Ready for a new story??? Hmmmm??? Ok. This one is kind of a mix of a bunch of movies and shows and books etc that my friends and I really enjoy. Hopefully it doesn't get too crazy and hopefully you guys enjoy it!

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"Mama? Where are you?" I called through the house. I had just arrived home from school. It was my last day of eighth grade. And tonight was graduation from middle school. Finally. but when I got home, noone was there. I was confused because we had to leave in an hour to go back to graduation.

"Mama?! Mama! Where are you?" I began to worry. My mom never left the house without telling me. And if she did she would at least call my cell or text me or leave a note on the piano. But she wasn't here. I shrugged my shoulders and went into my room to get ready. Now, you see, our school isn't a normal school. It was pretty bizarre actually. Every thing had to be a certain theme. Like, Halloween? They would assign every grade a different theme. And for chorus concerts we would all have to wear matching everything. It was odd. So tonight, for graduation, we all have to wear our favorite halloween costume. Even though it's summer.

"Now where's my costume?" I rummaged through my closet where I had put my costume, but it wasn't there. "Everything's disappearing. This isn't cool anymore."

"Was it ever?"

"Hm?" I didn't notice the fact that someone was talking to me in an empty house and that there was a strange figure behind me.

"I said, was it ever cool?" Now noticing the fact, i spun around quickly to see a tall man wearing glasses in a school uniform standing behind me. He spoke softly but firmly and he held a laptop in front of his face.

"Wh-who are you?" I forced out.

"That's not important at the moment. Right now I need to show you something." I stood frozen for a minute, but then decided that i should go. I mean, he seemed nice enough. But i guess you think i'm pretty stupid for thinking that.

"I'm following." I replied, finally, and he took my hand. His hand was warm and smooth. I could tell he was strong, but not too strong, and that he was smart. He lowered the laptop from his face, and I could now see that he had beautiful eyes hiding behing his glasses and his smile was inviting and gentle. I knew i had made the right choice in following.

"Come along then." He led me outside and down fourth avenue to the beach. "We need to go right." He said checking his laptop. I nodded and headed for the Point. He began to run.

"Why are you running?!" I screamed as I nearly tripped over a pot hole. He didn't reply and just continued pulling.

We arrived at the Point and I noticed that there was a tent and stage set up, but no one was around. I thought that I was just supposed to help set up for a party or something so I began heading down towards the tent and started looking for people. I couldn't see anyone. Ah well. At the time, it didn't seem like a big deal, but boy was I in for a surprise.

"Follow me, Miss DeNegris." How did he know my name? Why did he know my name? If he knew my name, why did he call me miss denegris instead of brianna? hmmm....I nodded and linked my arm with his as he had intended.

"May I ask where we are going?" I tried to act refined and sweet, as he did, i think it came out as annoying and pathetic.

"Just a walk." He said as if it was normal for a young girl to take a random walk with a stranger. I pulled away and began running when I saw someone else in the bushes. Murderers, i had thought. Child abusers. Idiots. "Wait! MIss!" He ran after me. I tripped, catching my sleeve on a branch.

"Leave me alone!" I screamed as I tried to pull my arm away from the tree. "Get away from me!" He clasped onto me and wouldn't let go as I struggled to get free. "Get away you creep! HELP!" I screamed. Why was no one coming? I know for a fact everyone was home. "HELP!" I screamed again. Still no help. I saw something move in the bushes again. I pushed it aside to be 'just a squirrel' and boy was I wrong.

"May I help?" Another boy jumped from the bushes. This one was incredibly tall and muscular. He had dark hair and seemed like one of them strong silent types.

"Will everyone get away from me?! THIS IS HARASSMENT!" I screamed. When I said that, the glasses man let go. I quickly freed my jacket and ran again. A third man...or boy rather stood in front of me. "Will no one leave me alone?! GAH!" I pushed the boy down on the ground and heard a thud as I ran past, towards my great aunt's house who was three houses down from the Point. Sadly, I trippd and someone fell on top of me. I heard a crack like glass breaking. And that's when I saw it. The object that would change my life forever.