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"This is my ticket to outer space."
I thought that would be enough. I thought he would understand, it made perfect sense, but he obviously didn't.

"Matt, Matt!" I called but he just kept walking towards the doors. "Matt!" The doors closed. I stopped shouting, he couldn't hear me now anyway.

"Kate, there you are." I turned to see my parents. "The car is waiting outside." I was hoping they would say how proud of me they were, it was just announced to the whole world that I, along with a team of astralnauts, would be on the very first voyage into outer space. They didn't say anything. This was probably just another embarrasing hobby to them.

We started the drive home and I looked out the window. I saw a boy, about my age, huched over in an alley, looking like he had just been sick. He must have celebrated a little too much. I sighed wishing things hadn't turned out the way they had. My plan was going perfectly and this one evening ruined it all. Although the car had driven farther away I could still see the ouline of the boy. I wondered if maybe the evening had ruined his plans too.

My feet automatically took me up the stairs and into the library. Everything looked as if it had been expecting me and just waiting, knowing I would be late. I locked the door and sunk into an armchair. Reaching for one of my books I heard a song playing on the radio in the other room. A sad one, by the sound of it. "Great, just what I need."I muttered with obvious sarcasm. I closed my eyes, just listening to it. Every word felt like it had something to do with me as if to mock me, or punish me for making a bad desicion.

But it wasn't a bad desicion. It would work. It had worked. Tomorrow I would be on my way to outer space. Just not with Matt. I took off my gloves and stared at George Sanderson's ring. "Ticket to outer space." I said. "Doesn't feel like it anymore."

"Hold on tight, wait for tomorrow, you'll be alright." I hoped the song was right.

I looked at the ring again.

I really hoped the song was right.

Author's Note: This story's like Kate, quick and to the point. Haha. ;)
Hopefully I kept her in character...Anyway, Hope you liked it.