"…Excuse me, Shinjiro-senpai?"

"What do you want?"

"Can I borrow your axe?"

"…Now what the hell are you planning to do with my axe, Arisato?"

"…It's a secret."



"…No. Get lost."

Dejected, Minato slumped back into his room. He came up with yet another idea to prove his claim. Yet in order to pull it off, he needed something heavy, and that could cut though things easily. No luck with Shinjiro-senpai, however. Ironically, Kurosawa-san didn't sell axes.

'Now what…?' He mused to himself as he flopped on his bed.

While lying down, he pulled from his pocket a navy blue key. The Velvet key to be precise, the one only he could see, and the others couldn't.

"You could try to look for something that can."

"…Pharos." Minato stared at the young boy in striped pajamas. "I wasn't aware that the Dark Hour was here."

"I'm always with you." The boy gave a small smile, as he hid his arms behind his back.

"Yes… I still remember." Minato sighed.

"I'm glad you remembered. Anyway, why don't you try looking for something that can?"

"Like what…?"

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe something. I'm not too familiar with things from the outside world."


"Maybe you need to think a little harder. The thought is sitting somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you know the name of the object you need."

"…And how do you know this?"

"Didn't I tell you? I'm always with you." Pharos gave a shy smile as he began phasing from view.

"…Good night."

"Good night." With that, the boy disappeared, and Minato fell asleep shortly after.

Sitting in Ms. Toriumi's class always gave him a chance to sleep without being caught, unless Junpei would wake him with an SOS to the answer.

'What would I need…?'

He continued to ask himself this question, until class was dismissed. He didn't have any Track today, and Kenji didn't wanted to hang out. Honestly, he didn't feel like hanging out either.

'…social link, social link, social link, social link…' Minato thought dryly about the first time Igor explained that to him. He said that term, about five times in one sentence.

'… maybe I should work on my social links… or not.'

Minato shrugged to himself as he began to walk to the dorm. He saw something leaning against a tree.

"…" Minato continued to stare at the object with heightened curiosity.

'They say opportunity only knocks once, but this just might work…'

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