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Harry's body was crouched defensively when he heard someone heading his way. His eyes narrowed as he tried to think up a plan of some sort. He mentally growled as he thought of what he would do to these people once he was able. These disgusting clothes had only been the final straw.

Lucius opened the door slowly to the small cramped room and did a quick search before he noticed an unfamiliar shape in the back corner. He leveled his wand at the form, a silent 'Lumos' was already brightly lighting its tip allowing him to easily see what was before him. When he recognized the form as Harry he took a step forward "Harry…" He said softly, and soon had his arms full of his Princess.

Draco stepped out from behind his father his brow furrowed when he saw the state Harry was in. He was dirty and wearing the ugliest clothes Draco had ever seen in his life. He smirked, knowing that for the moment at least they were safe he whispered to the two embracing in front of him "If Frank see's him in that get up he'll have a fit."

The two broke apart laughing and Harry turned and gave attention to Draco as well. Gently kissing Draco's lips he said "This has been a rather interesting birthday." He laughed as Draco looked at him as if he had lost his mind and said "But if we hurry we can still get home in time to finish celebrating."

Lucius smiled at his dolls, the unease he had been unaware of until now finally released his heart and he felt as though he was finally able to breathe. He smirked down at the two lovely creatures and said "Thanks to the order's behavior we will not have to get involved personally. Their wards have fallen leaving them open and waiting for an alert Death Eater to simply inform our Lord."

Draco grinned at Harry "They'll take each other out while we're happily shagging in celebration of our Princess's birth."

Harry shook his head and laughed before smiling sensually at Draco and leaning in to whisper in his ear "I like the thought of going home soon…I can't wait to get out of these clothes."

Lucius had heard every word but even if he hadn't he could easily tell from the expression on Draco's face. He smiled and then remembered the treasure he had brought for his doll. "To make sure such a thing will not happen again." He said solemnly as he looked at Harry seriously "This is a collar… once it is on it cannot be removed until my death, you would be ours."

Harry bowed his head before Lucius and said "I've been wondering when you would step forward." He smiled cheekily up at Lucius and said "I already knew that I wanted to be yours when you gave me that glass rose."

Lucius nodded as he put on the collar and watched as the clasp disappeared just as it had done on Draco's. He looked at his lovely dolls before him and felt as if they were finally complete. He heard larger blasts coming from outside of the house and felt a familiar pain on his arm. "Come we must be leaving soon if we are to avoid detection. I will have to return to prove my loyalty but I don't believe I will be needed for long."

The two boys nodded as they side apparated back to Malfoy Manor. A worried Frank and clueless Rocky were waiting for him. Lucius only had a second to kiss his dolls goodbye before disappearing back to where his 'Master' summoned him. He was happy that Harry wouldn't be personally involved in this battle, and with the name of Dion Malfoy to protect him they would be able to live the rest of their days in peace.

Draco saw the look in Frank's eyes and slid over to Rocky who looked shocked to see someone besides his lovers paying special attention to him. "This looks like it could get messy…you might want to cover your ears." Draco warned the creation, knowing how he felt about yelling.

Frank stormed forward his hands on his black mini skirted hips as he tapped his platform boots in irritation "Don't you dare worry me like that again!" He shouted before something that suspiciously looked like tears threatened to ruin his makeup and he pulled Harry into an embrace.

Harry smiled relaxing into his father's hold. He had missed these times when it had just been the two of them, before they had each gotten distracted by their lovers. "I'm sorry papa." He said softly trying to ease his beautiful father's tension. He was successful because when Frank pulled away he had a look of disgust on his face.

Frank smiled, he could feel the reconnection he had with his precious boy and he would endeavor to keep it strong. He then frowned as he saw what his darling boy was wearing and said "My goodness! Those beasts had no mercy on you!"

Harry laughed and then turned to Draco "Well it seems that I don't pass inspection…perhaps I should go refresh myself and change?" He winked at Draco in invitation before giving Frank a tender kiss on the cheek and flouncing upstairs.

Draco looked between Rocky and Frank and cleared his throat "I suppose I will make sure he finds something suitable." He knew it was a feeble excuse but didn't waste any more time as he hurried up stairs.

Frank and Rocky looked at each other for a moment before Frank said "Well I suppose we'll have to amuse ourselves until Severus returns."

He was surprised when Rocky frowned and responded, pointing to his neck as he said "Where's mine?" He was talking of the collar's he had seen Draco and Harry wearing.

Frank remembered as well and growled "Yes that's right, I'll have to talk to him about claiming my precious son without asking my consent." Then a very Cheshire grin appeared on Frank's face as he said "Though I quite agree we will have to speak to Severus about getting our own collars."

Upstairs Harry had just stepped out of the shower when he was talked to the bed. "Draco…" He said with a breathless laugh which quickly turned into a moan as he felt Draco's lips move over his skin. "Draco…ahh we have to wait for Lucius."

Draco smirked as he licked Harry's sensitive nipple and said "The collars will tell him if we hurt ourselves, besides I believe we are capable of handling foreplay on our own."

Harry laughed and wrapped his legs around Draco's hips "I suppose when Lucius get's home he will want his fill quickly." He kissed Draco tenderly not noticing the other figure that had joined them in the room.

"You would be quite right my Princess. I will require my 'fill' as you speak of it immediately especially after seeing you in such danger and being aware that I could possibly lose Draco as well." Lucius Malfoy said as he stepped into the room, quickly discarding his clothing as he moved to join his dolls on the bed.

Harry smiled feeling complete as Lucius pulled him into his lap and holding him so that Draco had better access to his body. He looked up at Lucius and blinked slowly before giving him a tender kiss on his lips "This has been my best birthday ever." He moaned as Draco stole his own kiss as well, though his was from somewhere lower on Harry's body.

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