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Outside a quiet street called Privet Drive only a few minutes after Headmaster Albus Dumbledore had carefully deposited the Savior to the Wizarding world on his relative's doorstep appeared a blinding light as a large castle suddenly appeared on the street. Dr. Frank-en-furter came out and looked about in confusion, his red pumps clicking against the pavement as he wandered around he turned to Magenta and Riff Raff "This is not our target location!" He stomped his heal on the pavement and rolled his eyes as Riff Raff tried to explain that crossing time and space sometimes was difficult. "I'm not interested in your petty excuses." He murmured "Just fix it and let's go!"

Dr. Frank-en-furter flipped his black curly hair as he wandered aimlessly up and down the street "Earthlings are so…charming." He said airily with a tight smile as he looked at the identical houses, something about them creped out the transgendered alien. It was then that something out of place caught his attention and he shuffled forward as fast as his heels would allow.

"It's all been taken care of Master…." Magenta came out to tell Frank-en-furter, confusion on her face when she didn't see him right away. She followed the sound of clicking heels and saw a very excited Frank-en-furter. She rose a brow at him, curious what had moved him from hissy to prissy in only the time it took to fix the transducer. Her answer came when she heard a baby coo from Frank-en-furter's arms. "Oh no…" She said shaking her head as she got Riff Raff, he could be the one to tell Frank-en-furter that he couldn't keep his new pet.

Riff Raff sneered as he looked down at the shapeless flesh blob in Frank-en-furter's arms "You want to keep that?" he said slowly, obviously confused. His reply was an excited nod from Frank-en-furter. "Of course! Isn't he just adorable?"

Riff Raff was speechless and looked around to see if Magenta would back him up on this one, of course his sister was nowhere to be found and he was trapped by the big begging eyes of Frank-en-furter and the cooing sounds from the blanket "Fine! We'll keep him during our mission, but he's not coming home with us." Frank-en-furter gave an excited squeal and already Riff Raff was regretting his decision.

When the Castle had finally been landed in the correct spot Frank-en-furter was prancing around the castle holding the baby close to his chest "A nursery! We simply need a nursery for him! And oh clothing! I think I have the perfect little thing…"

Riff Raff and Magenta exchanged glances and Magenta said "It's going to be a long mission." Riffraff nodded in agreement with his sister and petted her hair "Yes…yes it will indeed."

Frank-en-furter was looking down at the baby in the makeshift crib with adoration "Next we'll start making you a father figure! He'll have to be strong of course…and let's see some nice skin, oh yes he'll be the perfect father for you!" Frank-en-furter gave an excited little laugh as the baby started to drift off to sleep. It was then that he noticed the note sticking up out of the blankets and the strange scar on the child's forehead.

He pulled it out carefully so as not to wake the little one, he read it slowly, his brows rising with each carefully written word. He sneered at the paper and looked back down at the baby "Well Harry…it seems these people think of you as a Savior." He shook his bushy black hair "That'll never do, sending off a child to face his parent's killer."

He looked down at the baby again and became somber as his sequin glove covered hand stroked the baby's face "You're alone in the world, just like us Harry." He murmured. Then he crumpled up the letter and threw it into a waste basket "Well that's just garbage, I won't let you go off on some insane adventure." He then smiled and practically skipped from the room "I need to find you clothing!"

Dumbledore smiled as he knocked on the door of Number Four Privet Drive. He straightened his robes as Petunia Dursley opened the door slowly, she knew of his kind and she wanted nothing to do with him "What do you want?" She said shortly, not knowing why he was here.

Dumbledore was a bit surprised at the reaction, but said nothing as he said "I'm just here to check up on Harry, It's been a few years now and I just want to see how the boy is doing."

Petunia sneered at him and said "Then go ask my sister, she's his bloody mother after all." And with that slammed the door in his face, from outside of the house Dumbledore could hear the locks turning and with each little 'click' he felt his blood freeze.

Five year old Harry turned and looked at himself in the mirror, his father liked to wear more leather and make up than he did always saying something about enhancing his sex appeal, whatever that was. He preferred lace and ribbons himself, today he was dressed in a blue dress that had a white lace collar and puffed sleeves, a white apron, underskirts so that the dress made a little bell around him, and white lace socks with little black Mary Jane heels. He twirled his shoulder length hair spinning but managing to stay inside his blue bow after a few more adjustments, mainly to make sure his bangs were covering the strange scar on his forehead. "Perfect." He said happily as he pranced downstairs, Magenta hated it when people were late to meals.

Severus looked up at Dumbledore with disbelief "What do you mean Harry wasn't there?" He was dumbfounded on how this had happened; after all, when Albus Dumbledore said he'd take care of something it was usually as good as done. He shook his head in amazement and his attention was brought back to the Headmaster as the older man slowly thought out loud "There is another child who matches the prophecy…"

Albus was thinking quickly and carefully, tomorrow he had an interview with Rita Skeeter where he told the Wizarding World how their young savior was doing, however, he would be unable to do that unless he had an actual savior to tell them about. His thought turned to the Longbottom boy who had also been targeted.

Severus knew where the Headmaster was going with this train of thought and sneered as he reminded the Headmaster "You have already told them that Harry Potter is the Boy-Who-Lived, and that he was their Savior, they're not going to let you just pass off Longbottom as their new Savior without some convincing." Severus regretted his words when he saw the look on the headmaster's face.

The Headmaster nodded at Severus's words and said "Of course not…but a little…demonstration might be all that's needed to sway their opinion, a little twist of the prophecy and we can say Harry's the boy-who-lived and Neville's the savior!" Dumbledore nodded "Yes it should work out quite well…"

Severus looked at the Headmaster incredulously he could not believe what he was hearing, but there was no doubt where the Headmaster's mind was going. Severus shivered at the thought that a man who could be so cruel to the lives of children was in charge of protecting them.

That night there was a surprise 'Death Eater' attack on young Neville's home, his grandmother was killed and with a few clever charms it appeared as though Neville had destroyed the remaining Death Eaters on his own. The next day the attack was all over the news, as well as an interview with Albus Dumbledore as he spoke of how he regretted not realizing Neville Longbottom was the true Savior and that he would in repentance raise the boy one his own.

Severus watched from the shadows, wondering if there truly was a Light or Dark side to the war anymore, and he began to question if he wanted to see what the Wizarding World would become should either side win.

However despite Dumbledore's scheming they soon realized that they had no choice but to find the missing Harry Potter, not only was the Longbottom boy not nearly strong enough to defeat the Dark Lord, but he was also psychologically damaged from first watching his parents being tortured to insanity and then watching his grandmother die at a very young age.

With this the search for Harry Potter the real Savior to the Wizarding World took off, squads lead by members of the Order of the Phoenix searched not only England, but the rest of Europe as well and still nothing could be found about the missing Savior.

Harry fumbled with his Handkerchief nervously, though being careful not to tear the delicate lace on it. He bit his lip getting some of his sparkly pink lipstick on his teeth he looked down, trying not to cry and ruin his makeup and cake was splattered all over the red satin Lolita dress that Magenta had made for him. It was his eleventh birthday and his family had thrown him a surprise party, however he had been a little too surprised and accidently made the cake explode all over the room. He trembled, afraid that his father would get mad at him for ruining their special surprise and their clothing.

Frank smirked as he looked down at the little boy whom he had taken to seeing as his son and patted him on the hair lovingly "You're getting much more powerful it would seem! Yes last year you only exploded a cupcake, and this time it was the whole thing!" He clapped, proud of his son's growing strength.

Magenta and Riff Raff smirked at each other and shrugged their shoulders as they cleaned off the cake on their clothing. Despite their first reaction all those years ago Harry was now part of the family, and they couldn't imagine their life without the little firecracker. They had taken to calling him that as he had a tendency to blow things up.

Severus's head jerked up when he heard an alarm going off and looked at the map that was blinking on his dungeon wall. The map was covered with dots where squads were looking for Potter; there was a large glowing dot that was blinking far away from the rest and in a relatively unknown area. He turned off the alarm, debating if he should bring the Young Savior home, he had been questioning Dumbledore's methods ever since the Longbottom incident, and wondered how far Dumbledore was going to go for this war.

On the other hand, he couldn't take the boy to the Dark Lord; the soul of the Dark Lord had taken over Quirrell's body driving the man almost insane with the darkness he now harbored inside of him. He ran a hand through his potion greased hair, there was no doubt that they needed Potter for the war efforts, but on which side and who could he trust?

Lucius looked up when he saw that Severus Snape was asking for entrance through his floo. He gave a wry smile and opened it to his old friend, Severus was always welcome in his home and he wondered why he was being so formal.

Severus entered the Malfoy's lounge and swept into a quick bow, Lucius the only one he could trust fully with what he was about to ask, and knew that even if his request was denied that Lucius would never tell. He looked up and murmured "Harry Potter has been found."

Lucius was still confused over his friend's behavior and raised a brow as he motioned for Severus to take a seat "That's interesting news…is Dumbledore aware of this?" Lucius was wondering where Severus was going with this, he knew that his friend was a spy and often walked a fine line on either side, so he was surprised when Severus shook his head, confirming that Dumbledore was unaware of this development.

Severus was a very articulate person, it was rare that he had to struggle for words or consider how he was going to phrase something. Finally he decided that he might as well just say it honestly "I have not alerted either Dumbledore or our Lord of the development… After seeing what I have of both sides I don't want to live in a future where either one has won…I'm searching for a third option."

Lucius was just as Slytherin as Severus and was always interested in surviving. He raised a brow and asked casually "What is the third option?" He had an inkling of what it might be, he was the Lords second in command after all, and if anyone was going to keep a secret from Voldemort it could be him.

Severus looked up directly at Lucius and murmured "I want to bring Harry here…he won't be safe anywhere else, bring him here and hide him from the Wizarding World, of course we'll send him to Hogwarts, we can change his Potter appearance and his name…"

He trailed off hoping that Lucius would see where he was going with this without having to spell it out. Of course the aristocratic blond knew exactly what Severus was saying and smiled slowly, he liked the idea of having an ace in the hole, a guarantee. "Very well, I shall accompany you to where Potter is hiding and we can bring him back here for safe keeping."

A young Draco had been listening in on the conversation and smiled as he held a stuffed dragon close to his chest, his mother was often away, busy with her social events, and his father was always trying to keep the Malfoy name in a positive light after the first fall of their Lord, and now that their Lord was coming back he was always busy trying to make sure that the mad man didn't do too much damage. Now that was all going to change, Draco smiled to himself, another boy would be living here soon and then Draco wouldn't be alone anymore.

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