Alright all you readers, here's my new fanfiction story. Remember, this takes place during New Moon. Bella is trying to cope with the fact that the Cullens are gone but what happens when the come back? Will she be able to accept them back into her life? Read and review please:)


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I can't expect my heart to just reattach itself on its own. That much is obvious. But this feeling… it's not what I was expecting. I used to have a sensation of what it felt like to be happy. It might have been very tiny and insignificant at the time, but nevertheless, it was there. Happiness was once a part of my life. Can it easily come back into it?

Now that feeling has been reawakened in a different way. That small box that held all my hopes, dreams and happiness has been unleashed—along with the cobwebs from those long months of emptiness. I could now admit that I was whole. Maybe cracked, but I was whole. My heart felt warm with joy and gratitude that my life had regained its reason to live. I remember all those months ago when my heart was completely made of ice, that keeping it warm was just… just a pathetic excuse to keep the memory alive, to live with that set of memories to the fullest with happiness by my side.

The one thing that kept me together back then was my sanity, if you could say that I had it. Had I lost it—or regained it—once my happiness came back? Probably. I mean, it wouldn't be surprising. But now, everything was set back into place. Order had been restored. But would it stay?

Ok, so how was this preface? Does it show how emotionally broken Bella was? Review please:)