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It is a place that dwells in the memory who still dream of its ancient glory...

A world revered for its beauty, mystery and danger...

On a planet of endless adventure, such a land is known as El-Hazard...

When two hearts are joined together…

Even across the breadth of a thousand million nights...

The holy contract shall be sealed...

Imagination will guide the way...

Thus the Stairway to the Sky...

The gates of El-Hazard will always be open to you.


Ghostface211 presents...

Yet Another Dragon Ball/ El-Hazzard Crossover

Nights over Roshtaria

Night 1: Drawn in to the Kingdom of Mystery.

Son Goten's new adventure.


Dragon Ball Timeline is slightly after the epilogue

El-Hazard base is The Wanderers


Spring doesn't just arrive in downtown Satan City, it explodes. It's not just the warm breezes rolling off the ocean, or the parks eruption into color; it's the attitude that makes the season. And spring was an attitude infection that had spread instantaneously across the city as well as it's schools.

The many students of Orange Star High School could attest to this fact as they prepared for the upcoming annual spring festival en mass. Booths went up in the school's entrance, posters were put upon walls promoting the clubs events for the festival, and students allowed the season to infuse them with a level of energy not normally present during the school year.

Of course, no one said that energy was infinite.

"Get your boxed lunch from me! Delicious boxed lunches for sale! Delicious and nutritious! High in protein, fiber, and minerals!"

And a young lady looked to take advantage of the situation. The teenage girl is a cutie, that can not be denied. Demure, with neck length orangish-red hair and a petite frame. Clad in tennis shoes, denim jeans and a simple white tank top with an unbuttoned Polo T-shirt over it and a jean jacket over that, one Jinnai Nanami looked every inch the typical high school girl with an interest of making as much Zeni as possible.

Handing off the boy his bento, Nanami counted the Zeni she had collected so far. She nodded as a smile grew on her face. "Real good! Hey, not bad! Things are starting to look up!"

At that moment a young man walked up behind the young entrepreneur. "Hey Nanami-chan! Working as hard as usual I see."

Nanami turned to the voice and let off a bright smile as the person entered her vision. "Hey Son-Kun!"

Son Goten returned her smile with a goofy grin of his own. The boy was a good head taller than her with a mess of spiky black hair that was shoulder length. He wore a orange T-shirt and a denim jacket over it with the Orange Star lapel near his right breast. Blue carpenter jeans and brass-toed boots completed the outfit. "So, what's going on? How's business?"

Nanami held out the zeni for him to see. "How do you think? I'm making a killin'!" She then put the money away and looked shyly around Goten. "Hey, you happened to see you-know-who around?"

Goten sighed as he knew who she was talking about. "Ah... your true beloved. Nope, not a sign of Trunks all day."

Nanami pouted, pulling out a bento box. "Ohh, and we were supposed to have lunch together today..."

"Speaking of... Wow, this looks great! Thanks Nanami!" Goten said as he took the bento box and began eating the delicious meal within.

Nanami smiled and extended a hand out to Goten, "Five hundred zeni please!"

Goten stopped eating and looked at Nanami in surprise, "What?"

Nanami shrugged and smiled. "Hey. A girl's got to make a living, right?"

Goten grumbled as he pulled out the money and placed it in the girl's hand, "Man, you don't treat Trunks like that."

She shrugged as she counted the money, "But that's 'cause he's gorgeous, so he always gets a lunch for seventy five percent off!"

Goten gave her a half-lidded gaze. "And I only get it at half-off. So what am I, chopped liver?"

Nanami returned his gaze with a smirk. "Nah, just a playboy."

He gasped in mock hurt, "Nanami that hurts! What proof do you have that I, mere young Son Goten, am a playboy?"

She raised an eyebrow, "What about Kokoro?"

Goten jerked slightly before averting his gaze away, "Ah... well we decided we just weren't compatible, that's all."

She crossed her arms and walked up to him, "Same thing with Sara?"

Goten gurked and scratched his cheek, "Well... that was... kinda complicated..."

"And what about Ryoko?" She poked his chest angrily, "She's still mad at me that you dumped her!"

He groaned, "Oh, come on Nanami! I said I was sorry about that! Besides, my dad put me in the Budokai! I tried to re-arrange it, but she was goin' nuts on me about it!"

She sighed and nodded in agreement, "Yeah, she can be a drama queen about things sometimes. Still... at this rate it won't be long 'till you do get that kind of rep, Son-kun."

"It's not like I'm tryin' to string these girls along, y'know. I just..." He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, "I guess I'm just to picky for my own good right now."

"So like a typical guy and yet not." She smiled softly and patted the boy's head, "Well don't worry, you'll find you that someone just for you yet."

He smiled back at his friend, "And if I don't?"

"Then big sis Nanami will find you one or die trying!"

His eyes narrowed, "You mean like Ryoko?"

Nanami noogied him in response, "Do you really want to pay the full price for making me look bad at matchmaking?"

He grinned and put up his hands in a warding gesture, "Ah! Quit it! Quit it! I'm sorry, I'm sorry!"

She stopped nooging her friend, giving him a pleased smile, "Much better."

"Look alive there! That should be unpacked by now!"

The duo blinked as a scruffy looking man in a brown jacked, orange button shirt, blue track pants and sandals. He ran a hand through his mop of brown hair as he directed students in placing decorations and various stands for the festival.

Goten rose an eyebrow at the spectacle, "Huh. Well, Mr. Fujisawa seems to be in rare form today."

Nanami nodded in agreement, "It's that time of the year, I guess."

"Hey! What are you doing? You can't put that thing in front of my window!"

Goten blinked as Nanami turned and walked away from him, "Huh? Where're you goin' Nanami?"

Nanami turned back to smile at him while walking backwards, "Oh, just to see if you-know-who is you-know-where. He probably forgot about lunch again. I'll see you after class, ok?"

Goten just waved back as she disappeared from his sight, "Heh, someone's got it bad I guess. Trunks, you lucky dog, you."


"This meeting is to decide what is to be done with the recent compromises and poor decisions concerning the school's festival. There is no excuse. School President Jinnai, what do you have to say for yourself?"

The young man who the question was addressed towards simply sat in his chair with his eyes closed legs crossed, and a smug smile plastered upon his face. His posture, well groomed hair and impeccable dress practily oozing his believed superiority. Yes, Katsuhiko Jinnai knew his position in life. To bear the heavy burden of lording over the little people of the world. However, there where times when one simply had to appease the worries of the peons before returning to his...

Calmly, he opened his eyes and addressed the boy who addressed him, "Yes, I'm aware that there were some... minor compromises. But I assure you that the situation is well at hand. You have no need to worry the festival money problem will be..."

Before he could finish, the students stopped him with their arguing. His lips formed a thin line, but he otherwise retained his calm demeanor.

A young girl spoke up next, "The money, Mr. Jinnai, is precisely why we have called yet another special meeting."

"I suggest you question the previous president."

The girl slammed her hands down upon the table," Quiet! You hold yourself to be innocent?"

Jinnai began to grow irritated at the conversation, but continued to keep his cool façade. "Absolutely innocent! These are merely moves made to ruin my reign as your new president!"

The boy who first addressed Jinnai rubbed his forehead in irritation, before reaching for a stack of papers underneath him. "And those obviously forged documents just appeared out of nowhere?" He slammed them down on the table for emphasis.

"Those papers don't have MY name on them, do they?"

"We believe those papers were altered. Can you offer any proof that they were anything other then that? Well, President Jinnai?"

A vein popped upon Jinnai's forehead, "Those papers prove my very innocence."

Another argument ensued between the student council. Jinnai blinked in bewilderment as the group resembled hens clucking more than any student council at the moment. He then composed himself and slammed his hand on his desk hard enough to re-capture the groups attention. "All of you, shut up! I'm innocent, you hear!?"

The room turned deathly silent. The students all slowly turned to the slightly aggravated Jinnai. Jinnai straightened up and put his hands on his hips.

"And even if I wasn't, you're ordered to treat me like I am! Did you forget that I am the president of the proud Orange Star High School? My reign is supreme and I rule over you all! You're merely little bugs who should pray that I don't crush you under my royal feet! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"


In another part of school, one student was away from the infectious air of the fair and unaware of the developing drama of the student council. The boy in the room, if one could call it that at this point, was hard at work on one of the main drawing points of this year's school fair with a rare flair of grit and determination. He wiped his nose as he finished connecting a few wires together.

"Annnd... there! That should do it."

Trunks smiled as he looked at the various wires and coils stringed around and connected in the science room. While it might have been possible to make this device in short work with his saiyan abilities, there was quite a bit of satisfaction to be had in taking his time building this device. It allowed him to clear his head and think as well as work out the various nuances and improvements to his experiment. "Not bad at all, if I do say so myself. Looks like I'm just about finished finally."

His eye caught sight of his jacket sitting atop a chair, looking directly at the logo of Capsule Corp. displayed proudly and prominently. He sighed as his mind drifted back to a conversation he had had with his mother before the Tenkaiichi Budokai. Bulma had hinted at it before but now she had finally had her first adult talk with him about succeeding her in becoming the head of Capsule Corporation. It made sense considering the world had been at peace and all, but still it would be nice if he had a say in the matter at least.

"Hey! Trunks-chan! Hey T-Chan! It's me!"

Trunks blinked and looked to the door as Nanami's voice shook him out of those thoughts. Of course that brought him to a new train of thoughts. Namely, that his mother had seemed to decide that Nanami would make a fantastic wife for her baby boy. While he had been friends with the Jinnai daughter not as long as Goten, he considered her one of his absolute best friends.

Of course, things had started to get complicated as they had grown older, and he was becoming more aware that Nanami had developed feelings for him. The only problem was that he himself was unsure on how he felt about that. And neither his mother nor Goten were exactly helpful on that front as even Goten seemed to think that the two were a match made in heaven. Trying to play matchmaker between the two at any opportunity he could. It'd be even more aggravating if not for the fact that his life long friend had nothing but the best intentions in mind for them both.

The young half-saiyan sighed and put on a pleasant smile for his friend, putting those thoughts aside for the moment. "Hey Nanami, what's up?"

Nanami pouted, "What's up? Oh, darn you! You forgot lunch today and now I suppose you forgot you said you'd walk me home tonight too?"

Trunks blinked, "Did I say I would do that? I'm sorry, I guess I did forget."

"Humph. 'I forget.' You forgot all week long!"

Trunks smiled, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I won't forget again, ok? Now how can I make it up to you?"

Nanami pulled out a bento and handed it to her friend, "Well, for starters you could take this."

"Wow, this looks great! Thanks Nanami!" Trunks said as he took the bento box and began eating the delicious meal within.

Nanami smiled as she sat down in front of Trunks and opened up a thermos. The half-saiyan nodded in thanks as he continued to wolf down the food. She looked around at all the various coils and wires strewed about the room, "So, how much longer will you be, T-chan?"

Trunks gulped down his bento and sighed as Nanami handed him the thermos cup filled with green tea, "Hmm... T-chan? Would you cut it out with that already? We're in high school, you know?"

Nanami pouted again, "But... it's your name. Your name's Trunks, right T-chan?"

Trunks simply groaned in response, "At least could you call me by my first name? I'm not a little kid y'know."

"Even if you tell me that, you'll still be my T-chan y'know." She smiled sweetly at the young Capsule Corp. heir.

Trunks simply turned away from her to hide his embarrassed blush. "Geez..."

"Hey, lovebirds!"

Trunks groaned at the latest entrant, "Don't call us that, Goten!"

Goten simply gave a goofy smile in response at his childhood friend, "Guess I interrupted private time between you and the misses, huh? Maybe next time you'll leave a 'Do not disturb' sign on the door, huh?"

Trunks and Nanami both blushed at Goten's jibe, causing Goku's youngest son to chuckle a bit. "I hope you didn't just come up here to mess with us, Son-kun." Nanami grumbled.

Goten put his hands up in a warding gesture, "Easy, easy there Nanami. Just came to let ya both know that the school news crew's on their way up here to interview your husband. Also-"


"Little Mr. Sunshine's on his way here to." Goten finished. He turned around to find Katsuhiko glaring up at him. He frowned in response, "What're you gonna whine about now, Mr. President?" saying the title in a exasperated tone.

"Shut up, Son!" he barked back.

Nanami sighed as Trunks pinched the bridge of his nose in irritation, "What do you want, Jinnai?"

Katsuhiko frowned deeply and pointed at the teal-haired saiyan, "You must address me as "Mr. President" or "President Jinnai"!"

Trunks felt a headache coming on as he groaned, "How 'bout I don't and say I did? Will you get to your point then?"

The elder Jinnai grumbled, but complied this time. "You're making too much noise with this crazy experiment of yours. You're breaking school regulation!"

"And yet, here I stand with permission."

"No one gave you permission to disturb the entire school with all this racket!"

Trunks folded his arms and leveled a glare at the school president, "It's not noisy. Besides, you're making ten times more noise with all that needless yelling."

Jinnai growled and clenched a fist, "How dare you talk like that! To me! And how dare you undermine my authority!" He blinked and looked at his hand as an epiphany seemed to suddenly hit him, "That's it isn't it?"

The trio looked at the school president in confusion, "What's it?" Nanami asked her brother.

Jinnai looked up and pointed at Trunks, "That's it! This is another one of your attempts to manipulate the student council!"

A pause.

Trunks gave Jinnai a flat look, "What."

Jinnai nodded to himself, "Very clever! But it's just isn't clever enough! You can't fool me Trunks!"

Trunks sighed and looked at Nanami, "What exactly is he on that he'd come up with this?" He asked, pointing at the girl's elder brother.

She raised an eyebrow in response, "You really don't pay attention to anything outside the lab, do you?"

He frowned, "What's that supposed to mean?"

She giggled before turning towards her brother and giving him a smirk, "The Council wants him kicked out, and he's pinning the blame on everything under the sun except his incompetent self! My brother is just simply losing his mind!"

Trunks' eyes widened and nodded knowingly, "Ohhhh... so he's just being stupid like always." He smiled as Nanami nodded affirmatively.

Jinnai turned to Nanami, giving a hurt look, "So, now even YOU have turned against me, Nanami."

She rolled her eyes in response, "Right! Because I was with you in the first place!"

Her big brother glared in response before pointing a finger at Trunks, "I demand that you stop this dangerous experiment at once! As class president of Orange Star High School, I hereby command it!"

Trunks snorted, "You must be joking. No. I've got everyone's permission."

"You don't have my permission! And I'm not giving it either! Unless you stop this instant, I'll see to it that all the funding for the science club is revoked forever and forever!"

Trunks almost laughed, "I don't need your permission. 'Sides, I'm paying for all this outta pocket. All you'd do is give the council more reasons to kick you outta office." A vein popped on Jinnai's head, and Trunks just gave him a smug smirk. "Now if you're done havin' your mini melt down here, you can see yourself out. Have a good day."

Jinnai contained a scream as he turned on his heel and stormed out of the room. Goten laughed softly as he heard the dwindling footsteps of the student president, "Man... that dude's crazy."


Jinnai sat in the student council's office, frowning as he watched the TV in front of him. His eyes were doing their best to bore a hole into the set as he saw one of the two people in his life he hated the most.

And no, it's not the reporter...

"Welcome back to the cultural festival news report! Today, it's a special "whose who" of Orange Star High School. Our first guest is Trunks Briefs, the leader of the science club and son of the current president of Capsule Corporation!"

Trunks waved to the camera, "Uh, hi. What's up?"

Jinnai snorted, "Humph, camera hog."

"The project he is spearheading for the festival is being eagerly awaited by all! Trunks is an excellent student with all straight-A's and has even entered the Tenkaiichi Budokai twice! Once as a child and winning, and again at the last one and making it to the semi-finals! He recently left the student council to spend full time with a special project in the science department. We hear that his departure from the class presidency is a great disappointment to many..."

Jinnai kicked the TV at that comment, "I hate you! You miserable waste of space, Trunks!"

His eyes turned to the bulletin board, and his glare turned murderous as his eyes spotted a photograph taken at last year's festival. Of Goten crossing the finish line at last year's track meet. He stood and walked to it, "But he's a pleasant ray of sunshine compared to you, Son!"

His blood began to boil as he his mind traversed back, far back to all the injustices the boys had leveled over him in his life. "And combined, you two are the worse of the worse! The two people in this world I shall never forgive!"

Ever since that time...


Nine years ago...

"Ah! Where's my ice cream gone?"

A young Jinnai Katsuhiko blinked slightly in confusion as he closed his refrigerator door. He opened it once more to once again find that the ice cream he had been saving for this moment of victorious bug catching. He folded his arms as he walked into the dining room area of his home. "Don't tell me that stupid Nanami didn't steal it." He mumbled.

As he entered he looked ahead outside to find his younger sister, in fact, eating his precious ice cream. But that wasn't the worst of it, no. She was sharing it.

With Goten and Trunks.

As Goten sighed happily, patting his belly full of ice cream and Trunks along with his little sister chatting amongst themselves and enjoying each others company while eating HIS ice cream, Jinnai growled and clenched his fist in anger. "I'll make you all pay for this someday! I swear it!"


Jinnai's eye's shrunk and his eyebrow twitched rapidly as the memory replayed in his head. "My... ice... cream!?" he whispered in shock.


Last Year...

"Nice Job, Goten!"

"Yeah congrats on winning man!"

Goten smiled at his fellow students, embarrassed by the praise. "Thanks guys."

Trunks smiled as he walked to Goten, patting his best friend on the back, "Good race, bro. Missed ya by *that* much," he said. Pinching his index and thumb together in emphasis.

"Well... if you'd like, I'd be up for a rematch any time, partner." Goten said confidently.

Trunks just smiled a knowing smile back, "Don't think I won't take you up on that challenge, Goten."

Goten just nodded to his best friend as he walked away to formally receive his award, knowing that they would have hat re-match with no spectators to shock. And no need to hold back.

Missed by everyone, however, was Jinnai. Throwing up behind the gym after finishing dead last and one prevailing thought in his head.

'Curse you, Son! I'll get you for this insult!'


Two Months Ago...

"So how many candies did you get bro?"

Trunks frowned slightly in thought, "About... twenty I'd say."

Goten whistled impressively, "And that's all first period. Looks like Nanami's having some effect this year."

Trunks blushed in response, "Shut up man. And what about you? You got forty! How's that possible?!"

Goten shrugged, "It's just the curse of being so popular," he sighed dramatically, "And having no girlfriend to deterrent the less determined."

"She's not my girlfriend, Goten."

Goten just smiled, "Whatever you say, bro. Whatever. You. Say."

Trunks just groaned, knowing Goten, Nanami, and apparently a good deal of the school's female population now thought.


Goten and Trunks blinked and turned to find a girl looking shyly at Goten, a faint blush on the bridge of her nose. Goten smiled pleasantly at the girl, "Yes, can I help you?"

The girl presented a small box to Goten, smiling softly. "F-for you, Goten."

Goten took the offered box from the girl, "Oh...," Opening it, he found another box full of chocolates. Apparently homemade. He gave the girl a flirtatious smirk, deepening her growing blush, "Thanks, cutie!"

The girl nodded before running off, causing Trunks to frown at his friend as he began eating her chocolates, "...You're incorrigible, y'know that?"

Goten just shrugged, "I can't help it. It's my gift. My curse."

Meanwhile, forgotten in the corner of the classroom, Jinnai Katsuhiko growled in frustration at the sight of Goten getting yet ANOTHER box of chocolates and he sat with none. "He's done it again! I hope you choke on candy!"


Two days ago...

A normal, frantic lunch at Orange Star High School. Jinnai is pushing through the crowds to get something to eat. Just then, he spots the last sandwich.

"Hah ha!" He grinned confidently. Thinking that luck was finally on his side, reaching for it. But before he can grab it, another hand takes it first. He blinked and glared at the offending appendage, "Hey!"

Surprise, surprise, the hand belongs to Goten. Who gulped the light meal down in one gulp. Jinnai's eyebrow twitched violently at his lost lunch. "Again?! Damn you, Son!" Jinnai growled as he squeezed his milk in anger, causing the carton to drench his face.


"Grrrrrrrrr, Son this! Trunks that! I hate you, Son Goten! I despise you Trunks Briefs! I am the great Katsuhiko Jinnai, yet the both of you always get in the way of my superiority! You are nothing! You are less than nothing! Together you two are meaningless, but still...!" Jinnai slammed the point of a pencil into a photo of Goten, winning the track meet, posted on the bulletin board. He began drilling the point even deeper into the surface, finally ripping the picture in half.

"AHHHHH! Son! Trunks! Your days of showing me up and taking what should be rightfully mine are over forever! Forever! Your day of reckoning is at hand, for it is I, Jinnai Katsuhiko, who will win! And there's nothing either of you can do about it! WA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!"

The students who were standing nearby looked at the boy oddly as they heard Jinnai's maniacal laughter as it echoed throughout the hallways.


That Night...

"Number eighty-eight and... that's it! Perfect!"

Goten sighed dramatically as Trunks put the final touches on the project, "Are you *finally* done with this thing, man?"

Trunks simply smiled in response, "Well, it should work at least. Does that tell you anything?"

His fellow half-saiyan frowned in response, "Har har, bro. Har har."

Nanami poked an elbow in Trunks' side. "Be nice, Trunks."

He shrugged in response, "Ah, he knows I'm messin with him."

Nanami looked around the room at the various wires and coils strewed about the place, "So, this thing got a name?"

Trunks shook his head as he leaned on the table behind him, looking satisfied at his project. "Not yet. I finished this faster than I thought, so I haven't thought it."

Goten looked up, "Oh, I got a name! How 'bout the big mess of stuff?"

Trunks gave his friend a disappointed look, "That is one of the lamest jokes I've heard out of you for some time now."

Goten let out a breath, "Must be havin' an off night. Ah well, can ya at least tell us what this thing does?"

Trunks shrugged again, "Not a clue, I'm afraid."

This time, both Nanami and Goten looked at their friend with a look of surprise. "Huh?"

"I don't know. I mean... I put it together, but I don't know what to do with it." He smiled wistfully as he put a hand on the control device, "All I know is it's going to work."

Goten turned to Nanami, "...That's your man, Nanami. A mad scientist in the making." She giggled in response.

Trunks rose an eyebrow at that comment, "You do know that most mad scientist don't like being called that, right Goten?"

Goten held up his hands and smiled, "Whoa, partner! You still need an assistant to help you in your feats of mad geniusness."

"So you're volunteering?"

Before Goten could respond, the door to the classroom slid open. The trio in the room turned to find their teacher, Fujisawa with a flashlight in hand and looking every bit surprised to find them, "Hey, what are you kids still doing here?"

The trio blinked and smiled, "Hey, sensei!"


"One little drink for working overtime, and then it's straight home."

The teens frowned deeply as their shaggy teacher pulled out a rather large bottle of vodka from behind him. Their shared frowns deepened as he poured the drink into a shot glass and prepared to take a swig of the beverage.

"Sensei," Goten began. "Weren't you off the sauce?"

The forever unshaven teacher placed his glass down and grinned at the half saiyan, "Oh, don't be like that Goten. It's strictly medicinal."

"That's the marijuana excuse sensei," Trunks replied in a deadpan tone.

"Weren't you tired of the other kids goin' 'Booze Hound, Booze Hound' behind your back?" Nanami asked.

Fujisawa tensed as that memory replayed in his mind.

"Look, Fujisawa's on the sauce! He's a lush! Don't light a match near him! How could the school that Mr. Satan's daughter went to allow such a man near our kids!" Goten sighed, ignoring all of his teachers groans and urks at all of his statements from various parents and students the last time he started drinking. "You said that stuff was behind you, sensei."

"Don't blame me... I'm just weak." Fujisawa whimpered.

"At least you're not smoking again." Trunks sighed. "You know, for such a mountain man you have WAY to many vices."

"I know, I know." Their teacher sighed running a hand through his messy hair, "I'm seriously trying to cut it down for when I go climbing again on the break."

Nanami's eyebrows rose, "Oh? Where're you going this year sensei?"

Fujisawa shrugged, grinning at the youngest Jinnai. "It might be Kitahatsu or Kurobe this time. Not sure yet."

"Hmmm. I've never seen the big deal about climbing. Even though Son-kun lives near Mt. Paozao, I've never climbed it once. What's so cool about it, sensei?"

"Cool? Oh, it's beyond that!" Fujisawa began. His smile becoming giddy and his passion growing. "Each mountain is a different mystery onto itself, just waiting to be explored. They each want to tell their special story. They beckon to me, like an unfulfilled dream!"

Nanami's eyes widened as Fujisawa finished as she made a mental connection, "Hey, Goten! Doesn't that sound like what Trunks was saying a little while ago?"

Goten was still wrapped up in what his teacher's passionate talk that he was caught off guard by Nanami's statement. "Whuzat?"

Trunks blinked, "I said that?"

Nanami nodded, "Close enough to it. You did!"

Trunks frowned, "I'd think I'd remember if I got so passionate about that thing."

"As busy as you were, you'd probably forget to be that passionate about it anyways." Goten joked.

Trunks gently pushed his friend's head to the side, "Pfff, shut up Goten." He jokingly replied. He glanced at the clock, and his eyes widened suddenly as he saw it read 8:55 p.m. "OH CRAP! I gotta get home and I forgot to turn the power off to that thing!" Trunks stood and bowed to Fujisawa, "Sensei, if you lay off the sauce, I swear I'll go home as soon as I turn off my project."

Goten raised an eyebrow to his friend, "Hey, bro. What about Nanami? You said you'd walk her home remember?"

Nanami frowned at Trunks and he gave a sheepish smile in response, "Yeah... sorry about that Nanami. Goten, can you take her home for me, man?"

He snorted in response, "Why bother? I'll turn it off for you. Go 'head and walk Nanami home, bro."

Trunks raised an eyebrow at that, "Really? You're sure man?"

"Trunks, just tell me what button to push and I'll turn it off." He turned to Fujisawa, "After that, I promise I'll go straight home sensei."

Their teacher shrugged, "As long as you kids be careful. Walking home can be as dangerous as a good climb."

Trunks chucked, "Then I guess I'm walking you home, Nanami."

She smiled in response. "Good. Well then, good sir. Shall we get going?"

Trunks simply offered his arm out to her in response. Smiling gratefully, she took it. After Trunks told Goten how to turn the machine off, the trio bowed to their sensei and left the teacher's lounge. Smiling softly, Fujisawa reached into his pocket and pulled out a pack of cigarettes. "Heh… they're good kids. No doubt about that."


Goten smiled to himself as he walked toward the science lab. He hoped Nanami appreciated what he was trying to do for her and Trunks. While he had heard Trunks' grievances on Nanami's subtle advances towards him, he honestly thought he was just lying to himself because of his own problems with Bulma and her pushiness towards making Trunks the new C.E.O. of Capsule Corp. They probably would've been together already if he wasn't busy trying to avoid the inevitable.

"Trunks just likes to make things harder on himself, I guess," he muttered amusedly. He really did hope for the best in that situation. Trunks had always been both his best friend and second big brother as long as he could remember, and Nanami was close up there to the young man. Heck, in another time or place, he could see himself going after the young entrepreneurial girl. But in the here and now, he was just content as seeing her like a sister and keeping it that way.


"So what am I, chopped liver?"

"Nah, just a playboy."


Goten frowned a bit as that bit of his conversation with Nanami earlier played back in his memory. It wasn't his fault that he couldn't keep a girlfriend long term. Either they were to immature, to vain, or just... not the one.

Then again he could just be extremely picky.

He shook the thought out of his head, "Uhhh... Can't believe I'm letting that get to me." He blinked as he caught sight of the science lab room, "That's weird... I thought I turned off the lights." He then frowned as he sensed a familiar ki in the room, "Oh Dende, what is he doing now?"

He floated slightly towards the room's door, so as to not alert the person inside that he was coming. He lightly touched back down on the ground as he neared the door and as he opened it, his eyes widened in surprise at the scene before him.

Jinnai was in the room, wearing a bandit's mask. But that wasn't what threw the young saiyan off. The fact that the elder Jinnai held in his hands one pair of girls gym shorts and a pair of cotton panties in the other while he had a bag full of both on his shoulders, however, did rather surprise the youngest of Goku's sons off by a good deal. The room being covered in panties and gym shorts was almost as distracting as the one wire in the crooked president's hand.

The two looked at each other for a while before Goten's eyes narrowed slightly, "Ummm...what the heck are you doing?"


Five minuets earlier...

Jinnai smiled darkly to himself as he entered the lab with a bag of girls gym shorts and panties slung over his shoulders. "Perfect. Just a perfect plan to finally bring the end of you Trunks Briefs!" He giggled madly as he began scattering the various female garments over the room, "A few here, a few there. They're everywhere! It's even better than exposing him as a cheat! Trunks the sex fiend! Caught raiding the girl's gym locker! It'll even bring down that miserable Son simply by association! WA HA HA HA H-!"

He slapped a hand over his mouth before he could cackle with premature victory. Doing so now would only hasten him getting caught, and the last thing Jinnai needed right now was to have his good name sullied while he was sullying Trunks' ill-begotten good name. As he calmed down, he noticed the controls to Trunks' experiment and giggled once again. Dark thoughts bubbling in the boy's head as he began disconnecting wires and placing them back in random areas.

"...Oh, if you're not dangerous now, you soon will be. Hehehehehe..."


Jinnai smiled darkly at Goten, "What am I doing? Why Son, isn't it obvious?"

Goten eyed Jinnai oddly, "...You're an underwear thief with an electrical fetish?"

Jinnai blushed and glared at Goten in response, "NO! TRUNKS IS NOW THANKS TO YOU!"

Goten blinked, "...But he's not. And neither am I."

"True," Jinnai agreed, "But with this both of your reputations are ruined, and neither of you can take my place as student president after the fair!"

Goten blinked again, "...What?!"

"Don't take me for a fool, Son!" He shouted, pointing an accusatory finger at Goten, "You think you bastards are so clever? Trunks deliberately left the presidency on the council so he can build this machine to destroy my rightful succession! And you, Son... you're always interfering in my life! All my plans get screwed up! Through out school, I've had to suffer from yours and Trunks' one-upmanship! If it's destiny, I'll fight it, and the final victory will be mine!"

Goten rolled his eyes as Jinnai's rant ended, "Man, You ARE nuts!"

"SHUT UP, SON! I'm a genius!"

"A genius at jumping to conclusions!"

Jinnai smirked at that, "If you think that Son..." He then placed the final wire he had disconnected into a random socket, "Then I conclude that this will end the both of you once and for all!"

The machine began to hum loudly, sparking wildly. The coils start to spark so much; it looked like it might catch fire. Goten glared at Jinnai and shoved him away from the control device, "You stupid jerk! You don't know what you're doing! You might just blow up the school like this!"

Jinnai groaned as his head collided with the wall, "So what?! I'll blame you and that miserable Trunks on the whole ordeal!"

Goten tuned out the crazed student at this point, frowning deeply as he looked at the various crossed wires. 'Oh boy... this isn't good.' The machine hummed louder and Goten gasped, "It's ok! I can fix this! I can fix this!"

That said he unplugged random wires and put them back in different areas before. Hoping that he remembered the correct locations for the wires. He smiled as he looked at his handiwork, hearing the machine's humming slow down, "Hah! I fixed it!"

The machine then sparked even louder.

Goten frowned deeply, "...Well that didn't work." He blinked as a light illuminated over him and he looked up to find a white light in the middle of the room. A sinking feeling was entering his stomach as it was growing larger and larger. "Oh... that's not good," Goten muttered.

Jinnai laughed, "The fruits of your own destruction! It's perfect way for you to die, Son!"

Goten just laughed softly, "...Man, Trunks is gonna kill me."

And then a explosion of light consumed his sight.


End Chapter 1