Chapter 12

Kirk took Spock with him to a nice hotel he'd reserved a room on for their shore leave on this planet. It was large and very comfortable, but the thing that Kirk was most concerned with in the room in this moment was the bed. He'd expressed his love to Spock in front of their closest friends, and now he wanted to express it solely to Spock in the most personal and meaningful way that he could.

"This room must have necessitated a great portion of your income to acquire. It was not necessary- " Spock started saying as he looked around the nice room, but Kirk quickly cut him off with a grin and soft, affectionate words.

"No, I didn't have to do it, but I wanted to make you feel good. And what am I going to do with all my credits while I'm stuck on the Enterprise the whole time anyway?"

"I suppose there is a kind of logic to your actions this time." Spock said, a tiny smirk coming to his lips.

Kirk smirked and then he quickly pulled Spock into his arms, whispering, "C'mere."

Spock let himself be moved and he settled his head in the crook of Kirk's neck and shoulder with a soft sigh. Kirk reached up to stroke the back of Spock's head with a tenderness he was still getting accustomed to, not in the habit of showing romantic affection with anyone much. He supposed that it wasn't only due to his not wanting to get tied down, but he really never found anyone before Spock that he wanted to share that with.

Finally, he tilted Spock's chin upward and took his lips in a soft kiss, not rushing or being demanding…just wanting to show his appreciation for the other.

"I want us to make love this time, Spock…" Kirk breathed into the other's ear as he began to place tender kisses on his neck, "I don't just want to fuck."

Not wasting any time, he gently led the other to the bed and urged him to lay down on it. When he carefully got on next to Spock, he realized that the bed was rather comfortable. He smiled to himself and decided that this room was worth every credit.

"Just relax, okay?" Kirk said, leaning down to kiss Spock softly on the cheek and begin to work his way downward.

"But Jim…I would like to pleasure you as well…" Spock said in a soft protest, but he made no move to get up or stop Kirk's kisses.

Kirk just smiled and shook his head, speaking as he pulled Spock's shirt over his head, "You've done enough, Spock…I need to do this for you."

There was no further argument from Spock as he helped Kirk get his own pants off, leaving him just in his underwear on the bed with his arousal very obvious at this point. Kirk didn't rush this time, just taking his time to kiss Spock down his chest, stopping at a nipple to take it into his mouth to tease softly.

The soft noise he was rewarded with fueled his movements and he increased the pressure a little, not stopping until he felt and heard Spock's breath coming out in soft gasps. Kirk then began to move his lips down the other's stomach while his hands then began to move up Spock's thighs.

The movement caused Spock to arch himself into Kirk's lips and moan, and the unrestrained sound from the usually very uptight Vulcan made Kirk shiver. He decided that he needed to get Spock to do this more, and so he leaned back over Spock, rubbing him through his underwear as he locked lips with him again.

Spock groaned into Kirk's mouth and ran his hands up the Captain's back, using his hands to begin pulling off his shirt. Kirk agreed with this, and he helped pull off his clothes so that he was only in his underwear as well, shivering again when he felt their skin rubbing together.

Spock's hot skin was setting his on fire, and that was just the way he liked it. He moved against Spock at an agonizingly slow pace and he whispered into his ear, "I want you to take me…I want you to feel good."

Spock shuddered under his body and under his kisses and he gasped, "Yes, t'hy'la…my most cherished one…"

Kirk smiled lovingly at Spock and then he moved down to slowly get off him, and then he removed Spock's underwear finally, bending down to kiss the tip of his arousal and to lick away some of the pre-come that had gathered there. Smirking lightly, he pushed down his own underwear, and then changed their positions on the bed so that he was lying down and Spock was propped over him.

Kirk felt those dark, intense eyes taking him in slowly, and he couldn't help but moan under the scrutiny. Kirk's hand shot out to the bedside table to grab the lubrication he had left there in preparation for this event, and then he handed it to Spock.

Spock leaned down to kiss Kirk's forehead and he whispered almost too quietly to be heard, "Jim…"

Kirk felt his face reddening at the look of love and trust Spock was giving him, and he smiled back, feeling more warmth inside himself than he ever thought possible. Never looking away from him, Spock got a liberal amount of the lube on his hands and gently began to prepare him.

After a few moments of this, Kirk couldn't take it anymore, wriggling on the bed as he softly whined, "Spock…I'm ready…please…"

Spock quickly used his other hand to prepare himself and then he positioned himself to enter Kirk as comfortably for both of them as possible and Kirk took in a sharp breath when Spock worked his way completely inside. He held on tightly to Spock and just savored the feeling for a moment before he allowed the other to move.

Spock made sure to make each movement slowly, no matter how much both of them wanted to hurry it along, this whole moment between them symbolic of their new devotion to each other. This delicious torture continued for longer than Kirk thought he could stand, but the minute that Spock reached forward to stroke him in time with his thrusts, Kirk knew he was lost.

"I…Spock…I'm so-please!" Kirk moaned and begged shamelessly, angling his hips differently so that Spock could get even deeper.

Kirk assumed he was persuasive enough as Spock suddenly increased the speed and force of his thrusts, soon earnestly banging into him, now wanting to bring both of them to completion. Kirk found that he couldn't last for long now, arching his back and crying out loudly as he came, which then brought Spock over the edge as well.

Kirk gasped for breath as he sank into the bed, holding tightly to Spock as they recovered together. Finally, he spoke when he was able to again, "Oh, god…that was amazing…"

Spock just gave him a half smile as he was bringing his own breath under control and gave him a soft kiss on the neck in response. When the both of them had calmed down sufficiently, Kirk pulled Spock to a more comfortable position next to him and put his arms around him.

He nuzzled his cheek into the top of Spock's head and he murmured, "You know, I want to marry you, obviously…but I want more than that. I want you to bond us."

This caused Spock to sit up slightly and give him a surprised look, saying, "Jim…such a bond is not to be entered into lightly. Our minds will forever be one after that moment."

Kirk just gave him a small smile and countered, "But you do want that kind of bond with me, don't you? You have for a while."

Spock shook his head and said, "What I want is irrelevant until you understand the consequences of such a bonding between us. Could you share all of yourself with me? From that time, there would be no more secrets between us either."

Kirk silently contemplated what Spock told him and said, "Yeah, I think I can."

"Do not enter this without thought, Jim. I do desire all of you, but I am only ready to take what you are willing to give me." Spock said, not wanting to go ahead with something Kirk could easily regret at a later time.

"After everything you've put yourself through for me, how would I feel any different even if I thought about it for a while? I do want forever, and since I don't think there is a better way to show you that I am yours, this is what we have to do." Kirk said with determination, giving Spock a very affectionate look.

"If you are certain." Spock said, raising his hand and putting it on Kirk's at the meld points on his face.

Kirk gasped as he felt Spock's consciousness diving into his own, and he was reminded of the meld he had shared with Spock Prime.

Jim…let your consciousness mix with mine…Kirk heard Spock's voice, and then he saw an image of Spock in his mind.

He suspected this was his mind's way of trying to make sense of this whole experience, and so he walked forward and touched the face of the image. The sensations that the contact produced were quite powerful, and he felt himself shivering at the intensity. He could tell that those feelings weren't just his own, but Spock's as well.

The other's mind didn't feel scary or alien at all…it felt like it was meant to be there, and so he pulled the image of Spock into his arms to give it a tight embrace.

Spock…I…I've never felt like this before…Kirk thought, this whole experience taking his breath away.

This is a Vulcan life bond. Spock explained, kissing Kirk slowly and sensuously down the neck.

Their minds and souls wound tighter and tighter, leaving Kirk gasping as he couldn't tell which was which anymore. He could feel everything Spock was feeling, as he was sure Spock could feel the same from him.

We are now one, my t'hy'la…Spock thought to him warmly, Kirk getting the distinct feeling that the other was smiling at him.

I wish we did this sooner…I wish I wasn't so stupid earlier…Kirk thought to Spock in some sadness.

Do not think further on it, Jim. All is forgiven. And with those thoughts from Spock, the other sent over feelings of comfort and love as well, and this really did help alleviate the guilt he felt over it.

After a few more moments, Spock pulled himself out of the meld, but Kirk could still feel the other's presence in his mind, and he liked it. He pulled the other close to cuddle again, and he thought to the other, I will never let you feel unloved from this time forward, Spock. I promise you.

And I will hold every moment with you close to my heart. Spock thought back.

This made Kirk grin and he spontaneously locked Spock in a passionate kiss.

"Forever…" he whispered as he met eyes with Spock with the smile still touching his lips.

All he needed was the small smile that Spock gave in return, and he swooped in with another kiss.

* * *