The Alpha

Angel's prophecy was right…

Wind crept past us as we forced ourselves to move forward. You've got to keep going when you're fighting for your life. Our patterns were scattered throughout the sky in order to make aiming for us that much harder. How we managed to not hit ourselves flying is a mystery but it was mostly the adrenaline rushing and the super senses at work.

I literally felt frost forming on the individual tips of my feathers. Chills were running through me fast but no way was I going to let the enemy hear my teeth chattering. I forced myself to think of roasting chestnuts on an open fire and all but that never really works. Angel was flying to my left a few degrees below. Iggy and Gazzy were criss-crossing overhead. Nudge was holding tight onto Total and was obviously using the techniques from the hawks to my right. Fang and I were switching as well, adjusting the altitude and such to keep the enemy off track.

My breath was moving in and out, not exactly a comfortable objective when the air is freezing cold. "Max," Nudge called out. "I can't hold on to Total anymore!" I heard her struggling in the very tone of her voice. I swooped down and Nudge read my movements perfectly. Our enemies were trailing closely behind.

Total was whimpering like…like a dog. Nudge dropped him and I caught him, my muscles straining once his weight hit me. Note to self: Stop feeding Total bacon. "You are so lucky you caught me." Total huffed. Normally, I'd let him fly but these new enemies, whoever they were, they were fast, and they were pro. But this is my flock here that they are racing. Sure, this new enemy was pro but we were frickin' gods compared to them.

"Max," I heard Angel's voice fighting against the winds. Being on the chase in early December, it sucks. Especially in North America where it tends to snow a lot. "I can't go on much longer." Of course she couldn't, this was a race that even my wings were starting to shake in. I couldn't fly much longer, my oxygen seemed low in the cool air, my eyes were watering, and I'm pretty sure I had some strange form of frostbite. Isn't that why birds go south for the winter?

So here is where being a leader comes in. Either we keep flying, while dodging bullets (the amount of luck we've had of not being hit is astonishing) or we stop to fight these robots/men/eraser creatures with guns. Neither situations were good but my pounding, dying heart was determined to get everyone out of this alive. We were traveling in open areas, the kind where future developments were going to be built. If there were forests around, we could've lost them.

"Max," I heard Angel whine. I observed my flock. Gazzy being about nine now, was holding on his strong face being my tough guy. Nudge had tears forming in the corner of her eyes from the harsh winds. Iggy was now leading the pack. I leveled myself so that I was farther back with Fang. If anyone was going to get hit first, let it be me.

But you've got to save the world Max. You of all people should not die. Ugh, the Voice, wonderful timing as usual. But in my opinion, I say screw the world (I'm sorry for you good people living in it). But if one of these people died right now around me, than I would have no world to save.

Get it?

Got it?


Normally, when the wind is traveling past me, it's all I hear but at the moment, the bullets whipping past us were much louder. So of course, even if someone let out a scream of agony, I wouldn't have heard it. It just so happened that my eyes were locked in on watching Fang. Angel's prophecy two months ago still had me panicking. And Fang, always being silent of course, wouldn't ever let out a sign that he was hurt.

Just ahead, I saw a glimpse of it. Forests, perfect for getting lost in. "To the forest guys, we'll loose them there!" Hope glimmered through the flock. We were stealthier than the enemies behind, snarling and shooting away. Our speed increased and we dove down towards the forest when I witnessed my world crashing.

I took my eyes off him for one second…one second…and that's all it took. Suddenly, Fang wasn't there; he just wasn't beside me like he promised to be forever since the one time we had broken apart. I searched everywhere, up, down, left and right. When I peered over my shoulder, I saw his body rushing to the ground. "Keep going!" I ordered to the flock as I instantly turned around and flew after Fang. Any vision of the flock disappeared while I focused on him. I watched as his body hit the ground, blood streaming through his chest. What was worse was my bird-sight made it easier to see the bullet wound and his open, unfocused eyes. Blood trickled out the side of his mouth and his body appeared broken. Bodies of the enemies crashed around him, one even stepped on his hand.

He's dead, the Voice echoed off in my head. NO! I felt my entire body crumple and die. Not Fang, not him, not one of my flock. Not the one I loved. Tears were impossible to hold back. The freezing wind made them ice up. I was no longer able to rush at him. Suddenly, my enemies weren't even focusing on me. I would've remained there until they shot me down too if they pleased. I finally landed on the ground a few feet between the forest and Fang. I took one step forward when a hand wrapped around my arm.

I swung fast and assuredly. I heard the smack of my fist against whoever's face it was. I definitely broke their nose. "Max!" I heard a familiar voice but it was clouded with pain and it was kind of nasally. My entire eyesight was blurry with tears but I could care less that my enemy knew my name. I kept on fighting, hitting its gut and behind the knee. When the body crumbled to kneel down in front of me, I placed my hand over the neck, ready to scream. "It's me!" I squeezed a bit, hearing a gagging sound. My entire mind was set on getting Fang. "Max, it's Iggy!" My eyes went wide with shock and I dropped my hand.

Iggy? Suddenly, I saw him there in front of me. Oh no, his nose was bleeding immensely. His blind eyes were staring up at me as if he could once again see. I saw a faint bruising on his neck because I squeezed so hard. I thought I told the flock to keep flying. I could tell Iggy was scared and upset, although he was trying his best to hide it, but he was no Fang. "Max, let's go. Before we lose you too."

I shifted my view over my shoulder, the enemies still there but now, they were standing erect and watching us. I heard Iggy behind me, adjusting himself and standing upright. "Nudge has Angel and Gazzy. Just come Max, I can't hear his heartbeat…" Iggy's voice trailed off. That's what did it for me. Not seeing Fang himself, eyes lifeless, and not even the Voice talking in my head made me believe it. But now, three strikes and I was out. Iggy had developed a skill to hear the flock's heartbeats from a father distance and distinguish each of us individually a while back. If he didn't hear Fang's heart, than, what I saw and what the Voice said was the truth. A tug on my windbreaker from Iggy caught my attention and I turned my attention to him by peering over my shoulder. "Fly Max," he whispered, "Please, just fly."

And I did.

The Verity


...What happened?

I heard the crashing of waves, which was strange because the last thing I remembered was flying with the flock. Max had been freaking out as usual about Angel's dumb prophecy and keeping an extra eye on me. Little did she know how much I was focusing on her, because her world was about to go crashing with all the worrying she did. I was ready to catch her when that happened of course.

But then…I fell and pain was erupting through my chest. That only lasted a second though. It was the nothingness that soon followed that lasted the longest. Absolutely nothing but black and the feeling that I was floating. And then, the crashing of waves erupted though my train of thought.

Now, there was the grainy, dry sand on my arms and the back of my neck. My shirt and jeans were sticking to my body as if wet. I smelt sand and I slightly moved my fingers. Still, I pictured a slight darkness in the haze of my mind and then, suddenly, I saw Max.

Sunlight strands of gold that normally hid behind the dark browns were coming forth in the shining glare behind her. She was leaning over me with a cocky grin on her face as if she had just saved the world and kicked my ass blindfolded at the same time. Geez, I loved that about her. I felt myself smirk and in response, her brown eyes lit up. I felt her hands on my chest. "Feeling better?" She teased with a wide grin that made her nose crinkle a bit. I lifted my head and went to kiss her because sometimes with Max, I couldn't help myself. I was just about to close the space between me and her when I opened my eyes and I was sitting up.

In front of me was an ocean with waves hitting over the surface. Max wasn't anywhere near me. There were no signs of Max ever being there. All that I had seen in those few seconds of her were part of my imagination. My head throbbed with a headache but other than that, I was fine. I lifted up my shirt to find my chest in the same condition it had been in before I was shot- full of scars from Ari attacking me but no gaping hole.

Slowly, I stood up and squinted at the horizon. There was no sign of land from what I could tell. Turning on my heels, I saw a forest but nothing more. A wind brushed past me as I made note of the complete isolation I now found myself in. I had gotten my island all right, but this wasn't exactly what I wanted. And what happened to the bullet wound that had obviously been there the last time I checked?

Most importantly, where was Max?

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So you know: The Alpha stands for "The Beginning"


The Verity stands for "The Truth"

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