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I was totally shit faced. I didn't even know what club we were in this time. Alice grabbed my hand and pulled me up on the stage with her and we danced more and more. There was a pole and I had taken a few classes beforehand so I decided to give it a go, I could only hope that I would remain given the fact that I had a lack of co-ordination sober, so intoxicated it would be likely I would be on my ass in 5 minutes. A chorus of low throaty cheers came from the crowd as I spun, slid and ground my way around the pole, and somehow I was still on my feet. Nine Inch Nails- closer was pounding from the speakers as we both continued to tease the crowd with our 'talents'

Alice and I had gone away on a girl's weekend together to Las Vegas. Basically to get smashed and to see what fine ass we could get. Call me a guy, but that's basically how they see us, so why not refer to them in a similar way.

After I had finished up on stage, we got some other coloured alcohol beverage from the bar and made our way back to the dance floor.

I felt someone pull on my wrist and as I turned to see who I was I was about to tell them to get the hell off me, but instead I was confronted by a pair of emerald green eyes that were burning into me.

"Hello," he said with a sexy, half grin on his face. My eyes roamed all over his body; it was god-like, I knew I Had to have a piece of this fine ass. I was transfixed to the spot and I realised I was staring; I moved my eyes away from his body to make eye contact.

"Hi" I breathed back. My chest heaving heavily almost touching his. My intoxicated brain thought it would be a good idea to attach myself to this stranger in many ways. So my drunken body did as drunken brain told me to do.

I attached my lips to his firmly, wrapped both of my legs round his waist and my arms round his neck.

He surprised me when he pulled me tighter to him and grabbed my ass. Kissing me with as much force as I was kissing him. It wasn't long before his tongue was half way down my throat and I was fighting for air and dominance.

He pulled away long enough to breathe and stutter

"You- are- fucking- gorgeous-" Before ravaging the skin this skimpy black dress was failing to cover around my neck and chest area. Somehow, we had made our way to a free booth. I was sat straddling this man and he was feeling me up in every way I should hate. In every way that was deemed inappropriate. But I didn't care. Not one bit. In fact. I wanted more. And that was saying something given the fact that I'm not usually this adventurous, and my past experiences.

"Can we go someplace more private please Ummmm..? What's your name?"

"Sure. And- Edward. You are?" He answered again in between ragged breaths from nipping at my skin. Planting hot open mouthed kisses all over my neck and chest area.

"Mmm. Yes. Bella. And we can go back to my hotel room; I'll just have to let my friend know"

I pulled out my cell and txt Alice. 'Hot guy. Hotel room. Unless you want to hear, stay out late.'I glanced around and caught sight of her grinding against a blond guy. An unbelievably fit blond guy; looks like we're both getting lucky tonight. I thought.

"Let's go" I said. Pulling myself off him so he could get up

"Lets' hurry" he said lustfully as we made our way out of the club.

He placed his arm around me, and as soon as he realised that I was cold he pulled his jacket off and placed it over my shoulders.

We didn't go straight back to the hotel. Though it wasn't far. We ended up in some Chapel and I remember an Elvis and a few others and white flowers. But most of it was a complete blur, I don't even know how the hell we got there.

Soon though we were back at the room Alice and I had rented, and in my bed. My clothes soon finding themselves discarded on the floor. Along with his top. Soon followed by the rest of his clothes. All I had left on was my panties. And I instantly said a silent thank you to Alice for insisting on Victoria's Secrets red and lacy.

His hands raked all over my now nude body (minus the panties), nipping and squeezing in all the most delightful places. His hands dipped under the elastic of my underwear and he easily slipped a finger inside me. I was so wet it was unbelievable, he was doing this to me and once again I couldn't believe how reckless I was being. Letting this strange, handsome man do things to me I would often fantasise about. He tossed me onto my back and swiftly removed my underwear, pumping into me with speed and hitting all the spots I wasn't even aware I had. It wasn't long before he added another finger and I was soon coming undone at the seams because of him. Just before I rolled over the edge of pure and utter ecstasy he removed his fingers, but before I could complain put that mouth of his to work and my god did it feel good.

His name rolled off my tongue easily over and over. Getting louder and louder as I came hard and he lapped up everything I had to give to him. I didn't exactly get a chance to catch my breath because as soon as he was done down there, he was back, kissing my lips furiously with need and passion; I could taste myself on his lips. It didn't bother me, in fact, I liked it. Combined with the taste of his mouth. It was exquisite.

It was only a few minutes before I decided it was my turn. I pushed him so fast he didn't know what was happening, and before he knew what was happening he was flat on his back, moaning loudly and probably disturbing the rest of the hotel patrons at this time of night. I, Isabella Swan, Was being reckless and stupid. And I liked it; no I loved it.

I took his whole length in my mouth, deep-throating him and earning many a "yes baby" and "feels so fucking good" from him every few seconds. I giggled against him and this made him crazy so I decided to hum slightly every time I reached back up to the tip before swirling my tongue round the tip. And it drove him even crazier. I didn't care who heard us, because I was having a fucking good time as I gave the best head I think I had ever given to a man I had known less than what? Two hours?

It didn't take long until he was pulling on my hair, a tear between wanting to force me to deep throat even further and wanting to pull me away so he wouldn't have to make me swallow.

Well what a waste it would be if I were to just let him fire his bullets all over the place. Plus I would only end up cleaning up. I wanted to taste him in my mouth and there was no way he was going to prevent this. I tried to deep throat him even further and I knew I was driving him closer to the edge.

"Mmm. Yes baby. You feel so good Bella." He groaned in ecstasy

A few more seconds and he was mine. I didn't waste a drop. To be honest, the idea of swallowing never really appealed to me, but now it seemed just right. This sex god right here was making me do things I would only ever normally dream of doing.

It took him a few minutes to recover so to fill in the time I followed his lead and jut kissed him everywhere. Neck, chest, face. Absolutely any skin I could reach was covered with my mouth then suddenly, without warning I was on my back again and he was poised just at my entrance.

Though I was still drunk I wasn't about to engage in anything risky.

"Condom?" I asked.

He lowered himself to my ear and said "Obviously. I already have it on. Would you like me to continue?"

My eyes flickered to his. We probably had the same lust hooded fuck-me-senseless-now look on our faces.

"Fuck yes" and as soon as the words had left my mouth, he was pounding me into next week. He felt so amazing inside of me. He was so big and I could even feel myself having to stretch to accompany all of him. This fact didn't go unnoticed by him either.

"Fuck, you're so tight Bella" he said meeting my eyes

"Mmm. Harder" was my response. So he did. Somewhere in-between all of this we had rolled over and I was now riding him while he guided my hips with his hands. I looked at his face only to see his eyes torn between watching my tits bounce up and down and watching us where we were joined. I thought it would be great fun to tease him so I started to run my hands all over my body pushing my boobs together.

This turned him on even more.

"Fucking tease. Come here" he groaned thought his teeth, pushing us both over again. Lifting my ass off the bed and wrapping my legs around his body he continued to slam into me deeper. If at all that was even possible.

Another 10 minutes and we were both panting heavily, a sheen of sweat covering both of our bodies and just the sound of our ragged breathing filling the room around us.

"Edward. I- I-I" I was cut off by the sound of my second orgasm as it hit me hard and I screamed out loud. It was now 1:30 am, so no doubt some people were getting a wake-up call, but again I didn't care

"That's right love. Come for me. Let me hear you" he purred at me. It was only a few more seconds of me swearing and telling him how much I "fucking loved him" until his orgasm hit again and it was his turn.

As he collapsed onto me then rolled off. I cuddled up to him, then hitched my leg over his hip to allow me to get closer to him

"That was amazing" I told him

His breathing was still a little ragged but he managed to pant out

"Damn right, what else did you expect" he said with a cocky grin on his face before kissing me senseless again.

It wasn't long before we both fell asleep. And I had one of the best night's sleep I had had since, well since I had dated some guy who broke my heart back in 8th grade, when I was fourteen.

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