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"Hello! My name is Son Goten, a normal high school student from Orange Star High School. I was stopping an ex-friend of mine from messing with Trunks' special science project when something went horribly wrong! Now I've suddenly been transported to a mysterious world called El-Hazard. What's gonna to happen to me in such an unpredictable place?"


Goten groaned as he awoken, feeling a slight throbbing of his temples, "Man... another day in paradise."

That is, if you consider paradise to be inside a prison that looks to be several feet high and barely able to hold you sitting down on the floor. Goten sighed as he looked to his sides eyed his wrists, held together by chained cuffs. Somehow, they sapped him of his saiyan strength and he was as helpless as a normal person in his situation.

"How long have I been in here anyway? I'd have thought Ma and the others would've wished me and sensei back with the Dragon Balls by now. There's just no other way out."

"Special half-price off! Fastest train to home boarding now!"

Goten blinked in shock,"... No way." He muttered.

The door to his cell opened and there stood Nanami. She smiled down predatorily at him, "Limited offer! Our discounted tickets include a free lunch! Only two-and-a-half million zenni! Wanna go?"

Goten stood up, eyes widened in shock. "Nanami! You can't... there's no way you can be here! Am I dreaming?"

Nanami crossed her arms and humphed, "Passengers with questions - Next window!"

Goten blinked, "Wha..." The door then slammed shut in his face and he panicked, "Noononoonononoonononono, wait! You HAVE to take me back! I can pay it! Don't leave!"


Ghostface211 presents

Yet another Dragon Ball/ El-Hazard Crossover

Nights over Roshtaria

Night 3: Politics in the Kingdom of Mystery.

Welcome to the magnificent world.


"Don't Leave!"

Trunks eyed Goten oddly as he rose from the ground, "Who's leaving?"

Goten blinked, "Huh?" He eyed Trunks and Nanami carefully as he rose to a sitting position. "I'm in the laboratory! I guess I was dreaming... In El-Hazard."

Nanami eyed her friend weirdly, "What are you talking about, Son-kun?"

Goten laughed almost hysterically, "Oh, thank you! Thanks a ton for rescuing me from that crazy place!" He stood up and leaned forward to hug Nanami, "And at no charge, No less!"

If he was a bit more cautious he would have noticed that he was about to crush Nanami half to death with his embrace. He also would have noticed...


That he was about to see the marble floor of the Rotarian palace up close and personal.

"Woah!" he cried in surprise as he managed to halt his decent inches from the floor. He sighed as he floated up and out of bed, his feet touching down softly upon the floor he had almost kissed. "Jeez...a dream within a dream… Heck, am I dreaming now?"

A loud snore reminded the young saiyan that he wasn't sleeping alone, and he turned to find his teacher still in deep sleep. He smiled ruefully and shook his head as he remembered the events of last night, "Man, he sure is relaxed considering all the trouble we caused yesterday."

He then frowned as he remembered the aftermath of that trouble, "Dang Fatora. That's one petty little 'princess'." Looking down at the nightstand near his side of the bed, he caught sight of his wrist watch that said it was seven-forty five in the mourning. "Well, at least I could wash up."

That said, he quietly left the bedroom and entered the palace halls. He wandered for a bit before he entered a wide garden-like area. He marveled at the area as lush greenery and plants surrounded him. It never ceased to amaze him how beautiful this palace was. He found a fountain and a towel rack near a large space and walked towards it. Arriving there, he washed his face and washed away the last vestiges of sleep from his mind. Finishing, he grabbed the towel and began rubbing his face into it.

"Ah, that..." he frowned as he was finally fully awake and noted that what he held in his hand had a rather strong ki for an inanimate object. He looked up to find that the "towel" is actually the tail part of a huge creature. It looked like a cross between a dragon and a cotton ball. Goten laughed softly, "Uhh... oops?"

The creature let off a couple of sounds before lunging at Goten's head. Goten dodged before he floated up and away from the creature, "Ok, ok! Geez... ain't no need to take my head off, y'know."

The creature let off a groan of disappointment, causing Goten to raise an eyebrow at it before he shrugged it off and floated away to the other half of the room. He landed on the floor and his eyes widened as he saw a very large pool in front of him surrounded by a line of shrubbery and a gate to the from of it. He smiled at the sight, "Hope no one minds me making this an impromptu bathtub."

He stopped as he felt a ki near him. Was that animal coming after him or did someone else have the same idea as him? He was answered as Rune Venus rose from the waters. Goten blushed as he realized that he must have entered the royal bath. His blush intensified as he realized another fact.

The princess was completely naked and giving the young saiyan a grand view of her shapely bottom.

Goten gulped and hid behind the shrubs, his heart threatening to pound out of him like a jackhammer. 'Oh crap, I gotta get outta here!' he thought. While there was a desire to see if he could catch her front as well as her back, he had a healthy preference to stay out of the dungeons for the rest of his time here.

"Whatever shall I do with the strangers? I want to help them, but I don't think I can."

Goten blinked as he heard Rune talk to herself. He lay as still as possible, curiosity getting the better of him.

"Well, Londs think they may be spies from an enemy land."

Goten shrugged. That made sense.

"And Fatora's upset and ranting about them not showing proper respect."

Goten snorted. Stupid spoiled princess.

"But I just don't believe that. Because they're kind. How could people like that pose a threat to Roshtaria?"

The young saiyan smiled at that. 'She's quite the wise one.' He then frowned as he levitated slightly off the floor and leave the room. After all, even if this wasn't some silly anime it wouldn't be all that prudent to be caught in such a situation.

As he left the area, though, the faint blush on the bridge on his nose seemed to indicate that the damage had long since been done.


Goten sighed as he looked out of one of the many guestrooms of the Rotarian palace. A few days had passed since the bathroom incident with Rune, and thought he had gotten out of the incident with no one the wiser; he still had problems seeing the young Rotarian ruler without his thoughts traversing back to that mourning.

"It's not like I meant to do that but..." but what was left unsaid remained that the thought of seeing a naked girl had never really bothered him before. He was a healthy young teenage male, after all. But... but why the heck did it bother him so much?

He sighed again, realizing that his thoughts of the princess was also distracting him from the fact that he and his teacher were still stuck here in Roshtaria, with no viable way home at present. Between that and his hormones distracting him to no end...

"Last thing I need to do is think too much," he frowned as he stepped away from the ledge. "But I gotta figure something' out."

"Hey kid," Goten blinked as his homeroom teacher walked up to him, "What'cha doin'?"

He shrugged, "Just thinkin' sensei."

He raised an eyebrow at that, "Oh? What about? How t'get outta here?"


Fujisawa paused before he gave a bemused smirk at his student, "Or are ya thinkin' bout her highness?"

Goten blinked, a faint blush popping up on his face, "H-H-Huh?"

"I'm right aren't I?"

Before Goten could confirm or deny his intentions the door opened, revealing a guard. Once in, the guard stood at attention and bellowed, "All rise in the presence of Her Highness!"

Fujisawa grinned amusingly, "Speak of the devil, eh Goten?"

Goten turned away, slightly embarrassed, "Don't know what you're talking about."

His eyes then caught sight of Rune and Fatora entering the courtyard, Elder princess smiling pleasantly at the young saiyan while the younger was looking around, apparently bored and disinterested in her sister's doings. Both where dressed in far more elaborate and ordinate robes and crowns than their normal attire.

"Huh, what's with the getup Rune?" Goten asked.

"We're about to attend a meeting with fellow alliance members to deal with the Bugrom crisis." Rune explained.

"Oh, y'mean those bugs that attack you when we first met?"

Rune nodded, "The very same."

Fatora rolled her eyes, "Oh, looks like the bumpkin was paying attention."

Goten frowned at the younger princess, "Nice attitude, princess. Fat lotta good it did ya when we saved you."

Fatora sputtered at his words. "How *dare* you address me in that way! You insult not me but both my sister as well!"

"Last I checked, I was talking specifically to you, not Rune," He folded his arms behind his head, "Besides, you started it."

Fatora was nearly grinding her teeth, "How?! By speaking the truth you insolent peasant?!"

Goten rolled his eyes, "Oh geez, can you be quiet for five seconds? I'm trying to hear what the princess has to say!"

Before Fatora could start another spiel Rune raised an arm and turned to her. "Enough of this Fatora", she spoke, leaving no room for argument.

Fatora sputtered for a second before turning away and storming back into the palace. Goten sighed and gave an apologetic look to Rune, "Sorry 'bout that princess."

"It will be alright, Goten." An amused smile graced her face, "She will be dealt with in a little while anyway."

Goten blinked in confusion. "Be that as it may," Fujisawa spoke up suddenly, "Was there something you wanted to speak with us about your highness? Did you find a way home for us?"

She shook her head negatively, "No, but... I think I might have a way to help you out."

"How so?"

An aide whispered something in Rune's ear. She nodded and smiled apologetically at the displaced men, "My apologies, gentlemen. But It will have to wait until the meeting is over."

"Oh..." Fujisawa let out disappointed sigh.

"Should we attend?" Goten asked.

Rune shook her head negatively once more, "It won't be necessary. Hopefully this won't take long. Now if you'll excuse me..."

The guards banged the floor once more as she vanished, "Rune Venus has spoken, ruler of all El-Hazard!"

"Still can't get used to that..." Goten muttered.

Fujisawa grabbed his student's shoulder, giving him a look of desperation, "So what do you think, Goten? Do you think she really figured out a way to get us home?"

"I...I hope so. She did say she thought she had a way".

"You're right, kid... you're right..." He let go of Goten's shoulder's and sighed. "Still... I wonder how everyone's doing? Hope they haven't made a fuss at our disappearance."

"It'll be alright sensei." Goten smiled reassuringly. "You'll see."


"Ladies and Gentlemen," Rune began, looking at the group gathered before her. "Thank you for coming so far. The purpose of this summit meeting today is to address the potential threat that El-Hazard and it's allies face. Namely an invasion from the Bugrom forces."

"But we still maintain the upper hand. So long as we control the Eye of God, victory over the enemy is insured."

An elderly woman gave Rune a critical look, "Your Majesty, do you truly intend to employ such a lethal weapon if provoked?"

Rune nodded tersely, "Yes, I do. And I am well aware of its destructive capability and the past consequences. We must evaluate any drastic action that we may take."

"But if we make a single error-!" another voice cried out.

"Indeed. Our moves must be as sure and calculated as possible. Too much rests upon our shoulders to tread lightly."

"But Your Highness," Another voice calmly retaliated, "Some Bugrom divisions are already close at hand. Villages and small towns are falling as they advance from the outskirts. They are practically at our doorsteps! You can't deliberate the subject, there isn't any time."

Rune frowned slightly, "Then what do you suggest?"

"Proof your Majesty."

"Proof?" Rune repeated.

Another man nodded, "Yes, your highness. You should give us, the people, and the Bugrom definitive proof that you will use the Eye of God if the circumstances call for it. And they will only be convinced of your intentions if you remove the shield from the weapon. Proving to all that you are truly, honestly prepared to strike with it."

The elderly woman nodded, "He's right. This will appease all sides."

"I agree", another voice prompted, a bit louder so the words could reach over the crowd as he walked into the room. He was a young man slightly older than Goten, dressed in fine light blue robes that marked him as a noble of some sort and hair that was the purest of silver. He strode past the gathered people and stopped a few feet away from Rune and bowed. Rising, he spoke, "I agree that the unsealing of the Eye of God would be the best way to gain the attention of all the enemies of the united tribes of El Hazard."

"Gallus," Rune let out in surprise.

"This is a dire time, your majesty, and our enemies must know that we have the means and will to carry out our threat should they not back down."

Rune recovered from the surprise enough to nod at all gathered, "Very well, then. Your voices are heard. I will send my sister to the three holy sages and have the shield removed."

Fatora turned to her sister in surprise, "I'm gonna what?!"

"Excellent. She is a perfect candidate for this mission."

"Who said that?!" Fatora almost growled out

"I did," Gallus spoke.

"Oh," Fatora let out. She then turned to her sister, giving her a pleading look, "Sister, you can't be serious! Can't you send someone else?! Those peasants or somethin'?!"

The monarch gave her sister a stern look, "Fatora, hush." Rune whispered.

"B-but..." Fatora sighed, defeated at her sister's look that said that she wasn't getting out of this one. "Fine then... I'll go see the old guys if you want."

"Thank you, Fatora." She smiled pleasantly at her sister.

"So then it's settled! With this, those miserable bugs don't stand a ghost of a chance! Glory to the Alliance!"

"Glory to the Alliance! Glory to the house of Roshtaria!"

As the crowd erupted into cheers, Rune leaned near her sister and whispered, "And by the way, sister... those 'peasants' will be going with you."


Rune used a finger to lift up Fatora's hanging jaw from her mouth, "So I think it's time you all made nice with each other, don't you think?"

"B-b-but sister! To leave me with those... those barbarians! Those ungrateful little-!"

"Enough, Fatora." Rune interrupted. She stood and gave Fatora a hard look, "You have a duty to uphold sister, and you WILL see to it."

Fatora pouted, "But still..."

"Despite how you treat them, they will see you through safely. Now if you'll excuse me, the meeting is over and I really should let them know about this. Excuse me."

Fatora sat, stunned at the developments as her sister left the room. "There's gotta be a way outta this..." she muttered


"So sensei, you come up with anything?"

Fujisawa took a deep breath and sighed as he fumbled around for his cigarettes, "Not really, kid. Still tryin' to wrap my head around the fact that we're even stuck here to begin with.

The young saiyan sighed and nodded in agreement. "I hear that, sensei. Hard to believe we got into such a mess in the first place." He frowned a bit. It had been two days since the incident in Trunks' lab that had sent him and his homeroom teacher to this strange alternate world. "...Wonder if Trunks fixed that mess in the lab yet."

That was another thing that came to mind as he crossed his arms. He briefly looked at Fujisawa and grimaced as his teacher began fumbling for his lighter. With Trunks no doubt back in the lab he'd figure what had gone wrong and find a way to fix things and bring them back. Barring that...

Barring that...

There were the Dragon Balls.

Goten grimaced again. If Trunks didn't have things fixed his mom would no doubt fix *him* to get all seven of them in no time at all. If that were the case, would it be best to just hang out for a bit?

Maybe spend some time to talk to Princess Rune. But then if he did he'd have to tell Fujisawa about the Dragon Balls, and there was no telling how he'd take it.

Not that he didn't think his teacher wasn't trustworthy. Far from it. It's just that his teacher most likely wouldn't believe him, in spite of how fantastic their current situation was. "Then again, stranger things have happened," he mumbled.

"Hmm? Did you say something Goten?"

Goten blinked and looked up at his teacher, "Hah? Oh no. Nothing, not a thing."

Fujisawa grinned as he let out a puff of smoke from his nostrils, "You wouldn't happen to be thinking about the Princess again would you?"

A sputter of surprise and a faint blush on the young half saiyan face was his response, "Wha? Huh? S-s-s-sensei, what're you talkin' bout?"

Fujisawa grinned at the boy's denial. Ah, to be young again. "Nothin' Goten," he said with his cigarette in his mouth.

Goten frowned, "You're crazy, sensei. I mean, she's cute. Don't get me wrong. Really, really, really cute. But it's not like I think about her all day or nothin'."

Fujisawa simply rose an eyebrow at his student, "Heh. Whatever you say kid."

"And her eyes? Pffht. It's not like I think they're as pure as the say or somethin' like that. Come on, man." He crossed his arms defiantly, "I'm not some love struck idiot over here or somethin'."

Fujisawa shrugged at his student. Bemused smile still on his face, "Never said anything of the sort, Goten."

Goten nodded, "Good. Keep it that way."

"Keep it what way, Goten?"

Goten let of a strangled sound and turned to the voice, "R-R-Rune?!"

Fujisawa looked up at the young monarch, "Oh, speak of the devil. We were just talking about you."

"Se-sensei!" Goten blurted.

Rune blinked in curiosity, "Oh, is that so? Good things I hope."

Fujisawa smirked as he glanced at his student. "Princess, believe me when I say it was nothing but."

Goten glared back at his teacher before turning to Rune, "Ahhehehe... so... uhh... any reason you've come to see us?"

Rune nodded before sitting down next to the saiyan, causing the boy to blush further and making his teacher's knowing smirk to grow, "Well I just had a thought as it relates to your attempts to get back home."

"Is... that... is that so, princess?" Goten managed to get out. 'Dende, help me, why's it so dang hot in here all of a sudden?!'

Rune nodded, oblivious to Goten's growing discomfort, "Yes. I'm actually surprised I didn't come up with it earlier."

Fujisawa shrugged, "Well, considering how our first day was, It'd be understandable if some things slip your mind."

She smiled brightly in response, "I thank you for your understanding, Mr. Fujisawa."

Fujisawa simply nodded in response, "So what was your idea your highness?"

"Well on Mount Muldoon lives three of the holiest people in all of El Hazard. These three great priestesses outside of this kingdom... each one of them controls a specific aspect of elemental magic as practiced in ancient arts of El-Hazard. Perhaps the forgotten past of this world might reveal a pathway back to yours."

Fujisawa brightened at that information, "Really? That's great! I mean, if I don't get back soon I'll lose my job!"

Goten hummed in response, "So these... priestesses. They can help us?"

Rune nodded, "I believe so. They have archived a great store of knowledge and history in the past of El Hazard. Perhaps some of this information could be used to help you out."

"That'd be convenient, at least." Goten agreed.

Rune nodded. She took a deep breath and folded her hands in her lap before continuing, "Actually, the only reason I even thought of this was because I had something I wanted to ask the two of you."

Goten blinked at the monarch's change in tone, "And that is?"

Rune stood up, earning a slight sound of disappointment from Goten as she walked towards the balcony and looked out to the sky and eyed the Eye of God," It has to do with how we first met."

Fujisawa took another drag of his smoke as he turned to look at the young princess, "You mean the Bugrom?"

Rune nodded, "Yes. For the past month, they have attacked Roshtaria and her surrounding countries with a fever not seen in ages. It has caused the council no shortage of panic, I can assure you."

Goten stood up and frowned, "So... what is it you want us to do, princess?"

Rune turned back to them, and Goten was taken aback once more as she looked every bit the monarch she was, "The council has requested that my sister and I unseal the Eye of God, and I have agreed to do so. As I am the ruling council, I can not venture far beyond these walls. Fatora however..."

Goten put a hand up, "Wait, wait, hold on. Why does unsealing the Eye of God mean Fatora has to leave the palace?"

"My apologies, Goten. I forgot you are not from this world so you would not know. Fatora and I can unseal the Eye of God, but not without the blessings of the priestesses. So in order to do so, Fatora must venture out to Mt. Muldoon and ask them for such."

Goten nodded in understanding, "Ok, I get it now. So you want us to play bodyguard for Fatora and at the same time, we can ask the priestesses for any help they can give us in getting back to Earth?"

Rune nodded and Goten smiled, "Sounds like a plan, then."

Fujisawa smiled, "To bad you'll have to leave the palace for a while, eh Goten?"

Goten's blush returned with a vengeance, "SHUT UP, SENSEI!"

Rune simply blinked in confusion at Fujisawa's teasing and Goten's embarrassment.

"Oh, come on kid. No need to be so embarrassed. If you're gonna miss Rune, you can stay here and I'll look up a way to get back home."

Rune looked at Fujisawa confused, "Why would Goten miss me?"

Faster than she could blink, Goten had slapped a hand over his teacher's mouth and laughed shakily, "Don't mind sensei. He's off his meds. Talkin' crazy. Y'know how it is."

A muffled grumble reached his ears. Goten turned and found Fujisawa's face, or what could be seen over his hand was contorted in pain. "GAH! Sorry'bouthatsensei!" he cried as he let go.

Fujisawa's hands flew to his mouth as Goten's hand left, "Geez kid! Didn't we talk about having to be careful with our strength?!" he mumbled painfully through his hands.

"Sorry, sensei." He mumbled. He blinked as he heard the light feminine laughter of Rune as she looked on. Goten smiled, "What's so funny, your highness?"

"It... it's nothing." She managed to get through her giggles. She calmed down and gave the two men a gentle smile, "It's just so nice to see a teacher and a student who care so much about each other."

"Is that so?" Goten asked.

Before Rune could answer, a sound of a man's throat clearing could be heard echoing throughout the room. Blinking, the trio turned to see Londs giving Rune and Goten a stern expression. "I beg your forgiveness, your highness, but a certain someone has requested your audience."

Rune blinked before her expression turned stoic. Catching Goten off guard once more at her features, "Has he been waiting long?"

Londs shook his head in the negative, "But he is demanding an audience with your majesty as soon as possible."

Rune sighed softly, "Alright then. Send him in."

Goten blinked, "Who do you suppose this guy is sensei?" he whispered.

Fujisawa shrugged, "Maybe some competition for you?" he whispered back.

Goten went rigid at the thought.

"Calm down, kid, I was only messing with you", Fujisawa remarked after seeing Goten go ramrod straight. "Seriously thought", he continued, "It must be someone important. We did hear about Rune meeting with the heads of some of the other countries that the Bugrom are threatening right now, right?"

Goten glared slightly at his teacher before nodding in agreement, "Maybe it's just one of those guys coming to iron out the details?"

Fujisawa frowned as he put out his smoke, deciding against lighting up another one. "Guess we'll find out soon enough."

His student shrugged as the wide doors opened to reveal Gallus. His golden eyes lit up as he caught sight of Rune, giving the young monarch a look of relief. "Ah princess! Thank all that is holy that you are all right!"

Goten watched, dumbfounded as the young noble took both of the princess' hands into his and looked into her eyes and tried to ignore the sudden twist in his stomach.

Rune averted her eyes from his, "Gallus! You know that only the royal house is allowed in here!"

Gallus simply smiled softly at Rune, "Oh, can't you bend the rules for your own fiancé?"

Goten's mouth went dry as the words registered in his mind and clenched his hands. Fujisawa sighed as he caught sight of his student's reaction before looking back at the couple before them.

"When I heard about the attack made on your caravan yesterday, I was so worried that I rushed here at once."

"Is that so?"

Gallus let out a sigh, "Indeed it is. I'm just so relieved that both you and Fatora are all right. If anything ever had happened to you my love... I... I'd just..."

Rune looked up at Gallus, her solemn expression never changing, "Your thoughts are very much appreciated, dear Gallus."

Fujisawa could swear he could see Goten turning into a statue at that comment, "Dear... she said dear Gallus..." he mumbled pitifully.

Gallus then frowned slightly, "I thought your pilgrimage was kept secret. How in the world did the Bugrom find out?"

She sighed again, "That is something I wish I knew. I pray there is not a spy in our mist. But that is perhaps the only reasonable answer."

Gallus smiled confidently in response, "Have no fear my love, if that proves to be the case. I'll be here to protect you."

Londs cleared his throat again, breaking the moment slightly. "I apologize, your highness. But I don't believe you were finish de-briefing these men on their mission."

At this Gallus took notice of the other two in the room. Appraising them he approached them. "I apologize earlier for my rudeness, but I was so happy to see the Princess alive I couldn't help but keep my attention onto her. I am Gallus, the princess' betrothed", he informed them smoothly.

"Pleased to meet you, Gallus." Fujisawa began as he stood and extended a hand to the young noble in front of him, "I'm Fujisawa Masamichi. A humble teacher and this here..." he gestured to the still shell shocked Goten, "Is one of my most prized pupils, Son Goten."

Gallus smiled as he took Fujisawa extended hand, "A pleasure, sir. You call yourself a teacher do you?"

Londs cleared his throat, bringing the attention back to him again, "Yes. In the art of combat. You see, the princess has asked these gentlemen to escort Princess Fatora on a pilgrimage to seek council with the great priestesses."

Gallus shook his head and smiled at the homeroom teacher, "I see..." He extended his hand out to Goten and smiled pleasantly, "Well young man, do bring my future sister-in-law back in one piece. We're all counting on you."

Goten took his hand in a daze, "Yeh, sure. Whatever." he mumbled. As he gripped Gallus hand to shake the young saiyan blinked as...as something...something felt...


He blinked as Gallus gently pumped his hand and released it.

"Is everything all right?" Gallus asked.

Goten frowned slightly and turned away from the silver haired man, "Yes. It... it's nothing." He stared at his hand, frowning deeper as he eyed Gallus. 'What the heck was that about?' he wondered to himself.

Fujisawa frowned as he eyed Goten with concern, "You sure, kid?"

"I'm fine sensei." He muttered.

"Well then, I'll take my leave. I've left my country without her prince for far to long as it is." He bowed to Goten and Fujisawa, "It was a pleasure to meet the both of you." He then took Rune's hand and kissed the back of it gently, "Until we meet again, my dearest."

Goten gurked again slightly at the display.

Londs frowned at the young noble finally left the room, eying him with slight suspicion. Fujisawa humphed as he turned back to Rune, "So... fiancé huh?"

Rune nodded, "He is a prince of royal lineage, and the heir to a kingdom."

"An arranged marriage?"

Rune nodded again, turning away to look outside. Goten sighed depressed and dejected. 'Wait... why do I care so much anyway? I can't help it if she's going to marry that sliver-tongued pansy.' "Do...do you like him then?" Goten somewhat asked dejectedly.

"Goten", Fujisawa interjected.

"It's alright, Mr. Fujisawa," Rune replied. "The marriage was decided upon to keep the kingdom together, and I will obey to make it so". Rune's look became wistful. "Of my entire would-be suitor's... it was Gallus who was, at least, the closet to my age."

"Well, I for one don't like him."

The group blinked in surprise as the elderly Schtalubaugh walked in the room via the still opened door.

Goten smirked internally at the comment, 'That makes two of us.'

Londs frowned, "Professor, that comment is highly unnecessary."

The elder simply shrugged in response, "It's the truth."

"It matters not," Rune sighed and turned back to her guests, "I must do what is best for the kingdom. It is my royal obligation."

"But what about your happiness? Will... can you be happy?" Goten asked aloud, taking a small step forward.

She smiled sadly at him, "Perhaps... perhaps I will. I could grow to love him. He's not unpleasant to look at, and is rather charming."

"But is that enough?"

In that second, a crack, a real crack in her royal features broke through. "For now it has to be."

Goten frowned at that, "That doesn't make it right though."

"It may not be right, but it is to be, no matter how it turns out."

Goten sighed, letting it drop at that. Looking at the door Rune's... fiancé had left through moments ago he couldn't help but question the feeling he had bubbling up in his stomach after shaking hands with the man. 'There's something... something wrong with that guy. I don't know what it is yet but... I got my eye on you Gallus.'

Outside the palace walls, Gallus frowned as he looked up at the palace balcony. Feeling as if someone's eyes were boring into him. "The plans have taken a turn." he whispered.


"I forgot, Goten… How much money did you say we have again?"

Goten pulled out his wallet and thumbed through the various bills Rune had given him, "It's uh... four hundred Roshtals. I suppose it's enough."

The homeroom teacher blinked in surprise at that, "Is that all? Doesn't sound like that's enough to get us through two weeks of pilgrimage."

Goten shrugged and put his wallet back into his pocket, "Rune said it was enough to get by for at least two weeks. You really shouldn't be complaining so much. Besides... Fatora's probably got her own cash."

Fujisawa frowned slightly as he noticed his student's face when he mentioned Fatora's name. "Hey kid. I know Fatora's not one of your favorite people right now, but at least doing this gives us a chance to find our way home again. Remember that."

Goten sighed, "I know sensei. I know."

Fujisawa then looked around as he pulled out his pack of smokes, "Speaking of, where is her highness anyway?"

His student merely shrugged indifferently, "Maybe she's trying to back outta this."


[At that moment...]

"Sister," Fatora whined, "Why is it that I need to be sent along? Shouldn't we be able to summon them here by royal command?"

Rune sighed, "You know that is not how this works Fatora. One of us has to go to them, and I can't because I have to placate the council and govern Floristca."

"Please reconsider," Fatora all but begged, and even that wasn't far off now. "Can we not ask for a halfway meeting point at least?"

"For the last time Fatora, no." Rune sat down on her bed and looked out the window, "If it will comfort you somewhat, If I could I would trade places with you. Consider yourself fortunate you are able to come and leave Roshtaria as you please."

Fatora looked up to her elder sister with round eyes, "Maybe we can switch this one time?"

Rune smiled softly, "No chance. Go. And please try to get along with Goten and Fujisawa."

Fatora grimaced at the thought of being with those two...men for the time it would take to travel to Mt. Muldoon. She moaned once more before leaving the chamber, dragging her feet all the while.

"And stop pouting. It's not going to make it end any sooner."

"Yes, sister," she moaned in defeat.

Rune sighed as her younger sister closed the door to her room, "Godspeed to you Goten."


[Ten minutes later...]

Goten sighed as Fatora finally appeared before the displaced men, "Well, look who finally decided to grace us with her presence."

Fatora glared at Goten, "Shut up, you lowly peasant! Trust me I like this even less than you do!"

"I doubt it," he grumbled.

Fujisawa laughed sheepishly, "Now now, kids. Let's try to get along, huh? We're gonna be depending on one another for the next two weeks, y'know."

'Oh man, two weeks,' both lamented, grimacing into the air.

"Now c'mon kids, let shake and make up. Put that whole messy incident behind us, huh?"

Goten frowned at Fatora, "How 'bout I don't and say I did?"

Fatora frowned right back, "I was about to say the same thing. Are you stealing my ideas now, commoner?"

Fujisawa kept in a groan at having to deal with this for the next few weeks. "So tell me Fatora," he asked trying to change subjects, "What do you know of these three priestesses?"

She shrugged, "Nothing, 'cept one's an old maid apparently."

Goten rolled his eyes, "Well aren't you full of useful information?"

"It was the most important that I knew," she answered honestly.

"Nice to know where your values lie." Goten mumbled.

She raised an imperial eyebrow at him. "You're one to talk, taking every opportunity to watch my sister."

Goten flushed slightly, "What're you talkin' about?"

"Oh, don't think I haven't noticed", Fatora all but sing-songed, clearly enjoying his unease. "I wonder how Rune will think about it when she finds out", she asked loftily to the air.

Goten almost gulped audibly. Did she find out about his mistake in the bath? "About what?"

"About how you watch her, where you look at her - oh, yes, I've noticed that too."

Goten could swear he was turning into a tomato under her accusations. Damn that water for highlighting Rune's... assets. "Y-y-you don't know what you're talkin' about!"

"Oh, don't I", she teased, waltzing up to him. "Gazing at her face, then slowly arcing downward to her cleavage and beyond, how scandalous. Now how do you think she may react when she realizes this? Not even Gallus has looked at her as brazenly as you have."

Goten snorted and looked away from the younger princess, "Pul-ease. I am a gentleman. And I don't look at Rune as anything other than a girl who's a friend. Not a girlfriend, you dig?"

"Sure, whatever you say," Fatora replied moving away from him, not believing him.

"Oh here you are!"

Goten blinked as the good doctor Schtalubaugh approached the group, "Hey Professor, what's up?"

Schtalubaugh smiled at Goten, "It's good that I caught up to you. I feared that you would have difficulty traveling by our maps alone."

Fujisawa smiled at the professor, "Oh c'mon Professor, don't ya trust us?"

He shook his head negatively, "It's not that. It's more... I guess you could say a pinch of paranoia. You are escorting one of our rulers after all."

He nodded in understanding, "Just wanna play it safe, is that it?"

"Indeed. Therefore, I have chosen for you an able guide to assist you. She has great knowledge to assist you. Her name is Allielle."

Fatora's head shot up. "Allielle?"

Schtalubaugh nodded, "Yes your highness. I thought it would do you good to have a friend accompany you and help

these gentlemen in protecting you."

"Oh, thank you Dr. Schtalubaugh!" Fatora all but cried.

Goten eyed his teacher warily, "You think we should be worried, sensei?" he whispered.

"Don't be like that kid." He shrugged as he let out a puff of smoke, "What's the worst that could happen?"

"Oh gee, I dunno. Fatora times two?"

Fujisawa shuddered slightly. Earning an amused look from his student, "Let's just... hope for the best ok?"


Goten and Fujisawa blinked as a short young girl with her long hair tied up in a ponytail and wearing what appeared to be servant's clothing was running at full speed toward the younger princess.

"Allielle!" Fatora cried, opening her arms wide and embracing the girl in a hug.

"Oh, looks like she's just a good friend of-"

The two men then blushed crimson as Allielle then gave the princess a deep kiss.


Fujisawa put a hand over Goten's eyes as it looked like Fatora was giving the smaller girl tongue, "You shouldn't be watching this! You're not old enough to handle such stimuli!"


"It's for your own good, kid!"

As Allielle broke the kiss, Fatora let off a contented sigh, "Hey."

The smaller girl smirked, "Hey yourself, lover."

"Did she say lover?" Goten asked.

"I-I think she did", Fujisawa replied, using a finger to clean an ear, as if to make him hear better the next time.

"At least this trip's looking better now," Fatora sighed contently as Allielle rolled off her princess and stood up. She helped Fatora up to her feet as Fujisawa sighed once more.

"Hey professor," Fujisawa began, "Even if she and the princess are friends... do you expect a little girl to be our guide out there?"

Allielle humphed in response, "That's right! When it comes to El-Hazard, I'm the best guide you've got in all the land! And my talent has nothing to do with what age I am," she walked up to Fujisawa and glared at him. "That is unless you want to get lost, old grandpa."

"OLD GRANDPA?!" Fujisawa shouted.

Goten sighed and turned to the smaller girl, "Ok Miss guide... what shrine should we hit up first?"

"We should head for the shrine of water first. It's the closest."

"Ah yes, that's the one where the old maid lives, right?"

Allielle nodded, "It's also lower on the mountain. So it'll be easier on you Fatora."

"Well, let's go meet this old broad and get it over with," she sighed.

Allielle nodded, "Ok. I'll just get your shuttle ready and we'll be off!"

Goten sighed as Allielle ran off, "This is gonna be a loooooooooooong road trip."


End chapter 3

Author's notes.

Oh wow, I've been sitting on this for a while. Has it really been three years? To think my Veiled Moon co-author found this by chance… I think I'll have to dabble with this one in-between Veiled Moon breaks. For those of you who were expecting something VM related and stuck around, thanks for looking at this work and seeing how far I've evolved since.

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