man, are you loco?"

'So they don't see the door…' Minato thought, and then came up with an idea. 'Maybe I can…'

"Uh, have you been nodding off? You seem kinda out of it."

"Dude, you're s'posed to be our leader. Get your head in the game!"

"C'mon. Let's go."

But Minato didn't move. He turned to the door again, and put his foot on the doorknob. 'Alright.' Minato smirked.

"Uh, dude, what're you doing?"

Minato then grabbed the top of the doorframe, pulled himself up and sat on it.

"What the—?" Yukari was staring at him.

"How the heck are ya doing that?!" Junpei was staring too. "What the hell are you sitting on?"

"The door." Minato chuckled.