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The sun rising on the beach, so soothing and incredibly relaxing. And its calm waves hitting against the sand and my pale feet seemed to make me forget where I was. But there was no way to forget this place. Edward had brought me here to Isle Esme after our magnificent wedding in the garden behind his house. We had invited our closest friends, such as Angela and Ben, the Denali clan—which I had just met at the wedding—my mother and Phil. Surprisingly, she had cried many hours when I phoned her to tell her about Charlie. Even though they had divorced, Renée couldn't feel remorse for Charlie's death, even though it was my fault. The fact that my father died because of me haunted me ever since but my husband was there to lessen the guilt.

My eyes went down to my wedding ring. Oh how that ring fit perfectly on my finger. But on my index finger laid another ring, one extremely special to me. The Cullen crest.

And that brought back a specific memory to mind. The day Jane, Alec, Felix and Demetri left.

That day, the sky was cloudy… a perfect day to be out in the open without any disturbance from humans. Jane and the others had all gone with Carlisle to the forest to hunt and requested to leave soon afterwards. It was a sad day to see them leave but I knew that we would see each other soon. Esme had left to the jewellery store under Jane's request to fetch their new crest.

It was true. The four freedom fighters that had just left the Volturi were starting a coven of their own. An eagle would stand in the middle of the crest, accompanied by a broken chain above the animal and five ruby stars lining a golden line under it. Jane and the others had used symbols of freedom to represent their crest. So far, they did not have a coven name but they would contact us frequently to send us news about them.

"Thank you very much for your hospitality," Demetri had said as they were about to leave. All the Cullens had assembled together to say goodbye to the rebellious group and they were all sad to see them leave. Even the Cullens had grown fond of the freedom-seeking Volturi members.

"You are welcomed here any time you want," Carlisle had said as he looked into their orange eyes. Yes, orange. With the animal blood, they had been able to repress the urge to feed on human blood. I was just so proud of all of them.

"Of course. And thank you Bella, for everything that you have done," Jane said with a lovely smile. When we had all left Volterra, Jane had started to feel less evil and more caring. That sickening smile had disappeared completely and was switched with a loving one.

"No problem. And thanks for being there for me when I was in Volterra. I don't know if I could have kept myself together for that long period of time," I admitted happily.

We hugged for a while and smiled at each other before Jane stepped out of the Cullen residence. I got my chance to hug Alec, Felix and then Demetri before they all stepped out, their thanks still in the air before they ran to their new destination.

"It was very noble what you did for them, Bella," Esme said motherly before giving me a box. Looking at it confusingly for a few seconds, my eyes darted from the perfectly wrapped black box to my adoptive mother.

"What's this?"

"Jane had specifically wanted me to give you this after they left. Knowing you, you'd probably give it back to her," She explained with a lovely smile. Rolling my eyes, I went back to the box and opened it slowly and hesitantly. It was a jewellery box with a note attached to it. Um… I wonder what it could be and what it could say.


Thank you so much for everything you have done for us. There was no other way for us to escape if you hadn't helped us. We found that there was no other way to thank you than to give you this. Hopefully, you will always remember us.

Your friends,

Jane and the others

Opening it, I found this beautiful ring with their crest on it. My mouth literally fell open. This was an extremely generous gift, only given by a friend. "This is… unbelievable," I mumbled incoherently. There were no other words to describe this feeling right now.

"Now that you have received their gift, I think it's time we give you ours," Carlisle admitted as I slipped Jane's crest onto my right index finger—where it fit perfectly—and awaited the return of Carlisle, which wasn't very long. When Carlisle came back, he had something in his hand behind his back. Looking at the rest of the Cullens, they all wore smiles on their faces. What were they up to?

"This is for you," Esme admitted with a smile as Carlisle handed me another velvety black box. Opening it, I saw another ring, this one with the Cullen Crest. My mouth fell open again.

"Careful Bella, you might want to close your mouth before flies start entering," Alice mocked with a chuckle.

"I… I don't know what to say," I admitted, looking at them all with a grateful smile. Placing it on my left index finger, Edward placed his arm around my waist and kissed my cheek lovingly.

"Welcome officially to the family, Bella," Edward whispered to me as I closed my eyes and smiled. I officially belong somewhere, and this is where I belonged.

"What are you thinking of?" Edward snapped me out of my train of thoughts as he came to sit next to me on the beach. Looking up at him, he shown that crooked smile of his and my heart officially melted. He sat down behind me I laid on his chest. Looking at the waves hitting the shore made me smile even more.

"Nothing really. Just thinking about the last few weeks. I really miss Jane and the others," I assured him with a loving response.

"We could visit them sometime if you'd like."

"After our honeymoon. Now, it's just a time for the both of us."

"Yes, it's just us, together forever."

"Forever…" I like the sound of that. And with that, he brought his lips closer to mine and we kissed as the sun started to rise. Our skin sparkled and the thought of Edward being mine forever crossed my mind as our kissed became more passionate and loving.

Together forever.

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